The jury’s still out on possums

People, it’s tough at Cute O headquarters. We can never decide if possums are cute, or just horribly evil. (There is a fine line, and otters LOVE to jump back and forth across that line, taunting! always taunting!)

But I digest. Check out this dewd with this anerable paws. Don’t look at his schnozzle or ears tho. OK, you can look at his schnozzle.


I think he’s 1/2 prosh, Vicky A….



  1. Microfleece fields forever… zzzzzzz

  2. noooo… he’s *all* cute!

  3. honestly, it’s kind of cute how ugly that schnozzle is–i mean, we can’t all be purty like kittens!

  4. Yitzysmommie says:

    Megster, I think this may be the pic that pushes opossums over into the full sunshine of the Cute. The earsies, ready for a soft kronsche, the schnozzle, so ready for a delicate kees, the leetle teensy smile on his face, and the pawses!
    Yup, I vote for full cute status (at least for this anerable guy).

  5. Cute. Definitely cute. One look at the Awsum Pinkness convinced me.
    Possums all the way!
    Possum for teh President!

  6. hes so adorable, love the little “spread toes” on the back foot there, and the curlie tail! actually the ears, nossil area and the whole thing is cute.
    too bad it has to grow up to be so….frightening.

  7. PS — I am now absolutely certain that Meg is a Joss Whedon fan. Anybody else hear that caption in Anya’s “Bunnies!” voice, in your head?

  8. that’s full on cute.

  9. Totally anerable, especially how he is clutchng his own tail, like a kid going to sleep with a blankie. Awwww…

  10. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awwwww, he’s totally cute! And doesn’t look tasty at all! (My old neighbors in Indiana had a bumper sticker that read “Eat More Possum.”)

  11. i’m sorry, but i dare say that his lil schnoz and ears are *cuter* than his paws

  12. i am loath to contradict such a renowned cuteologist, but the shnozzle was the first thing i notices and it *is* anderble!!! nothin’ wrong with those ears either; they look pretty nibblable to me. and da feets! and da curled-uppedness! i’m with ceejoe. there’s nothin’ evil here, except his ability to control our minds with teh qte.

  13. er…”anerable”

  14. Oh, definitely MOST definitely CUTE. I think they are adorable!

    Did you know: when you tube-feed a baby oppossum (like in a wildlife rescue situation), they have a little red blush that climbs up their tummy like a thermometer. That’s how you know they are full!


  15. Only you, teho… Only you. I just hear my normal mad-scientist voice.

    [Sure, that works. I can see Emma Caulfield in a mad scientist role. I mean, if Elisabeth Shue could do it… Ed.]

  16. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww I think opossums are soooo cute especially when they play possum.

  17. Oh totally qte! schnozzle & ears, and tail TOO.

    Tiny Dewd! I love your little marsupial self!

  18. Definitely cutesies! Not as an adult, but definitely at this point. Tail and earsies included!

  19. Really peeJ? *desperately wants the bebeh possom to roll over so she can check its tummy now*

  20. brokentreasures says:


  21. anyone voting for the cute has obvs. never seen one of these evil monsters full-grown peering out of the darkness on your back deck at night.

  22. a different Laura says:

    Ummm, don’t you mean “I digress?” unless you really are disgesting this cute baby possum.

  23. cyclokitty says:

    he is baby cute!

    but, not quite ugly cute like Winston the smooshed face cat.

  24. Eeee — toes and muzzlepuff!

    The uncutest thing about possums, IMO, is the bald tailio. This little dewd is on top of the sitch and covers it with his anerable pawlets. Innocent qte, or sinister manipulation? I can’t decide.

  25. Possums are cute. Especially this one. And I WILL look at this ears and schnozzle because those are cute too!

  26. teeny curvy body great big head. Smoky-eye look.
    100% cute.

  27. carriegood – they’re not “evil” … they’re peering at you, simply hoping you’ll go away and not bother them…

  28. a different Laura says:

    Oops, I meant “digesting” not “disgesting”…

  29. I think he’s all cute. I love his translucent ears! As Yitzysmommie said before “ready for a soft kronsche”.

  30. radiantblue says:

    That is one of THE most precious of babies! Lying on his tiny little baby blankie, dreaming little possum dreams. Thank you for the pic. Made my day.And GOD bless whomever had enough love in their heart to protect and raise this little guy who can’t help what he looks like.

