I sing this song every night

And then, someone made a video of it.

Trent T.? massive gold stars for this one.



  1. Que dice el pajarito???

  2. squee!

  3. hazelnutbunny says:

    Awwww! Cutesy!!!! :O)

  4. This is so crazy freakin funny!!! Love the surprise ending!!! Reminds me of the bird in Shrek singing with Fiona……
    I will be singing this all the time now too.

  5. hibousoir says:

    THAT’S a song I didn’t need to have in my head today . . . but it might keep me from eating too moishe. lol

  6. i just sprayed my screen.

    it needed a cleaning anywheys.


  7. I was watching the video thinking it was stupid and in my head suggested, “if they shot the bird at the end, I would laugh.” Then it exploded.

    I didn’t laugh though. Hmmm…

  8. you mean you guys haven’t been singing it since Meg put it on for us the first time.
    OMG I go around singing it all weekend as I work in my garden
    And The video. Tres Cute and the surprise ending is the BOMB

  9. Sorry. Not that cute.

  10. wtf?

  11. So, it’s not “et tu mange?” Okay, makes more sense now. Specially with pudgie mc birdersons

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I should have stayed over with the cat in the wok.

  13. … was that real, or have I been hitting the Constant Comment a bit too hard today?

  14. I thought it was speaking Frawnch too. Like the lyrics…not so sure about this particular melody. And what’s up with the slight snoring at the beginning?

  15. It would have been enough WITHOUT the suprise ending. I’m not offended, but it took away from the effect of rest. Otherwise, beee-youuu-tee-fulll.

  16. Pat Trenner says:

    That’s the voice of our very own Golden Songbird, Ms. Meg. Beautiful. Funny. Clever. Verily, she doth ROK.

  17. I hear honk-shus in background. What’s up with that?

  18. THose snore sounds are pig sounds to go with the I ate tooo moishe lyrics. And yep it is meg and she did it becasue some peeps didn’t know how to say Moische and
    Oh never mind,
    I like It. including the ending it reminds me of all those cartoons I watched growing up.

  19. HA HA HA-that’s afunny!

  20. ha bird-splodes!!!

  21. funny i should be reading this right after lunch…


  22. It’s a bit like these old Terry Gilliam animations in Monty Pythons Flying Circus!
    Me like too moishe!

  23. Fan-feakin’-tastic! Thanks so moische, Meg!

  24. haaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa*gasps for air*haaaahaaaaa! Whoever made tis is a GENIUS! Thanks so moishe!

  25. thas thilly 😛

  26. berthaslave says:

    Yah, totally Gilliam. And since it’s not a real bird, then it’s funny.

  27. hil-AIR_eous!! Meggy Moo’s got her own video now!! What’s next? Interwebz domination?? 😉

  28. I’ll be singing this song Monday afternoon, right after I finish the huge turkey dinner! (Canadian Thanksgiving)

    Love the video. Did the bird have a wafer-thin mint just before the end?


  30. …It explodes into an owl?? I love it.

  31. What language is that?

    [ http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Snorglish ! – Ed.]

  32. OK, I did this by accident, but it works out great. If you have the tab function on your browser (like with Mozilla), start the song on one window and then start in on another window for a round effect (like Frere Jacques). More of the song can only be better!

  33. This is not cute. AT ALL!!!!!


  34. Lady Chroe says:

    OMG – Rebecca – I just spent 10 minutes playing this song on four open windows. It was too funny!

  35. Rebecca: I did that to see what you got, and you’re so right! In fact, I played it 4 times in 2 tabs. It was great! Only prob is that now it won’t let me switch between tabs when then video’s playing. I think I brokes it. 😦

  36. Persephone says:

    And my not-so-secret crush on Meg is exacerbated. What an adorable voice! <3

    [she’s married, I’m married, not to each other, we’re all married & accounted for, no offense, no harm, no foul, so sorries, I’m hungry… – Ed.]

  37. Back reference to leetle Thanksgiving Golden-Crowned Fluffsplodelet:

    I’ll never forget that little guy.

  38. OHH NOES!! I GAVE THE WRONG LINK!! I’ll never live it down.

    THIS, PEOPLE, THIS is the link to the Golden Crowned Fluffsplodelet:

  39. ka9q's wife says:

    If Meg sings that song every night and it’s true, how does she stay so trim and svelte.

    *Regrets the drive thru food I just had. Then remembers that I did have a diet coke with lemon with my food. Doesn’t that make everything else low cal too?*

  40. Theresa — fixed it. Sorta.

  41. Brovo! Brava! I love sick stuff like this! It’s an instant fave!

  42. Oh hey peeps. I just went back and added all the animated posts I could find to the “Cartoons” category. This includes the RCFs*.

    I’ve felt that the Cartoons section has been under-represented for a long time; this helps flesh it out a bit. Happy browsing!

    *Reality-Casual Friday

  43. Whoa! My pic has gone global!

  44. Theo, thanks so much for not letting me send everybody everybody to the Green Hell of Information Science. 😉 You’re a real pal.

  45. Absolutely love it! I’ve watched it over and over and laugh each time. Keep ’em coming!

    I think that anybody who didn’t like it is entirely too serious. About a lot of stuff…

  46. AuntieMame says:

    Ha! I finally got to see it! I can’t watch videos at work…

    It’s Mr. Creosote (if he was a bird). :-DDD

  47. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Rebecca, you are a super-genius–though my cat attacked my speakers.

  48. ka9q's wife says:

    gol durn it. I keep hearing that song in my head.
    Make it stop.

