A Mostly non-evil sqwerl

People, most squirrels grow up to be pretty nice and mostly stick to themselfs. They’re actually pretty prosh if you don’t focus too much on their claws. That’s why this pic works so well:


[Bocce ball tournament joke]


Lori W. Way to do positive Sqwerl PR.



  1. I can’t believe I think a squirrel is cute…but he is!

  2. metsakins says:

    must resist teh urge to find squirrel anerable…not looking

    not looking….

  3. He’s 99% non-evil! You can only see one claw!!

  4. Skwerl!!!!! says:

    This little feller is so cute that I’m just going to hug him and kiss him and take him home and name him George!

  5. Seven Paws says:

    Noooooooooooo he’s sleeping like a kitteh!

  6. Awww! Look at the whiskers! Little wrap around tail. Darling!

  7. Michelle A says:

    Look at that anerable schnozzle! And the tail-as-a-blankie action!

  8. TexIrishRose says:

    i LOVE skwerls!!! so preshy! =)

  9. Is it my imagination or is little Squirrel giving us the finger with his right paw? What is it with these cute animals flipping us cuteologists off??

  10. don’t.look.at.the.squirrel.

    seriously, it’s a trap. sure he looks all cute with his tail strategically placed to hide his claws. but LOOK at the evil glint in that eye. look at eet! he is clearly plotting our downfall. in fact, DON’T look directly at the eye. just take my word for it. he’s e-v-i-l!

    the cute ones are the most dangerous of all.

  11. Is he/she a bebeh skwerl? I’m wondering how the hooman was able to hold it in her hand.. is adorable Mr. Skwerly McSkwerl hurt or injured? 😦

  12. metsakins says:

    now I know how Steven Colbert felt when looking at Knut…

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    Daddy, I want a squirrel!

    BTW, that second picture is a great, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Here, take this.” image. ^_^

  14. Despite making poor pets, as most wild animals do, its a delightful creature. And the claws, not all that bad. Excellent for grasping corn kernals from the feeder outside my living room. Even managed to have a liter of two bebe’s join in the feast.

    From wikipedia (and seemed like a good connection to the picture) –
    The word squirrel, first attested in 1327, comes from the Old French ésqurial, which itself comes from the Vulgar Latin word scuriolus (squirrel), a variant of the Latin sciurus. Sciurus comes from the Greek word skiouros, a compound of skia (σκιά; “shadow”) and oura (ούρά; “tail”). Skiouros might be liberally translated as “That which makes a shade with its tail”, or “That which sits in the shadow of its tail”.

  15. that is a superlative shnozzle.

  16. I WUV sperrils (my niece can’t say “q”s). I’m probably one of the few that actually puts food out specifically for them. They’re such clowns and are so much fun to watch. Would wuv to hold one like this!!

  17. WANT



    These pics (especially the first one) have made me fall in love with sqwirls all over again. It’s all about the tail!!!!!

  18. Squirrels are darling! We rescued a little squirrel (palm sized) last week… he fell out of the tree, knocked the wind out of himself and hurt a paw, but I have a friend at a local vet who’s a licensed rehabber, so all ends well. He’s scampering around with another little guy about his age while they make sure nothing else is wrong, then he and his buddy get to go back to the great outdoors.

  19. Cath: Is not either evil! And as for your statement, “the cute ones are the most dangerous of all”, that’s about people, not squirrels.

  20. First I would snorgle said squirrel and then soft kisses on his nose. Smoochie smoochie little squirrely!

  21. For some reason, those photos put me in mind of yon sillyism:

    A charming young squirrel named Cyril
    In an argument over a girl
    Was lambasted into the Tyrol
    By a churl of a squrl named Earl

    Ogden Nash, I think

  22. Aw, I think squirrels are funny. And they need those claws to cling head downward on a tree trunk and bark at my cat 🙂

  23. i like it when people call squirrels “rats with fluffy tails” or “tree rats” (surprisingly, nobody has yet this thread). to me, that makes them even cuter!

  24. I brake for sqwerls.

  25. Awwws, its sweepin’. (:

  26. I lurve his tail!

    It’s a skwerl swerl!