  31. Ugly! Those things have tried to eat our kittens before. Bleh.

  32. Full on EVIL. I think it’s the grotty tails. *shudder*

  33. hahaha Theo, now I have the song stuck in my mind…

    My vote is for cute, cute, cute. Maybe a tad evil, but still cute.

  34. ‘Possums are VERY cute! Sometimes the adults look evil because their teeth are too big for thir mouths, but they are non-aggressive beasties. And they actually FAINT when they’re stressed too much, which is where the “playing possum” phrase comes from. They are cute, cute, cute. And they are automatically pouch critters, so don’t be torn any more! They are definitely CUTE!

  35. I’m pretty sure when you’re born with built in eye makeup, you’re cute.

  36. Awwww, what’s wrong with his ears and schnozzle? I say cute all the way.

    And otters? Definitely, 100% cute.

  37. Maybe we should have an “Age of Qte” category? I submit the following examples:

    1. Possums: Look like grubs when first born, move into the cute-and-young category, then pass back out of it into horrifying adulthood.

    2. Hamsters, mice, rats, squirrels: Same as possums when first born, but then move into cute and never leave.

    3. Cats and dogs: Cute, period, whether newborn or old and creaky. (I think dogs are *especially* cute when they get the ol’ grey muzzlepowche.)

    4. Otters: See #3. And this: Awwwww.

    5. Birds: Depends on the bird. Most of them look like greasy little blobs when first born; some of them never get cute.

  38. teh bebeh possums are always cute! Its when they get big = not so cute. Oh and they’re not “evil”. They are simply trying to make their little possum way in this big, big world. When they open their mouth and hiss at you, they are just trying to scare you. They can’t really hurt you, jaw muscles are not terribly strong. Just leave ’em alones and they will go on their way. 🙂

    Dis little guy is a cutie! *kiss on the schnozzle*

  39. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    …bunnies, it must be bunnies!

    … or maybe possums…


    p.s. i think his little schnozzle is anerable, myself, and his ears too… and i have seen them (the adult versions) late at night, although since my night vision is pretty poor, i kinda thought he was my cat, until i leaned over to pet him, at which point i froze with my petting hand midair and backed away slowly…. still, this guy is wee and oh so cute!

  40. Awwwwwww…this little critter reminds me of a pet possum I had when I was a kid. He was cute, friendly and just plain adorable.


  41. Um… the jury’s out on possums, but mantises and their poop are officially cute??? What is going on here?

  42. I got to acctually pet a possum the other day and it was very nice. It even licked my hand. Felt just like a cat tongue. The fur is kinda course but not to bad. It was pretty neat

  43. tbirdie –

    Ok if they tried to eat your kittens, that equals pretty evil in my book. but just that one. 😉

  44. Dang it–the link works without the period in my above comment.

  45. Cute! Also they faint when startled so that takes them out of the evil category.

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Has anyone ever seen a possum run, they go sideways.

  47. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    p.p.s. llism, re:#3&4: newborn kittens, when they first pop out, kind of look like otters…

  48. look at heem! he’s so tewtally cute.

  49. As usual, I feel ya Theo (re JW). 😉

  50. 100% prosh, schnozzle and ears included!

  51. goodcarrie – is there a badcarrie, am i the badcarrie, omg, what if i AM???

    Oppossums are adorable – they do make good pets if you can stand the staying up all night and we love them!!

    here is our Blossom O’Possum!

  52. dandy_warhol says:

    i vote cute!! the ears were the first thing i noticed.

    *looks around room*

    *stuffs bebeh into pocket due to lack of pouch*

  53. ich… cute, but then you realize that you found it sitting in your garbage can on top of bagged poop. and it was happy there.

  54. mojojojo9000 says:

    BABY possum = cute
    ADULT possum scaring your cats and hissing at you when you try to shoo it away from food bowl = evil

  55. I’m with Pheas on the tail. *visible shudder*. But all in all I’d have to go with cute over scrary. Adult possums on the other hand…


  56. This one? Cute.

    Someone larger young one on my steps when I came home the other night? Not cute.

