Saved from the clutches of a kitteh

Sender-Inner Andrew J. bravely says: "Saw this little guy gettin’ beat on by the neighbor cat. Like some kind of Superman, I swooped down, and fended off the feline felon. He’s now sleepin’ one off in an old shoe box…"


GOOD WORK, Andrew J. Keeping the world safe, one delicious bunny toe at a time. [sigh.]



  1. Those little thumper feet! That furry nose! I wanna rub noses with him.

  2. Wook at de widdle feets!

  3. Heh–seems every pet I ever had spent its first nap in a comfy shoebox. When I was little I thought shoebox was just some odd nickname for them–I never saw shoes in them.

  4. hooooo… mahgod… I am ded!

  5. Teeny tiny leetle bunneh.
    From the kittehs you must runneh.
    Should you not be able acomplish the speed
    Prince Charminging will rescue on his Noble Steed!!!

  6. for some reason, those rabbeh toes are just as cute as rabbeh tongues.

    Toe Salad! Toss lightly with dressin’.

  7. I bet the kitteh is plotting his revenge as we type…

  8. Beavis's Human says:

    Andrew J. is my hero.

    What a sweet lil bun.

  9. Cassandra says:

    That poor little cutie has such sad eyes, they look like he was just crying! Poor thing, getting beat up by a kittie…Good Work Andrew J.! Sending many hugs and angel food cakes to you 😀

  10. weensicka says:

    That is by far the teensiest of buns I have ever seen.

    Ker-Thump! [Dead of Cute]

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Can I hold the bun bun.
    Andrew a true hero.

  12. forget it, I’m gone, you really got me on that one, as someone said earlier “I iz ded”

    p.s. Andrew, watcha doing later?

  13. hrh.squeak says:


    Lookit his teeny left paw gesturing defiance to the big mean puddy. “That’s right! Mess with me and I’ll sic Andrew J on you!!”

  14. Furry feets! Totally furred! Andrew J., you are wonderful. And luv the widdle white stripe they all have as bunneh kits, to show their momma where to lick them with love. Andrew J, be sure to kiss the stripe! XO!

  15. Oh and btw, the bunny is waving.

  16. see also—tiniest of white spot on head

  17. Soooo…. I did the very same thing last summer–>
    baby bunsters vs. ferocious feline :: ferocious feline vs. WONDER WOMAN!

    Only…. my picture’s not as cute cause it has me in it = P

  18. I see hrh could tell what the bunny was really doing, so nm.

  19. Oh yeah, the estrogen’s getting knee-high now.

    Those spread toes on the right foot though are killer.

    My first thought was, “why did he put the neighborhood cat in a shoebox?” Du-dumb dumb.

  20. I hope this bunneh isn’t going back into the wild, because I’ve heard that if the mother smells humans on the baby she’ll abandon it.

  21. Bugmom: You have a gift for bunneh poetry 🙂

  22. i wub his teensy ears and mini front paws ^^

  23. Space Cowgirl says:

    The scent thing is untrue and has been discussed at tiresome length in other posts here.

  24. AngiePangie says:

    EliottM… “When I was little I thought shoebox was just some odd nickname for them–I never saw shoes in them.”
    THIS cracked me up!!

  25. He’s holding it like a tiny bun Pez dispenser. 🙂

  26. ohmygoodness, the toes!!!

  27. Its ears are freakin’ tiny!!! I’ze ded from the Qte.

  28. Not only is it not true that mother rabbits abandon babies that don’t smell like them, this teeny bun is not even a baby anymore. Sure he’s tiny, but he’s old enough to eat grass and take care of himself now. I used to work at a rescue and rehabilitation center, and the number one reason for baby bunnies dying is people trying to take care of them and not letting them go back where they found them.

    All that said, the bunneh makes me melt. So cute. But put him back outside now. ^_^

  29. Can we get updates on how baby bunny is doing? I would love to hear that baby was reunited with mommy, or that baby had a wonderful home until he was old enough to go out on his own! I don’t know much about wildlife rehabilitation, but you should talk to someone about baby bunny, and let us know how this little guy is doing! I love rescue stories.