  27. Ohhhh noooo do not look directly into the eyes… Do not do it. THey will hypnotize you with their cuteness and you will fall under this squirrels spell.

    See if you look right there……
    Awwwww see the cute skwirl here skwirl let me get you some nice sunflower seeds.

  28. Sandra – I put out food for squirrels too! Are there people who really don’t think they’re cute? I didn’t grow up with them and now live in a part of the country where they’re everywhere and my friends mock me because I get excited whenever I see them.

  29. His little skwerly lips look like velvet…

  30. Deana – there are a couple of problems with squirrels. for one thing, if they decide to set up houskeeping in the walls of your house, they can be very destructive. also, if you like to feed birds, it can be really difficult to keep them out of the feeder. they are *really* clever at getting into even “squirrel-proof” feeders, and one squirrel will clean out your feeder in a jiffy.

    however…not cute? i just don’t get it either. even the claws are pretty adorable to me. and i’ve grown up in an area where they’re everywhere.

  31. oh, and one more thing…EYECAPSULES!!!

  32. this guy looks cute, but most squirrels aren’t cute to me. My roommate and I have a crazed and possibly rabid squirrel that lives in the roof of our deck. Whenever we try to sit out there, he scurries out of his nest of sorts and hisses at us and scurries dangerously close to us with its long claws. He is quite frightening, even causing my boyfriend to seek shelter behind me. But now that our porch is being rebuilt I hope our pyscho squirrel doesn’t move back in. But, if this little guy were to take up residence, he’d be more than welcome.

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s adorable!! I used to feed skwerls outside on my back deck, but at some point there was “something” in the walls of my house and I stopped putting out food. Then it turned out there was a raccoon who had set up camp UNDER my house. Had to have him evicted. (no one hurt). So reluctantly I have had to stop throwing peanuts out onto the deck for the sqwerls but there are still a couple that hang around and scamper across the top of the fence, along the back door, sometimes alarmingly close to the open garage door (a youngster who doesn’t know any better) which worries me (for his safety.)

  34. How can anyone not adore squirrrrrrels? They’re so cute! They bound along fence railings and hop from tree to tree!

  35. ooommmgggg sooooo cuute!! i want a squirrel to sleep on my couch.. and to fit in my hand! *aaahh* awesome post! ^_^

  36. Skwerly skwerl Nutkin!

  37. Candace – squirrels can be very territorial, especially red squirrels, so I bet the hissing and carrying on is a display of “Hey YOU!” You may THINK this is YOUR deck but it’s actually MINE.”

  38. You know, kudos to everyone. I learn SO MUCH about animals that live around me. I already know quite a bit about cats, but learning so much about baby chicks, squirrels, rabbits, etc., from people who have lived and worked with them, is really a bonus of this site. And I learned where the world “squirrel” comes from! And THIS squirrel is super-cute.

  39. Skwerls say gitgitgitgitgit.. hey hey hey when they don’t want you near them.

    Ours don’t because we have supplied them with endless corn, sunflower seed and hickory nuts from the bazillion hickory trees in our yard. The come out and do can–cans to entertain us for the good food.

  40. the greatest caption ever!!! ” a mostly non-evil sqwerl” absolute greatness. it just doesn’t get any better than that ppl. i actually laughed out loud at the screen. wow.

  41. turbofloof says:

    He’s sleeping in the “ded bug” position in the 2nd pic. My dog sleeps like that when he’s super zonked out.

  42. As long as li’l sqwerl doesn’t poop or peep on my car, all is good!
    Boy, ya stop feeding them one day and… sheesh! Who trained whom here! Don’t answer that %-)

  43. I have had several pet squirrels over the years. They make great pets. So do raccoons. I’d like to hear more about him as he grows up. Please keep us posted. And, keep taking pictures!

  44. Pussytoes says:

    I smell sqwerl bref. Smell ok.

  45. That first picture made my heart melt into my toes!

  46. Awww…

    This reminds me of this one squirrel in Atlanta who would remind us to put out nuts for him…if we didn’t, he would go up to the sliding glass porch door and knock on it..

    Talk about assertive, but cute!

