Mini-nawm, mini-nawm [pause]


Kathy M., excellent creamsicle kitteh find!


  1. me 1st?

  2. oh BOY did I need this vid. Maybe a lil nibble on that kitteh too.

  3. awww

  4. awww

  5. Yummy which foot do I taste first , second third yummmm they are all good.

  6. That cat needs some better toys. Maybe some yarn, or a stuffed mouse. Something.

  7. I feel so cheap. I posted first and THEN went back to watch this prosh bebbeh kitteh. Before someone says something mean about its occasional focusing (walleyed) challenges, I want to say its a baby and its doing the best it can and its cuter than most people who can focus.

  8. GenE/Jenny says:

    I loved the music match with this video. It was juuuusssstt sychronized close enough to highlight the percussion of the music, with the movements of the kitten.



  9. Reminds me of my own little Jojo, who said goodbye at 18 years old. So sweet! Also, check out the “Mean Kitty Song” video link – cute in more ways than one!

  10. This makes writing my paper for school tonight so much more tolerable. Thanks cute overload!

  11. Aw, british shorthairs are so teh cute!

  12. SeaBreeze says:

    This is one of de cutest vids I have ever seen!!!

  13. This is too cute. x3

  14. i think toeses are the best toyses that a baby can play with…

    I wanna kiss the widdle belleh on the bebeh kittie

  15. AWWWWW i love how he keeps stuffing his paws in his mouth. what a BABY!! *squee*

  16. Catbelly. I think I may be addicted to catbelly. I was nibbling on Maine Coon Kittenbelly yesterday evening.


  17. That little feller sure can work a camera. Look at his li’l face … he SO knows how cute he is. He’s doin’ it on PURpose.

  18. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!!111111

  19. Aww! so cute! so much fluffyness!

    I think I’ll die of a CO overdose!

  20. Aaaaaah! Just thing after both my teams (49ers and Sharks) got their asses handed to them. Thanks, Meg.

  21. It’s been a long time since I could honestly say this, but I think my head’s gonna asplode from teh qte!


  22. Aw, just like a human baybeh, putting fingers in mouf!

  23. paulajeanne says:

    Man-oh-man. I keep thinking there’s no way this site can keep getting cuter. Yet everyday…please for the love of God, don’t ever stop! I beg you!

  24. Awww, meng. Bebe kitteh is sooo cuuuute. Yes, just like when mine were neonates. It’s funny how when kittens this age put a little claw in their mouths, it’s just like when a human baby sucks a thumb.

    Also, I saw the poor kitteh who wanted dessert! His human should’ve given him a wee bit! After all, he’s holding up the bargain as the household cat!

  25. Maybe I’m in a bad mood because it was a bad week, but this posting only seems “cute” to me and nothing more. I don’t think the music helps. The kitteh is cute, but it’s the kind of cute most kittehs are all capable of. Points for the strabismus (Marty Feldman eye) and the marmiesicle. But only an average vid imho.

    Back to dealing with my wrecked car.

  26. i has a flavor

  27. berthaslave says:

    And no hovertext? Maybe that’s what’s missing.

  28. He is beautiful!!! He’s all like, “what are these tasty morsels that just keep flopping about my head?!? I shall leek them!!! Mmmmm – tasty!”

  29. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awwww sorry about your car Berthaslave!

    But the kitteh…love how his little tail curls up.

  30. !!!!!! sooo .. cute …. must wuff …. kitty …belly.


  31. I is gonna get you human well maybe after iA clean these feetises again….

    Well Maybe I’ll be big brave kitteh naw I hide behind pillows and show my big feets…..
    Cute JOe Joe with big Blue Eyes to capture you with thanks for the video

  32. Hm, berthaslave, I got into a car wreck this week and then my car battery completely died on me, etc, etc…but aw was this kitty cute!

    Not even a kitten person myself…have 12 -grown- cats :)

  33. chet's momma says:

    fwito fweet!

  34. Bertha – I hope you guys are all right. Please cheer up your daddy.

  35. Kitty needs to grow into those feet!

    I was having a bad day but it’s all better now.

  36. what a darling fluff ^^

  37. Fur sure that little chaton was licking, tapping and wiggling to the music and in the next clip will be a future fly catcher, already has the eye for things that land from the sky.