  30. Redefines “prosh”! Cute in so many ways …

  31. michellemybelle says:

    Andrew J is my hero!

  32. metsakins says:

    compleetly ded from teh cute

  33. Why are we so shallow? We all know that the bunneh was totally taunting the neighborhood cat, flipping him off with one ear, saying “I’m cuter than you nyah nyah” and the poor kitteh was just defending himself. AND ONCE AGAIN, WE JUST ALIGN OURSELVES WITH THE CUTEST AND THE PROSHEST.


    OMG the little toesies! THE LITTLE TOESIES!!!! Sweet little bun-bun!

  34. Methinks Andrew J. rescued little bunny by the hare of his chinny chin chin.

  35. guadalupe says:

    That is why cats should stay INDOORS people! : )

  36. The cutest widdle bun bun ever! Good it got saved from the bad kitteh. I loves kittehs very much but kittehs can be bad and eat baby bun buns! I don’t like that! But I still like kittehs. 😉

  37. save the animals! says:

    In case you need to feed him/her, an eyedropper works well. I would ask a vet what to food to use – I’ve used infant formula, watery cat food, milk and veggie smoothies for other baby animals.

  38. Awwww he/she is so SWEEEEET! I would love to rub my cheek against his softness. The feets are especially PROSH! And 3 cheers for Andrew J. You’re awesome, dude! But isn’t Mr. Bunbun’s mommy out lookin’ for him? I bet she’s worried!! :-O

  39. Oh my god I want to smoosh him!! I want three just like them please. You can deliver them to my home.

  40. NO NO NO NO
    Mr Hero Man-
    No shoebox! Bun is supposed to be placed safely mid-bed with lots of blankies and warm fuzzy stuff, preferably with a human there at all times to chaperone and nuzzle.

  41. seriously, one of the CUTEST animals I have ever seen. EVER. eeeeeee ^_^!!

  42. Methinx teh bunneh DOES approve. (for once)

  43. That is the most perfectest, most delicious bun-bun evar. Grrr. I’m mad it’s not mine.

  44. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I have two jack rabbits that live in my back yard that I call Mr & Mrs Mcpuffins.

  45. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I also have a ground hog that I call Mr. Ground hog.
    I have a gift with names.

  46. Hey all–I AM a wildlife rehabber. Bunny MUST NOT be fed. They die from stress and have notoriously twitchy digestive systems. They need to be hydrated forst if they’re in trouble. Please, please put it back in the nest or call a local rehabber and give it a chance to survive beyond today. Vets DO NOT know how to feed wildlife and it is illegal to raise wildlife in most states. Save the bunny, save the bunny, save the bunny.

  47. MonkeyAnn says:

    The cat was not being “bad.” It was doing the natural and normal thing. Could we refrain from assigning Disney motives to predators and prey? It’s weird.

    Here’s to hoping that little guy is released soon! He’s cute but belongs outside.

  48. It is not true that an animal will reject its young if it has been touched by a human!!! However, baby bunnies cannot digest lettuce, grass and many other vegtables. They are mammals and need bunny milk.

  49. This is the first time I actually pet the screen. The toeses, the TOESES!!

  50. Bunny mommys won’t abandon their babies just cus you touched it – they leave their young in nests all day and only come back to feed and make them pee.

    Get some bunny formula soon or some proffessional help XD

    The little guy is suuupppeer adorable XD

  51. Shandrews says:

    I literally said “awwww” out loud at work. This is the sweetest little angelkins, I want to kiss each and every toe one-by-one 🙂

  52. Now THAT’s my kind of man. 😉

  53. OMG, those feet! *chomp*

  54. I think my screen in broken. When I try to touch the toes, it feels flat and smooth.

  55. I have to echo that it’s time to talk to wildlife rehab. Wild bun-buns have particular needs. 🙂

    Still, good move saving him from the kitteh. That’s why my littler killer says indoors too. (notice “killer” vs. “murderer” 😉

  56. Ohhh! How precious! This is the reason cats (and dogs) should not be allowed to range outside the home; they prey on wildlife.

