Meanwhile, over at Prairie McPlumpersons

Check out the tubbular-ness of this scene. And I’m not talking about the ACTUAL tub, but the tubby Prairie Dog action.


Bloooooooooooooooooooooop! [Sides plunge out]


That zoo in Duluth MN. is taking very good care of them dogs. I’m sure they get telenouvela acting classes too, right Karen B.?


  1. JackBrodus says:

    In the wise words of George Takei:

    “Oh my.”

  2. Dangit, JB – you out-bleened me.

    I love pudgy prairie dogs. Especially when they lie down and their tummies poof out like pancakes. *snuggle*

  3. I guess five servings of fruits and vegetables are NOT the key to a slim body.

  4. Not to sort of nuff, but does the boy have a skin problem? His buddy on the right behind him seems to have the same weird pattern thingy happening at the same clavical level. I’m thinking I’ve got to get a life if I’ve resorted to evaluating prairie dog skin. You think?

  5. Jeeska da sookee koopa moe nanya!!!!

    (That’s Huttese — this is a Jabba in the making!!!)

  6. Maybe the skin problem is where their tubbiness makes them rub getting in and out of the ground hog holes??

  7. yay Duluth finally gets on the map!

  8. Portly prariedogs plumply pecking at pippins.

  9. CUTE!
    Chubboes, Chubbalee and Chubbala

  10. Is there anyone else out there that feels bad when they see obese animals? One of the curious things about humans is that they are the only animal that overeats, and it’s unhealthy. It sort of saddens me to see that, in our care, animals suffer from our frailties.

    Not to sound too serious, y’all. It just made me think…

  11. Emmy all animals overeat. In the wild tho it takes as much work to find the food as to eat it. And when they are in our care they get too much to eat just like us. and in this case I am guessing people are throwing cookies and crackers over teh fence to the prarie dogs because lets face it they are darn cute.

  12. When I look at this cute pudgy little critter all I can think of is Templeton from Charlotte’s Web. I can just see them all singing along with him.

    Smörgåsbord! Smörgåsbord! Smörgåsbord!

  13. selkie — don’t you mean SNORGasbord?

  14. when an animal has that kind of belly – i call it floopage – I don’t know why – I just do .

    So i think the prarie dog floopage is adorable.

  15. Do they make prairie dog Frontline because I’d completely buy them a prescription.

    They look a little moth eaten.

  16. Mmm… Black Plague.

  17. Katherine says:

    OMG! No one’s even said anything about the way he’s sitting!!!!

  18. Someone get him the remote and a beer and he’ll be all set for the World Series.

    He is Anerable!

  19. lurkingsmirk says:

    I was eating as I scrolled down to this pic and now I feel like I should stop eating =( what a little pudge-pudge!

  20. I is happiest when I muchies munchies oh munchies

  21. Prairie dogs are highly susceptible to mange, which might be what we see on these animals.

  22. ohmy

    i’m so calling jenny craig O_O

  23. Wow. Now that’s lardacious! The pup lying in front of the cam is actually growing OUT of his own fur!

    I haven’t seen the prairie dogs at my city’s zoo fer a long tahm.

  24. Hey, so that’s where retired Saskatchewan Roughrider mascots go. ;-)

  25. LOL Pillsprairie Dough Boyz!

  26. Belch!Blurch!Fart! Jeez where’s the Pepto Bismol.

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Holy Cow – A pic of me on CO! I have that same tummeh….

  28. metsakins says:

    I ate too moische,
    I ate too moishe…

  29. I see a contestant for “The Biggest Prairie Dog Loser” in the makingk….

  30. WOW! These guys look like they are unhealthy!!! Not just fat but morbidly obese. I have never seen anything like this before. The person that is feeding these guys needs to give them a break and back off on the goodies. I wonder if they would even be able to get away if something was trying to get them. Like a cat or something. But, then if it is a local cat it probably is too fat to chase them.

  31. LOLrus sez Dat not *mah* buckit, iz it?

  32. I want to rub his belly like a Buddha for good luck.

  33. Duluth, MN you say!? So I can see them in person? I am so there!

  34. Metsakins…Snicker..

  35. Ummmm… I’ve seen prarie dogs in the wild that look like this…they were PREGGERS… are we sure these are not girls about to pop pups?

  36. i’m so glad i’m not the only one whose paunch has totally exploded this summer.

    if only the fatness looked as cute on me. sigh.

  37. That is one chubby hog!

  38. She looks quite a bit like Gladys the groundhog who used to live in the Central Park Zoo (they are related). Gladys looked like a brown, furry bucktoothed beach ball.

  39. Too moische is what I ate…

    These kids need some Weight Watchers meal replacement bars.

  40. Too moische is what I ate…

    These kids need some Weight Watchers meal replacement bars.

  41. Too moische is what I ate…

    These kids need some Weight Watchers meal replacement bars.

  42. Too moische is what I ate…

    These kids need some Weight Watchers meal replacement bars.

  43. That’s how i looked in 1997 folks!

    Quit yer picking on the poor little PD’s. It’s not their fault they’re fat – if they are indeed fat. It’s the person who overfeeded them’s fault.

  44. I iz chubbeh & I luuuuurves mah app-oh! See me smilin’? ;-)

  45. Disturbing. Not cute.

  46. Must do raspberries on those tummehs!!!


    K thanx feel better now.

  47. Mange = -100 on cute scale!


  48. You have the CUTEST animals pics!! This lil guy is Huge:) have a nice night

  49. Jencendiary says:

    Yes, let’s impose human standards of attractiveness on non-human critters!

    (I’m sure their zookeepers know better than some armchair quarterbacks on this.)

    Rant over.


  50. foreverluscious says:

    wtf. “standards of attractiveness”? What about standards of HEALTH?

  51. you can all put your he’s fat complaints away. apparently they are supposed to look like that. go here..

    or any of the other sites out there.

    Now then check out the tubular fluffyness of this little guy.

  52. That’s one fat praireh dawg…

  53. oh good grief.
    they should be called prairie Hogs! but they are super-extra cute ha1 tabby bellies! cute!

  54. as far as only humans overeat. you are so very wrong. when food is plentiful animals of any type overeat look at bears before hybernation and as salmon are plentiful for a start. what humans are would be filled with a sense of intelligent superiority because they are allowed to comment their opinion via the internet.

  55. my goodness people…. First of all, have you ever seen a one of those guys sit like that? THEY ALL LOOK FAT! I was also at the zoo this summer, during feeding time actually, and they are were quite slim and healthy.

  56. acelightning says:

    I’m pretty sure the one facing the camera, at least, is a very pregnant female. Four-legged animals seem to expand sideways more than belly-ways when they’re pregnant.

  57. I eated too moishe.