THIS JUST IN: Matching hel-mutt

Check out this roving puptrol—major trubs!


How does he stay on?

Must be some 3M Chihuahua Seat Adhesive.


Charlene Y., excellent cute-porting.



  1. I goota ride today , what are you looking at HUman?????

  2. That’s too cute! Although, it would TERRIFY me because I would be worried non-stop about little pup getting knocked off the seat!

  3. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    I wonder what the hazing ritual is to get into this bike gang? 20 minutes of having your face licked without squealing and wiggling?

  4. Is that why the tougue is out is it the rest of the tape ?

  5. How’s he staying on there? Tape?

  6. Cute! But tell me the little pup is strapped on the motorcycle!

  7. I think that is absolutely adorable as well but, in the non-nuffiest way possible, I am concerned. How is the little puppeh staying on?

  8. You’ve all got it wrong, he’s nailed to the seat, with added suction power, from the motor for good measure.

  9. You forgot to mention the sticky-outty tongue in the second photo. Major cute points there.

  10. The pup is cute but at any moment could fall off that seat and get run over. So, the horrifying outcome outweighs the cute for me. I also hate to see dogs loose in truck beds…and this is even worse. I hate these two pictures.

  11. metsakins says:

    I am going to assume that someone who loves their pet enuff to take him with him and buy him a helmet must have found a way to secure puppeh….

    luv the tongue

  12. At least he has the mini-helmet (matchingks too!) to protect him if he falls off.

  13. Oh how cute! There’s a man with a lot of self-confidence.

    I confess, I’m curious as to how the pup stays on the back as well. The puppy must have incredible balance… or really long nails. 😉

  14. circuscake says:

    i agree with metsakins, if he bothered to put a helmet on the pup- and a matching one at that- then he’s probably taken precautions to make sure pup-pup doesn’t fall off. i notice he’s on a special pad- velcro w/ booties that stick??

    or maybe he’s a circus dog with excellent balance…

  15. Yes, absolutely. Someone would submit a picture of a small animal about to DIE. I may be a terribly jaded person, but I’m starting to get rather annoyed at people commenting who believe someone would be stupid enough to send a picture depicting actual cruelty to animals to an internationally-read BLOG.

    Give people the benefit of the [creative expletive] doubt before you start crusading against them. Or are you going to start demanding full explanations for every photo?

    I’m starting to think that’s going to have to happen to keep people shutted the [even more creative expletive] up anymore.

    Note to self — do not read CO comment threads while running a fever.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Maybe doggie has Velcro Paws….

  17. Kara, of course they would. People are idiots with their dogs. I once drove next to this pickup who had his german shepherd chained in the truck bed…and the dog had gotten up the window and was riding STANDING ON TOP OF THE CAB. So I’m screaming at the guy to pull over, his dog can fly off the thing – we were about to go over a bridge – and the guy just laughed.

    that sort of person would submit such a picture and think it’s funny.

  18. There is no way that dog is secured to that bike. WTF, seriously? And just because the dog is wearing a helmet doesn’t mean the guy was thinking about safety, he probably bought it because it was OMG SO KAYOOOOOT. This makes me sick. It’s worse than the idiots who drive with their dogs on their laps.

  19. metsakins says:

    um guyz – do we have any puddin’ left from the pom thread? I seem to have some tapioca in the fridge but it may not be enuff….

  20. Barbara – I have to agree with you. I’ve also had an encounter with just such an idiot.

    The picture is undoubtedly cute (litty bitty helmet, happy puppy!), but the idea of him zooming around unrestrained is terrifying. SO…I’ve convinced myself that this was a staged photo op, and that the puppeh was whisked away right after the pic was snapped.

    “LA-LA-LA-LA!!” (fingers in ears). “I can’t heeeear youuuuuuu…..”

  21. circuscake says:

    what about some coconut flavored pudding- ’cause i think things are about to go nuts around here…..

  22. Lisa — that’s how I’m trying to look at it.

    On one hand I think maybe someone got that puppy a helmet just to be cool, ’cause it matches. You know how people love to dress up their dogs these days.

    On the other hand, what are the odds of a photographer coincidentally trailing behind these people, able to get such a clear shot, even though they’ve stopped for a moment?

