Crap—it’s ‘Tocktober!!!

Crap—i KNEW I forgot something.

I was all worried about the cuteness of possums and if they made the cut or not and COMPLETELY forgot about ‘Tocktober.

Forgive moi. Chief Sister Officer had to remind me in our daily carpool. She’s all: "You knooooow, it’s like, ‘Tocktober, don’t yuh?" and I was all "D’oh!!!"


Thank the lo’ that Jimmy T. was READY, even before I was. Jimmy, I owe you one, bro.



  1. exactly what i want to see before going to bed…

  2. Em, I agree with you. The perfect thing to see before hitting the hay tonight!

  3. It´s the interwebs on the interwebs.

  4. Caught on a web cam.

  5. acelightning says:

    If you post another ‘tocks picture like “Tick ‘Tocks”, I shall throw something. Possibly “up”.

  6. I love how if you follow his neck down, you can see his little head nibbling on the bottom….or maybe he’s doing the cutest head stand evar.

  7. Monochrome swan. So artistic.

  8. Monochrome swan. So artistic.

  9. Sorry for teh dubble post! *shakes fist angrily at comp*

    *snuggles comp* How can I stay mad at you!?

  10. Kellyhalia says:

    Whoo! That is some quality tockage! 😀

    Everyone’s got different tastes, so it’s good to keep in mind we can’t all be completely entertained all the time. Me, I dislike Cats n’ Racks, but I’m certainly not going to complain about how that shouldn’t be here. If I want to see only pictures of dog faces, or only pictures of cats or whatever, there’s always Google image search.

    Basically, my point is… YAY CUTE OVERLOAD!!!

  11. I’ve never gotten ‘tocked at by a swan before, so I’m not sure what I think of it. However, seeing as the ‘tock-side is sure to be far less violent than the beak side, I think I can deal. 😛

  12. yankeebird says:

    Thankfully, that’s a clean set of ‘tocks. We used to have a pet duck when I was a kid, and it wasn’t always so pretty.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Tocks and flappy, webby feets. Perfection!

  14. what I love about this is that it is so ungracefull and unSwan like. Awesome!

  15. It’s also Rocktober! I’m going to combine the celebrations and rock out with my tocks out.

    Don’t question it.

  16. As long as Tocktober doesn’t include dingleberries, I’ll join the festivities!

  17. is anyone else impressed that this bird has a six foot stretch from tocks to neck?? cuz the article that’s linked under the pic says so, but that sounds waaaaayyy too long to be real. come on ppl, six whole feet of cute? Can it be real???!?!?!

  18. It’s so clean, just like a floofy new down comfort(er)ables! How could you not want to see that before bed? I’d snuggle under mine if one of the dogs hadn’t done something unmentionable on it… 😛

  19. Spectockular.

  20. Let it be QUACKTOBER!

  21. It’s just swan holiday after another around here. I supposed I’ll just have to get goosed to it.

  22. Well obviously it’s the “downward duck” pose. Oh and it’s my birthday. I will rock my tocks.

  23. ‘Tock to me, Goose! — Top Gun

    It’s late, that’s the best I can do.

    Meg, when do the ‘Tocktoberfest calendar submissions have to be in?

  24. violetgreen says:

    My bleary, sleep-deprived eyes thought they saw…a dollop of whippedcream with legs. Back to bed…I wish.

  25. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    I see your tock and raise you 5 ……..

    Those are my duckies!!

    I agree, clean, floofy tocks!!

  26. OMG! Sabrina its Rocktobter for you to? I beginning to think you go to school…hmmm…

  27. Yay! More fluffy birdy butts!

  28. KG Carrie -awww..hyperventilating.

    and Meg – clearly the possum was practicing mind control. Some of the skerwls were teaching it to him. (but relax, they are not, as of yet, in cahoots with the otterz)

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    Aubrey – You outdo yourself. I am in awe(brey).
    Wonderful beautiful snowy white ‘tocks! YAY for ‘Tocktober, my favorite month!

  30. That’s a whole lot-a-tushy!!!

  31. Perfect for a Wingsday in ‘Tocktober!

  32. The guy was out drinking in a bar late last night and his pal said, ¨Bottoms up!¨ and…well, there was a slight misinterpretation.

  33. luvinmalssomuch says:

    To TOCKTOBER Bottoms Up!

  34. I’m disturbed by the lack of the head.

  35. circuscake says:

    i had no idea how beautiful swan ‘tocks could be (and duck ‘tocks too- k,g carrie)

    thanks for yet another lesson learned on C.O.

  36. cocktober! someone should send in pics of cute dewds holding roosters!

  37. ah! i love this photo.
    note the lil feets perfectly balancing the tocks in a straight upright posit, so as to get ALL of the goodies off the bottom of the pond.

  38. meg, how irreSWANsible of you to forget TOCKtober!

    o for shame 😉

  39. Ahh, I’ll have to run to the duck pond this afternoon and collect my own pics. Meanwhile…

    *Sits back, awaiting the onslaught of Corgi ‘tocks*

  40. Tocktober!!!! Swantastic!!!

  41. He bobs in the river all day long
    His ‘tocks they’re a bobbin’ from dusk till dawn
    All the little peeps on Overload
    Saw those ‘tocks once and they were sold

    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)
    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)

    When we see those ‘tocks a-bobbin’, man they’re really really outta sight

    Every single peep on Cute Overload
    Waits for the month about much is told
    It comes in the Autumn, before we know
    We’re watching those ‘tocks saying go bird go

    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)
    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)

    A wordy little raven ith his first glance
    Knew that his ‘tocks never stood a chance
    When those ‘tocks started bobbin’ well bless my soul
    His ‘tocks shocked the buzzard and the oriole

    He bobs in the river all day long
    His ‘tocks they’re a bobbin’ from dusk till dawn
    All the little peeps on Overload
    Saw those ‘tocks once and they were sold

    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)
    ‘tocks a-bobbin’ (‘tocks ‘tocks ‘tocks)

  42. I like big ‘tocks and I can not lie.
    You other Peeps can’t deny
    When a swan struts in with a itty bitty face and a cream floof in your face
    you go SQUEE!!

  43. little gator says:

    Mr Gator says if this month is Tocktober, next month should be Nosevember.

    we can has a nosicle month?

  44. Aubrey .. SOoo appropriate. : ) I will be singing it all day Already it is buzzing in my brain.

  45. Baden's Mom says:

    bugmom- heelarious!

  46. I see two small black birds pinching a big white pike. What are you tocking about?

  47. kel13123, Trumpeter Swans can get to six feet, and Whooper Swans pretty close. They can also weigh almost forty pounds. That is a lot of Qte!

  48. i wonder what would happen is you just reached down and gave those tocks a lil pinch?

  49. Am I the only one who thinks that, in context, “crap” is a… uh… unfortunately graphic exclamation in the title? 😀

    It sure did make me laugh though…

  50. circuscake says:

    bugmom- you rock my world.

  51. LOOK! IT’S AN ASSUP! Get it? assup? his ass… oh forget it. 🙂