    I know it was freaked out by my porch light. I don’t begrudge it that. It also probably can’t help that it wasn’t cute. But I shooed it home as gently as possible, and I’m sure its mother was there to comfort it. And also thinks it’s cute. Which is what truly matters. 😛

  57. Er, someWHAT.

  58. positively precious pretty pooped-out possum!

  59. 100% cute. ESPECIALLY the ears. Big ears are cute. Haven’t you ever seen a beagle?

  60. You digest? Digest what, you sicko!

    Digress, I think you’ll find.

  61. Marsupials are always cute!

  62. i think that’s an intentional malapropism. like, a joke.


  63. Oh, I love possums! We once found one in our outdoor garbage can when I was little, and there was my dad with his arm barely poked out the door with a broom handle trying to knock over the can. Hehe. It was cute little dude, though!

  64. They are generally shy animals and can be of benifit to you in teh garden. The males do secrete a strong musky odor. so you don’t want them taking up residence in your garage or under your house. but for the most part they are not a bother.
    Here is a bit more info on them if you are interested.

    From the university of florida cooperative extension

  65. I digest…haha, yea they just said that on Family Guy and I cracked up.

    I’m a new mommy (first dog) and it’s weird because every animal I see on here whether it’s a bunny or this possum reminds me of my chi.

    HEHEHE the one toe is pointed!!

  66. I love possums! I raised a baby possie called “Tex” when I was a teen. They’re so adorable and love to sit on your shoulder.

  67. Absolutly cute! I love the delicate little transparent ear. I wanna kiss em!

  68. Mom, can I keep it?!

  69. I want him!

  70. He looks like he’s fast asleep but making grunts and twitches like he’s dreaming about romping through piles of autumn leaves and it was all fun and stuff but then a purple cat turned up and chased him and he was all scared and then he thought he woke up but the purple cat was STILL THERE and then he woke up for real and could he have a glass of water now please?

    Okay. Yes. That is a lot to read in a photograph. (Pulls blankie over possumlet, turns out lights, tiptoes away.)


  71. so cute, and, it’s already a COXCU ! yea.

  72. Peg:

    a PURPLE cat ? too funny

  73. I’ll grant that this guy’s a little cute – but the adults? Way too much of a resemblance to Rodents of Unusual Size.

  74. Being a cuteaholic I just do not understand how the jury could possibly still be out on this. They are CUTE! Poss one of the cutest. The are adorable bebbehs. Meg – Maybe you should contact a wildlife rehabber and see some in person. I’m sure that would change your mind!

  75. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Peg of Tilling, nice stream of consciousness there! lol!!

    are you a Margaret who is a Peg, or a regular Peg? Just wondering as I am the former and that seems to be most often the case…

  76. Peg:
    (sorry, can’t help this) are you a Square Peg ?

  77. he’s adorable!

  78. teh cute. UNDENIABLES.

  79. Cheryl Johnson says:

    baby possums anerable grown up/dead possums evil

  80. Yea rite!!! those things might be cute as babies…let them grow up they look like huge NY city sewer rats then… way …..

  81. This study just in from The Lancet 71% of non-homeowners find slepping baby ‘possums cute. For homeowners, the number drops to 49%.

  82. i have to say they are definitely cute.

    now if you will excuse me, i shall return to neebling on the delicate wittawl possum ear. nohm nohm nohm.

  83. CUTE, Meg! Definitely CUTE! I mean, c’mon, look at the peenk paws and nose and tail!

  84. PEG Teee Hee you have kids don’t you!

  85. He’s cute, da widdle wumpkins! Anyone who finks different is a blasfeemer!

  86. Carrie (the “bad” one) – thanks for reminding us, via your picture, that adult possums have HEART-SHAPED FACES!!! seriously, folks, check out Carrie’s picture before passing judgement. cute, cute, cute, i say.

