New category name proposal…

Sender-Inner Keith rescued this Bebe sqwerl AND came up with a new category name…

[drum roll]

"Rescute"! As in, "but Mommmmm! I rescute him!!!"


Love the claw danglage.



  1. Ah! “Rescute”! I love it! 🙂

  2. metsakins says:

    don’t you see whats happening here peeps?????

    adult skwerls are planting their young, knowing that us hoomans will take them in.

    its an evil plot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Don’t forget to tag the duckling story– “Rescute”!

  4. I love it!!! It’s so purr-fect!

  5. “Rescute”


  6. Awwww, he is so tie-tie. Poor baby. I hope they know proper bebeh sqwerl care.

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I think squirrels are so cute. But Please Stay out of the Road.

  8. Stacy Horn says:

    Oh yeah, we gotta go with Keith’s category name. There is no more perfect name than “rescute.”

  9. Where is its tail??? 😮

  10. Rescute! Why haven’t we thought of this before?!

  11. I love “Rescute” it’s cute in itself.

  12. count on me for another YES vote for the new category “Rescute.”

    look how sqwerls little nose rests on his paw.

  13. Perfection! Thank you so much for takin’ in an innocent lil babe who needs help. 🙂 He/she is gorgeous (Look at that fur coat dalink!) Truly wonderful people out there

  14. We bounce around a lot of potential category names, but this is the first one that’s made me go, “Well, OF COURSE!”

    I love “Rescute,” and Mr. McSquirrelsons is absolutely the poster child.

  15. WHERE’S ITS TAIL???? Clearly the person who claims to have ‘rescued’ this poor animal has cut off its tail and fed it to terrorists!!! This isn’t cute, it’s cruel!!! How dare you???

    (4srs, though, where’d his tailio go? I almost think I can see a tad of it behind him, but I’m not sure.)

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Rescute. It’s poifect!
    Yitzy is my rescute kitty cat (I rescute heem from the Animal Shelter).

  17. Cauliflower says:

    Sqwerl huggers


  18. His tail’s curled behind him on the other side!

    Lufff “Rescute”! Tewtally!

  19. Hi cutie!

  20. So what percentige of eeeevil is this little one?

  21. metsakins says:

    ya know why he looks soooo contented???

    he’s dreaming of world domination!!!!1!

  22. zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz I wish I could take a nap wiht mr. sqwer-el mcnappersons there.

    omg I Mc’d something! I’ve been totally lost to the cute.

  23. Unfornately though, these almost always end up in the cute or sad.

    We don’t always have a great survival rate.

  24. RJ — I think I can see it … whereas I’d thought he was asleep on top of it, but I’m not sure how comfy that’d actually be. 😛

    Um … that back paw is HUGE. I do not see a Huge Paws rule of cuteness, though, an’ I think mayhaps there should be one. (If I’ve missed it, please tell me!)

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    I vote for “rescute” also!:) My co-worker res-cute a baby skwerl and raised him to adulthood. Skwerl now lives in backyard trees and still comes down to “visit” on back porch occasionally. Co-worker has no particular training in wildlife rehab, just found a bebeh in backyard. So it’s quite possible to do and hurray for those who do when needed!

  26. Rescute! what else! ; ) of course that is the perfect name for this category.

    At my house alone I got two Rescute cats and one rescute duck.

    I bet if we added up all the rescute pets on CO it would be well…. astronomical not to mention all the great people who work with the shelters Like Laurie who rescues ferel kittys. And lots of people here do fostering too.

  27. metsakins says:

    Kara -if you haven’t grown into your feet yet, its cute..not sure what number it is 🙂

  28. these recent skwirl pics are jus’ blowing me away

    i’m all about skwirlies now ^^

  29. OMG have you all noticed his moist noisicle and wiskerage. Oh and EYEcapsuls.

  30. Furbabies says:

    My vote is for “rescute” too. Sweet baby!

  31. I vote for rescute too!
    In my house, we have 12 rescute kittehs,
    two rescute guinea piggehs,
    and one foster buneeeeeee!

  32. anne boleyn says:

    “Yes” to the RESCUTE. It’s been a way of life at my house since childhood and, let me say that raising baby skwurls is pretty easy as they love the bottle and the simulated bitch’s milk (which used to crack me up as a kid). Heavy duty gardening gloves are a good idea as they get bigger (the skwurls, not he gloves). Yep, had ’em all: squirrels, bunnies, birds, turtles, snakes. And of course the long term ones that are dogs and cats.

  33. 1. Perfect name. 2. Still think squirrels are incredibly boring.

  34. Awww! My greyhound was rescute from the dog tracks! Yay yay yay! 😀 I love dis new word.

  35. Gah, i looooove dees sqwerl. snorgle muffin attack mode! *mmmph* in furry sqwerl side.

  36. my cat is a blob says:

    My dad rescued a bebeh squirrel once. It was brought to him, actually. He fed it peanut butter and heavy cream. A few weeks later he was out for a walk with it (it would sort of attach itself to his shirt front) and it jumped down and ran up a tree. We never saw it again, though we wished it well.
    But I’m afraid all we could think was that somewhere there was one happy owl…

  37. circuscake says:

    both my critters were rescutes from the mean streets of the city…i love that word!

  38. If you are helping to rescue the squirrel and don’t have much experience, be sure to go to the Squirrel Board! 😀

    There’s enough rehabbers and freinds of critters who can give you good advice. What a sweetie. <3!

  39. BrianMPLS says:

    all in favor, say “awww”:


  40. metsakins ~ Thanks! I was almost certain it had to be there already … CO could never overlook such a basic Rule of Cuteness.

    Once again … GINORMOUS FEETS.

  41. Not only is the squirrel absolutely adorable, but so is the new category title. And it will be apropos to so many of the pics found here!


  42. As many have said, how could we have missed this obvious cute-gory for so long? “Rescute” it is!! P.S. Squirrels in the abstract are awesome.

  43. sqwerls scur me a lil. i always feel like they r gonna jump on me wen i walk under their twees. =)

  44. China's Mom says:

    Rescute is absolutely perfect – I love it!!!!!

  45. Rescute is perfect! I love this squirrel’s big, out-of-place foot and Disappearing Tail.


    *hear hear!*

  47. Awwwww….the sweetest picture!!

  48. His foot is as big as his head. I always feel like sqwerls are sizing me up when they look at me.

  49. I second it! “Rescute” it is!

  50. Okies I will be the first to admit that I don’t like squirrels. I find them evil lil things (long story). However, I want to just cuddle this lil guy like nothing other. He’s too prosh!!! *sighs and tries to remember why she doesn’t like them* Darened hyptno posting!!

  51. Just wanted to weigh in on the absolutely excellent word “rescute.” Congratulations, Keith! Merriam Webster could use more people like you.

  52. If it’s not already official, it should be – Rescute – why don’t I ever think of these things?!?!? (That was a rhetorical question peeps!)

  53. “rescute”

    of course. how the heck did we not think of that peepuhl?

    baby sqwerl’s tail is here, in my mouf. nohm nohm.

  54. RESCUTE is a great name! Love it! :-p

  55. Loving the “Rescute” title! This bebeh squirrel is lucky to have found such an awesome hoo-mon to take care of him/her. Rescuers ROCK!!! (or should that be Res-cute-ers.”)

  56. anneelizmary says:

    OMG PONIES1! I tewtelly approve of the new category. I have a rescute kitty Seamus, now as big as Bianca above.

  57. Is this the Squirt from the Den of Demons forums? XD