How to Maximize Your Snorgling

People, you really need to know how to maximize your snorgle. Pull up a chair—and listen.

First, Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.

Second, locate warm, defenseless neck area


Third, locate the "Axis of Snorgling", an elusive concave area, created by the crook of a neck, overlapping paw, etc.—it must be large enough for one human nose (see green circle in figure A)


Lastly, Bury nose into Axis of Snorgling, and stay there until someone tells you you’re weird and that you should act like an adult.

Repeat as needed, until kitteh/boy/girlfriend runs away.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Snuggly Wuggly


  3. circuscake says:

    off to practice right now…thanks!

  4. I’m allergic to kittehs and I still wanna snorgle!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Ha.. I could teach a class on axis of snorgling on sleepy kitn… you have found a prime spot; another excellent choice (in my experience) is the soft wispy spot right in front of the ear.. their “temple” more or less. YUMMMY. If I were at home I would be snorgling somewhere right this minute.

  6. Axis of Snorgling! HA HA HA HA! What could be better!!!

  7. Furbabies says:

    Want a kitten to snorgle! All mine are growed up and don’t take too kindly to this.

  8. mmmmmmmm Baby kitty furry yummyness Ahhh I can smell the fluff right thru my monitor. Dange Danger Kitten huffing is eminent.

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    I must respectfully disagree on the snorgle site. Yitzy gets snorgled on his leetle head. In the mornings when I attempt to read the paper, Yitzak insinuates himself onto my lap and into my arms, and rubs his head on my chinny chin chin until I hold him close and rest my nose on his head and breathe essence of Yitzy. We stay there for many many minutes, until interrupted.
    I actually not sure who is getting snorgled, me or Yitzy, as he leecks my neck while we cuddle.

  10. metsakins says:

    I had finally recovered from yesterday’s kitteh video and now there are little bits of brain coming out of my ears. Thanks a lot!

  11. Wow, this site is both entertaining AND educational!

  12. [GWULCH]

  13. The more you know!

  14. i’d also add a post snorgle smooch at the intersection of nose and mouf

  15. That is premium snorgling territory! Now if only my orange tabby would let me without trying to kick me in the face! 😛

  16. My favorite thing to do isn’t the traditonal snorgle. I like to lightly lay my head right below a kitteh’s shoulder blade and listen to the deep purring and feel the warm kitteh fur from that angle. What could that be called? Side-snorgle?

  17. Yes, the area is off just a tad. Must be closer to head. Kitty wakes up and turns head into your mouth and it’s like a kitty kiss.

    I must run home to my dog to practice.

  18. ewwwwww… now there’s snot on my computer screen 😀

  19. CatViccer says:

    Looks like someone was snorgling on lil kitteh leeps – they look like smeared lipstick! So pink and cute to match nosicle and jelly bean toes

  20. (hand waving up high) Um..I am assuming that this also applies to thoes of the cainine persuasion?

  21. and how about the bunneee persuasion?
    I haven’t tried snorgling my new foster bun yet…
    haven’t even figured out yet how to pick him up right –
    and boy he can kick!

  22. Tina Rhea says:

    Then you bury your face in the furry tummy and give the kitteh a furbert. That’s if this is a mellow kitteh, because some of the others might kick your face off.

  23. KITTY LEEPS!!!!!

    Yuummmyyyy – yumtastically yummy even!

    Now, off to find a kitten to snorgle

  24. Pink nose closeup! 🙂

  25. charliewabba says:

    The entire experience can be exponentially enhanced by tickling the peeenk toe pads whilst snorgling.

  26. May I suggest that when attempting this technique on a sleeping kitteh, approach from BEHIND, rather than in front of kitteh, so when kitteh wakes up, you will be able to get out of claws’ way. Thank you — this has been a public snorgle announcement.

  27. LOL RJ. Warning received and noted.

    One of my kittys (Magneto, who is a rescute). actually snorgles me while I snorgle her.

  28. I love to snorgle the silky fur on the bottom of the kitty ear. Then perhaps a delicate kronche on a kitty ear.

    Kitty neck is a prime spot as well. My girls get well snorgled on a nightly basis.

    Snorgling takes the work stress away!

  29. Ah yes. Must get me a kitten and inhale the tummy smell now.

  30. my stevie does this with no invitation needed.
    he ALWAYS instigates the snorgle, there is also, cat spit, bread makin and extremely loud purring, along with nose-to nose , lips to lips/nose face smashing WITH snot and spit.
    and Steve is 4-1/2 yrs old!
    good kitty.

  31. I have 4 Kitties that I can get snorgles from…

    One of them snorgles with me after I clean her ears… She puts her head down and let’s me snorgle her between the ears…

    I have a little boy that likes to put his paws on my face, and rub his face on my chin… MUCH snorgling goes on then…

    My eldest Lady isn’t crazy about snorgling overall, but she will let me share a “kitty kiss” with her when she’s feeling particularly affectionate…

    And finally, my Meow Cow well let me snorgle with her, but only after I pet her on the nose…

  32. Another great snorgle spot is on the back of their neck right where the head and neck meet. And I agree, the top of the head is a great one! Due to my visiting this site so much my cat now responds to “time to snorgle the proshness!”

  33. “…some of the others might kick your face off.”

    Tina Rhea, you made me snort at work with this.

  34. RomeoTheCat says:

    “Axis of Snorgling”


    I wanna scoop the bebeh up and take him home.

  35. Melinda B says:

    Henry cat lets me snorgle him all over, but my favorite place is right under his ear, where his kitty scent is best, second is the fluffy bunny fur on his tum tum, but shlurberts freak him out a little.

  36. ceejoe, bunneh’s can be difficult to snorgle. I find the best technique is to either distract them with a yummy salad or skritches, and then snorgle at the back of the neck, just behind the ears on a lop. It’s the soooooooftest!

  37. Look at the whiskas, there’s a liddle black at the base!

  38. sockmonster sarai says:

    My Eeyore kitty used to prefer the back of the neck/between the shoulder blades snorgle, with a scratch on the lower part of her back at the same time. The lower back spot is the one where her hips and base of the tail come together, on that little knob of bone. Someone once told me which chakras that would be for the kittybeast.

    Now, my friends Rose and D have a kitty who LOVES a belly snorgle. She’ll purr and purr and wrap her front paws around your head and kinda hug you. The trick is, she’s only snorgleable when she’s half asleep, generally in the just waking up mode. This is, incidentally when they trim her claws, and she’s very sweet about it, purrs through the whole thing.

  39. snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle!

    I take teh kitteh home!

  40. thanks for the advice, Wendy…
    so is there a particular method for picking up and holding a bunny?

  41. I like to snuggle kitty and puppy chest.

  42. I mean…snorgle.

    I like to SNORGLE kitty and puppy chest.

  43. OMG, Axis of Snorgle!

    My kitteh is sleepin half on my lap and half on my computer desk (it’s one of those ridiculous, how-the-heck-can-that-be-
    comfortubuhls positions) and RIGHT BEFORE I came to CU, I was snorgling the exact AoS! It is truly the vital point for snorgledom.

  44. Oh the pinkness of it all! I can almost get past the orangeness……
    I mean REALLY!!! Teh PINKS!!!!11!!

  45. Seven Paws says:

    The pink lips!!!!

    btw orange and pink is a fab color combo!

  46. Meg, you are tooooo funny today! You need to be writing for the Colbert. Did anyone see last night his bit with the puppy?

  47. Seven Paws says:

    Warning: snorgling may result in extreme rollage and paw fanning.

  48. Meg just gets better and better and better!!!

    Pink paw pads! Pink paw pads!

  49. (In Chandler voice)”Could that kitten nose, lips, ears and jelly beans BE any more pink???”

  50. Matches the carpet too.

  51. Teh ornch I mean.

  52. You’re snorgling the shoulder there. *I* like to do my snorgling on the kitteh’s cheek and neck.

  53. And whose babies do the whole “Blurrrrrrttt???” when you snorgle them whilst they sleep?? I swear they do that chin-in-the-air thing for snorgle simplicfication.

  54. Meg, you should have an honorary M.S. (Masters in Snorgling). Although I would add that sometimes, you need to let the kitteh lead the snorgle…where does kitteh want to be scritched? What delectable parts of kitteh will be exposed for your snorgling offerings? Listen to your kitteh, peeps!

  55. ceejoe- my buns like it if I rub my whole face back and forth over their backs. I still can’t pick up one of them. I’d love to see some bunneh-snorgling instruction on here though!

    ritabby- that puppeh on the Colbert Report was totally prosh!

  56. I’m lucky, I don’t need to sneak-attack-snorgle my cat. He not only embraces but demands snorgling. I can attack him full force and he eats it up.

  57. You forgot about the part where you close your eyes lest you gets claws in dem.

  58. anne boleyn says:

    Claire you’re the one that saw what I saw…the dear little dark based whiskers among the regular ones. Way too anerble (I’m unsure of that spelling. Must go to glossery…bye).

  59. ceejoe – THE single best place for bunny info is, with a close second. I’m a forum member on the BB boards. is a picture guide to rabbit body language, and can really help you figure out what they are trying to tell you, and even to talk back a little.

    Sadly, most bunnies do NOT like to be picked up and snorgled. Feets off the ground means OMG IT’S GONNA EAT MEEEEE! to most bunbuns, unless they’ve been handled from infancy. You can teach them to tolerate being picked up, but most won’t like it. You have to get down to their level for a proper snorgling, and even then it’s a rare thing.

  60. My cat group calls this “Upside Downy Head.” When my cats do this, I sing the following song, to the tune of “Martha” (if you don’t know the tune, see the movie “Breaking Away”):

    Upside Down
    Upside Downy Head
    Upside Down
    Upside Down
    Upside Downy Head!

  61. I am agog and smitten with the marmie kitteh. Want one. Sniff, snort, snorgle. Eat ’em up. Yum.

  62. I love you so moishe! Thank you for this vicarious snorgle as no kittehs are in my immediate vicinity.

  63. Is it just me or do I detect the gentlest of purrs coming from my monitor and soft kitty exhales.

  64. Question people, while we are on the subject: I have kitteh snorgling down pat but HOW DO YOU SNORGLE A GUINEA PIG?

  65. And how about those pink-orange paw-pads and the leetle pink-orange triangular schnozzle. I live triangular noses–think it should be a new rule of cuteness.

  66. Simpson O'Brien says:


  67. turbofloof says:

    Why does kitteh fur smell SOOOOOOOO good? I am OBSESSED with smelling my (big, grown up,) kittehs!

  68. The axis of snorgle beats the axis of evil anytime.

  69. i have to say i would first go for a kiss right on the spot where the whiskers come out of the face. i love that spot. then i’d do a kiss right on the chin. then finally i’d move on to the snorgling and sniffing in the neckal region. mmm, there’s a sleeping kitty beside me right now–gotta go!

  70. BEWARE…This is a Marmie, peeps, don’t matter it’s jus a bebe. You inhale, you huff up a ornj one, they f**k you up. No cure, addicted to Marm for-ev-er. (I can quit any time I want …)

  71. Oooh! Dr. Anne, you’ve just reminded me of a dream I had the other night.

    I dreamed that people kept putting animals in the various drawers of my desk at work. I’d open up one drawer and find a guinea pig, another (larger) drawer would house a puppy. The animals were being stored there until I could get around to getting them into homes of their own.

    I tried to get the guinea pig into a cage of his own, but he continually escaped. In my dream I remember thinking “Gosh, look at that little feller go. I think I’ll call him Spiderman.”

    Is there anyone here who can interpret dreams? What does it all mean?

  72. “Spider (guinea) pig
    Spider pig,
    Does whatever a
    . . . Spider pig does.”

  73. MUST….Touch….Kitteh Leeps!

  74. LOL

  75. bunnyslave says:

    Or repeat until you no longer care that your boyfriend just ran away.


  76. SpiderPig, lol. Teh kitteh is so relaxed. You could prolly snorgle his belleh and not even disturb him.

  77. I love my Sandy! says:

    I love when I snorgle my hammy and when he has had enough of me snorggeling him he puts the smallest of paws up to my nose. then he gets a treat!

  78. Oh yeah! That’s a great snorglogenous zone.

  79. *grabs her Hattie-cat and commences axis attack*

    Oh you’d think she’d be upset but yeah, she’s purrrrrfectly fine with this invasion. Kudos to the orange baby for inspiring this invasion!!

  80. acelightning says:

    Aww, sweet snorglable sleepy kitty… I wanna lie down like that and sleep, too, but I’m not nearly that cute…

  81. embercadabra says:

    Ummm, I think everyone missed the teeeeney tiiiiney glow of light on his baby nubbin. *sighs*

  82. OMGkitties. If I ran the world, I would have mandated snorggle breaks for all workers and C.O. would be standard therapy for trauma patients. Peoples priorities are all wrong. Less stress.. more marmies!