  87. indigoreiki says:

    I’m with Meg on this. Possums are NOT cute! Horribly Evil and Sinister – YES!!! Oh and let’s not forget Sneaky. Ever meet one on Saturday morning sleeping on top of your newspaper. (squinty eyes)

  88. Possums are actually good to have around. They are immune to snake venom, and find snakes to be a good snack.

  89. A blasfeemer!?

  90. I vote for cute… and I’ll tell you HOW cute… I wore off about an inch of the rubber on my tires the other night, to avoid hitting one that decided to cross the road… He’s lucky it was me, and not someone else who doesn’t think these little guys are cute… ‘Cause they would have hit him!!

    I have one that visits my back porch too… He’s cute too, but my male Kitty doesn’t think so…

  91. He’s adorable!

  92. the jury is in! and that possum is GUILTY on all charges of public cuteness! if hedgehogs are cute, possums mos’ def get the nod!

  93. Pure, unadulterated CUTE!

  94. Pure, unadulterated CUTE!

  95. I even find adult possums to be adorable. They have great BEF, and the way they walk is sooo cute.

  96. This makes me think back on a quote from a long time ago that I saw on a documentary about the Rolling Stones.

    A fan was asked if she thought Mick Jagger was attractive. She said “He’s so ugly, he’s cute”.

    That comes to mind when I see this pic.

    He’s the Mick Jagger of the animal kingdom. It’s up to you if you consider that a compliment or an insult.

  97. circuscake says:

    cute! cute! cute!

    i even love ’em when they’re adults. they have very sweet faces- really!

    what i am saying, meg, is give possums a chance…

  98. Rob Coover says:

    My sweet lord, how could an OTTER jump across to the not-cute side?!?! They are the BEST. And they’re so playful.

  99. CUTE. Yes indeed. Cutest, though, when they get all puffy and hissy.

  100. meg: ya dint put ‘don’t look at his snout and ears til the END’ 😐

    yay UF (Go Gators!!)–dat’s (Gainesville) where we moved from in Florida; me and the fiance both went to school there and my dad is a prof there

  101. englishwoman says:

    Well I never

    Apparently, you can legitimately call an Opossum a possum, but you can’t call a Possum an opossum. I never knew that.

    At least today wasn’t a total loss, then :/

    (Apparently we can’t use html in comments, so here are some linkys in case what I wrote was completely incomprehensible:



  102. All of them are CUTE!!! I love it.

  103. good thing his tail is hidden.

  104. Apparently The BAD Carrie *sob* says:


    Our Blossum doesn’t come visit in the summer when the bugs and worms are a’plenty – only in the winter when we feed her leftover eggs and bacon and pancakes.

    I wish I had a copy of the picture of her peeking in the door, begging for meatloaf.

  105. Mary (the first) says:

    TEWTALLY cute! no question.

  106. Kristen from MA says:

    awww, he’s cute.

  107. They’re even cuter wen their moms lines ’em all ups and marches em hup-two to yer back porch to be eatin yer kitty foods. All in single file! And plus they always looks like they’re smilingks, which makes the ratty tail forgivables.

  108. RKEM: Those pictures!!!! Soooo cute!! The judge must delcare a mistrial! They are cute!!!!

  109. Musn’t hate on the possum! Don’t dis North America’s ONLY marsupial! (dig me, goin’ all Wild Kingdom on y’all…!)

  110. CA~UTE!!!!!!

  111. I think he’s freakin adorable! But then again, I grew up with pet rats.

  112. I don’t get what you have against opossums- they’re great! I think his little shnoz and ears are the best part!

  113. I think all possums are cute – even when they’re trying their best to scare the crapola out of you. Hoooraaaayyy for possumness!

  114. Clare, good post, neva new that.

  115. Sharon B. says:

    C’mon, Meg, he’s SMILING for criminey’s sake. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

  116. He IS cute! I live in Florida near a conservation area, so we see opossums and armadillos quite a bit, and I love them. One night there was such an unusually nice breeze coming through the sliding glass screen door that I fell asleep on the floor in front of it. I woke up hours later to find a possum literally about a foot from my face, but on the other side of the screen. I don’t think she knew I was there, so I just lay there and watched until she wandered away. Very sweet little thing, but you do have to watch the teeth when they grow up.