  47. I don’t get it…how can anybody think this is NOT cute?? With all the mentions of “evil” sqwerls, I feel that some of you must have had horrendous experiences with them? Discuss…

    But…now that I think about it. My mother-in-law almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning a couple of years ago, because a squirrel had built a nest in the exhaust duct for her furnace. If it hadn’t been so dangerous, it would have been funny. She said, “I’d be fine till I got home, then I’d sit down on the couch and couldn’t make myself move!” Of course, she’s somewhat of a couch potato at the best of times.

    But even so…little sqwerl was just tring to make a cozy home for her bebehs…why does that make her e-vil?

  48. he’s adorable

    this isn’t an otter that shouldn’t have gone in the dryer, is it?

  49. eeeee! Happy National Squirrel Awareness Week!!


  50. Sersly cute!1!

    hay, ya know how pomeranians are yr achilles heel? Papillions are mine! check out this sassy puppy, everyone!
    (shameless self promotion, hehe)

  51. In the UK grey skwerls are responsible for the serious decline of our native red sqwerl population 😦

    Doesn’t them stop them being sute critters though 🙂

  52. I believe the correct quote would be
    “daddy – I want a skwer-el” which annoyed me to no end.

    skwer -el

  53. I feel like Veruca Salt! I want a baby squirrel! 🙂

  54. That’s a very cute squirrel. You know what else is cute…?

    The photos of my hedgehog that I sent in last night. :o)~

  55. Well, Angela P., now that you’ve started it, I have to mention the very cute picture of my ferret (dressed in pirate costume) that I e-mailed Meg several days ago. Maybe not as cute as sleeping squirrel, but still pretty darn cute!

  56. I have sent in at least 10billion images – and not one has made it – and that’s OK. The qte is very stringent around here.

    Although…….. tomorrow is my birfday ya know… Meg!

  57. It’s a squirrel grenade!

  58. So, do you get more points for Sqwerl Bocce ball, BunBun Bocce ball or Kitteh Bocce ball? I want teh sqwerls this time, such a qoot schnoozle. Umm, and back paw over the shoulder.

  59. awwww, sweet.

  60. As opposed to the evil squirrels: http://silvercpu.com/etcfiles/evilsquirrels.wmv

  61. Eater of Shades says:


    I love his tail blankey,
    he looks so cozy

  62. we used to feed the squirrelies…we had this thing that we would put dried corn cobs on, and if we weren’t quick enough to refill when it got empty the squirrels would sit in the tree and throw things at us to remind us 🙂

  63. Lotsa squirrels live in my yard. I never feed them though, as they are already territorial about my home. I get chattering and affronted looks when I race to shut the door so that they can’t come in with me!

  64. The second photo makes me think of this Vault ad:

    (caveat: don’t buy Coke products, they’s evil.)

    “Squirrel grenade” indeed Loolee!

  65. Space Cowgirl says:

    Awww, handheld sqwerl. I’ll trade my cell and MP3 player for this, plees. I’ll even throw in my boyfriend’s Blackberry!

  66. Awww! It’s so adorable!

  67. Jennie Mello says:

    This squidgel (as my dad calles them) is SO much more adorable than those crazy prairie dogs, who frankly looked too cranky to be cute. I am still upset that I looked at the prairie dogs. I did NOT like them, not one bit.

  68. putting up with squirrel claws is a small price to pay to be near such proshness. And really, they are quite pretty – so perfect and black – I wish I could maintain such a perfect manicure. Sqwerls rule. Even if they are trying to take over the world, who says they wouldn’t do a better job than we are ha ha.

  69. Furbabies says:

    Rock a bye skwerly. What a comfy hammock and he is so tie-tie from all that play.

  70. Kate that is the best argument ever to enjoy skwirly cutness and not think of their evil plots.

  71. the_becca says:

    Wow, what a perfect, velvety skwerl nose. *snorgle*

  72. I updated the old message with new inventory:


    Be safe, everyone.

  73. Sqwerlz stick to themselves? I has animal magnitizm… I goes outside, tha sqwerlz stick to ME!!

  74. CanadianChick says:

    Lyds – “our” squirrels do that too…if I have not promptly refilled the “Squirrel God” with peanuts within a certain time frame after getting home from work, there is at least one annoyed squirrel staring in the kitchen window at me…or jumping on the screen door to get my attention…

  75. What’s the story with the picture? Is this person a wild life rehabber? I’d be scared to pick up a baby because they seem like they would be biters.