  38. Cannot . . . get . . . ze back feet . . . why will zey not hold still???

  39. misscrisp says:

    >>the air kneads!poit< I asploded.

  40. *stuffs a kitteh foot in bertha’s mouf*

    Take two of these and call me in the morning.

    hope things are looking up by then

  41. *squeals* I just want to play peek-a-boo with the kitty! Then take it home with me! :-)

  42. The music is PERFECT! Thank you!!!

  43. berthaslave says:

    Thanks gang. We’re all okay. I watched this again w/ the sound down and, yar, it war teh qte.

  44. HOW cute?!

  45. Catlovers,PLEASE go to:
    from the photographer Sabine Rath,you won’t beleeeeve it!

  46. OOooh, I looove kitties whose eyes point in two different directions and who always look concerned!

  47. Teensy pink champagne baby! But a WHITE sofa? His people-parents must be new to the pet thing!

  48. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    …and world peace was officially achieved…

  49. Dis kittie is soooo sweet esp. when chompin’ on fronts paws… even if you don’t love kitties, this one will win you over! I agree with the other poster, you really need to check out the site for some unbelievably cute pix:

  50. This kitty is so cute that he cannot be real!

  51. Yitzysmommie says:

    So Qte. I love the front paws, I love the bebeh. A happy Monday morning start to me.
    And to Berthaslave, may your day improve rapidly from here.

  52. This is too cute for words !!!

  53. OMG!! I jes ‘sploded from too much cute. I wuv his widdle “I’m chillin’” crossed paw action at the end. And what a beautiful kit-ten!

  54. I was just one big smile untill the cut to the scene between the two cushions, then it all fell flat.

  55. charliewabba says:

    Oh, well, thank you so very much – you have now rendered me completely useless for the rest of the morning. I think my brain has imploded inside my skull – yup, I can feel it dripping.

  56. Aww. Wouldn’t it be great if baby kittens could cure cancer? Hospitals could have a collection of videos such as that, as well as have a constant supply of young kittens onhand, ready to cure the sick. Well, has anyone tried it? Here we’re waiting forever for scientists with test tubes and things…when maybe the answer could be right under… our adorable wet nosicles.

    Or at least, I can dream, can’t I?

  57. the ky00tness is too much. i just wanna pick him up n eats him =^o^=

  58. Tigers deluxe is a cute site just wish I understood German

  59. If you’re into lovin’ some catbelly – once you get to the catbelly – you’ll find that there are my favorite things = kittynipples!!

    that officially makes me really weird doesn’t it?

  60. Very cute and very fluffy!

  61. that fur! it is SO fluffy and soft looking! and those eyes are looking up so adoringly. if I ever find a kittle like this for myself, I will be able to die happy.

  62. metsakins says:

    So many feetz – so little time. How can I lose?
    So many feetz – so little time. How can I choose?

    btw -ded again

  63. There are tons of videos of Joe on YouTube – from 3 weeks to 3 months. Just search for “Joe kitten”.

  64. Kittermama says:

    Ok, this video made me forget all about my toothache.

    At the same time, it also made me totally forget the entire background and outline for a chapter that I had spent a stupid chunk of time on, but that’s ok. I forgives the bebeh. With a face like that you just can’t be annoyed.

  65. ChefSteph says:

    I love the way his little baby eyes don’t focus all the way!! To think, it was only 2 months ago when my little Louie was that size, and now he’s an evil demon spawn with vampire fangs(I say this in the most affectionate way possible). He’s still pretty darn cute though.

  66. It’s Joe Joe, a major contender for World’s Cutest Kitten! Go Joe Joe! Eet them feets!

  67. and now, for more ear-nawming, tail-chawmping, paw-kronsche-ing, midi-boogie-woogie-ing action:

  68. the kitten is cute, but that music was killing me. i had to turn it down in order to watch.

  69. He does not know what those things are at all, and has no idea they are attached to him.

  70. Berthaslave. Hope things improve for you. Accidents tend to take the joy out of a person. Bertha go snuggle your human slave he needs it.


  72. Very dangerous! I am banging my head. My brain is turning into grey kitten-fuzz. My insides have liquified and I am melllltiiiing.

    Must watch again.

  73. metsakins says:

    BerthaSlave – as I have recommended in the past to others:

    If a dosage of CO is not enuff, you must piggyback with dosages of I can has cheezburger and stuff on my cat.