  117. In Texas, we look at it this way, if you grow up to spend your night time prowlings eating creepy crawlly thingees, you may not be cute, but we sure are glad to have you around.

  118. My vote is cute, if only for that curled up lil’l body. I swear they’re all head!

    I didn’t mean it that way but seriously, can any other animal curl up into so precious a ball?

  119. Put me down for a “cute” vote, although these things can also look downright nasty (but then again, so can a dog or a cat if they are in the right mood). They are anerable when sleeping, and baby anything is pretty cute (except baby snakes, which, aside from being an awesome reference to Frank Zappa, is not cute).

    I understand why people are freaked out by possum — they can get to be kind-of-scary big, and the red BEF and rodent-like tail probably make them look more like rats (I like rats). But possum are your friend, peeps. If you see them and want to shoo them away from your pet food, fine, but don’t go hatin’.

  120. I used to volunteer at the Audubon zoo and possum “babies” were some of my favorites! They are so soft and sweet!


  121. Holly Bees says:

    possums are without doubt very cute.

  122. Possums are cute, as long as they aren’t hissing at you… or if you’re locked out of your house at night and one comes shuffling along and you think it’s some sort of scary beast and then you see that it’s really a BIG possum and you get relieved for a second before you realize that possums can be rabid…

    That was one scary night. *phew*

  123. I’ve always loved possoms. Even the full grown ones. Once I even took a baby possom whose momma had died, to the humane society so they could raise him up and release him when he was ready for it. I love possoms.

  124. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My friends lab gently pinned down a possum on her deck. The dog let go and came in. That possum laid on that deck for 3 hours in the same dead position and then scampered off.

  125. Definitely cute. V. cute. I love their silly toothy grins. They just make me laugh whenever I see one.

  126. CUTE! Count my vote. Or count it double, since I was shouting.

  127. Monique in TX says:

    Put me down for not so cute. We had a mama stash SEVEN juveniles in our old house. We had to capture them all, one by one. They growl, hiss, snap, and defecate everywhere. More teeth than any other mammal. Interesting, maybe, but not so cute.

  128. MandiPants says:

    Totally cute. The hissing and teeth-baring are just defense mechanisms, they’re very timid and non-aggressive. AND they’re North America’s only marsupial! Yay, opossums!

  129. i’m shocked by the near cuteness of this little fella…never would’ve thought a possum could come so close to proshness. think the fuzzy blanket helps.

  130. Tina Rhea says:

    I like possums– cute little snouty people, though cutest when a little older and shaggier than this one. They have 50 teeth, the most of anybody in North America, but though some hissed at me when I was cleaning cages, none ever really tried to bite. They’re about the size of a raccoon, but the braincase is MUCH smaller than a coon’s. They’re almost like fuzzy reptiles– even the body temp is a bit low, which is why they usually don’t get rabies. They ain’t bright, but I like ’em. They’ve been around a lot longer than we have.

  131. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    My nickname is Possum. I would like to thank all of you who are saying positive things about us possums. I am shy and easily startled but fortunately I am a female so no musty odor.
    When I met my husband, who grew up in the country, his family had nothing but bad things to say about possums. When I was a kid a possum killed my sister’s duck (or so my ex-father said). So thank you for all of the kind comments and making me feel better about myself.

  132. There is no doubt in my mind. Never has been. POSSUMS ARE PRECIOUS!

  133. ladies and gentlemen of the jury! i need you to look at the very tip of the baby’s nose. look at it and tell me it is not pink and soft and teensy and cute. can you say that and look me in the eye?! now try to say that this almost-transparent ear is not the most fragile and touching thing you’ve ever seen protruding from a possum’s head. do you still feel true to yourself after saying that?! i plead TOTALLY CUTE. also – awesome.

  134. I vote CUTE! Besides, any sleepies baby animal is cute.

  135. gahhhh! When will I ever learn? First Meg warns me not to play the cute kitten vid, I did… now she warns not to look at bebeh possum ears & snoz…I did!
    Teh Qte it has keeled me.