  23. J's maternal instincts says:

    I think this should go in “cute or sad” because this puppy is going to die. 😦
    -My maternal instincts

  24. Katy with a Ccapital K says:

    There is no way that dog is NOT strapped to the bike/scooter/whatever somehow. We can’t see it, but there must be a way. If you’ve ever ridden on the back of one of those as a human being, you’d know it wouldn’t be *possible* for the pooch to have even gotten this far if he were just, you know, sitting there calmly. So, I don’t know how because I can’t see it myself, but the dog must be secured or he would’ve fallen off the moment the bike took off at a legitimate speed. Notice that you can’t see the pupper’s back legs at all. The chichi doesn’t seem too concerned, either, which is more than I can say for myself when I’ve had to be a passenger. So think about that for a sec.

  25. Scooters don’t move that fast that I have seen, well there is a scooter “gang” in NYC that zip around but they aren’t motorcycles, maybe the poochie can stay balanced enough for the owner to not worry but would love to see a close up. He should still be secured on there somehow to be safe, even on a slower moving scooter.
    There is a dog that chills in the back and in the passenger seat of a jeep but he is wearing a harness. You can see in this pic his harness isn’t visible.
    (sorry about the cuss word in the name it’s not my site)
    But I have seen this dog and owner all over the place and his harness is not always visible, I have seen it tho. I am not against dogs riding around town with people but I can’t see what is keeping this baby in. I would love to know but I have to sadly agree he looks totally loose there. He is adorable I just hope he is wearing something.
    Stay safe lil Poocheeto!

  26. Barbara (and others) — then by all means don’t feel like you have to come look at these pictures. You’re not going to win any animal rights crusades here. You’re only making yourself miserable, which is not a way to spend your leisure time.

    circuscake ~ have I forfeited my right to pudding with my sick-day ire? T_T

  27. The best part is the puppage looks sooo happy!

  28. metsakins says:

    mmmm…coconut puddin’

    circuscake your assessment is probably correct.

  29. That doggy is going to make some super cute road kill!!


  30. Kara – I think you need to take a break yourself – your head is about to explode, clearly, and you seem to need the calming effect of the cute little animals.

  31. Cauliflower says:

    *** Calm down people ***
    That is a picture taken in Asia. Scooters are not the same in Asia as they are in the States…therefore I will be the one to say that the dog is not sitting there to ride. People drive like maniacs on scooters in Asia. Even the sidewalk is not off limits for them. Anyone in their right mind would not let their dog ride on the back of their scooter.
    I don’t think this is a fake photo. Notice the strap around the man’s shoulder. If you look the part that is in front of him is larger. I think it’s some sort of pouch that the dog rides in. He must have taken the dog out and put it behind him while he waited for the light to change…maybe to let the dog stretch it’s legs.

  32. couscoustangerine says:

    HEY, I recognize this place! I think this is Taipei, Taiwan. Yeah, like caluiflower said, there are probably more scooters than cars in Taiwan so this is completely normal! I’ve seen entire families squished together on scooters. i used to love watching them on my long ride car ride to school every day.

  33. Taiwanagogo says:

    Ooh! I can’t see the license plates clearly enough to confirm, but is this the first Taiwanese Cute Overload post???

  34. Too Many Maureens says:

    I would like to suggest a new CO policy to BLEEN all the nuff comments. It’s getting so that I don’t even read the comments any more, and that means I’m missing the wonderful and witty comments by people who have been tossing in their two cents since I started reading this blog shortly after it was born (and OMG, was it so cute!!). You know who you are, people.


  35. i dont know if the pup is strapped on or not, but i think the picture is adorable.
    and the puppeh is so very happy. sometimes they do this stretch the tongue out thing when they first wake up so maybe cauliflower is right and hes just “out of the bag” for a good stretch.
    besides, i have a very cool barbie pink scooter and i would love to join this biker gang.
    oh and also, they do go fast enough for a dog to fly/fall off on a corner or stop. it would be very dangerous not to have your dog in a carrier of some sort.
    AND I love the matchinks helmutts! HA! adorable.

  36. This is a perfect candidate for the Matchingks category! Soooo cute 🙂

  37. I can’t stop staring at his lil happy face!!!!!

    Next we need a pic of a chihuahua on his own scooter! or a mini side car!