  57. Awwwww! Can I hold him, now? Please, please, please, PLEASE?!! It’s my turn. I wanna hold teh widdle bun-bun.


    Oh, well. This wee dude completely makes up for that icky ‘possum a couple posts back. The balance of cute has been restored.

  58. Wild baby bunnies are hard to keep alive. My ex and I rescued two a ways back. you need to massage their stomachs after feeding to help with their elimination.

  59. aaah…I needed that.

  60. cupnooslw says:



  62. Toe chewte!

  63. Hmph.

    Why does every “wildlife rehabber” who posts here assume that Andrew J. ISN’T taking the steps necessary to protect the bunners and return it to the wild?

    Heeeeellloooo, know it alls!

  64. Thank goodness this rescue went well! I’ll never forget the time a guy hired to do construction work “rescued” a baby bunny from my in-laws cat–tossed it into the bushes, where their big ol hound dog was hiding… His head pops up and CLOMP! no more bun… boy was the cat ever PO’d.

  65. Tiniest of Bunnitudes!!!

  66. frappygoddess says:

    To all those saying that this is why cats and dogs should stay indoors: news flash, people. These animals are predators. It’s what they DO. Hunting is a natural instinct, and I think it’s terribly unfair to limit their lives based on the fact that we find a drive borne of millions of years to be distasteful. You know those nature shows, where the lion attacks a wildebeast? Your cat is just a miniature of that lion. Domestification doesn’t remove those wild instincts.

    Oh, and try as hard as you might to keep a cat indoors, they will. Get. Out. Whether it be by rushing their humans at the door, climbing out through a window onto the roof (both of these things have happened to me), or any other method of ingenious escape, escape they will. “Just keep them indoors” is not a solution, and it can make for a seriously unhappy cat. If their predatory nature and what results from it bothers you so much, then don’t get a cat (or dog). It’s that simple. Loving an animal involves accepting all parts of them, not just the parts that suit our human sensibilities.

    And before you accuse me of facilitating mass wildlife murder, I have saved animals from my cats and the neighbors cats before. Hey, I never said I was heartless.

    That said: BABY BUNNEH TOEZ!! BABY BUNNEH TOEZ!! *soft kronches them* Oh, if only my feet were that cute. (And I’m totally digging the “You talkin’ to me?” expression in the bun’s eyes.)

  67. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey katerpie. It’s just friendly suggestions.

    No one’s been getting on his case or anything. If it isn’t stated in the post then there’s no harm in mentioning it.

    *shrug* A lot of people don’t know how tough it can be to look after these little guys so folks just want to be helpful. No reason to get bugged by it. 🙂


  68. I think Andrew should take his bunneh and his tale of rescue to his local tavern, ASAP. There’s nary a hot chick (or dude, if he’s so inclined) that will be able to resist the combo of bunneh toes and heroisim!

  69. frappygoddess:

    That’s actually the point for those of us that do LOVE our cats, all of their predatory instincts included, sometimes chose to keep them in. They are predators that are WELL out of their natural environment and the actual stats on how they decimate the song-bird populations is pretty staggering. It is the acceptance of that part of my cat’s personality that causes me to keep her in. (with lots of alternative stimulation)

    Yup, they’ll get out but it’s just responsible for the owner of any predator to try and keep their natural impact to a minimum.

    The SPCA actually strongly advocates that cats are kept indoors for their own good as well.

    I don’t think anyone is bad-mouthing cats completely, just hoping their impact would be miminized. There’s a lot of ways of stimulating your cat’s natural predatory needs without sacrificing wildlife (or their health sometimes).