    (Glad your okay enuff to write… can be replaced)

  74. Made my day. Can anyone tell me what the background music is? Pleeeezzzz.

  75. OH MY GAWD!
    My head sploded then it grew back and sploded again.
    I wish I could snorgle this adorable creature.

  76. Mmmmm… Strawberries and Cream… This one tastes like Orange…

    Damn! Why are’t my fingers sweet? I’m kind of happy I can’t reach my toesies. :P


    it’s my opinion that you should get extra-credit points for such conscientious use of the “modesty tail”…

  78. Shouldn’t this go under “I shall leeck me”?

  79. oh my goodness! I love his crossed eyes!

  80. I weesh to neeble de leetle toes!!!

  81. Awww! Roly poly baby with chubby feets!

  82. LuvBJones says:

    toes tail toes toes tail toes tail toes *huh? hey, I bizzy hear!!* toes tail toes

  83. Too cute. His tum is so big he can’t get to his back feets!

  84. Aww, personally I love that slightly wall-eyed look that all kittens have for a while. It makes them look so quizzical.

    You can’t blame the little guy, really. Creamsicle toes must be darn near irresistible.

  85. Daphne Moss says:

    Da fatness. Oh, da bulky adorableness…and then,da tail…Must moosh it…

    I think he can’t get up from the “well,” so figures … I just stay and play with mah cute feets. Wha more fun dan me?

  86. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    What a great surprise at end of terrible long day! I love the way the kitty is keeping an eye (just the one) on the camera like, “How cute do I have to be lure you over here and rescue me from myself?! What’s a Mitten got to do to get some pettinks?”

  87. joe joe is is so so cute cute!

  88. “Dude, look at my feet are HUGE! They’re like dinosaur feet! STOMP STOMP STOMP! Oh, my tail feels sooooofuzzzy right now. This feels AMAZING! Did you ever feel your own tail? Did ya? Dude? Dude? I’m just sayin.. Fine be that way. God I’m hungry. Wait there’s still some cheez doodle dust on my paws..mmmm. Wait. What was that? Dude, wait, shhhh.. I think I just saw a bat. OH GOD THERE IT IS! Get away getawaygetaway!!”

    “DUDE! Look I said when you moved in I was cool with you using some catnip once in awhile. But you’re OBVIOUSLY not on nip right now. We’ll talk about this later. Now look, it’s two in the morning and six hours from now I gotta be down at the farm to chase rats out of the barn. Did you hear what I just said? BARN RATS! I know you’re out of a job, but just appreciate my situation all right? Why don’t you just drink some warm whole milk, chill out, and go to sleep, kay?”

    “Alright dude, I’m sorry, man..”


    (gritted teeth) “What?”
    “I think there’s still at bat in here..”
    “GO TO SLEEP!”

  89. Must.Snorgle.Kitten!!!
    (failed save vs cuteness/dice implosion)
    Cutest toes on earth!!

  90. JuliaJellicoe says:

    The song is called “Boogie Woogie,” but I don’t know this artist. I know the song from the Tommy Dorsey version.
    He was so cute and wiggly and bright-eyed …

  91. JuliaJellicoe says:

    The cat, I mean, not Tommy Dorsey.

  92. So good! Loved that! Hope you’re in a band because that was awsome! Hope your little sparta is doing well.
    Have a good day

  93. RevWaldo – i’m like starving right now. Hey man let’s go to taco bell, but you drive, man, I’m too wasted to drive.

  94. I





    And I’ve only watched half of the video!!!

  95. my cat is a blob and I wish I had a donkey says:

    I think this is the most idiotically cute thing i’ve seen.
    and i’ve seen a lot of idiotically cute…

  96. a nonny mouse says:

    DO not want ot poop on the cute, but this is from a breeder.

  97. Eater of Shades says:


    wonder if it’s his sign thats he’s hungry?

  98. LOL @RevWaldo… all I could think about (aside from the standard omg-how-adorable-is-that) was: “That kitten has some gigantinormous feet.” Baby animals are so cute at those stages where they haven’t grown into their various parts.

  99. acelightning says:

    There’s only one thing I can say about that unbearably adorable Itty Bitty Kitty:


    (Although the boogie-woogie piano is pretty neat too.)

  100. that cat is creepy