  38. Okay I saw three other MAtchinks. :: Please note I did read the whole thread furst… No Machinks, Machinks, Machinks : ).

    Did you guys save me some puddings.

    I try to skip all the nasty posts and just read the rest.

  39. for people who think the pup must be secured on the scooter, look at the info on this page (and see the bottom photo):

  40. Opps that was supposed to say Now… Matchinks matchinks matchinks. oh and
    Lets get ready to Ruuuuuuuummmmmbbbbbbbbllllleeee.

  41. Can I be the first to call photoshopped? LOL

    the dog is clearly photoshopped onto the back of the scooter, and therefore, noone, let alone this cute little puppy dog is going to get hurt!

  42. ooh aah hmm says:

    thanks, cauliflower. a bag makes more sense than “chihuahua tape” and “invisible straps” and “pretending it’s just hunky-dory to zip around on a scooter with a dog struggling to stay on the back as long as there’s matcheengs and tongue pointage.”

  43. Carrie — don’t think it’s ‘shopped … or else it’s awesome-‘shopped, because I’ve been peering at it for a bit now and not seeing any evidence.

    The bag is probably the smartest assumption I’ve heard.

    liz — Don’t join that gang. Start your own, and anyone who wants to join has to paint their scooter pink. (Sorry, I pref. purple, so I’d hafta pass.)

  44. The scooter is at a complete stop. For all you know the pup could have been placed on the back of the stopped scooter just for the photo.

  45. Little guy looks all kinds of stressed out.

  46. You forgot to add it to the “matchingks” cat-egory.

  47. I spy too many busybody “know-it-all” nuffers with opinions on other people’s pet parenting skills.

    I’m sure he let the freakin’ dog out to stretch. If he was in a pouch everyone would be boo-hooin’ about the poor dog being all cramped up, “dogs aren’t accessories,” et al.


  48. wow!

    i couldn’t even attempt dis with my puppups 😦

    oscar would have gnawed his helmet off by now and molly would bark at every body and every thing, not to mention they’re both all scrabbly when it comes to unsure surfaces…

  49. Y’know, for once, I think the ’nuffs have a point. Unstrapped dogs on Scooters are dangerous, and without context this picture looks like a bad decision all around. But I’m willing to bet he travels a different way – I don’t think a dog that size could even stabilize when rounding a corner, so I don’t see the point in making him ride that way. It’s probably just a break between scoots.

    That said, what a cute dog. 🙂

  50. Ooo! cuteness in Taiwan!! ^_^

  51. THANK YOU Sheenanana! Sheesh! Nobody said the puppy isn’t adorable – it’s the owner who is the bad guy. You don’t put your dog on the back of your scooter !!!!! *fails to see the controversy here*

  52. I make the Girl Dogs beg
    I make the Girl Dogs steal
    I make the Girl Dogs blush
    And make the Girl Dogs squeal
    I wanna be yours pretty doggie
    Yours and yours alone
    I’m here to tell ya honey
    That I’m bad to the bone
    Bad to the bone

  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I say that the pup was put on the back of the cycle for the picture and then is safely put in a little carrier in the front. Wheeew I feel much better knowing that now.

  54. metsakins says:

    okay – I have leftover tapioca from yesterday and circuscake made coconut puddin’. If bugmom’s around, she baked cookies yesterday.

    btw – all we are saying is that we don’t know the circumstance that the photo was taken, I for one, am going to assume that the dog is safe.

  55. I was just joking about the photoshopping – it’s just a common nuff thing if the picture is too perfect.

    I have butterscotch pudding, about a gallon left over – I’ll share!

  56. Yeah, I’m going to have to agree that there is a point to saying “hey that doesn’t look safe.” Everyone has become so hostile and quick to call “nuff,” even on legitimate concerns.

  57. circuscake says:

    poor kara- warm coconut pudding with chopped up fresh ginger will have you feelin’ better in no time.

    call me britany- i have driven with my dog in my lap…(hangs head in shame)

  58. Andrea|Nash says:

    Thank you Steve! The third best thing on CO after te Qte and “hahahaha”, is info!

    Good stuff!

  59. one of the erins says:

    I agree that it doesn’t look safe… but two things here peeps:

    1: Please everybody, try to be patient and differentiate people who are politely concerned, from drama queens.