  76. Space Cowgirl says:

    Three cheers for gfixler!

  77. Pix #2:

    In all of this world
    Urban or rural
    A boy or a girl
    The cutest thing curled
    Must be a squirrel

  78. Sorry but, they’re still tree rats to me. They are so stupid they continue to dig in my flower tubs even once they have discovered there are no bulbs to eat… Wait a minute,it could be different squirells… Well why don’t thay pass it around, sheesh!


    I have rescued, raised and released over 30 in the last 2 years. They are very sweet and snuggly. And tons of fun. (Just wear long sleeves and pants.)

  80. Bugger I can’t spell Sqwerl.

  81. Kiragirl, I brake for squirrels, too! 🙂

  82. I think sqwerls are so cute!! The pizza guy at my apartment couldn’t leave after dropping off a pizza, because a little sqwerl hopped into his car and set up shop on the passenger seat- he looked very comfy!!! Black sqwerls win my heart though…

  83. Yummy, delicious, squishable squirrel.

    So damned adorable.

  84. Okay, I agree that these pics are lovely.
    However–there was a squirrel in my house when I woke up this morning. All my windows were covered, all my doors closed, etc. HOW DID SHE/HE GET IN? Please help me figure this out, because the poor thing was scared poopless at being indoors with big monster me. He finally went out on the deck and hopped a tree after I opened the door. !!!!????

  85. The squirrels at my college were so tame and so bold that if you were sitting out on the grass between the buildings and having a snack, they’d come up to you with their little paws all folded, like, “Exsqueeze me? Did you bring enough for everyone?”

  86. aw this is the cutest thing ever

  87. When I was wee, I tried to save a baby squirrel being dive-bombed by some nasty crows. …I got out my winter coat, gardening gloves, and an old bird cage and had *just* lured it to crawl onto my arm when my mum came to the screen door, saw her redheaded child with a squirrel on her arm and *flipped!* Wee squirrel ran away, and I had to write an essay about why I shouldn’t play with squirrels. I wrote it… but I didn’t mean it. 😉 20+ years later I STILL squeel with delight at them, and they’re everywhere in chicago… even some slick black ones on the next block!

  88. book_monstercats says:

    But his face is so noble and sad in the first picture. What ees wrong, senor skwerl? Tell me. I weel kees it bettah.

  89. Flicka, it’s easy to explain. Squirrlies are magic.

  90. “Exsqueeze me? Did you bring enough for everyone?”

    So key-ute Noelegy!

  91. The second pic keeled me.


  92. confused.brt says:

    I have always ALWAYS found Squiggles (squirrels have been squiggles since i was a kid n saw one running) to be cute.

    Now I know im not the only one. 🙂

    Aww, squiggle as boce ball action

  93. ThreeCatNight says:

    I am being killed today by skwerl cuteness! Which just proves that 3 days away from CO, is 3 days too many!

  94. RESCUTE is GREAT!! I vote YES FOR IT!

  95. Oops, wrong post 😀

  96. Never even realised that there were people who would consider squirrels non-cute!

  97. what a precious baby!
    I am a squirrel rehabber, just want to make sure that baby is on mama’s milk replacer formula? And he needs to be with another squirrel during rehab so he will be able to be released properly.
    Good luck!!! He’s a babe!

  98. charlotte says:

    How cute! I’m currently raising a southern flying squirrel my daughter found – he was (we think) 2 days old when she found him kicked out of the nest – SQWERLS RULE! 🙂

  99. Hey, I recognize this particular squirrel–Happens to be my squirrel. I wished this site would link back to my photo album, where there’s more pics of ‘Quirrel.


  100. darkshines says:

    If I were the one holding that squirrel, I would be massaging it between my fingers like a pair of strees balls, squishing gently….

  101. Darrin — fixed. Clicking the photos will take you (and everyone else) to the originals on your Flickr stream now.

  102. I have one too. Bigger now but great to remind myself how cute he was before he turned into a sod.A very lovely sod