Major Clog, reporting for duty

No-ting gets by me.



Danika L., there are no number of Roto-Rooters to undo this mess.


  1. You wanna brush deem teehs you better come back after my 8 hour nappie..make that 10

    Wait do I hear water

  2. Gotta love cats in sinks…and that cat doesn’t look like it wants to move!

  3. teefs excuse me

  4. Look at that coat! Gorgeous!

  5. Space Cowgirl says:

    Dees kitteh can come clog mah sink anytiems.

  6. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Squee!!! It’s mah buddy boy Nermal!!! Well, he loox like him!!! Green eyes and everything!! Beautiful!!!

  7. WHY DO cats like to hang out in sinks so much? Is it because they’re just kitty-sized, like bags and boxes? Do they like the coolness of the ceramic surface, like basement floors? I don’t know, but it sure is cute. ;)

  8. *looks around hastily*

    *tux kitteh under one arm*

    *tux burts bees under the other*

    *makes like a tree and leafs*

  9. The way is shut! X3

  10. I have that same soap! :D

  11. so… tempting… to turn… on… faucet… must resist!

  12. berthaslave says:

    I gotta think it’s the coolness and the shape. Gotta be like a nice warm bath is for us furless humanoids. (we’ll I’m actually pretty furry, but not that furry).

    Plus, it’s a perfect spot to LURK. I catch my gray house friend Coco hidin’ out in my tub all the time, but as soon as I turn on the light she skedaddles.

  13. Can we have alittle privacy here please?!

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    If this was the clog in my bathroom sink I would NOT call the plumber. I’d snorgle it.

  15. LOL love the capshuns!

  16. GAH! Love the comment! I have a Marmie clog myself -and I do turn on the faucet, but he kinda likes it!

  17. I gotta say, the whole cats in sinks phenomenon is new to me. Of the 3 cats that have owned me thru-out my life, none of them have ever enjoyed sitting in teh sink! My current kitty loves my dad’s lay-z-boy. She sits on the arm of it all the time.

  18. As for the hand soap?

    … that’ll give you, erm, bees.

  19. Sinks I can cope with, bath tubs to, but when Sid leaps on to the rim of the lav when I’m in mid pee… well he shouldn’t complain when I p**s on him.

  20. Seven Paws says:

    I like the cat’s expression, he’s like, “yeah, i’m in the sink, so? you gotta problem with that?”

    I used to have a sink- sitting cat, but the current kids don’t seem terribly interested in it.

  21. Cat says: (in snapes voice) I spy with my little eye something that needs a shower.

  22. Nice LOTR reference, Griff. Or is that my extreme nerdiness reading into that?

  23. RumTumTigger says:

    my kitties luv both my bathroom sinks. they are siblings, 14 yrs old. bandit luvs me to turn on the faucet so he can get cold fresh running water. sheesh. what we do for our little ones.

  24. Copycat! My cat, who looks exactly like this, was found sleeping in my sink the other day too. Doesn’t this belong on “cat in sinks” instead?

  25. That look, it is too moishe

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    Looks like my Shadow, down to the green eyes! GORGEOUS! and yes, this should be in “cats in sinks” website, if it isn’t already.

  27. Baden's Mom says:

    Yeah, the title got a genuine LOL from me at work. Too funny.

  28. Marvin the Martian Cat says “Where’s the kaboom?”

  29. PInk elephant says:

    lol. I dare someone 2 turn on the tap.

  30. i would be headed for the kitchen sink in a hurry.
    i couldnt bother the beea-u-tee-ful-ness of this babeh.

  31. Shar in Skeedattle says:

    Dat kitteh looks liek hez not movin fo no one… way to rep teh Burt’s Beez..

    [Not to mention Colgate and, um, Sonicare?... - Ed.]

  32. PinkE — if Major Clog is anything like our cats, he’ll just roll over and start slurping at the water stream. (We don’t ever crank it on full blast, mind. That would be mean-spirited.)

  33. [lurrrve]

  34. joshUA YELK says:

    awesome cat its beautiful

  35. tracyflick says:

    Oh, to be a kitteh!
    Because nothing you ever do is wrong.

  36. AWWW!!! That’s our Peachy! He loves the bathroom. He has the personality of a dog and will follow you everywhere. Our bathroom door doesn’t close too well so he even comes in when I’m in the shower and just sits in between the fabric curtain and the clear plastic curtain waiting (and watching!) until you come out. He’s adorable. Love him:)