    2: I think what Cauliflower said makes sense about the bag, and besides, if nothing else, even if I was foolhardy enough to think that my dog could stay on the back like that, I’d be afraid something in traffic would freak it out and it would run away. Nobody wants to lose their dog.

  60. Furbabies says:

    Chocolate puddin’, yum-o. OOOOh, we could make mini trifles with twinkies instead of sponge cake. With lots of whipped cream on top.

  61. It would seem that I have been missing teh puddins. I am sad.

    …OK, it passed.

    (added a little hovertext, y’all)

  62. anyone else notice that they’re out front of the tin-tin drug store?

    tintin and his dog

    rin tin tin

  63. Tina Rhea says:

    In the nearby “Peoples’ Republic of Takoma Park” MD (where they built a statue to a stray rooster who became a town character; people hid him when authorities came to catch him), there was a guy who rode around on his motorcycle with his cat, “Motorcat”. Motorcat had a helmet– her ears folded underneath– and hung on with her claws to a piece of carpet firmly attached in front of the biker. This went on for years and the cat apparently enjoyed it. Motorcat died a few years ago of cancer; she was never hurt by riding the bike. Even so, I wouldn’t do it with any of my cats, and I sure as heck wouldn’t do it with a dog, who can’t hang on.

    Here’s Motorcat’s obituary in the Washington Post:

  64. hibousoir says:

    I ride scooters and motorcycles, and there’s no way this dog would be able to hold on once this guy accelerated at the green light. Scooters change gears automatically, so once the rider throttles, the scooter will jump forward, and then bye-bye Chihuahua! Not to mention that you can get up to 30 or 40 mph on city streets. If that guy has to swerve, brake or corner, again, bye-bye doggie! What I’m saying is that this guy wouldn’t have made it down his DRIVEWAY with his dog on the back, let alone into a city, so he must be riding another way–probably up front like someone else mentioned.

  65. The Hover text rocks. specially picture two.

    Theo no one is calling names yet. so it isn’t really too much of a pudding party.
    In fact everyone is being very nice. I kind of like it.

  66. couscoustangerine – It’s definitely TW! The road sign is in traditional Chinese and it doesn’t look like Hong Kong at all.

    For those wondering about this being a “squad”, like others have stated, scooters are very common in Asia – notice the painted sign on the road in the first picture, it’s the spot for scooters during red light.

    Those look like Evil Knivel’s helmets!

  67. Nice job on the hover text, Theo.

    I lurve these photos. And yeah, I think you’d have to be pretty silleh to assume that Meg can’t use her better judgment in posting these pics.

    Pass the puddin.

  68. CoffeeCup says:

    Okay, I usually don’t side with nuffers, but I have a point that I don’t think anyone else has made yet. Compare the first and second photos…the guy on the scooter is definitely not surrounded by the same people. First photo, guy in lighter red/brown shirt, and guy on the right in green. Close up photo is bright blue shirt on the left and khaki checks.

    I agree that pup probably goes into a basket or a pouch during the ride, but does he come out for EVERY stop light?

    Not really any proof of anything, but *shrug* I can’t see how normally, dogs can hold onto a scooter seat. It’s not about balance, it just doesn’t happen. The basket or pouch is the most feasible.

  69. metsakins says:

    good eye coffeecup! I’m surprised no one noticed before.

    mmm now I want coffee with my puddin’ LOL

  70. Yep! got boatloads of cookies left with whipped cream and sprinkles left over from all that puddin’. Maybe I’ll toast some coconut to put on top of circuscakes puddin’.

    Annie, you know you’re always welcome to anything I have here, be it a leftover powerbar, purrito, hammie salad, or COOKIES!!!!!!

    Theo, because I have such a soft spot in my heart for you I put aside some of the cherry cordial cookies and some of the peanut butter chocolate chip. They’re sitting here stacked into a tower with a big orange kitteh striped bow!

    I need a trifle bad. No, really. NEED it!! What if you made it with ho-hos? SUGAR COMA!!!!!

  71. luvinmalssomuch says:

    CoffeeCup I just noticed myself that in the two pictures motorcycle guy and pup are wearing the same things but the people aside of him aren’t. This calls for an investigation.
    I did see on youtube a big dog on the back of a motorcycle riding and the dog was not strapped in.

