Um, possums might need a new lawyer…

Well-intentioned Rebecca M. assures moi that possums are PERFECTLY wonderful and not the slightest bit evil, and sends this photo as proof.


Rebecca M. claims:

-They RULE in the Moist Nosicle category.
-They have a thumb without a nail on their back feet.
-They have elaborate whiskers.
-Their ears are pink when they’re babies and turn black as they grow up.
-And let’s not forget they carry their babies in a pouch – North America’s only marsupial

Hmmm. I’m thinking. I’m thinking… LET ME THINK! [shifty eyes]




  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Bleen??? What a cutie!! AWESOME POSSUM!

  3. *[OMG TOTALLY CENSORED] alarm goes off*

    What do I win?! What do I win?!!!

    I’ll take the fuzzy donkey.

  4. michellemybelle says:

    I think that a major issue with wild possums is that they are usually dirty, a bit scabby, and when confronted, hissing – 3 not-so-fun things. Possums like this little dude are super-cute because of the lack of those 3 items. Discuss!

  5. Isn’t it “opossum”?

  6. Awww… a good public relations manager maybe. No one with a heart shaped face and pink nosicles can be evil…

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    Darn.. Mello beat me. But in favor of the possums, don’t forget in the “olden days” (was it the 20’s??) when raccoon coats were in style, if I’m not mistaken people would make coats out of possum and dye them to look like raccoon. (I could be wrong. But I think I read that somewhere.) The point is their fur is very soft and cuddly-warm!! In addition to the fine points Rebecca makes in their favor!!

  8. They also have the beady eye factor going for them. I say they are cute; as long as they don’t have michellemybelle’s 3-not-so-fun things attached to them.

  9. Cassandra says:

    Never having encountered a(n) (o)possum in the wild, I couldn’t tell you what I think of them first hand, but right now I’m really digging this little guys leathery black ears. I also like his Joe Pesci “you talkin’ to me?” stance…this dude has tude, and I LIKE it!

  10. She doth protest too much…

  11. Apparently The BAD Carrie says:

    dare I say that this opposum is cuter than our Blossom Opossum (she’s irish).

    We had a male Opposum that came to the house early this spring and it was kind of grotty. It had a bad skin condition of some sort going on. However it enjoyed me talking to it. Or, it was petrified of me.

  12. possums already got my vote. i think they are sweet and adorable. they are wild animals, to be sure, and may behave accordingly to survive, but they are cute, with their little fingers, wet pink nosies, and beady little eyes. i love it when they swivel their ears independently of one another like cats do. and the ladies have powsches!!! come on!

    they have some sort of immunity, or near-immunity, to rabies. which is tres cool.

    i left some seeds out one night and found a possum chowing down (very loud and sloppy eaters, like dogs) while sitting on his butt like a little bear. eeep! too cute!

  13. I volunteered at a zoo a few years ago and got to take care of the animals they used for educational purposes/childrens workshops, etc. They had a possum and I LOVED him.

    How can you not love those leetle black earsies? Nom nom on the earsies.

  14. Oh, he’s cute. You know he’s cute. Come aaaaahhhhhnnn….

  15. Now this one is cute! Most I’ve seen have that not-so-clean, potentially rabid thing going for them, but this little guy(?) is snorgl-icious.

  16. Alice Shortcake says:

    Yep, they’ve got my vote. How can you not trust that face?

  17. Is it just me, or does he look like a pig with fur? Not that he’s not cute…

  18. I vote that they ARE cute. I’ve come in up close and personal contact with one once, outside my Brooklyn house, where I’d never seen one before. He went all hissy & teeth baring on me when I surprised him at my bird feeder. Scared the life out of me, then I went & googled (o)possums and decided they may be ugly, but they aren’t evil. Plus, they also rarely contact rabies, so that’s a plus for them too. I never saw him again though.

  19. his nose is upside down.

  20. I’m still not convinced!


  22. YAY,possums!

    We used to have possums around the house, and one of our dogs was devoted to chasing them. We checked with our vet about the rabies question, and he says they don’t get rabies because only mammals get rabies and possums aren’t mammals.

    We had several that would come and visit and eat our cat food, and sometimes I would talk to them. I liked the way their ears moved when I talked.

    Unfortunately, we now have a neighbor who is a “mighty hunter” and we don’t have possums any more.

    Possums eat rattlesnakes, copperheads, and other pit vipers. Since we got this neighbor, we’ve had another dog get bitten by a copperhead (he’s ok).

    I want our possums back!

  23. if he had his mouth open
    showing his teeth and hissing.
    no one would think he was cute.
    I just cant be there for opossums.

  24. Cute. Dirty or not, cute. My hubby is an electrician so sometimes he comes home really dirty and I refuse to snuggle with him until after a shower but he’s still cute. Same goes here.

    And M? FREAKIN LMAO!!!!! It IS upside down!!!!!!

  25. metsakins says:

    I want to see the leaves curled in tail b4 I make my decision

  26. This one is definitely cute. I love the nose and their little leather ears and their tails that will wrap around your arm to help with balance. Some of them have wonderfully soft fur, too. As mentioned above, some of the wilder ones are rattier and sometimes nasty, but we’ll just overlook them, shall we? They also don’t see very well, which leads to their one uncute habit: if their snout bumps into something, they bite it. Their open mouths are definitely not cute.