    I just hope we’re not all assuming the most negative interpretation of each others motivations. I totally understand why some of my friends let their cats outside, even if I don’t agree.

    My cute little terrier mix would SO love to munch on some rodents too but I still lubs her. 😉

    Does that make sense?

    Oh and YES the bunneh toes are nibble-tastic. 😉 On this we totally agree. 😉

  70. oh, my god! jaw dropping cuteness!!!!


  71. Ohhhhhhhhh the karmic circle.

    I failed to save a similar bun-bun from THREE neighborhood cats a few years ago. There were definitely tears out there in the pachysandra patch.

    Hooray for saving this little fella!

  72. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, God.. So cute. The widdle feets… the waving paw… The itty-bitty ears… I… can’t…

  73. Kar – I was thinking the same exact thing and was just as confused! LOL!

    Seriously people, those little ears are barely bigger than his giant eyes! SO CUTE!

  74. what’s cuter than a little bunny, people?

    not much. not much.

  75. AWWWWW. What a little sweetie! I hope he makes it.

  76. Is Andrew available? What woman wouldn’t swoon at a story like that?!

    (and a bunny like that!)

  77. Just thought I’d say – it is a good idea to keep your cats indoors, for their own safety as well as that of the local fauna. I have 2 cornish rexes who were raised strictly indoors since they were kittens and they have never once escaped or even made a serious attempt.

  78. I just had to jump in. I don’t keep my cats indoors to save songbirds, or to limit their wild instincts. I keep my cats indoors to keep them alive. Cars, roads, and general human activity are not part of any animals natural environment, and I see too much evidence of why cars and kitteh’s don’t mix.

    I read somewhere that outdoor kitteh’s have an average lifespan of about 2 years, whereas indoor cats were closer to 15. My kitteh’s stay inside. It also helps that they’re both utterly uninterested in going outside. We leave the doors open, and one runs away from the scary outside, while the other just stares before scooting off.

    *phew* That said, if I saw either of them gnoshing on such a cute bunneh, I’d have a serious talk with them! SOOO CUTE!!! *whimper*

  79. Don’t wild rabbits carry rather deadly contagious diseases?

  80. Everyone FREEZE!

    He’s packin a Bunninger and its loaded for cute!

    Put teh bun down on teh ground and walk away slowly and no one gets snorgled.

  81. arachnophile_grrl says:

    LOL – Andrew you’re going to beating the ladies off with a cyber-stick pretty quick here if you’re not too careful. 😉

    Nothing like a sensitive, cute-lovin’ guy to catch a girl’s interest. :p

  82. I think it totally depends on the kind of place you live. I’m currently in the burbs on a dead-end street, where we have a fenced-in backyard with lots of grass and other yummy cat-friendly plants. With Bertha being a medium-hair poofball, letting her out to munch on the grass and chase after insects isn’t so dangerous. But I try not to let her out in the front yard, because we’ve seen coyotes in the neighborhood at night.

    But I should say for the record that I’ve raised seven cats over the years in this kind of environment, all of them mostly indoor but welcome to go outside during the day whenever they ask. One of them ran away at the age of two (and we know it ran away to a neighbors, it didn’t disappear), but the rest have survived to advanced ages. We have two cats right now over 10 years old, and once had a cat live to 19, and they’ve all spent time outdoors. I’m sure they’ve killed some smaller animals, but that’s their instinct, I don’t judge them for it.

  83. Good for you ! I have cats,and periodically do the same kind of thing….this is a cute baby you have here……ENJOY !

  84. WE live semi in the country and let the cats out in hopes of them catching and killing gophers mice rats etc. They are excellent at this.
    They do catch an occasional bird but they are pigeons , mockingbirds, sparrows, house wrens. And I do mean occasionally.

