Re-donk, People! (YOu knew I was gonna say that.)

Check out this mini-donk. He’s all in a "Got Milk?" campaign with that muzzlepowshe. Points for knee knobs.


Teeniest of hooves clopping in thanks for you, Maggie H.



  1. What a cutie patootie!

  2. the flurffy ‘tock end just kills me. the cutest ‘donk with the flurfiest ‘tock ever.

  3. His ‘tockfluff matches his forehead fluff too.

  4. I love the double whammy of the body-to-head proportion and the head-to-ears proportion!

  5. Totally re-donk-ulous!

  6. that is one of the cutest donks ever. what a great pic.

    i like the fuzzy head/fuzzy tocks symmetry.

    i want to kiss his lil white schnozzicle and neeble on his velvety earsies. is that so wrong?

  7. metsakins says:

    where is heee??

    I must find heem and feel the fuzz!!

  8. OMG he looks like an unreal kiddie book creation…the kind with the cardboard pages and a piece of fluffiness glued on the animulz so kids lurn “textures”…sooo soooooofft….

    And the EARSES!!!!!

  9. He just blew out my cute meter.

  10. he looks so timid and curious and fragile… i just wanna cuddle him and huff his forehead fluff (the ‘tock tufts, however, will remain un-huffed) and sing him wuwwabyes.

  11. Rosalynde says:

    Holy fuzzinks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. extra props for having not grown into his head-size yet! so adorable. i want him in my back yard.

  13. Donkey by Disney!

  14. ::giggles::

    Look at his little sticky-outie fur! Am going to explode from overdosing on cuteness.

  15. One Eyed Daruma says:

    The questioning tilt of his head seems to be saying “does this fuzz make my ‘tocks look big?”

  16. Can I burro your donkey?

  17. Mrs Fonebone says:

    This is one extreme case of the fuzzy-butts.

  18. nursegirl says:

    that’s the cutest thing I think I ‘ve ever seen! He looks soooo sweet!!!

  19. That’s one re-donk donk.


  20. Oh the fluffity ears!!! They look like felt – so plushy! I want to soft-kronsche!

  21. Once there beez a fuzza donkey
    And it’s knees were rilly wonky
    When it sneezed it went, hee-hawnky
    And the fleas all go kerplonky

  22. Ah Good Morning Pyrit. I see you are in fine form today.

  23. A fuzzy ass!!!

    He’s so silly looking! He’s head tilting too!! I’ll take two, please.

  24. He’s a Honkey Tonk Re donk – a donk!!!

    But seriously, I was bitten by on of these. Hard! It was sticking it’s tongue out so I went over and petted the velvety softness. KRONSHE!@!! Then oh hey, come back and pet me!!! I did. It’s right to forgive 🙂

  25. I just can’t decide which is cuter….The donk tocks or Pyrits little poem. Hehehehe

    I know, I shall sing the poem to the donk whils I kronsche on his earsies….

  26. …and that’s the way it is.
    Good night; I’m Walter Kronky.

    (because I can’t leave well enough alone)

  27. Pyrit! I love your poem!!!! LOL!!

  28. Donky donky donk donk
    Donky donky donk donk
    I love you!

    Donky donky donk donk
    Donky donky donk donk
    I love yoooouuuuuu!!!!

  29. Cassandra says:

    Oh, knobular little donk, how ever do you stay balanced on your teensiest of hoofsies? The fuzzy five-head must throw you off a little…but I still lurve you 😀

  30. Donk-eeeeeeee

    Pyrit, way to go!

  31. Well done, Pyrit! And this donkey is so anerable, I just want to put heem in my pocket and take him home.

  32. ahhh! so leettle and fuzzy 😀 😀

  33. I believe my exact words were (in an extremely high pitched voice):


    Not even joking here. I swear that’s what I said. Then I ran out of breath.

    I WANT THAT DONKEY!!! Now. I could keep in my room. And it could sleep on my bed. And when it gets bigger I could ride him to school. Seen that episode of Scrubs?

    Patient: If there’s anything I could do for you…

    Elliot: Umm… What do you do for a living?

    Patient: I breed ponies.