    There are other species of possums that live in (I think) South America that are definitely cuter than their North American cousin.

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He’s cute his ears look like bats ears.

  28. I never post (I just prowl), but I just had to… In full disclosure: I am a lawyer. And, people, Rebecca has just demonstrated the way to win over a jury if you have a sympathetic client with a spray of whiskers to tickle your soul and a nothing-to-hide wide-paw’ed stance: PUT ‘IM ON THE STAND! Trust me, a picture is worth a thousand [billable] words.

  29. i really think the point is that ugly, creepy nasty things can be cute–i mean, isn’t there something cute about bravely putting yourself out there no matter what your flaws are? Or something cute in a ‘loveable loser’ sort of way? Maybe Judd Apatow’s next movie about sadsacks making good can be a pixar movie about an ugly possum who gets the girl, i mean sort of an animal version of that movie ‘hithc’ where will smith taught that guy from the King of Queens how to get girls? So a kitten could mentory ugly old possum on how to get the “bleens” and “omg” and “sighs” from the co crowd????
    or maybe it’s closer to what the french call “jolie laide”
    whew i need a nap after that disquisition!

  30. berthaslave says:

    I’m still pro-possum. If only because they are, like their friends the mongoose, sworn enemies of the legless reptiles.

    But honestly, I’m not sure if the possum nasal appendage falls within my def of “cute.” The paws, the tails, the bebeh pouches, sure. But the nose is kind of oogy IMHO.

  31. To whomever asked – yes, this is an oppossum. Possums are different creatures from which oppossums descended.

    Possums are most def. cute as seen in this pic:

    and this one:

    opossums can vary in terms of cuteness.

  32. I vote cute! How can you not love the slightly crosseyed look they always have?

    When I was a kid, we had a possum on our deck. It was checking out its reflection in the sliding glass door (this was at night), and eventually caught a glimpse of me on the other side. Poor thing was startled and took off.

    So… perhaps possums are currently arguing amongst themselves if WE are cute or not!

  33. My vote is for CUTE!

  34. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    His fur looks so soft and snorgleable… I read the comment about them being made into raccoon fur coats, but I just wanna stick my face in all that soft shiny fur!

  35. Rebecca & Meg you guys forgot to mention the sparkly coat. it’s all pretty.

  36. Excuse me! :taps monitor:

    Does the comment not say they have a thumb?

    That’s it. One day they will rule us.

  37. Cute! Meg, open your heart! The moist nosicle – the hand pouch that you could put stuff in (I’m joking… or AM I?) fluffy fur, long whiskers, the slightly evil glint in the eye (I luurve evil glints!)

    However… check out the female opossum being mugged by these evil-looking bebehs! *shaking head* Their parents must be terrible… I can only imagine what their childhood has been like.

    Anyway, Meg, you need to come to the light, to the age of wisdom! Cannot you SEE that adult Opossums are too cute for such blasphemy! The Evil Glint only ADDS to their appeal! You can use them in evil plots!

  38. book_monstercats says:

    I am also a lawyer. Webbee and I can get together and concoct a GREAT case for ‘possums. We shall weeen you ovah. They are not native to the UK but I can weeng it (great secret from my clients, but I usually do).

  39. Lady Chroe says:

    All right, imagine this: It’s a cold, silent, winter night and you are taking out the garbage in the dark. Suddenly, a humungous rat with glowing eyes starts hissing and baring huge rodent-teeth at you from three feet away. You shriek, and it lumbers away, dragging a foot-long, hairless, pink rat tail after it.

    No. Just…no.

  40. charliewabba says:

    Peg – I don’t think they’ll be able to rule us until they learn how to cross the street safely.
    (sorry. not cute.)

  41. I wish they were native to the UK. I want one as a pet.

    Or maybe a Racoon…

    Are Racoons/Opossums allowed as pets? In the Us or UK?

  42. bluevapor says:

    OK, I’m another new poster (although long time lurker) but I had to mention my opossum experience. When I used to live in Florida, I fed a stray cat outside my second floor apt. and one day an opossum came up and started munching on the cat food. The cat came running up the stairs unawares, and the double take he did when he saw the opossum was hilarious.

  43. My family bottle raised some orphaned baby possums when I was a kid. They are definitely cute and definitely not evil (although one of them did indeed bite me; however, I feel pretty confident it was my fault (apparently they really don’t like you to repeatedly touch their shnozzes)).

  44. i did a quick google image search of both ‘possum’ and ‘opossum’ and to be honest, the pics looked pretty similar to me…

    dis particular one *is* cute

    and his upside-down nose totally seals the deal ^^

  45. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    although one of them did indeed bite me; however, I feel pretty confident it was my fault (apparently they really don’t like you to repeatedly touch their shnozzes)).

    LOL at you! My hamster loves to bite four things things:

    Bars Of Her Cage
    Fingers that Smell Of Chocolate
    Fingers Stuck Through Bars Of Cage

    When I was on holiday, I left her at my friends house, under strict instructions not to handle her with chocolatey fingers or to stick her fingers through the cage bars. And, first day, guess what her big sister did? Stick chocolatey fingers through the bars of her cage. Ginger practically ate the flesh of said fingers.