  136. I don’t care. Possums are still evil in my book. We have ’em here at the house and we all HATE them. So they might be cute at this age, but will grow up to be purest distilled EVIL.

    Otterz, however, are always cute. At least 99% of the time, I’m not ruling out that there might be a bad otter using his qte for evil somewhere.

  137. Anyone else think he looks like Odo from Deep Space 9? It’s the eyes…

  138. That’s a cute little possum!

    I live in Georgia, where possums are everywhere. I’d say they’ve got a bad rap, too. They aren’t vicious unless they feel trapped (like any other animal); they are physically incapable of contracting rabies (body temp is too low); and they’re surprisingly gentle, shy and lovable little things.

    I’d say they deserve to be called cute, despite their scruffy coats and their kooky-looking faces. They can’t help those things. But their personalities are what makes them endearing.

  139. concerned user says:

    I think something may be jamming Meg’s cute receptors! this baby opossum is clearly cuter than bug’s feet, and I don’t see how there’s any question! LOOK at im’s little feets and the way the little toesies are all spread out, check out the eye liner, and soft cheek! I’m not sure how anyone could miss that! That nose is nearly a baby mouse nose! This should be officially declared CUTE!

  140. Mary (the first) says:

    Has anyone mentioned Pogo, the most famous possum of all? (skimmed comments.. did not read every word..) Regardless of fame, they’re cute. Definitely cute.

  141. lurkertype – i *did* see an otter expose himself at the seattle aquarium a few weeks ago…not exactly evil (i think he was just in the process of cleaning every nook and cranny)…but not exactly cute either. i was all “my stuffed animal otter doesn’t have one of those!”

  142. Apparently, Carrie’s Blossom the possum has quite the prosh life. Crunchies, meat and water all in extra special designer bowls 😉

  143. marsheeeee says:

    I vote smelly, but cute. I once had a possum get in my trash can. I wasn’t real happy about it until I looked him in the eye – he had the sweetest expression. I turned the can on its side so he could get out.

  144. it’s such a teeny tiny pink and moist nosicle i just want to LEEEEEEEEEECK it

  145. Ooo, I think he’s a beautiful baby! He can come home with me!

  146. Definitely cute! I *love* the pointy shnozzles… Give me a possum over a pug any day.

  147. loganberry says:

    100% cute. Look at those wee toes!! I love him.

  148. 100% cute. Definately.

  149. I almost hate to admit it, but I’m putting in one vote for CUTENESS !!

  150. Baby possums = cute.
    Adult possums = gross.

  151. Baby possums are very, very cute – all parts adorable.

  152. So I used to be on the Nay side of the jury, until this day came:

    Then I was swayed to change my vote. I was asked to possum sit for a few hours. Yes, my office resembled the Dream Office for an afternoon. Cute critters, kids and women cooing and cuddling. There were five in all, but this particular showed an interest in the phones and paperwork. He has potenshe.

  153. Anything baby is oh so cute!

  154. Anner, Otters look cute (That is their mastermind plan for world domination) but really they are evil you just don’t know it yet.
    Be sure you never ever let squirrels and Otters get together. IT would be apocalyptic

    Oh and I am voting for possums though smelly into cute sometimes.

  155. NOT CUTE! I repeat, NOT CUTE!!!!

  156. Furbabies says:

    We have several possums that snoop around our backyard. Sometimes we put yummies out for them. The large one we call Munch and the little ones we call Munchetta and Monchichi. It’s fun to watch. I just watch, I would never try to touch them. However this little baby would be mine!

  157. My future parents-in-law have this possum in their garage (in Queensland, Australia). She – well we think it is a “she” – lives in the roof rafters on top of a big wooden poster of Marilyn Monroe and occasionally “Marilyn” comes out of the garage to check us humans out. She is a fully-grown possum and is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think there is a fine line…she is as cute as cute gets!

  158. Y’know, ratties and mice generally have naked tails themselves. (In fact, if you took a squirrel and shaved the fluff off his tail, you’d basically get a large rat.) And yet it doesn’t really count against them the same way that the naked tail is counting against this little guy here.

    Odd, that.

