Just a marmie paw.  On some moss.  With a pinch of Zen.

Seen on LaidOutInLavender’s Vox.  Is verra niiize!  And so’s her Flickr stream.



  1. SQUEE!!!!!!

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    YAY new post! and bleen!

  3. misscrisp says:

    Two of my most favorite things. Paws Up! (er, Down that is.) Moss On!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Doggone it.. once again someone SQUEEked in ahead of me. Nevertheless I am delighted to see marmie paws! 🙂

  5. Sooooooo marshmallowie..

  6. So, would a (st)rolling Marmie gather no moss?

  7. Tony James says:

    Posted by Teh-0? Hmmmm…does Senor Boonce know that he’s ogling OTHER MARMIE paws?

  8. KITTY FEETS!!!! Thank you… I’m having a lousy day and this just perked me right up… I’ll have to use this as a background ’cause garsh darn it, there just ain’t nuttin’ like Marmie feet and moss!!!

  9. Once again my viewing of these delish toesies is interrupted by some idiot who can’t grasp the concept of why BLEEN is not a good thing.

    *grumble grumbl*

  10. nawm, nawm, nawm…

    What? You know that you want a nibble, too

  11. LOL, Teej and Erica.

  12. Theo,
    what is it? (other than Kyoot of course)

  13. Cool! If you look at it long enough, it appears that a GIGANTIC cat stepping on a forest! Marmie the GargantuKitteh!

  14. berthaslave says:

    zee giant kitteh, eet eez attackink zee forest…run for zee hills…..

    (not sure why I heard that in a French accent)

  15. Sorry, KG, but what is *what*? I mean, it’s a paw on moss…?

  16. what kind of kitteh? (at first I thought it was a pupster)

  17. Ah OK. Follow the Flickr link at the bottom; all will become clear.

  18. Amazing photo! The simultaneous similarity and contrast in textures is blowing my mental circuits.

  19. Ohlookachicken says:

    How pretty. Oh toes, how cute. How pretty, eeek toes, how cute…urg.

  20. OR, it’s a giant aquatic monster kittie marching through the undersea coral kelp forests…

  21. i was thinking gulliver kitty trampling lilliputian village.

  22. OHNOES! A giant kitty is squishing green Tribbles!

  23. Furbabies says:

    Wow! I would love to have an enlarged print of this photo to hang in my family room. This is so artsy. Love it.

  24. So there I was, strolling through the groves of trees, enjoying the fresh air, when…OHMYGOD GIANT FLUFFY TOES DESCENDING ON ME EEEEEEEEEK!!!

    What a flufftacular way to be tromped to death. nom nom

  25. Holy s__t it’s Fluffzilla!

  26. The orange ones….I tell ya!

  27. Kitty toes!! I’d nibble but they usually smell like corn chips and I don’t like corn chips. I’ll just admire from afar.

  28. Oh Gadren–a trek-geek too?
    the trouble with green tribbles is that they are soft and squishy for kittehs toz.

  29. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Is that Paul Bunyuns kitty.
    Soft mossy paws are cute.

  30. i like how the stripes make the kitteh’s legs look chubbular.

    and champon, you’re right about the corn chip smell. what’s up with that? i personally prefer corn-chip smelling kitteh toes to actual corn chips.

  31. It’s not just A paw, it’s also portions of other paws! Bonus!

    It’s marmtastic.

  32. That sure doesn’t look like a marmoset paw to me.

  33. Peter – [SNORK!]

    OK, added a Glossary link.

  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What the heck is ZEN?

    [ … call it artistic license – Ed.]

  35. Heavy sigh. Theo, you sure know how to make a girl feel all squidgy and melty.

    <3 this pic so much

  36. Michelle — I don’t suppose you’d be up for animating an RCF-style HoverPaw™…?
    (or, y’know, I suppose there’s always *new* ideas)

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks Ed. That clears up alot. So this particular cat practices buddhism. That ‘splains it.

  38. Waddya want?? It’s Friday!

  39. luvinmalssomuch says:

    LOL Theo. Can I get a ticket to ride on the flying bun express?

  40. You’d have to check w/Michelle.

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What do you say Michelle? Theo said I have to check with you to get a 1st class ticket on the flying bun.

  42. quite possibly THE CUTEST post yet. it made me gasp and turn away…

  43. good lord
    i have reached nirvana
    thank you co

  44. This looks like the next to the last thing a mouse sees!

  45. Ahn! Creamsicle toes!

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Zen ees not now. Eet ees zee latair!

    (And if I had a dirty mind, I would say that Marmie-kitteh is flipping us the upside bird…)

  47. Oh, perish the THOUGHT.
    [fans self]

  48. Namastey kitty, Namestey.

  49. Is it just me or does it look like Marmie’s giving us the finger? Must be me.

  50. hahahaha suzanne, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. That’s the first thing I thought.

    Still cute, tho’…

  51. creamsicle paws Forrrevvvverrrrr!

  52. Perhaps I’m cynical, but I feel like I’m getting the bird…erm…the finger…erm…the cat paw – ever so slightly.

    Oh nevermind.