  46. i’m thinkin maybe the difference in opinion here might have to do with whether you grew up in the city and rarely saw a opossum, or if you grew up in the country type area and saw them all the time, and learned that they were vermin, and to stay away, and that they carry disease, and could most likely easily kill your pet cat, and just generally cause some bad issues about your home. just thinking out loud sort of.

  47. I have possums, for proof of their cuteness… here is my video of them.

  48. That one looks huge and scary. And like it will eats my kitties.

  49. I still think they’re ugly… 😛 Sorry!

  50. definitely cute. upside down noses, goofy ears and all. especially ears.

    yes wild possums living amongst hoomins are cranky and aggressive, and so are feral cats. i’ve got scars from dealing with them at shelters. happy, healthy cats and kittens are swoon worthy, and so are possums.

    i send you scritches and some animal crackers sweetums (racoons and possums love animal crackers)

  51. The previous one was cuter. 😛

  52. A oppossum’s teeth number 50 pairs
    That is more than an alligatairs’
    I read all the comments in this thread
    Now I’ll go back to playing dead

  53. I vote cute!


  55. well if that was my “outside kitty”
    it would have become and ‘inside kitty” in about 2 seconds after I saw that yukky thing out there.
    the cats all – “HEY open the damn door!, i know you can see me out here! LET ME IN!”

  56. My vote is for KYOOT.
    Don’t like his snoot?
    Check out the paws,
    tail, nosicle, and BEF eyeballs.

    Curly tail with leaves;
    pocket for behbehs,
    does a number on snakes
    I think I will takes.

    (heem home with me)

  57. My cats were outside kitties for a short period of time and they had a possum friend. I had a picture of the 3 of them eating together out of the same bowl but I lost it in a fire…boo hoo…it was the greatest!

  58. I had TWO, repeat, TWO possums who scared my Siberian Husky!! I went outside middle of night to see two what I thought were dead opposums in my yard. I would have bet you tons of $$ on it. Lying on their sides, big scary teeth sticking out all over the place in a hideous grin. ‘Course… next mornin they were gone.
    [pretty good tactic I think]

  59. Oposums or Possums, are definitly cute – unless they are frightened, in which case they’ll hiss and bare teeth as mentioned. But, it should be noted they aren’t vicious just defensive.

    Also – their fur, being quite soft, was once commonly used as a bathtub sponge and they are smarter than dogs.

  60. Marissposa says:

    All the pussoms I’ve encountered just stare with soul-searching eyes. I think this hissing thing is a lie! I vote a-d-orable!

  61. metsakins says:

    my cats don’t mind the possums that visit. they’re just kinda neutral about the whole thing.

  62. Thumbs up for possums!

    Thumbs way down for people w/stupid vets! BB/VA, you might want to check out your vet’s credentials. The possum is most certainly a MAMMAL. Check that out by looking up the definition of MAMMAL. Is your vet licensed to use a dictionary?

    Anyhow, possums are way cute and ignorant people scare me a whole lot more than they ever could. And, yes, I’ve had encounters with them on numerous occasions and have even held an orphaned baby one!

  63. I am a country-dweller. My dogs have attacked their fair share of possums. I even shot one once (possum, not dog), not that I’m necessarily proud of that. I’m not sure how I stand on the cuteness, although the one pictured here IS cute.. very fluffy-looking. However I have to say possums have very pointy teeth. Which are NOT cute. Um, I was going to say something else here, but I’ve since forgotten what it was. Darn.

  64. It’s “foot” has talons circling all the way around.
    It’s ears are dried out.

    According to Pyrit it has 50 pairs of fangs and Lady Chroe adds it has a foot long hairless rat tail.

    I vote EVIL!

    It’s only “cute” factor is that has a pouch, but that’s it.

  65. Tugs (aka Poss) says:

    Looks just like me.

  66. OH!! I remember what it was!!

    I think its cute (since his wheeskers were mentioned in the reasons he’s cute) how he’s looking THROUGH his whiskers!! See what I mean?? Reminds me of baby kitty whiskers, you know, when they’re all sporky-outy, before they mature and grow nice and neatly out to the sides. 😀

  67. Click on my name for a possum bebeh being carried on his mommy’s back.

  68. that possum is totally not cute. the babies, maybe, but not that one.

  69. As a historian, I always have to look at the backstory. When Europeans discovered possums, they used them in really weird ways. Anyone who wants more info can e-mail me at I’m just sayin.

  70. weensicka says:

    I <3 lawyers. They are cute.

  71. It’s time for
    POSSUM AID ’07!

  72. I work for lawyers. I disagree with weensicka. lol.

  73. Tugs–can you submit a picture?

  74. Not only are they cute, they eat the snails up. Yay for possums!

  75. weensicka says:

    Hey Jenne,

    Well, I’m prejudiced because my husband is a lawyer. And I <3 him. Though, in his defense, he's a good, legal services, lawyer, not an evil Wolfram & Hart lawyer. :)

  76. Weensicka: I suspected that might be the case – that you were married to one. 🙂

  77. BB you need a new vet… One who didn’t sleep in class…

    Opossums are DEFINITELY mammals! (And DEF cute) they are covered in fur and provide milk to their live born young. (there could be a question of mammalness if they were like platypi, and laid eggs…)

  78. What’s not to love!!!?

    The moist nosicle ALONE does it for me.