    Elliot: OMG PONIES!


    *rides in Hospital on Shetland Pony*

    Giddyup, Sparkles, don’t want to be late for rounds…

    Yes I do quote Scrubs wherever I go! That show’s made me want to be a doctor.

  34. OMG… That is the sweetest little donk ever!

  35. ooh. Wow. Thank you peepszez.
    (falsetto Mick Jagger) “I’ll nevah beee yo beast of burden…”

  36. “You hear dat, Shrek? I am a noble steed!”

  37. berthaslave says:

    I’m a guy, so I’ll say it:

    That is one cute little ass.

  38. Oh, my God. Huge head. Leetle body. He’s gonna trip over his own feets!

  39. question-
    are we sure this is a donkey? or a mule? or a Burro? whats the diff between them.
    I’m wondering…

  40. I’m pretty sure it’s a donkey…a mule is a shoe and a burro is a hole in the ground made by a smaller aminal…*heehee*

  41. and he’s got a fine lil buh-donkey-donk growing back there ^^

  42. if someone puts a lil daisy on his head right between his ears i’m totally going to steal him

    i’m totally cereal

  43. thanks Daisycat
    it is all completely clear now.

  44. :Can I burro your donkey?:

    why yes you may Annie, being as you are as re-donk as she 🙂

    liz, mules and hinnies are crosses between a horse and a donkey, burro? not sure. but she’s definitely not a mule…

  45. Gimme gimme gimme!!!!! I shall whiiiine until my face is smooshed into snarfable wee donklet’s fuzzyocity!! And those gentle trusting eyes (I assume t’other eye looks the same.)…waaahhhh!

  46. Since it is so small maybe it’s a burrito…

  47. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Makes me want to schnuzzle his schmuzzle.

  48. You know…it’s times like this I like to sing the William Tell Overture:
    Mini-donk, mini-donk, mini-donk-donk-donk.
    Mini-donk, mini-donk, mini-donk-donk-donk.
    Mini-donk, mini-donk, mini-donk-donk-donk.
    Mini-doooooooooooooooooooooonk, mini-donk-donk-donk.

  49. Donkey=burro.

    A mule is half horse and has a horsier look (taller, smoother hair).

    But I agree with MamaDawn, this is a burrito.


  50. Donkies friggin’ RULE, in all catagories. They win for teh CUTE! The win for ‘Tude. They win for strength and utility.



  52. How completely precious!

    I hope he lives a fantastically happy life.

  53. I do so heart pyrit.

  54. my cat is a blob and I wish I had a donkey says:

    I’m speechless!

  55. oh those knobs!

  56. Okay here for those wondering
    IF you live East of the Mississippi they are Donkeys and if you live west of the Mississippi River they are Burro’s and Mules are a donkey mated with a Horse.(with ETC.)

    More info here if you are so inclined

  57. Donk bum fuzz is the cutest.

  58. Donk bum fuzz is the cutest.

  59. Annie… ok, so if I’m here in CA I can’t call it a donkey?? That’s so unfair! “Donkey” sounds *so*… well… redonk than just ole “burro”. Can we have a recount???

  60. Fergit the knee knobules…what about them thar ankle-ular knobules?? Ankbules?? Knobankles?

  61. SPB NOpe YOu gotta call em Burros it the LAW 😉

  62. lil burrito’s toasted ears: nawm nawm.

  63. I TOL’ you donkey were cute! So fuzzy-butted, too!

  64. I’m going to feed him some cake!

  65. I think if you paint that nose red you have a serious contender for the lead role in your local holiday production of “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.”

    Where’s Clarisse?

    He just nannorable.

  66. Awww look at his fluffy tocks!

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    no no the reference just said “commonly heard” west of the Mississippi (donkey) because it’s taken from the Spanish for donkey. We can call them donkeys out here if we want.. or burros in Vermont if so inclined. Mule, however, is a (somewhat) different animal altogether.

  68. OMG!!! She is sooooo perfect!

  69. MissManda says:


  70. Steven Harris says:

    Fuzz tocks.

  71. Erm . . Nice ass. 😉

  72. SQUEEEEEEE! Mini donkling!