  53. Sweet marmie kitty wouldn’t flip anyone off…she’s, ah… crossing her toes, yeah, that’s what she’s doing (glancing side to side)

  54. I think we need an RCF toe-drumming (toe-tapping?) instead of a hover-paw.

    Sadly, I have not yet learned how to animate pictures. SOON!

  55. Proschest of Prosch Paws!
    Kittenie Soft. You can just feel the fluffness.

  56. You are officially now trying to kill us.

  57. Those paws MUST be grabbed and kissed immediately.

    Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing I do and how I found out my dogs’ paws smell like fritos.

  58. sigh-yes the orange ones…I has one

  59. Ahhhhhhhhhhhn. Once again, CO has saved me from homicidal urges towards my co-workers. That one was close! TOO close!

  60. very nice… All I could think of when I noticed the little stalks on the moss was

    heh. too cute


  61. You know, the folds in the fur make it look like someone wearing an oversized fur coat….

  62. I keep expecting a wee little fairy or gnome or elvish personage to peep out from behind teh leg and say,”EXCUSE ME! Yer standin on mah house! $%$Q#$###%@DFSAR#$@$!%!!”

    Goes to check behind own marmie kitteh’s legs for wee folk.

  63. It doesn’t seem possible that those soft, fluffy, squishy pawsicles could put a dozen runs in your pantihose!

  64. Did you find em Metz? don’t forget to look UNDER the Marmee paws.

    Sits back with TWO cookies that I got my Paws on. Does happy Friday desk dance.

  65. It’s the sound of one paw clapping

  66. sockmonster sarai says:

    OOOh! sweet fluffy delish marmie paws! Er, I’m probably going to regret admitting this, but my favorite Chef on Iron Chef America is Chef Morimoto, because his plates are SOOOOO pretty! So in my sleep deprived weirded out state, this post and the Fennel kitty post make me think of how Chef Morimoto would do it on Iron Chef America….

    Okay, I’ll go take a nap now.

  67. Velvety pawses! With a little fold. Sigh.

  68. The fact that the moss looks like a bunch of little bushes makes this look like the WORLD’S MOST GIANT CAT. O_O

  69. uh uh. i’m not convinced.

    *lewks closely*

    that’s got-zilla wearing those trendy fur boots (like dis: ) only wit toes built in and he’s stompin all over a mass village of huts wit peat-moss roofs

    i’m toe-tully onta tha deception yanno


  70. i’m astoot like that ^^

  71. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Must…resist…urge…to snatch…up…kitty…and…snorgle….poawss….OH MY GOAD LOOK AT THE POAWSSS!!!!!

    And Laurie, FRITOS? I thinks I might’ve asked you that befo’…:P…but recently when I picked up my baby girl Gentry(kitteh)she smelled a hint of baby shampoo…and I have never given her a bath…now I had to give her sister Rizzo one cuz of a case of diorama and I used some cat formula shampoo but that’s another story…but FRITOS?

  72. fawn lust says:


  73. I agree. Fritos!!! I love me some Frito feet! They’re universal to cats & dogs…..see for yourself. Just scratch and…….
    Wait. That’s only in my head….carry on.

  74. tablemountaingirl says:

    Who else thinks the teeny mosses are as cute as the kitty toes???

  75. haha- your cat had diorama Juniper? the world needs more cats with sixth grade science projects lol great word choice

  76. misscrisp says:

    I can no longer resist le share…every time I look at this scrumptiousness I think of these two pix…
    Darshan the uber-dactyl
    and Ruble my love

  77. Kat Kong!

  78. If there is a high-res version of this, I would LOVE to have it. It would look so cute enlarged and framed. 🙂

  79. chet's momma says:

    frito feet rule!!!!!

  80. “Laidoutinlavender” reminds me of my mom’s joking threat when we were kids, “I’ll lay yer out in lavender.” I never knew WTF that meant. 😉

  81. laidoutinlavender says:

    Haha, it is an old timey saying. I liked it so I kept it. I am so happy everybody enjoys the toes, he was such a friendly little kittie! When I took this picture his head was rubbing the top of mine.

  82. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Yup, kel13123! Hubby and I call it diorama, cuz the other word just sounds too gross, even tho it is the medical term for it. Hubby heard from Family Guy and thought it was actually pretty cute despite his dislike for potty humor, lol! I’m still laughing at Laurie’s friTOES!

  83. the frito smell is from the sweat glands in puddy & puppup feet

    it’s kinda gross, but i love it anywho ^^

  84. on the flickr you linked there is a particulary good ‘kitten with tocks in face’ shot xD

  85. hehehe. kitty evolution toe.

  86. misscrisp: if those paws were paddling around my house, i would get absolutely nothing done. they are PAWESOME!

  87. Thanks for this cute blog content.I like your thoughts.

  88. book_monstercats says:

    I know I can’t have the kitteh – somebody would be very sad if I did, but I could have some of the magic moss kitteh is standing on, because it now has Zen qualities. For a bad day…

  89. Kitteh: Purr. Moss: Durr.

  90. Awww… The moss is getting ready to reproduce… 😀

  91. NOM.