  79. Sorry, still not convinced, although the argument is pretty persuasive. Possums not cute. To misuse a law term, its a case of res ipsa loquitur—the thing speaks for itself.

    Also, lawyers are great!!! I’m a soon to be lawyer. Lawyers are like pitbulls, they are only nasty if their clients want them to be nasty. Nasty lawyers just represent nasty people. I on the other hand, shall not work for nasty clients, and thus will be as adorable as a pitbull who prefers cuddles to barking, kisses to bites and looks good in pink.

  80. weensicka says:

    Jenne, I’m sorry the lawyers you work for aren’t cute. I hope they are at least good to work for. Lawyers, like possums, can be so needy. 😉

  81. weensicka says:

    Congrats on your soon-to-be-lawyertude! A good friend of mine is embarking on the dreaded “First Year of Law School” this fall. Good to know you’ve survived!

  82. BB you need a new vet… One who didn’t sleep in class…

    Opossums are DEFINITELY mammals! (And DEF cute) they are covered in fur and provide milk to their live born young. (there could be a question of mammalness if they were like platypi, and laid eggs…)

  83. indigoreiki says:

    Menacing EVIL . . . Just don’t let go of it. This critter is so far away from cute it’s not funny.

  84. I’m willing to accept that a possum might be cute to someone. Just not to me. I mean no disrespect, but those ears look like cheap vinyl. Glad someone is lovin this little one.

  85. Hmmm, maybe pitbulls are a bad example, but you get my meaning.

  86. weensicka says:

    Did I mention the hovertext made me choke? It did! I stand by my earlier vote of evil possums = teh QT.

  87. when steve irwin died, i remember reading a lovely comment which said that he was special because he truly adored even the not-too-cuddly species in this world.

    i second that emotion.

  88. JinxtheCat says:

    Possums are gross.

  89. My stepdad is a lawyer and he is not cute, just mexican.

  90. Stephanie S. says:

    um.. that ‘possum is TOTALLY CUTE! (except for the yellow nails/claws)

  91. Webbee — This may not be the best time to brag about having a wide stance. Just sayin’.


    i have several personal friends who are possumic in nature… “sneaky pete” and my favourite little fella “pillow”. they live in my hood (toronto, canada)and pay me visits.

    they are adorable. pete has a wiff to him, but pillow is aptly named cause he’s just like that – a pillow. bury yer face in it.

    my cat will fight ANYTHING (including me – help!) EXCEPT possums… cause she knows they are good.

    and they love salmon on the grill, even if it’s too hot. and not their’s. and mine. they still love it.

  93. Ummm, in THIS picture I’d have to vote for cute.

  94. weensicka says:

    Is there any way to animate this pic so that the possum in question, *does* have shifty eyes?

    Anyone? Any CG superstars out there in COland?

    Cuz that would be kind of excellent.

  95. All the ‘possum advocates have made the all the best arguments for our marsupial-friend’s inclusion to the halls of CUTE so I’ll just say.

    OMG P0S3MS!!

    They really are no more skabby, hissy or dirty than any other wild animal that crawls through garbage. *cough*stray-CATS*cough*

    they also do not carry rabies any more than any other animal, like CATS, who we all love.

  96. Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    A: To show the possum it could be done.

    That said, I like the peeps who suggested that that possums are like cute dorks. Gives me hope.

  97. Oh and assuming that people who think they are cute just haven’t been exposed to them properly is a bit “funny”. Really those who have been trained that they are “vermin” are actually misinformed. They only fight when they are in a corner and would never actually attack a cat or a dog. They are not that kind of predator. Remember their main defence is playing dead.

    Other animals with very pointy-teeth: CATS, Dogs (esp puppies), Ferrets, and many other of our traditionally CUTE animal friends.

    We have a bit of an instinctive reaction to the basic shape of a marsupial (gen predatory) snout. People who see pictures of the Thylacine (Taz Tiger) think it can’t be real because the jaw is just so… gapping and “pointy” compared to other mammals. See:

    They are just different, not evil. 😀

    Sorry, for the soap-box but it’s my duty as a Naturalist and Interpreter to speak up for the unique and misunderstood. 🙂

  98. Possums are perfectly fine animals but they do not overload one with their cuteness.

  99. Elizabeth B. says:

    This argument is entirely over North American possums, right? The play-dead, naked-tailed variety? Because even though I’m partial to them, I can understand why some of y’alls aren’t.

    But who in their right mind hates a honey possum?

    (and with teeniest of honkshus action too:

  100. The beady eyes…they scare me…and the claws…aaacchhh!!!

  101. Its ears are leathery. I think that makes it evil. Or at least too Goth to be “awwww! how cute!”

  102. Opossums do have rather pretty coloring.. *shrug*

  103. When I lived in Beautiful Downtown Burbank, CA there was a possum Mom wif some babies riding on her that hung out at night under these HUGE oleander bushes. They were very cute, as long as I was inside & they were outside! 😉

  104. trinketsmom says:

    I lurve pissums. Until they smile, and then notso much. But they’re still pretty.