    Smart Dogs Stupid People

  72. circuscake ~ I think every post should have warm pudding included from the beginning. T_T As long as people agree not to throw it unless absolutely necessary.

    4srs IRL though, I’m gonna have to do the coconut pudding with ginger this weekend.

  73. I was in Italy (also cycle-centered culture) a few years back and saw a guy on a motorcycle/lg scooter with a medium sized dog with goggles on the back seat… the dog would sit smiling at a stop, and when the driver got ready to [carefully] accelerate, the dog would wrap its paws over the guy’s shoulders all human-like… I’m not sayin’ it’s the safest, or that it’s *this* pup’s technique, i’m just saying… it was damned impressive of those two! 😀 & I’m a total anxiety case & they looked well coordinated to even me! …and the pup was definitely digging it.

  74. Tina;

    Oh man, Motorcat RULES!

  75. book_monstercats says:

    Before I even got down to Cauliflower’s post, I arrived at the view that the dog is carried in the pouch around his hyuman bean’s torso – it’s a solid, wide strap, to carry a good weight. He’s been let out for the photo op, and doesn’t he LOVE it?However, is it just me, or does he look like a duck in the first photo?

  76. Oy, why must people get so bent out of shape? I love this pic, the puppeh looks like he’s having the time of his life

  77. time of his life…until it ENDS when the scooter jumps forward and he gets run over!!!!

    (can I please have some pudding??)

  78. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Barbara, Can I have some of the pudding also. Thanks

  79. Just a note to say that the person who sent in the photo might not have had anything to do with the photos actually being made.

    As I am an optimist who thinks the best of people, I am choosing to believe that doggie was just posed for the moment and is okey dokie. And still licking his owner’s back hoping for a nice long ride somewhere.

  80. I’m not normally a nuffer. However, it doesn’t look like this dog is strapped in; so I’m saying the danger outweighs the cuteness. HOPEFULLY it was just propped up there for the quick pic. and has been somewhere safer for the duration of the ride. Oh, and whoever said people wouldn’t send in pics of animals in dangerous positions? CRAZY. They would, and do. Some because they value entertainment over life, and some because they just didn’t realize the potential danger. Call me a nuffer (or whatever) but I’d rather be made fun of on a blog than turn a blind eye.

  81. metsakins says:

    *sets up puddin’ buffet*

    have fun y’all

  82. the thing here to remember is this though–

    the person who this photo was taken of– PROBABLY DOES NOT READ THIS BLOG.

    so regardless of concerns, the guy with the dog is going to keep doing what is he doing, and nothing you say will make any difference at all.

    is this pup about to fall off and become a pup-pancake? maybe, maybe not. but either way, if you are for or against it, the guy isnt reading this and is going to do it anyway.

    so voice your concerns all you want, but it doesnt matter for the dog.

  83. Okay I am not condoning the scott4er action but I am wondering do dogs have way better balance than me becasue i have lived in California and Montana and Idaho and Colorado and I always see dogs riding in the back of trucks. In fact we have one here in town where the dog rides on top of the tool box in the back of the open bed pickup.

    I am not saying I condone it I am just saying the dog never falls off even when the truck lurches forward. OR takes a tight turn. And i have seen other dogs do this too.

    SO maybe the dogs are just way better than us at balance grace and vehicular travel.

    Still I wouldn’t want to chance mine falling off.

  84. Actually in Asia this is how they put their dogs to sleep. They give them cute little helmets so they feel safe then put them on the backs of scooters going ten miles an hour and then they let them fly off under a semi. Hahaha devilish!

    BTW Dogs are baaad a$$$$ at balance. My chi is like a tight rope walker. No joke.

    Ya-ya-ya Thaaaank you. Now lets all say the Serenity Prayer and accept the things we cannot change. And accept the cuteness displayed before us. Amen!

  85. Shelly the Dog Girl says:

    How about worrying about the thousands of dogs on death row, or being abused or tied out in yards all day with no human contact other than a bowl of food and water thrown at them daily (if they’re lucky) instead of worrying about this dog who clearly has a good life? … Even if… EVEN IF it turns out to be a short life due to falling off and being splattered, he will have died happy. Can we please put it in perspective?