  85. Yeeps! this takes me back to 7 years ago when my bunny was pregnant and I didn’t know. (bunnies live in nice big outdoor pen with heated shelter for winter) One night I was awakened by a horrific high pitched scream (well yes it was a dark and stormy night). Jumping up and turning on the light I discovered my cat with a BEBEH BUNNY in his mouth! Jumping up I grabbed cat and extricated bunny, unharmed due to thick fur. Then I roused husband and daughter and in the dark they went to the pen and chased down Mom bunny and 11 more little bunnies! Brought them inside and all were well. It is many years later now, Mom bunny has passed on and all the other babies were sent to good homes but we kept the rescued one, she is now 7 1/2 years old.

  86. tablemountaingirl says:

    Squeeee!!!!!! cutie bun bun !!!!!!

  87. Little update. It put the little guy back outside after getting some photos, and making sure the cat was gone. A few hours later it began to rain heavily, so I went to see if the bun had stuck around. I found him in the same spot I left him, and he was rather lethargic. I took him back in with a towel in the shoebox. He slept most of the time in the box, and unfortunately he passed away in the night. He must have been sick, or perhaps traumatized, or injured by the cat in some way I couldn’t detect. In any case, he got a good burial.

  88. Aw. Poor little bun. *sob*

  89. CoffeeCup says:

    Andrew j, you did the best you could. Bunnies just frighten so easily, and they aren’t hardy creatures when they’re that young. You did so well. Don’t worry about the nuffers who are going to say you should’ve done this or that. He had a nice warm place to sleep for a night, and no predators to worry about. It’s very sad that it died, but at least it was saved from an earlier death.

  90. Hi Andrew and everyone else!
    I, too, volunteer at a wildlife rehab center and what no one has posted yet is that even the slightest puncture from a cat’s tooth can quickly cause a deadly infection. So any cat caught wild animal should be taken to a wildlife rehab center for a 5 day run of antibiotics just to make sure. But, like you Andrew, I didn’t know this until I started volunteering there 3 years ago. I started my volunteer blog over a year ago and have posted about this very subject!

    In the end, at least you took the time to save it…some people wouldn’t have.

  91. So Sue Me... says:

    what is this??? a bun…..for ants??

  92. No, I’m going to agree that Andrew did better than most people would have and did the best he could. Thank you for trying to save the bunneh Andrew. It’s just statistics sadly, most wild baby bunnehs don’t make it through tramatic events, their little hearts just can’t take it. 😦

  93. aaw.. that’s so adorable!

  94. Saint Stryfe says:

    The spirits decided they needed a cute bunny and it was this one’s time. Don’t be too sad, it’s how life goes. Aces to you for trying Andrew. Protecting innocent life is always a justifiable cause and you went above-and-beyond the call of duty. Thank you for being a kind person.

  95. I’m sure the kittie was just trying to snorgle the adorable bunnie. I’m sure it meant no harm whatever to such a cute bunnie.

    If you want to see some serious (and seriously cute) bunnie toes go to

  96. I LOVE da front bunneh paws. Dey’re so cute! Cuter than the hind paws (IMHO). The nose-eye ratio cracks me up, too! He shall become a wasckawy wabbit.

  97. Ahh! I think I’m in love.

  98. Bravo for trying Andrew. Sometimes they’re just so hard to save… the one time I tried to save a baby bird that had fallen way out of its nest I left it with the vet and even they couldn’t make it last through the night. It’s so good to know that there are kind-hearted people out there that would care enough to try.

    I’m glad to see this picture of him. What a cute little guy.

    The town I used to live in has a “destroy any outdooor cats” policy – supposedly to keep the stray population down. Instead they’ve wiped out the strays and now the town is overrun with bunnies destroying the vegetation. I’m not too sure about the second part because the coworker that was complaining about it doesn’t like animals but there certainly were a heckuva lot of rabbits when I lived there. They were everywhere. Just stinking everywhere.

  99. bunny will grow up big and strong and then chase the kitteh away from the house!

  100. book_monstercats says:

    Almost every little animal I’ve rescued from a predator has passed on. The problem is I work long hours and these things happen to me when most animal rescue shelters are not manning (personing – ha!)their phones. It’s upsetting, but I try to comfort myself with the thought that they could have just curled up and gone to sleep and just not woken up. Top marks , Andrew J (and Jraye) for the recue, though.