  105. That one’s cute. They terrify me when I’m out running at night in my hometown and they vault out of some bush across the road just before I reach them. They are skittery and beady-eyed, though I suppose in the right situation that could be cute. I’m not saying you shouldn’t think they’re cute.

  106. Want! <3

    I can’t help myself, I still love the little guys.

  107. Possums for THE WIN!!!!!

    We have some that come hang out in the fruit trees in our back yard – they sit up in the trees happily munching nectarines with fruit juice all over their snozzes. I’ve only seen real possum teefs once, and that was when one yawned.

    Yes, they are teh cute!

  108. Chasingthedog says:

    I WAS staunchly anti-possum. They give me the heebie jeebies and the make my dog go ape-sh**.

    (He actually killed one stupid one that was on top of our fence. I felt bad, but I mean, he IS a malamute…)

    BUT the point is, this lil’ dude is tres cute. AND I’m a rat/mouse lover so I can’t really go on too much about how grody possums are when I do so love the rodents. But they don’t embody michellemybelle’s three things, they ARE cute.

  109. Apparently The BAD Carrie says:

    Opossums ain’t smart
    Opossums ain’t spry
    Opossums get hit
    and they never know why.

    Sorry, my friend, who adores them had this poster in her dark room forever!

    I adore Opossums!!!!!

  110. my cat is a blob says:

    Possum looks like jimmy durante.

  111. They are also cute for the way they eat their food… very “Ynam, ynam, ynam”

  112. Can’t remember if I posted my possum story before or not. Several years ago my husband and I were living in an older house which was within the city limits, so this encounter was a bit surprising.

    Our living room windows both had large bushes and hedges outside them, blocking an outside view into the room. I was sitting in my armchair one night, and something to my left caught my peripheral eye.

    I turn, and there is Mr. Possumpants, hanging from the window screen (the window was closed). We both did a double take/jump, and he ran away. What made this funny was that it was a delayed reaction on both our parts; we both paused a moment before jumping.

  113. They are just EVIL, not different.You are welcome for the dirt-bag but it is my duty as a pessimist and narrow minded individual to speak down about the conformists and understandably ugly.

  114. Definitely NOT evil and definitely NOT ugly! And I agree with Trisha: they do indeed eat their food in a very cute “Ynam, ynam, ynam” manner.

  115. LOL JennP – everyone’s entitled to their opinion, of course. ;p

  116. Ok as a zoologist, I HAVE to comment.

    Virginia Opossums (Didelphis virginiana) ARE mammals. They are marsupials, but marsupials are mammals. Whomever’s vet said that needs a new vet, and one who preferably passed vertebrate zoology!

    Class Mammalia is divided into 2 major groups – the “egg laying mammals” ie platypi and echidnas, and “true mammals” which have live young. The “true mammal” group is further divided into placental mammals and marsupials.

    And the reason D. virginiana looks so raggedy outside in the wild is that it is a warm-climate animal that is migrating into colder climates – they get frostbite on their ears, noses, and tails up north!

    That said, they’re ARE soft (I’ve petted one) and they are totally cute when not pissed off at you.

  117. I’m on the fence with this one…they don’t look so cute at night…or when they’re playing “possum” and my tiny little toy poodle is getting too close!

  118. I’m from the South, yall, and possums (NO “O”!!!) are hands-down the critter most likely to be splayed out by the roadside. That, to me, speaks volumes as to their intelligence.

    Possum bebbehs ARE cute, as evidenced by previous posts here on CO, but the adults are hideous.

    I’ve managed to make it to the grand ol’ age of 45 without EVER hitting an animal with my car. However, if my cosmic luck runs out and I MUST hit something, I’d have to pick the possum. An adult, natch. With no bebbehs attached to its back.


  119. I love opossums. The hissing when they’re scared is like “Look at all my pointy teeth! Are you scared yet? Um – how about now?” And those impossibly cone-shaped heads – exactly like Spy v.s. Spy. from MAD magazine. And the big pink naked feet, and the weird hind foot thumbs, and the scaly tails that grab anything near, and the anerable black earsies, and most nosicle of nosicles – o yes opossums rule Teh QTE!

  120. Did anyone see the movie Over the Hedge? While a so-so animated movie on the whole, I liked 2 parts about the movie: 1) the Hammie-on-caffeine-scene (it’s pure genius how they animated it!) 2) avril lavigne as the possum daughter. I can’t believe how much the animators made a cartoon possum look JUST LIKE her. Or maybe it’s because she looks JUST LIKE possums…

  121. SICK!!!!!!

    Sorry people, but I HATE opossums and nothing will ever change that.

  122. Ohhh yes little Opossum you do own the night. and not those silly tailess monkeys.

  123. What is there to ‘hate’ about an animal? Weird. That written, BRING ON THE OPOSSUMS.

  124. buckitybuck says:

    When I was little I saw a mommy opposum hit by a car while carrying her little babies. She died and I adopted them. They were so sweet and smart and funny. One was constantly escaping from their hutch and sneaking into bed with me for cuddling. They are def super cute.

  125. The reason possums get hit more often than other animals is not a reflection on their intelligence… their defensive mechanism (as mentioned by several above) ‘playing dead’ just doesn’t mix very well with a predator like the car that doesn’t care at all about the freshness of its meat.