  49. Oh man – i just came here to e-mail you the link and then here it was!

    Hilarious. My new favourite song.

  50. Oh man – i just came here to e-mail you the link and then here it was!

    Hilarious. My new favourite song.

  51. Oh man – i just came here to e-mail you the link and then here it was!

    Hilarious. My new favourite song.

  52. What the hayle?! Thru the magic of hey’sploshon, the birdie shifts shape into an ow-ell! crazy! hi-larius!

  53. Tygress22 says:

    this made me chuckle. I think it should be the theme song for Thanksgiving!

    Also, did anyone look at the related vids? The Absolutely Adorable ones are all pics from CO 🙂

  54. Kwazy_Kat_Lady says:

    Best. Video. Ever. My kids made me replay it about 10 times before school this morning. Now the teachers will be treated to rousing rounds of “I Ate Too Moishe” all day long! I hope they appreciate it. LOL

  55. Kwazy_Kat_Lady says:

    Tyg, yes, my behbehs also love the dramatic groundhog/prairie dog turn around thing. That little dude reminds me of John Black, for those of you who watch Days of Our Lives. Soooo dramatical!

  56. i’m still singing this song!!!

  57. Too moish! The birdy goes Boom Boom! 🙂

  58. I just told my mr. 4 year old pants that if he ran and did his chores really fast, he could watch i ate too moische again. He got done in record time! Just another service that CO offers!

  59. I’m glad you liked the video. It was our office theme song and I had to do something with it. So I am glad you guys like it so much! I feel loved!

  60. I must say I’m surprised at the pronunshiashun of “moische.” It sounds like “moosh” to me. I thought it would be more like “moische.” 😛

  61. Space Cowgirl says:

    Pure genius. Meg, if it makes you feel any better – youse not fat, youse fluffy.

  62. i thought it would sound like “mwash” as in “voila”.

    a day later, earworm is in full effect, continually reminding me of my own overindulgence at the noodle house yesterday, which coincided with this post. happy to report i did not (quite) explode.

    has anyone figured out what’s with the owl?

    theo – there are many kinds of crushes. i’m sure persephone just thinks meg is anerables and wants to nawm on her ear. wait, that didn’t come out quite right…

  63. Well, see, there is French, and then there is Frawnch (or Frawnsch). The latter is spoken at CuteOverload.

    I have to admit this got repeated plays at my house (darnit, I can’t see it at work so as to send to my coworkers). What’s funny is to open it in two or more windows and get a “row row row your boat” singing round going with it.

    Meg, your voice made Philo kitteh cock his head and look at the screen, bemusedly.

  64. I needed a picture of a tree and well… the owl was just kinda there and I was like. Owell.

  65. Persephone says:

    Theo — I know she’s married. I’m married too. No harm in looking/listening, though. 🙂

  66. Persephone says:

    And anner, I think my husband would get jealous if I were to nawm on other people’s ears. 😀

  67. Ze Fronsh chanteuse, Edith Piaf, would be zo vewry pwroud of vous Madame Meg.

  68. BTW, nice cadential ornamentation, from a moosikle standpoint. 😉

  69. Waaaaaaah?
    It is cute.

  70. My daughter made me play this over and over last night too!!!! I can see it spreading like wildfire throughout the frist grade….sheesh, everything else seems to!

  71. Yitzysmommie says:

    So we went out to dinner last night and indeed I did eat too moische and when I started singing this leetle songlet my beloved looked over at me and said “What? Huh? Moische? Waddyootalkin’bout?”
    I had to play it for him, and he began to sing along too.

  72. I think this might be the most persistant earworm EVAR!

  73. What is wrong with my eyes? When I first saw this picture, I thought it was an upside-down lemur with it’s head stuck in a test tube. Finally, when I turned up the sound, I figured out where the mouth was. I think I need glasses or a brain transplat.

  74. “Brain transplat” might be the best typo ever.
    Definitely the best one today.

  75. Okay, I study birds and I have never heard a golden crowned kinglet sing like that…let alone explode into an owl.

  76. Yeah, I wondered about that too. (Hi BirdChick!)

  77. Freakin’ hilarious. SOME people need to grow a sense of humor. Not naming any names.

  78. Shannon M says:

    I am STILL laughing out loud. This just cracked me up!

  79. Aww, Theo’s pickin on me!

    See, that typo proves the point–I do need the latter.

  80. Tomiko — would an espresso do?

  81. Hi Theo,

    I can’t stop playing ze video and now ze song is stuck in my head.

  82. Just in time for Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

  83. BeCAWZE it is not ze Golden-Crowned Kinglet– It is the Golden Crowned Fluffsplodelet. I thought we had established thees.
    (fold arms)

  84. Sits at computer at end of long work day singing
    IIIIIIIIIII Ate tooo Moish I Ate toooooo MOishe IIIIIIIIIIIIIII ate to Moishe’
    Ba da bumb.

    Wish I was at home already like all the east coast Peeps. 😦

  85. Looks Up Ohhhh HAI Theresa. How z U

  86. um, helrye? Not only was this uber-cute, the rest of the vids on the scroll at the bottom of it when it’s over is uber-tuuuuute too!!

  87. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canucks out there in the interwebs! This just about covers what it’s all about right?

  88. Is it also almost the end of Ramadan? I’m anticipating a huge Canadian-Muslim chorus of “I aaaate too moishe.”

  89. I like how it apparently ate an owl. Look at whats behind when it explodes!! or else the owl is an ASSASIN..oooooooo

  90. f’n weird.

  91. Elizabeth says: