‘Tocktober: Hamster edition

Um, Sender-Inner Vivian W., I don’t know HOW you managed to capture your hamster’s ‘tocks so perfectly. I mean look at this specimen!


And, turn to the right [say in police officer voice]


These pics should obvy be outlawed, with you under arrest!


  1. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Oooh…Theo…make’em wiggle!

  2. Hamsters have droopy drawers tocks!

    How cute is THAT?

  3. this hammy’s been doing his glute-squeezes!

  4. erm…I’m pretty sure those are balls, not tocks?

  5. Hammy balls are that big? That’s just not right.

  6. The tailio kills with it’s cuteness.

  7. Squirrels have monster balls too, but then you *know* how they are about nuts ^^

    meggy’s spreadin’ hamster pr0n!
    meggy’s spreadin’ hamster pr0n!

    i was innocently enjoying cute when i got to the 2nd pic and saw hammy’s evil eye (red eye) eeeeeek hep me!

  8. one eyed daruma wants theo to make hammy’s testicles wiggle

    –almost made me pee laughing

  9. Actually, hammie parts are pretty hard to see (at least, in the dwarf hammies I’ve had). I’d say those are his/her pantaloons!

  10. Preshious Tocks’…good work!

  11. paulajeanne says:

    How unusual to see the legs stretched out like that! Usually they look like the legs are just little stubs as they scurry around. And agree, that sure looks like a boy hammie.

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    Awright, are they ‘tocks or ballz? Enquiring minds want to know…..

  13. Can we get a squee for the pretty blue dish? (Squee!) Thank you!

  14. One Eyed Daruma says:

    If Meg sayz they’re ‘tocks, they’re ‘tocks. And I stand by my wiggle request. So there. Pllllbbt. If you pee when you laff, maybe you should call a doc.

  15. it’s obviously a hamster dish too – look at the little hammies on it!

  16. no actually that didn’t help it just showed the scent gland – not the nads.

  17. I love the hammy tocks!

  18. hammie balls are indeed that big. have you ever seen an adult male syrian?

  19. That tiny tail nubbins!! SO CUTE!

  20. Bollocks! says:

    Sorry, y’all, those are definitely balls.

  21. I like how the bowl is as big as mister ham pants there. And this is why the boy hammies on CO wear pants..
    The MORE you know :D

  22. The “nads” are right where it says “male dwarf hamster” :)

  23. one of the erins says:

    So wait… Hammie balls are in the BACK?

  24. Those are for sure not ‘tocks, they are his you-know-whats. I have had a male Winter White, and now I have a female Campbell’s Dwarf hammy. Smooch’s ‘tocks are noticibly less “Tanuki-esque.”

  25. those are nadsicles, not tocksicles.

    quite impressive. he must be popular.


  26. The tocks are adorable, but the ankles are killing me…

  27. I think his tocksticles are adorable. teehee

  28. hammy’s fave greek mythological character is Testicleeze ^^

  29. berthaslave says:

    I have never contemplated the relative size of hammy cheekage vs. hammy oysters, and I’m not about to start now. I’ll just say “cute!!!” and maybe offer an spirited “ehn!” for the thirsty (or hungry) hammy.

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    What else can we name Mr Hammy McHammersons’ Boy Parts?

  31. Beavis's Human says:

    I don’t care if they’re balls or tocks. It LOOKS like the cuttest butt cheeks ever!

  32. Yitzysmommie,

    Kibbles N Bits?
    Nut Powsche?

    I’ve got hundreds!

  33. He’d better shake that badunkadunk.

  34. Junk in his trunks? :)

  35. Yitziesmommy and bugmom…. Stop… LOL… I can’t take it anymore. Snicker

  36. *giggles* How anerable!

  37. *giggles* How anerable!

  38. *giggles* How anerable!

  39. Snorgle! Snorgle! Don’t care if they are ‘tocks or harbls.

  40. tocks or tex, no question of cuteness. the ankles, the nubby tail. lol

  41. It’s Officer Krupke. Making the streets safe for all New York

  42. erm…..not tocks!

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    THX Claire – I clean fergot harbls!

  44. Haha!

    Seed bag
    Man purse
    Droopy drops

  45. grape smugglers

  46. A couple more, please, courtesy of Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery:
    – wedding tackle
    – the twig and berries

  47. Getting slightly off the topic of ham tocksicles, does anyone still have that picture Meg (I’m assuming) made of the ham with blue jeans on? I wouldn’t mind seeing that one again. XD

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    bugmom- liking Nut Powsche here. Just asked hubby for some funny names he’s heard for testicles (does medical care in a prison). His response: That’s such a serious subject you cannot joke about it – it’s an honor to have testicles.
    Took me awhile to quit laffing so I could post that….

  49. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    To get back to Tocktober, I am a fool for spindly little shanks and fluffy tocks. There, I’ve confessed. Our little tux is known as Pearlette Perfect Purrfur Pants.

  50. foreverluscious says:

    omg look at those little LEGS! *falls over and dies*

  51. Yitzysmommie,
    Yeah. I was torn between nut powsche and seed bag (considering the animal in question both fit nicely). I LOL’ed at your hubbys response. It is an honor, too , to have the control of the breasteses. Another serious topic ;) In our house, the sweater potatoes rule. :)

  52. gwenhwyfaer says:

    Seems everyone’s already pointed out that boy hamsters are, er, rather well-endowed.

    I’m surprised that nobody’s suggested that if he has ‘tocks, he must also have ‘locks with those ‘tocks…

  53. Sweater Potatoes. WEll not as picturesque as melons but funny very funny.

  54. jinglies!! DAMN that had me cracking up!!

  55. Some of it’s ‘nads, some of it’s fluff, but all of it is ANERABLE.

  56. Meat and two veg, Goolies, Wedding tackle.

  57. My hubbies submishie…….


  58. Teho, c’mon! Where u at? I know u got some!!!!

  59. Hahahahahaha, oh my, okay, take a deep breath. Ahahahahahaha. meat and two veg, okay, wedding tackle?! Sweater potatoes! ‘Scuse me, hafta go. Also, my dh keeps coming back here to check on me because I’m gettin’ loud. Ya’ll are hilarious.

  60. Melody:
    DH? Dangle Handler?

  61. Where are his pants?!

  62. acelightning says:

    Hilarious hamster hiney! (Even if the twin bulges are boy-bits.)

  63. Ace: I love boy-bits. Ah! let me re-phrase that, I like your aphorism for bollocks.

  64. Bugmom-lol, it stands for dear husband.