  83. BunnyHero13 says:

    Double Frick!!!!! far too cute to be legal really… but the instructions are the best…I nearly sent tasty Stockyard Oatmeal Stout out through my snout…would not have been nearly as tasty on exit! Meg rules…

  84. I snorgled this exact area on Stan before I came to work this morning (its the 10th October 09:06 BST) followed by a soft cronche on the ear, that was after a purry brush. Skinnny Sid just looked on from under the clothes airer.

  85. Personally I would move that axis of snorgling slightly to the right. The DIP is the SWEET SPOT. Also, top-snotch snorgling is done with rapid kisses as well as nose-rubbing, accompanied by a low murmur to provide the kitty/victim with a comforting “human purr.” Just my two cents!

  86. I did the exact same thing before going to University, only I snorgle the side of the belly, where the fur is all fluffy. Nothing gets you started like a deep breath of catsy goodness.


  88. Ahhhh! Love the description… My favourite kitty snorgling spot is …. ze fluffy underside i.e. the tummy. Ah, the clean kitty fur smell, I love it!!!

    Fortunately I have 3 kitties that all allow me to do this without receiving major claw damage to my head/face! 😀

    And yeah, I´ve been told I´m weird because I do this.

  89. wendy – thanks again for the info and bunny links.
    You made me crack up with “Feets off the ground means OMG IT’S GONNA EAT MEEEEE! to most bunbuns”
    Certainly understandable…
    It’s also pretty much the way my guinea piggehs act too.
    I’ll be reading up on bunneh language now – I feel so uneducated compared to how much I know about teh kittehs –
    been fostering and caring for them for years…

  90. “warm to the toche”?????
    “axis of snorgling”?????

    omg, you are TOO MUCH, meg!!!

    thank you co. hillaryass

  91. Axis of snorgling?! PURE GENIUS!!!!! Genius, I say! One more time — genius!

  92. ceejoe – poor bunbuns in the wild are pretty much “nature’s take-out”. EVERYTHING wants to eat them, so you have to be verry carefuls and patient with them.

    Once they understand that they are safe and have many yummies and pets, they have a LOT of personality to show. My bunny is a princess, who took over a bookshelf by hopping up and kicking everything off. She sits there to survey her domain and accept head-pets from her worshipers. She also likes to go outside on her harness and lead (though she hates wet grass on her dainty white feets) and she beat up the neighbor’s barky little chihuahua! Some bunnies will growl exacty like small dogs. (extremely funny) She also likes when people come over – especially the sloppy kind who might drop food on the floor.

  93. LilKittieLuvr says:

    This bebeh looks exactly like my Magoo, pink lil lips and all!! He is my most snorglable bebeh too, he will jump in my lap, make some bread, and snorgle the heck out of my face and I snorgle right back. I read orange cats have the sweetest disposition by nature and I think this pic is more evidence!!

  94. look at the pink nose! and pink leeps!!!

  95. LuvBJones says:

    I weeshe to place mai noze on the wee pink nozicle. This requires a complex yoga maneuver so as not to wake teh bebbeh.

  96. Marmies rule!

    It’s moments like this that I REALLY feel sorry for people with pet-allergies. 😦

  97. Have I been snorgling wrong all along? I snorgle where the neck meets the body! Num num num moooshie-dooodles!

  98. This is the scene just before the can of cat food is opened. Then no more sleeping Kitty.

  99. After years of my husband chuckling at my obsession with CO, he actually read these snorgle instructions with great determination, and proceeded to issue a snorgle to our cat. He proclaimed that it did indeed “work” – because kitteh now loves him even more. He has been converted! Yay for CO!

  100. Ceejoe and Wendy-
    I had a bunny for 12 years, and she loved to snorgle–but it was very much on her own terms (invariably when I was on my way out the door or in the middle of something). True to bunny form, she preferred snorgling on the floor. I loved getting my nose right up to hers. Pip always smelled like milk (unless she’d just eaten some of her poo, which is an unfortunate part of the bunny diet–so I advise you to time your snorgles carefully). The real axis of snorgling for me though was the nape of her neck, at the base of her ears. Sooooo soft. I’d have to spit fur out afterward, but it was worth it.

  101. D. J. Chall says:

    Kittens are nice.

  102. Radiogirl says:

    Meg, you are a goddess. I just followed your directions precisely and my handsomest-ever kitteh boy loooooooved it.

    You have to remember, there’s a lot of snorglicious real estate on a Maine Coon. So thanks for helping me get it right. 🙂

  103. Ha!
    I do that soooo often.

  104. OMG, I do this all the time when my kitties are sleeping. I must look so weird… Great photo.