    And on the eating habits of possums, attacking cats and so on, it’s unfortunate, but possums need to eat just as cats need to eat too. :/

  159. Um…1/2 cute? I think not! I love the muzzle puff on this possum! And the ears are kinda like bunny mixed with mouse- so cute!

  160. tablemountaingirl says:

    OK, I vote this one is cute. Ones that have been hand-raised from babies are smelly and get into everything, but cute.

    But grown up wild ones are stinky, foul tempered things. They also are completely fearless!!!

  161. HE’S CUTE! So what if he’s got a womy tail or pointy teeth. His “gnarly” tail will allow him to swing from trees and he’ll need his sharp teeth to tear into your garbage bags at nite. His kind evolved over millions of years and is perfectly suited to endure several million more. How is that not beautiful? What’s with you people? ALL marsupials are cute, and the possum is no exception. In fact, all animals are cute. Every creature in the world can have a cuteness about it. Cute comes in all shapes, sizes, textures, colours and is found in all kingdoms, phylums, and subphylums. Anything and everything can be cute. I think people who say different aren’t really animal lovers.

  162. So… Ilona… tell us how you really feel. 😉

  163. And for those knockin the rattiness of this little guy’s tailio… let’s not go trashin all those tails of the rodential persuasion. They can all be quite cute once you get to know them… well, not just the tail, you know… the whole person. But I digress… or is it digest… or disgest.

    And Yes, baby Possums are QTE!

  164. Possums are totally cute! I used to work at an animal rehab center where there was a pet possum [too sick to be released 😦 ]. He used to sit on my lap and curl his tail around my arm! So prosh! Their fur, at least when they’re young, is incredibly soft. Totally snorgable, except when I had to clean up his messes.

  165. “But I digest.” I think you mean “digress”.

    I find adult possums cuter than the little ones, I think their proportions improve with age.

  166. “But I digest.” I think you mean “digress”.

    I find adult possums cuter than the little ones, I think their proportions improve with age.

  167. jellybean says:

    He’s adorable — schnozzle, ears and all!

  168. Daphne Moss says:

    And who, may I ask, isn’t a Joss Whedon fan? Loved the Buffy epi where she freed the kittens that were being used for bets in kitteh-stakes poker game…

  169. Awww! So peaceful and plush. I bet he’s dreaming about eating cat food.

  170. They are cute! At least the babies are. Those wee fingers, the big black eyes. Yeah, they get a little fugly with age, but who doesn’t?

  171. ummmm he’s definitely superprosh…i mean come on….!!! he look ssoft

  172. ka9q's wife says:

    Did you know there is an Opossum Society?
    I found it when my dog found a ‘possum in the backyard. Luckily the ‘possum remained on the fence and away from my puppeh. I think they are kind of cute.
    I don’t think they are evil. Yeah they have alot of teeth and people may not think they are cute. But they are just animals trying to survive, a non-aggressive animal at that. I don’t want to cuddle one but I appreciate that they are living beings that deserve to live (but hopefully not in my backyard).

  173. Sleepy bebehs are 100% cute!


    There’s actually an Opossum Society of the US. The pics,IMHO,are cute

  175. weensicka says:

    Here’s my favorite possum story ever:

    I was making a fancy dinner for my first boyfriend, and was doing a candlelight thing out on my deck. In the midst of setting the table, putting out salt and pepper, butter for bread, etc., I noticed a creature out on the deck, on the table in fact, and it was (drumroll) Senor Possum. Man, the little dude licked up ALL OF THE BUTTER. How gross is that! Needless to say, we did not have bread with dinner, but I still think the guy was cute, even if he wasn’t watching his cholesterol.

  176. FurFactory says:

    Sorry folks… I’m from the UK, and I don’t understand what’s with all the possum hate you’re all so fond of! What’s wrong with adult possums? I’ve seen some totally adorable pictures of them… but my acquaintance with said possums hasn’t gone any further than that. Enlighten?!

  177. No. Here in the midwestern USA possums are not cute, they are evil. They burrow under your porch and growl at you. They camp out in your trash. They have icky tails. Evil!