  101. Andrew, you rock!

  102. luvinmalssomuch says:

    😦 Andrew you did the best you could. You have a heart of gold. Never lose that.

  103. Kittehs are such bullies.

  104. OMG!1! Behbeh bun-bun!!! Andrew J, if he needs a home, I shall provide him a good one. I’ll be a very snorgle-y mama for heem…

    With only the softest of soft kronsches on the bunny-toesies!

  105. It’s the circle oof Liiiaaahfe! Goodbye small one. No gooshy food for teh kitteh, and rest assured that the mom of this bun will make another one that looks just like him. And guys who love animals are instantly hot.

  106. Andrew, you’re awesome! I too have had several little ones pass on but never doubt they appreciate it and are playing with the angels. Like the previous poster, sometimes I wasn’t able to get to a wildlife rehabber in time, due to timing, distance, or just no one available. You did your very best and I think you’re awesome. It’s rare to find a guy who cares for animals (around here anyway) and it renews my faith in humanity. Thank you for caring.

  107. CoffeeCup says:

    Do some people not bother to read the last few posts before they post their “OMG it’s so cute, I want one, ahhh” message? Hardly seems like the right message at the moment…sorry, it was just weird reading the “I’m sorry” and sniffle posts (I sniffled myself a few times) and then seeing a complete change in mood. It fooled with my emotions for a little bit.

  108. you saved him from a painful death, he probably just died in his sleep. poor little bug. at least you tried. rest in peace, little niblet…

    bless you for caring enough to try. **sniff**

  109. Andrew J, you’re a real hero, I’m sure you made this little guy’s last hours peaceful and safe. And Bunneh – we salute you as you make your way to the “rainbow bridge” where buns and kitties are bestest of pals forever and no-bunneh has to be rescued ever, and kronsches are only the softest and sweetest.

  110. bunnygirl says:

    And that is why people should not let their cats outside. Please protect birds and other wildlife by keeping your cats inside.

  111. Andrew;

    You are a good man. Kudos for trying to help the baby bunny. That poor little guy’s number was probably up from the kitten/cat attack…at least you gave him a comfortable, safe, warm place to pass away in.

    A poem/prayer for the bunners:

    May you have sunshine on your head, little one
    May you have green grass and clear water, teeny bun
    May you have many friends, and bunny angels seven,
    And every night sleep with your mommy in heaven

  112. superboymom says:

    Boo hoo – the poor baby bunbun. I looked back at his picture one more time and there he was waving goodbye with his tiny wittle paw . . .

  113. Aw, Andrew, it’s ok. We tried to rescue a baby bunny under similar circumstances once, with the same result. I think they are very susceptible to dying of shock.

  114. Oh. please post something else. this is so sad i cant stand it.

    I’m sorry Andrew, you did the best you could. Some things are just not meant to be.

    Can we please move on now to a happy positive post for friday?

  115. Hey… wait a minute… I have seen this bunny before!! I recognize the white spot on the top of the head… isn’t this the same bunny that rescued before being hit by a lawn mower??

  116. ok, here’s a happy bun / kitteh story
    I took my foster bun out of his cage, had him on a harness and leash, to let him hop around the house…
    the kittehs did not attack him
    in fact, they were all like, WTF is *that*???
    very funny to see

  117. hi adrienne
    all lil buns have a white spot on their head when they’re babies.
    i guess its there so we dont run over them with the lawnmower!

    thanks for the kitteh story, i’ll bet they would have got along just fine!

  118. indigoreiki says:

    Aww- look at the tiny toe morsels.

  119. …and I’m spent.

    This pic done did me in.

  120. luvinmalssomuch says:

    This is no way to end the week. We need something happy now.

  121. Mary (the first) says:

    “tiny toe morsels”.. perfect phrase!
    But on another note, (mournfully) no new posts? barrrooooooo?!?