    That said: pyrit you had me doing a spit-take!

  126. NOT CUTE. Here in New Zealand possums are an introduced species with no natural predators that are a major threat to our native wildlife and vegetation. How can something that spreads disease and eats baby birds be cute?! Yuck:

  127. Okay, I grew up in the country, and I can attest to the fact that the behbeh opossums are cute (it’s the pink ears, I think). I’ve always found the adults to be scary and mean, but I could be converted if someone could post a picture of the leaf-carrying-tail thing. That sounds fun.

  128. dharlan1too says:

    I’ve seen too many ‘road kill’ possums in these here hills of MO to think any possum e’s cute :p

  129. wiley mcpossum says:

    My dear late friend kept pet possums. She discovered that if you give a possum a crumpled up bit of paper towel with perfume on it, the possum will rub it all up and down its tail.

    What’s not to love?

  130. wiley mcpossum says:

    AND regarding possum intelligence, my dear late friend said it all. “Possums,” she said, “are really expert at being possums.”

  131. estella – Yeah! Hammy! Say it like this; The caffeine scene was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, reaaaaaaaaaally greaaaaaaaaaaat! Puuuuuuuure geeeeeeeenius.
    janeng – Can’t blame the oppossum for being introduced. Sorry though.
    Selianth – heerth a tithoo fer the sthpit.

  132. But, Wesley, what about the

  133. Tugs (aka Poss) says:

    Possums are dorky? Wow, my mother really knew what she was doing when she nicknamed me Possum. Not only am I shy and easily startled but I went through high school calling myself a “dorky dumbf*#@”.

    It is really weird scrolling through these messages. I keep thinking everyone is talking to me. Unless we are out with other people, my husband always calls me Poss or Possum.

  134. Last time I saw a possum up close, I was outside, under my carport, smoking a cigarette (yeah, I know, they’re bad – shhh).

    Anyway, I’m just standing there, quietly puffing away and looking up at the night sky, when I hear something rustle in the leaves nearby. Without moving, I look over and see a young adult possum ambling along, coming right up to me.

    Possums’ vision is pretty bad, you see, so he probably had no idea I was alive. So, without any noise or harsh movement, I made a soft little “hey-ho!” whistle.

    In response, the possum stopped and sloowwwly raised his head to look up at me. When our eyes met, I whispered, “hey buddy.” He just stared for a second, then slowly lowered his head, then sloowwwwly turned around and sloowwly walked away, then broke into a run, the further he got.

    I didn’t mean to scare him that badly, but it was still sorta funny at the time.

    Just figured I’d share that with you. 😛

  135. Clairmonde says:

    Mama says possums are cute face forward, but to the side all their teeth show and they become scary-scary.

  136. tablemountaingirl says:

    I agree with liz.

    This picture is not too bad,

    but if he’s in your garage, hissing and spitting at you, NOT cute at all…..

  137. I LOOOOVE Opossums!They are totally adorable <3
    this picture is the best and makes me giggle every time I see it.

  138. sockmonster sarai says:

    Hello Cutesters!

    I vote for cute! I’m sorry for the issues where they’re an introduced species, but still… I like them. They’re kinda cute, pretty smart, a little bit goofy and very good at being possums. I grew up in the country too, where lots of people called them vermin and stuff, but you know what? The Canadian woods are their natural environment, [i]I[/i] the intruder, not the Possumkins…

    Regarding the “not cute when they’re all hissing and spitting”. Let me just say this.

    I was nearly mugged (or something. He probably had more in mind than mugging, cause students don’t have any money. But I’m cruising De Nial here…) when I left the language arts building on campus last weekend. I screamed bloody murder, kicked him the stomach, and then hit 911 on my cell phone. He ran away. I threw a rock at him and hit him in the shoulder. I cursed not having a camera phone. The cops yelled at me for fighting back. You know what though? I bet that nasty man thought I wasn’t so cute anymore either. Even though I’m reasonably cute the rest of the time. Like the opossum, I totally lose my cute when I’m faced with a fight or flight situation. I’m not gonna hold it against them.

  139. Queenbeenan says:

    Opossoms are VERY nearsighted, which is why they get hit by cars so often, NOT because of lack of brain power. They simply can’t see it coming. If you ever watch them walking around, they tend to scan their heads back and forth, and walk somewhat slowly unless they are familiar with a particular area. They just need glasses! Weird how nature designed them that way. I vote cute!

  140. Brook Vanderford says:

    A friend of mine was a wildlife conservation officer in Indiana, where possums get hit by cars all the time. Part of her job was the take care of the baby possums that were found alive after their mommies got ran over, so her apartment was over-run with possums. I can definitely say once and for all that they are indeed CUTE! They like to snuggle in your laps at night (being nocturnal), sleep in shoeboxes all day, and when they are really small – they will hang upside down off your finger!! What could be cuter??

  141. That possum, in Cliff Claven voice: “Aww, why doncha like me, Meg?”

  142. ka9q's wife says:

    Sockmonster Sara,
    Dear Lord woman! What the H*** did those cops say you were supposed to do? Glad your ok.