  178. It is hard for me to accept a possum as cute having grown up in VA where they routinely took up residence in our attic. My dad would catch them in a trap and then show them to us. My brothers and I would always be scared of it, yet intrigued at their ickiness. Afterwards, my dad would drive them out to somewhere extra woodsy and let them go.

    But yeah, this time I have to vote not cute, despite the mini size of this dude. The slimy fur, the snout, the hairless tail and hissing…not for me.

  179. Possums can be both scary and cute. There’s a huge ol’ possum that sneaks into our garage sometimes and eats our cat’s food (much to her annoyance), but when we shine the flashlight on the roof and see him, he’s always got such a sweet smile on his face it’s hard to stay mad. Though my cat might disagree. 😉

  180. mew mew mew says:

    you post up close ups of praying mantis poo and yet you doubt if this pic is cute… hmmm… one has to wonder….

  181. Apparently The BAD Carrie says:

    Yet another Michelle – that baby is just adorable!

    You’re so lucky to have gotten to spend the day with him. Did he sell anything?

  182. I had the chance to work with opossums at my local Zoo in Portland, OR. Though they have their questionable looks, if you look long enough they are so cute!!! That and they love to curl up in your lap, wrap that rat tail around your arm, and snooze away, just like a cat. I swear all they need to do is purr and you would melt on the spot!

  183. heartlikeaglass says:

    awww! bebeh anythings are cute!!! (:

  184. His shnozzle is the proshest part! I just want to soft kronche it… So soft that he won’t even wake up! And I like his ear, too.

  185. Get one stuck in your basement for 3 months, eating the cat food and spreading worms about, and you won’t think they’re so cute anymore…

  186. Not all adult possums are ugly…..
    This is Simon…I had him for a year before the lady possums began calling and he decided it was time to go. Now I have two girls living at my house, Sprite and Zayda. They are quite misunderstood animals, but once people begin to learn the facts about possums, they seem to appreciate them more.
    And they are not all mean…if your only defense in life was to snarl and sound mean, you’d do it too!

  187. My German Shepherd chased one in our yard, & the possum just keeled over, “playing possum!” My dog lost interest because the little critter wasn’t fighting back. Possums go into a self-induced coma to protect themselves. My husband & I went outside with a flashlight to check it out. Very cute laying there in Sleepy Land!

  188. dogsleder says:

    Oh! Ooohhh!! The ear! The paws! The moist nosicle! I must snorgle heem! Srsly. I l*o*v*e the wee beastie…he can sleep in my sock drawer!

  189. Spookydot says:

    I have to say, CUTE AS A BUTTON, much like anteaters….. gush!

  190. her paws eyes and schnozz are proof positive of the adorableness of the possum, not sure who could suggest a lack of cuteness and a surfeit of evilness only an evildoer themself I suspect.

  191. This little guy is slightly cute simply because he is a baby. And because he’s asleep. Possums in general = [shudder]

    If you’ve had one as a pet, I mean no offense. I like snakes and there are plenty of people who are horrified by them.

  192. There is NOTHING NOT CUTE about that little baby. I love ’em when they’re all growed up too. I don’t think they’re evil at all–Poor babies, why do they have such an undeserved reputation.

  193. CatlovesChanel says:

    I’m against them. Could it be that everyone has overloaded on cute in that the bad possum, lookin like a little old man or Ben Stiller with claws, looks different so then cute? Sorry to shrinkify. I just had Chef-boy-ar-dee Raviolis and a corndog for lunch.

  194. I had to pause at this little find.

  195. I vote CUTE for both babies and adults. And they are good mothers. Carrying all their little babies on their backs. I am copying this pic and am so glad to learn that others here think the adults are cute. Definitely not evil IMHO.

  196. Is too Cute.

  197. Steven Harris says:

    What’s the prob? Cute! Hunerd percent.

  198. spanishgoat says:

    100% cute (as cute as the people who were around it while the photo was taken…thank you E.R!)

  199. I think opossums are WAY up there on the cuteness scale, but then I have cared for them for years (babies and adults).
    They can be sweet as can be too!
    Laura Ledet

  200. lol! im just laughing at otters… taunting, always taunting! that was so funny hehe and yeah certain possums are cute the 1 seen here is 🙂