  122. cariescarebear says:

    Ohhh, see here i was reading all these comments and then came across the bad news. He was cute, but he is gone now. I’m sad but his cuteness prevails.

  123. New York Michele says:

    What you did was a good thing. The bunny will go back to the grass and become a new creature- you did the best you could under those circumstances.

  124. Aww Andrew! It was so good of you to try to help this sweetie. I bet he sure appreciated the heroism of your actions and was probably spared a much more painful death.

    Chin up! You did good 🙂

  125. Oh, so sad the bunnie died. At least you tried, Andrew J. I would have been so sad. Poor little bun bun.

  126. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh noes! I saw the # of comments and wondered what commentroversy I’d missed but didn’t imagine this.
    Thank you for trying, Andrew J. You are a mensch. And thanks for posting the pic, so the leetle bun will live forever.

  127. Amen, erynchan. I have only ever had indoor cats. Some have made breaks for it, some haven’t. They all lived to 17, 18, 19, & 20. Toto is now 20 and perfectly happy inside. JJ is 3 (I think) and knows that the only way she gets to go outside is in her playpen…& whenever she wants to go outside she’ll let me know by getting into it and hopping up onto one of the shelves.

    Daniel – that was the saddest poem ever… here I am at work, tears filling my eyes! OMG!

    What an adorable bunneh. Sorry (s)he didn’t make it. But look how happy he made us all with one prosh photo. He fulfilled a purpose by making people happy and his proshness will continue, frozen in time. Good work, Andrew.

  128. Daniel, am cryin now. COXCU of marmie toes on moss helping a little.

  129. I’m sorry the little bunbun had to leave, but who knows how much the cat shook him/her up. But he knew warmth and safety before the end.

    And yay for the kitty-bunny story! I know quite a few people who have rabbits and cats and they get along and play together.

  130. Awwwwwww.

    UnbeLIEVable cuteness, and then such sadness! At least the poor sweet precious little bun got to spend his last night in cushy surroundings, tended by a very caring person.

  131. I am sorry I contributed to the sadness – let’s all get toasted and celebrate the end of the week, and be happy thinking of all the cute animals that are waiting to be discovered!!! 🙂 *Hands out pints*.

  132. Daniel, don’t be sorry. It was sweet! I’m with you, tho. >clink!<

  133. Oh oh oh! Oh my god! This is exactly (well almost exactly) like a song called “Rabbit” by Goldcard. You all should look it up. Cutest/saddest song I’ve ever heard.

    “Long time ago,
    Found a baby rabbit,
    That the cat brought in
    She had chewed on it…
    Fit in my hand,
    its heart it beat so quickly,
    …Lined a box,
    With a blanket,
    Put in lettuce,
    found a top for it…”

    The end is sad, though… 😦 I hope this little guy fares better than the one in the song! So cute.

  134. {{Andrew}} Thanks for trying. I’ve tried rescuing baby bun-buns from kit-tens, too. Vet told me they mostly go into shock and rarely recover. We have to try, though, right?

  135. Aw Andrew! 😦 you did a wonderful thing. He passed on in peace and warmth. That is a precious gift you gave him. He gave you the once in a lifetime thrill, of holding such a dear creature in the palm of your hand.

    It’s true that wild creatures must kill to eat. Domestic ones do not. Pets shouldn’t be allowed to upset the natural flow of local nature. Plus, there are diseases that muched loved pets can end up contracting.

  136. Aww, sweet bun! Sorry to hear he didn’t make it!

    I used to work at a zoo, and once we saved a bun out of the tiger pen. I’m not sure what he was doing in there (got lost overnight while the cats were inside?), but he was cold and wet and scared when they found him. He spent a good part of that morning snoozing in my left hand or the pocket of my sweatshirt. I never did hear what happened to him, but he was awfully sweet 🙂

  137. MonkeyAnn says:

    “Kittehs are such bullies.”

    Once again, no, they are not. They are normal natural predators doing what comes naturally. What is with this bizarre human obsession with assigning Disney traits to nature?

    That cat was not evil. It was as natural and beautiful as the bunny was.

    I’m sorry the little guy died – pretty expected but at least he died in a comfortable place.

  138. wickedly cuuuuuuuuute

  139. Awww. It’s so hard for me to look at the little darling’s picture, knowing he/she’s no longer around. 😦

  140. People, please… for your beloved pets, for your environment, and for the creatures with whom we share the world, be responsible cat owners. Have them spayed and neutered, get them vaccinated, and keep them indoors. It’s the right thing to do.

    If for nothing else… do it for the bunnies.

  141. Ohhhh, dear. Well, thank you for trying, Andrew J.
    It was a beautiful little bun. Unfortunately, these things happen.

  142. Oh poor lil bunbun!

  143. Ooooo he looks savage! Rabbits are savage, you know!

  144. worst comment says:

    Allow me to make the worst comment ever:

    Will it blend?

  145. Awww, brave Andrew and poor little bunneh.
    But that’s not what I thought at first… Unfamiliar with the phrase “sleeping one off” I momentarily thought that Andrew had actually killed the cat and now it was buried in a shoebox somewhere… I was shocked for a second and then let out a sigh of relief. And a giggle. 😀

  146. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Andrew, I hope you are not too sad–I think most of us know how it feels. You did the right thing even if it was a lost cause, plus points for going to check again and bringing bun in to warm soft dry place of refuge to slip away peaceful, not scared and cold and wet.

  147. Outside: Cars to run over kitteh. Bad people to throw things at kitteh. Other kittehs to fight with kitteh and give kitteh nasty wounds. Mean dogs to attack kitteh. Raccoons etc. to give rabies to kitteh. Feline leukemia. Feline AIDS. Host of other diseases. Fleas. Ticks. Mites. Mange. Mosquitoes. Dirty water. Lack of food.

    Inside: People to love ‘n spoil kitteh. Trip to vet – pleh – to keep kitteh healthy. Clean water every day. Too much Kitteh Chow every day. 🙂 OK, kitteh not allowed to indulge in natural instinct to hunt live creatures – more than made up for by way of TRUCKLOAD of kitteh toys designed to indulge kitteh’s instinct to hunt ANYTHING. Crazy dog, but kitteh lurves him, he’s her interspecies boyfriend.

    Hmmm. After weighing the two sides of the issue, I’ve decided that I will definitely let her take her chances outdoors. She’s a runty, skinny little nothing without a mean bone in her body, and wouldn’t last half an hour, but hey, that half an hour will be so cool for her! She’ll get to maybe kill a bird or something! Yeah! That makes just so much sense for me to do that to her! I’m the bestest kitteh mommy EVAR now!

  148. awww cutie!

  149. Andrew and little baby Bunneh …

    bless you both for the original post and the update …

    they were too cute and too sad …

    such is life …


  150. compy-saur says:

    Wabbit choes. :$ I feel the urge to caress the feets.

  151. i heart bunnies

  152. Poor little bun–it was a kind effort Andrew. On a slightly different note, I’m surprised people have assumed that this was a wild rabbit. There’s a possibility that this was a baby from a domesticated bunny, in which case, you would not want to release it back into the wild. It’s an unfortunate reality that many domesticated bunnies are “set free” into the wild when idiots decide they’re too much bother as pets (often after impulse buys at Easter). Perhaps a wildlife rehab poster could offer some suggestions on how to tell the difference between a wild bun and a domesticated bun that’s been discarded?

  153. Good Lord. Someone put a stake through me please! I can’t bear the agony!

  154. tracyFLICK says:

    Kitteh: I wasn’t going to eat the bunneh. I was just going to taste it.

  155. tracyFLICK says:

    Oh no just saw a few comments up – sorry to hear. 😦

  156. 10/10 on the feet factor! <3