Pssst. Psst! What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

‘make me one with everything!!!’ [snicker]


I can’t believe you made a joke like that, Cheryl E.



  1. Karen in Toronto says:

    I koan’t believe you posted this.

  2. Yeee! Daschund!
    *Keels over*

  3. So the hotdog vendor gives the Buddhist his hotdog,
    the Buddhist gives him a $10 bill,
    but the hotdog vendor doesn’t give the Buddhist any change back.
    So the Buddhist says, “Hey where’s my change???”
    The hotdog vendor says, … wait for it…
    “Change must come from within.”

  4. What a pretty coat on his pudgy tubs!

  5. Kyle in VA says:

    The vendor gives him the hot dog, at which point the monk asks, “Hey, where’s my change?”

    To which the vendor replies:
    “Change must come from within.”

  6. I can even rely on this site for horribly good jokes, too! Dang…

  7. hahahaha ceejoe, good one.

  8. Kyle in VA says:

    Dangit, ceejoe beat me to it by mere seconds.

  9. lol, Kyle – I was typin’ fast!!

  10. CeeJoe and Kyle —

  11. aw dangit, I can’t even get a decent jinx today…

  12. Aww…he’s got a bobo like in the PetSmart commercial!

  13. I call matchinks!

  14. i want to replace all my draft stoppers with dachshunds!!

  15. that’s sweet.
    he loves his bobo
    my pommie has a few bobo’s and she loves to carry them around the house and poke me in the ankle with them.
    this lil pupper has the nicest shiny coat, and such a sweet face.
    Oh! Jen- they also have big versions of these at petco and they would make GREAT draft stoppers! (unless your dog drags them away of course)

  16. berthaslave says:

    Well, we all need a little bobolovin now and zen.

  17. Buddy and Bobo! They’re my favoritest PetSmart commercial ever.

  18. I second the matchingks!

  19. Oh Definatly MATCHINKS.

    And Bobo and Buddy. ; ) I love that commercial it makes me smile everytime I see it. Just like this picture did.

  20. but what about when the vicious owner-woman steals buddies bobo while hes snoozin on the bed! and throws it in the trash! (brings a tear to my eye every time)
    I have had to toss favorite toys of my dogs when they became too damaged/choking hazard, then to watch her go around the house looking for it! OMG! breaks my heart!!!

  21. Trinketsmom says:

    ::snort::guffaw:: Gee, adorable critters AND humor!

    [That’s how we roll, TMom! – Ed.]

  22. book_monstercats says:

    A dachsie called Max came to sit in my lap at a BBQ in Scotland. He was a solid tube of muscle with paws and ears. An hour or so later, I was found, pinned, with Max in my lap, hungry and cold. it was MAHVELLOUS dahlinks. PS He later flew across the channel in a microlight with his owners. Cue daschie with flying goggles and helmet. Too prosh.

  23. BookMonster: photos. We need PHOTOS. Or video, if you’ve got it.

  24. Space Cowgirl says:

    Bwah! I’d heard the first joke, but not the addendum. Brilliant.

    It was a veggie dog though, hmm?

  25. Look at his little back legs! How the folds of skin almost cover up his feets.. Pants!

  26. yayyyyyyy weeniesssssss!

    me? partial to weenies?
    *scoots her two mini dachshunds behind her back with left foot*

    [shameless dachsie owner plugs–molly: and oscar:

  27. Yay Bobo!

  28. ‘V’x===x– WeENiEs –x===x’V’

  29. Weeniepants!!!!! Squee!! Love it!

    NY Girly, Molly is presh, but Oscar isn’t there 😦

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Glad to see I’m not the only one to think of Buddy and Bobo! That was one of my favorite commercials…next to the vacuum cleaner one…”Slight shedding problem?”…

    But this weiner reminds me of my sister’s Dax…more like a Bratwurst, lol! Maybe it’s just the way she’s layin’…cute pup!

  31. Seeing this picture made me feel like a cowboy.

    That’s right. I wanna get a long little doggie! 🙂

  32. The cubbiness factor is killin me. Must…snuggle…now…can’t stop self…

  33. Argh! You beat me to making that joke Jimbeaux 🙂

  34. *snickers at Jimbeaux*
    Good one!!

  35. We found a graduate Bobo to use as a prize at our back-to-school wiener meetup:

    Our wienerboy Preston, in his back-to-school bandanna:

  36. NYgirly:

    What a sweet lookin pair!!! The stretchedness of them boggles the mind! o-0

  37. tanx bugmom

    dere mah beebies 😀

  38. pugmamatimestwo says:

    love the symmetri-ocity going here. red dachsies are soooo pretty!

  39. awwwwww…my doggies have the same toy in green!

  40. XD
    love the dog(s)!!
    love the joke!!

  41. And then… (sniff)… the man at the petsmart said “where’s Bobo?” AND THEN.. (tear) THEY GOT HIM A NEW BOBO!!!!!!!

    i cried so much trying to explain that commercial to my husband that he thought i might be pregnant.

  42. Get a looong little doggie…

  43. …I saw this post like 12 hours ago…

    I just got the Buddhist joke.


  44. Ladies and gentlemans, we have a wiener!

  45. these pups have been here before. i love ’em, i have the first debut saved on my background.

  46. OMG. Mr. McSmoothenstein!! My grandmother and grandfather always had dachsies named “Zipper.” Zipper I, Zipper II, etc. Those are some seriously velvety ears for snorgling.

  47. In case anyone loves doxies as much as I do and wants to see the Petsmart commercial!

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    PSSST Lizzy (shifty eyes):
    Moi too. Took me forevers to get it (smacks self in head). Glad I’m not the only one.

  49. actionbastard says:

    your blog sucks.
    All your pictures are fugly.

  50. Hehe. Troll! How quaint.

  51. Katina — thank you. Best commercial EVAR. EVAR!

  52. Awww, Best Buddies! Hard to get both of them in one picture, tho. Usually you see dachshunds in hot dog rolls. Nice to see something different!

  53. lurkingsmirk says:

    All I can add to the comments is that in the petsmart commercial, the actor is one of the original power rangers 0_o so when I saw it I went from awwww to OMG it’s the black ranger! I mean, he really was the black power ranger…

  54. LurkingS – I noticed that too! It’s good to see that Zach (dunno his real name) is still working, unlike the other Power Rangers who seem to have fallen off the face of the earth.

  55. LOL!

    I love this site.