  86. Wow… Not ever reading the Cute Overload comments ever again. You people are nuts. Seriously. Volunteer at an animal shelter instead of wasting your time posting whether this dog is or is not in imminent danger.

  87. I’ll bet he’s secured on with the same thing I use to take my pupper on rides. It’s like….hmm, how to explain…

    It’s a mat that gets secured down to the pillion seat or the gas tank, and it has a clip so puppy can be secured on by his collar. It’s also SUPER soft and grippable so they don’t slide around.

    As long as he takes it easy, puppy should have no trouble staying on. Though, I make my pup wear doggles so if a car kicks up gravel or something it doesn’t hurt his peepers. 🙂

  88. “EVEN IF it turns out to be a short life due to falling off and being splattered, he will have died happy. “

    Ha! That was the creepiest comment I’ve ever read.

    Actually Shelly the Dog Girl, he’ll probably die wishing that he had been better secured to the bike. Poor little guy.

  89. I knew a guy for years who would do this with his cat. Every week the cat would ride on the back of his motorcycle down to the river, and then he’d bring it on his canoe.

  90. I knew a guy for years who would do this with his cat. Every week the cat would ride on the back of his motorcycle down to the river, and then he’d bring it on his canoe.

  91. Good choice Adrienne. But not because of the nuffs – actually I think the “antinuffers” are more out of control than the nuffs ever were. Every post brings on STOP NUFFERS LOL GIT DA PUDDIN ROFLCOPTER U NUFFS R SOOOO DUM!!11!! So yeah, the comments are becoming unbearable to read at all.

    […but you bravely soldier on – Ed.]

  92. circuscake says:

    amen, sabrina! and let’s not forget the first step: admitting we are powerless over the cute…

    (i’ll hafta second the short, happy life over long and miserable- i’ve seen both sides of that coin.)

  93. I do this with my dwarf hamster on the back of my scooter all the time! She LOVES it! she’s learned to lean into it when going around corners and everything! When going fast she just hunkers down and flattens herself out! 🙂


  94. Ooooh….oh, no, you DIN’IT!

  95. Cauliflower says:

    HAHAHA eoyore you’re a hoot…hahaha…

    Ok, I’ve got a question…what does Nuff or Nuffer come from? I understand that it means someone who freaks out about the safety of the animals in the pictures, but I’m not catching where the nuff or nuffer words come from. Enlightenment would be great.


  96. Cauliflower:
    A quote from the CO Glossary…..I’m not as skilled as Theo for linking to that direct term 🙂 …..

    “Nuffingham (Nuff)

    This is my sanity contraction of “Not-Cute-Enough-Ing-Ham,” though lately it’s mostly been shortened even further to “Nuffer” or simply “Nuff”. This is to say, a Nuff is a mild form of troll which only posts comments expressing how not-cute-enough any particular post is, to its (sadly limited) tastes. Waah, waah.

    Miz Thinker has a nice bit of doggerel to share with the class, on the subject. (I can only suppose it was either that or a nice bit of caterwaul.)

    Plurals: Nuffinghamsters, Nuff’ams, Nuffs, Turdsifters, Go Make Your Own Damn Blog’ers”

  97. SQUEEEEE! Is this is Thailand? Too cute!

  98. where is this pic taken?

  99. re Nuff definition – Hey! I’m not even a milder form of troll! I’ve only nuffed about this, the toes (and that just to be a contrarian) and something else I forgot what but I was sure the animal was facing certain death and destruction.

    I even sent in a picture of a cute little grasshopper.

    But if being a Nuff gets me free pudding, I will gladly wear that title!!!!

  100. Shelly the Dog Girl says:

    There’s nothing creepy about admitting that we are all going to go sometime. Grow up.

  101. okay breakfast time.!!!!

    I’m one of the annoying anti-nuffers (although no one demanded that Meg take this picture down immediately and no one claimed to know a dog that died in the same circumstances, hmmm)

    so I’m cleaning up the pudding buffet (don’t you guyz know this stuff has to be refrigerated when you’re done with it!) and going out for a nice platter of New York bagels, cream cheese, butter and I’m splurging for some lox being you were all soooo good!

  102. Having been on both sides of the nuff issue, I have to say, a lot of the anti-nuffers often sound just as crazy as the nuffers.

  103. Barbara — nuffs & trolls get plenty o’ puddins, all right… smack upside they haids. There’s better ways to get attention.

    That said, *I* don’t see anything particularly offensive about your comments. I wouldn’t set my wahwah on the back of my scooter & go tooling around in heavy traffic, myself (this is hypothetical in the extreme, btw).

    Still speaking for myself, though, I’m content to let the photo stand on its own, without ascribing all kinds of horrors to it from my own detached perspective. Like so many other things, these posts are what you make them.

  104. Ok, one last comment. When does compassionate concern mean someone is just a whiney nuff. In my mind there is a vast difference between a nuff and someone who expresses some heartfelt concern over the well-being of an animal. I don’t think I could love the cute pages as much as I do if I didn’t know it was ok to express my worry over the animal’s well-being when I felt it. The fact that people worry says something good about our general desire to not just objectify animals but to care for them.

    Better a bit of whine than all cheese.

    oooh, that was some bad punning! Perhaps it’s coconut pudding for me from now on ;).

  105. I find it disheartening that people who love to look at the cuteness of animals would put down those who are standing up for thier wellbeing.

    So…youre saying…”as long as it’s cute and available for my pleasure I could care less if it’s endangering the animal.”

    This photo is concerning to those of us who give an extra care…because we, in fact, are thier voice. SO many stupid, careless, cruel people in the world and those who care get bashed for it? What a sad state of affairs. You bashers should be ashamed.

  106. I agree with Metaskins. If the man bought the little puppers a matching helmet, I am sure he has found a way to secure the puppeh.

  107. metsakins says:

    all I was trying to say is that I can’t make an assumption from the picture and that I just take a picture at face value as one moment in time. I can or cannot say whether this pet owner has safe practices with the puppeh and will probably never know being he apparently is in Asia.

  108. I love how you can see his tongue sticking out in a big goofy doggy grin in the second picture. He looks so happy!

    I imagine if the speed was low and the guy took corners careful the dog could balance and stay on even without a harness. He’s not on a highway or anything, after all. But I’d be waaaay too scared to try, personally. (that and I don’t own a dog or a motorcycle, though I do bum rides off someone who does) Guess that man really trusts his pooch or knows something we don’t.

  109. circuscake says:

    i think the reason some folks don’t wanna hear the ‘concerns’ is because they come here to escape the negative things in their lives, and to have one brief moment of pure joy in la-la land.

    they can look at a picture and admire the cute while ignoring anything that might be disturbing- not because they don’t care, but because they don’t know the back story and they are willing to live in the moment of cute- expecting nothing more and nothing less.

    now let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya.

  110. circuscake,
    On the flip side, I’m one of those people who can’t just focus on the cute when I see something that troubles me. It’s not a question of the dog being cute–of course the chi in a helmet is freakin’ adorable! But an image like this makes me think of bad dog owners, and makes me visualize squished dog on the road (I’m not saying this guy is a bad dog owner–I’m just saying it makes me wonder). When I come to this site, I’m hoping for straight-up cute with no foreshadowing of road kill. Anti-nuffs: Before you jump down my throat, please note that I’ve said “hoping” not “insisting.”

  111. Ah, but what none of you realize is that this is actually a dog-powered bike. The pup is actually the one staging this photo. He sent it to his friends with a note that said, “Check it out! It totally looks like my human is driving the bike in this picture. Ha ha!”

  112. Scooter ‘tocks!

  113. THANK YOU, Sabrina! Those of us who are concerned over the uber cute puppeh’s welfare can tell ourselves, well, of COURSE he’s strapped in via one of these AWESOME devices?? I mean, WHY would someone think a dog owner wouldn’t properly secure his adorable puppeh!

    Seriously. I’d already decided to supply my own back story to the photo, and your post made it that much easier!

    Oh…and all you self-righteous anti-nuffs? Pffffft!! It’s one thing to imagine danger where none is apparent (i.e., Pablo and Ramsey video), but quite another to look at a picture and cringe at the impending danger. A good pet owner is a careful pet owner.

  114. I think it is a cute picture.

    I ride with my dog in my lap all the time, she loves it and I don’t see the harm in it.

    I think some of you need to start living by the old addage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  115. so cute the way the helmets match is so adorable