  143. What about Australian Possums? Everyone always forgets them, and they simply clearly rock!

    Check out pictures of Pygmy Possums to see one of the most adorable creatures in the world!

  144. What about Australian Possums? Everyone always forgets them, and they simply clearly rock!

    Check out pictures of Pygmy Possums to see one of the most adorable creatures in the world!

  145. Yes, the BEF and sparkly fur are big pluses. HOWEVER. I cannot get past that giant upside-down nose, I don’t care how moist it is. Lop that monstrosity off and I’ll vote “cute”.

  146. I’m disagreeing w/Liz’s theory…I grew up in the country…seriously, BFE (it was twenty minutes to the nearesta anything (except a church (there were two of those within 3 miles))), and I HEART possums (opossums, whatever).

  147. Wait, wait…hedgehogs are cute, but possums are not?

    Pfft. I vote for the cuteness of the possums. Gotta love anything that’s that scruffy looking, slow, not too bright, but has managed to survive quite nicely despite cars and ill-informed people who think they’re “vermin”.

    Plus, they eat tree roaches. Possums are aces in my book for that reason if nothing else!

  148. (to the tune of the meow mix commercial)

    Nuff nuff nuff nuff
    Nuff nuff nuff nuff
    Nuff nuff
    Nuff nuff
    Nuff nuff nuff nuff!

  149. Possum-up-a-gum-stump!

    That’s what we use to say when I was a kid, hehe. They are terribly cute and very intelligent little creatures. Love the eyes and the noscicle!

  150. stickler — tewtally Spy v. Spy. I knew McPossumkins reminded me of something!

  151. sockmonster s. – no way…they YELLED at you for fighting back? “know your place, victim!” un-effing-believable.

    great illustration of why cute animals display uncute behavior, btw!

  152. BlueFairy says:

    Years agomy sister had a opposum in her basement. She bought a house and decided to feed her cats in the basement. A few nights later, she goes down to put out cat food and she has an extra cat. So she asks the cat where it lives since she was new to the neighborhood and all (knowing her she was going to keep it), then it turned around and she had been talking to an opposum! She gently broomed it into an empty garbage can and put it out in the back corner of her yard. She said it wasn’t mean or anything, just looking for a free meal.

  153. Don’t cave. Not cute.

  154. meg nooooo! don’t cross over to the dark side!!

    while this little critter may have the cute factor, you know as well as anyone else that the odds of coming across a cute one on any given day are like 1 in a TRILLION!
    and those odds just aren’t good enough for me.

  155. This guy has the BEST possum Myspace:

  156. Super-icky rodent-like dudes, sorry.
    But there was this one opossum who used to walk up my front walk to the front door and then sit there like he was late for a dinner party. Kinda hilarious and charmant.

  157. oh god, noooooooo!! don’t do it! awful, hideous, shifty-eyed creatures!

  158. If possums are cute, then wolverines are snuggly!

  159. That is one very cute and clean possum. Most I’ve ever seen in the wild have been oily and icky looking. This one looks almost cuddly.

  160. sockmonster sarai says:

    Thanks Ka9q and Anne… I’m okay, but just as po’d with the cops as I am with the nasty dude.

    The cops are of the opinion that if the bad guy has a weapon, like a knife or a gun, then you’re going to get hurt if you fight back. Apparently, you’re supposed to just calmly hand them your valuables and let them molest you and then you’ll live through it. After all, you’re alive then, and that’s all that counts, apparently.

    I’m like “bullpuckey!” if he thinks twice next time because I raised holy hell, then I’m good with that. I hope the next time (if there is one, I’d prefer there ISN’T one) he gets caught or his victim maimes him.

    And I’m getting a new cell phone on payday…. WITH a camera.

  161. OK, his eyes are a bit beady. But carrying leaves in a curled-up tail??? How much cuter can ya get???

    MY VOTE: CUTE! (Just like all animals…)

  162. they’re cute. end o’ story

  163. ok not end of story, I found this picture on a homeschoolblogger thing. your mind will be made up that opossums ARE INDEED cute!

  164. I think I’m in the “cute as a baby, but not cute as an adult, but not icky either” category

  165. sockmonster sarai

    Goodonyer GIRL! I can’t understand why the cops would do this. 9 times out of 10, this kind of attacker is looking for an EASY target. Leaving him with some bruises – you did the rest of us girls a favor. I laughed out loud when whe I read that you threw a rock at him as he was running away. Your MY hero and my dad would shake your hand.

    Back to possums – yes, any of us get’s ugly if threatened. I say again – a pointy-toothed, hissing, baby-bird-eating creatrue that is introduced species almost everywhere it exists is our beloved and oft-cute KITTIES.

    Our marsupial friends deserve at least a shot at cute. 😉

    Meg, yes, come over to the darkside – we have cookies! 😉

  166. NOT EVIL!


  167. little gator says:

    Possums have more teeth than any other mammal.
    [in fact, they’re made ENTIRELY OF TEETH. I swear. – Ed.]

    I’ve heard they have the smallest brain/body weight ratio of any mammal.

    I bet their pouches small like toe jam and navel lint.

  168. There is absolutely NOTHING cute about a opossum. The are like the offspring of an alligator and a rat! That got hit with a big ol’ Ugly stick. Tooooo,creepy for me.

