Whut up, Self Peeps!

Thanks for the mayn-shons, Self magazine.I agree, C.O, is all about de-stressing. And paws. And muzzlepowshes. And chomping on kitten ears while no one is looking.


Josée L., thank you for the SCAN-tabulous submishe!!!



  1. Bleen the presses!

  2. “…it’s impossible not to smile when you look at those little faces!”

    Faces? Faces?? What about the ‘TOCKS, woman??!?!?

  3. I love how the first entry about reading bawdy books was sent in by Carolyn Smuts. Teehee!
    Also, much agreements with Ms Low of Texas, you cannae pass by CO without losing the grumptitude.

  4. ^5 Meg! Way cool!

  5. Yay!

  6. I would also add that Meg’s comments make all the difference in the world… ehn :o)

  7. berthaslave says:

    Agreed…there is cuteness all over the interwebs, but Meg and Teho specialize in cute OVERLOAD. Whole ‘nother realm. (And the local cuteologists do their part as well). BTW, this is the second time today I have heard someone mention Frisco, TX (and I’m in Cali).

  8. “bodice ripper”…?

  9. Def not enough CO. Need more. MORE MORE MORE.

    at least one whole page every 24 hours!!


  10. Seriously though, C.O. helped me survive my last semester of college (if I write one more page of my thesis… I can look at cuteoverload…) and some pretty depressingks times. Thanks Meg for all the anti-depressant muzzlepowshes and ‘tocksitudes!

  11. *removes cat ears from mouth to talk*

    pfft-*spits out fuzz*
    (neatly into tissue)

    Oh yes, I agree completely. YaY for the cute and Meg and Teho!

  12. My dad died of cancer and I got clinical depression at only 22 I have this site as my home page as when I open my browser I get a ray of sunshine 😀 Thanks C.O.

  13. This site has saved me from harming others at work. I frequent it many times a day and I agree that it Meg’s comments that crack me up as much as the cuteness bowls me over. I feel like I’ve found my peeps!

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    I wonder how many rampages and generally unpleasant encounters CO has prevented?
    Too bad we can’t beam it into Iraq, Iran, Syria, No. Korea, Washington DC etc, to soothe the savage beasts.
    Me, I turn to CO to counter the daily sadness here at the homeless clinic. It works.

  15. The voices in my head are MUCH quieter now that I have CO in my life.

    Thanks Meg!

  16. I suffer from chronic pain, and this site is one of the few things that can get me out of a depressive funk. It literally has saved my life on a few occasions, and I know that sounds *really* stupid! 🙂

  17. Charlie: *hugs* Feel better, ok?
    kmira: *hugs* Your coworkers thank you.
    Diane: *hugs* You feel better too, k?

  18. congratulations, CO for yet another recognition to the contributors of cute and how it helps people muddle through the redonkulousness of life.

    i know it is something i look forward to. thanks

  19. The pics are alway adorable but without Meg’s wit and humor, CO just wouldn’t have the same impact. Those junta dudes in Myanmar should spend less time on dissenters and more time on CO. Quick, someone find a cute picture of a Burmese kitteh that Meg can caption!

  20. well, isnt Rebecca Low 28, from Frisco texas enlightened!
    now all of those “self” readers can get their minds off their own selves and check out some cuteness other than their own reflections! Very cool!
    Of course I recommend COL for ALL types of psych. and physical disorders.

  21. Furbabies says:

    Meg, I want to thank you for creating this site. It never fails to make my day brighter. Congratulations on all the recognition that you have been receiving. You and all of those that help you are really appreciated.

  22. *pours glasses of milk*

    um, who was poseta bring da cookies?
    u know, the ‘good job’ cookies so we could celebrate wif CO’s success wif meg & theo…

    what u mean no cookies?
    that’s it, someone’s getting an a55 whoopin’

  23. one of the erins says:

    Wait NYgirly, I have some cookies right here…

  24. Metskins. ;-)Monching kitty ears Again??. Silly girl.

  25. What a great thing to see! Meg and Theo deserve the recognition for the cute they bring to everyone!

    Go Meg!
    Go Theo!

    Lizzums: {{HUGS}} to you for the huggums you gave everyone else!!!! Your peeps thank you!!!

  26. Hey I know Melissa Walker. And she happens to be full of cuteness herself.

  27. It’s so true! If I’m feeling down, I come to Cute Overload and I instantly feel lots better!

  28. Yay! I’m so glad my quote made it into the article and helped promote Cuteoverload!!

  29. i just came to see if Rebecca Low posted about her own posting. yay for rebecca and CO haha 🙂
    i do not leave disappointed!

  30. littleword says:

    Oh, yeah! Was led to CO by a colleage just in time (couple of weeks ago)! Accountant… fiscal year end… Vesuvius ready to blow… and I click onto CO (& icanhascheezburger) at least a couple of times a day. Instant perspective!

    Folks, you are saving sanity one pic at a time!

  31. I notice that it follows “Snoop on Strangers” for fun things to do. Hmmmm….

    Whatevah floats your boat. I love animals but I find this site a bit repulsive considering that the actual well-being of the animals is a footnote here, and causing stress to animals is okay if it’s “cute”.

    (Save the flaming, cute addicts — I only come here once in a while and your vitriol will be wasted. )

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    Zach: Good. Go away and don’t come back, y’hear?

  33. Meg, it’s true. I often save Cuteoverload.com for my last site of the night before bedtime. It always makes me smile, calms me down, and puts the world right again after a tough day. Bless you, girl!

  34. Congrats on your mention! (And what the heck are these animals supposedly stressed about? Most of them look 100% spoiled to me.)

  35. This how I heard of this wonderful website, and have been visiting weekly ever since !! Congrats !

  36. Yep! That’s how I found this place of aww-able animalz! And I haf been visiting since I saw that page. =P