  169. sockmonster sarai – and everybody else – sometimes the advice is not to fight back b/c your assailant will hurt you if you do. The counter advice is that your assailant is going to hurt you even if you don’t fight back. So, evaluate the situation, and make the decision that you feel will result in the least hurt to you. Running away is always best, but that’s not always an option. Yelling bloody murder is also good.

  170. ANd look at those ADORSABLE freckles on hims NOZE!!

  171. redonk repeat:
    cute cute

    Sockmonster–go for it! always fight back (unless extreme weapon involved) and RUN and SCREAM.

  172. NO! No,no,no! This picture is obviously a fakeyMcFakersons. It is a possum mixed with something nice and cute. Like a kitten.

    REAL possums are nasty and ugly and have red eyes. They are stupid, as well.

    That’s a big NO ON POSSUMS.

  173. Who agrees with me that this cute pink nose deserves the ENHANCE treatment??

  174. Definitely cute.

  175. Amy that is the cutest possum pic evah. I think you tipped the vote to the cute side for me.

    Shakespear did not say kill all the possums. It’s most lawyers who are evil. I see the lawyers conspiring with the sqweerls all the time but nobody believes me.

  176. I think Australian (brush-tailed) possums are cute.
    Until they make scary noises and go to the loo everywhere.

  177. One time I was driving and saw a possum mourning over another dead possum on the side of the road. It was really sad. That kind of made me change my mind about that.

  178. Ughh, I think I’m going to hurl…

  179. cute.

    hey duz any1 watch meerkat manor? Its sooo sad cuz flower (the leader) just died last month, they showed the episode with it yesterday for the first time. i cried all night.

  180. sockmonster sarai says:

    Yes, ariana…. I cried buckets… sniff sniff…

  181. I’m gonna have to stick with my opinion.

    possums = [shudder]

  182. kittehbubblebaths says:

    i grew up in the boonies and while i was never taught that opossums were vermin, i have seen first hand how vicious they can get, but then most wild animals can get like while i don’t think opossums are exactly CUTE they dont deserve to be hated and called evil either…

  183. Yuck.

    I live in the Northwest. Growing up we had Opossums everywhere. They are funny.
    but not cute.

    My dog got a hold of an opossum one day and it fainted when it say her, so she picked it up by the tail and threw it across the yard a few times and then left it alone until it woke up. Then she would scare it again, it would faint and she would throw it some more.

    Again I say: Funny, but not cute.

  184. little gator says:

    I agree with kittehbubblebaths.
    North American Possums(the only kind I know anythign about) are not evil. They’re too stupid to be evil, unlike some stupid evil humans.

  185. Little Bird says:

    I vote cute, as long as clean, scabbless and not hissing. I had the oppertunity to see one out and about 12 years ago. In the middle of the city. In the noon-day sun. Poor thing was stomping around like a hung-over frat boy who was looking in the grass for his lost keys. It was pretty funny, didn’t want to get anywhere near the thing, but funny.

  186. SO CUTE!

  187. I’m with you, Toni. Grew up in Oregon, and ugly ugly possoms are plentiful.
    They slow down in the middle of the road, when they see headlights. This is why I say they are dumb. Maybe it’s just an instinct, but it’s a rotten one.

  188. My boyfriend endures daily e-mails with links to cuteoverload, and he patiently listens while I discuss exactly why I love a specific animal photo (“And look at his toes! And his little eyes!” and so on). He rarely demonstrates the same degree of emotion that I do when I view cuteoverload. But folks…He was *really* confused that there’s debate over whether the opossum is cute. He said, “Wait, people don’t think they’re cute?” And then he became genuinely concerned. He even brought it up again at dinner last night.

    People, please–help my boyfriend sleep tonight. Let’s come together on this divisie issue and accept the fact that the opossum is, well, amazing.

  189. Ummm, Kelly? The possum you saw probably wasn’t mourning the dead possum, but rather about to eat him. Maybe saying grace? They’re notorious scavengers. Sort of like catfish, only on terra firma.

  190. I love possums, to me they’re quite cute. They only bite with those wicked teeth as a laaaaast resort. And they serve an important role in the natural community.
    They’re nature’s little garbage men!

  191. spikedcolor says:

    “they have some sort of immunity, or near-immunity, to rabies. which is tres cool”

    Does anyone have a link in regard to this? Thanks muchly!

  192. to Ariana & Theresa–I can’t even watch Meerkat Manor anymore because it’s so sad. behbehs getting attacked and I just heard last night that Flower died. boo hoo.

  193. They are *weasels*. No thanks.

  194. Is it the camera angle or is this fellow roly-poly?

  195. Still not cute at all….sorry.

  196. jorge rodriguez says:

    My son brought a rabbit and we let it free in the backyard, since we don’t like to cage animals. There is an oposum that comes around and eats the food we put out for the cat. Is the rabbit in danger of being attacked by the oposum?

  197. This is too cool. My partner and I have a pet “possum” too (sort of). He comes to our door every night about 10pm and looks for us to feed him. He even takes food from my partners hand now. He has no fear of us, but everyone else frightens him. That is good, we don’t want him to be friendly with just anyone. We have really gotten attached to him. We call him “Buddy”. They are cute in an “ugly” sort of way.