Repeated Paw-liftingks

And one and two, and one, and two.

He’s got some pretty wild eyes there, Zoë—like he went heavy on the guyliner.

Zoë H., nice catlisthenics (sp?)



  1. Must. Have. Bleen!

  2. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    *Gasp* That’s sooooooo ke-yoot!

  3. I love the expression on his face. He looks half-asleep. Maybe he’s still dreaming.

  4. How can they make kittehs SO adorable! It’s just not fair to all the other bebeh animals!

  5. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Is he making his bed? Or does the carpet feel funny on hims leetle kitteh feetsies?

  6. the daintiest bed mushing evaaa seen on C.O.

  7. How can they make kittehs SO adorable! It’s just not fair to all the other bebeh animals!

  8. He jus’ be keadin’ a liddle piano under thoze toze!

  9. OMG I thought my cat was the only one to do that!!I will admit however, its cuter when sleepy kittens do it.

  10. That kitteh is merely wantin to be petted…


  11. Apparently The BAD Carrie says:

    i can has kittie?

  12. he looked so totally sleepy. he was hoping that someone would take him off of his cool tower and let him nap in their lap.

  13. he looks like a little kid! those eyes, the movement. that is a child dressed as a kitteh.

  14. does anyone know what kind of kitty that is?? sooo cute! I love its markings 😀

  15. Desdemona says:

    I love the expression kittehs get when they are making biscuits. They get this far-off, dreamy look, like they are hypnotized. Or in some kind of ecstasy (don’t want to go there, though). Dreams of nursing mama.

  16. I think he’s a bengal. So adorable!

  17. Yes Erin, does anyone know what kind of kitteh he is? He looks so exotic and ANERABLE!

  18. Nevermind, it says on the video menu that he’s a british shorthair

  19. He are making biscuits…in a very “jazz hands” way!

  20. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Lay me down next to Senor Pants McHammersons in the previous post – I IZ DED…

  21. cool fur colorinks

  22. misscrisp says:

    (coughs out soul in seizure of cuteness)
    Me wants. Terribly. Me Kneads.

  23. Mrs Fonebone says:

    We call that “knitting” – as in “knittin’ kitten.” But what you have there, when they are upright, is a charming condition known as “knit foot”–no treatment needed!

  24. That is one of the most gorgeous tabbies I’ve ever seen. B. Shorthairs seem to be knocking my socks off lately.

    Still, shelter kitties are better. 😉

  25. it’s calisthenics 🙂

  26. Eeeek! He’s so cute – I want to kittynap him and keess him on the leetle nose!

  27. unless of course you were going for a pun, in which case it would be cat-listhenics, no?

  28. He’s marchingks!

  29. Oh, and those moves are totally text-book kitty seduction. That behbeh is just saying, “geet ovar here and pet me u FOOL! Partake in my lusciousness.”

  30. (sneaks in, takes sleepy kitteh, runs away)-this poor baby was sleepy and afraid of hte high place. Just wanted somebody to take her to safety, so I obliged, and she is now asleep in my lap, catnapping after my kittennapping. Or versa vice.

  31. I remembers when my Ollie looked just like this *wistful sigh*

    Even though Oliver is now nearly 2 years old, he STILL does the marching on the spot thing, whilst purring at the top of his lungs…must be a Silver Tabby thing.

  32. Hey 80’s Peeps: don’t his “guyliner” markings (which are beautiful btw)remind you of Adam Ant!

  33. I weell stand ‘ere on my tower.

    I weell make de bizcuits, but I weell make zem slowly. So slowly zat you weeel be heep-notized.

    You weeell not be able to reseest. You weeell fall asleep in a pile of cute.


  34. OMG!!! SOOOO cute!!! I wuv how the bottoms of his footsies are solid black! Hims very ti-ti. Hims got a beggle full of milky and needs to be snuggled to seep. I volunteer!!!

  35. I tried to pick a favorite comment, but all of them in this thread blew me away. Funny! The little guy is so adorable… he is definitely making some seriously large biscuits.

  36. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awww…he looks like some good music is starting and his little paws want to dance against his will.

  37. Fresh batch of biscuits, coming right up!

  38. March on, Little Guy, march on.

  39. Oh, he’s adorable! I knead him!! hahahahaha

  40. I loves his colorings…I want him………..

  41. um, yeah, so, is this little chum weeded-up or what?

    he/she looks blazed out on Marley Barley.


  42. OMG the smoooshies are the best!

  43. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    The whittle babeh is sooo teepy. He’s doing some serious piddy-pawing there.

  44. Apparently The BAD Carrie, my sister used to go around going ‘I’m the GOOD daughter. I’m the GOOD daughter.’ Even though she’s anything but.

    One day, I just looked over and said, “Yes, but I’m the agreeable daughter”. And the name stuck… longer than her claims of being good. 😉

    As far as the kitteh goes… far, far too adorable! He’s almost prancing, the way he oh so delicately makes his nest. Soon there will be a little curled up ball of a kitteh!

    … and then I’ll steal it!

  45. why does he remind me of russell crowe?

  46. WCGC, yes!

    Goody, goody, four-paws!

  47. seeriously folks that is one be -e-a-uuuuu tiful kitten. absolutely adorable. i’m slipping into a diabetic coma as we speak.

  48. KitCroupier says:

    The cat looks like a Bengal, you can tell by the forehead markings. Seems to be a silver with marble markings.

  49. Not only are his face and markeenks anerable, but I love his chubbular neck rolls even more! He is a very special little myow myow indeed.

  50. HOW did the bottoms of his little cat feets turn out solid black?!

    Is he marchingks just to show them off and impress us all further wif his anerability?

  51. He’s beautiful!

  52. Some sophisticated syncopation in the patter pattern of those wee feetsies!

  53. so cute i need to smoosh!! smoosh i say smoosh!!!!

  54. So, TTO, what is it that you’re trying to say?

  55. My mamma got my exercise toy I climbs to the top an d streatch my pawes in the front and then I throw my body down and role all over and over. Thanks mamma for this wonderful place for me to play and of course snorgle and snorseses.

  56. Okay Mommy put down the camera and come give me some cuddles. See I am being as adorable as possible Purrrrrrr Purrrr Purrrrr.

  57. Please, please, please can this kitten come over to my house to play? Please? I promise that I will bring him home later. . .

  58. My darling kitty girl loves to make biscuits…while perched on my thigh. I have BRUISES, people! Too much kitty loving!

  59. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Hey, is he on a hot tin roof?

  60. I too love the black underpaws.

    I’ve called those putties or kneading or nesting but all kittehs with claws do that when they’re feeling anerable. They hurts on your neck but it’s hard to resist the cuteness!

  61. Cute little biscuit maker!


  63. awwww… the incredibly mellow adventures of Goth Kitteh.

  64. OMG, so redonk! He will have perma kitten face too!! What a lucky little dude. . .

    BTW, Meg. . .didja SEE the video that came up when this little treasure ended? It might actually be cuter! [singsong]

  65. It’s like an ad for Restless Leg Syndrome pills

  66. violetgreen says:

    Something so adorably teddy-bearish about that big, wide head. And he just wuv-wuv-wuvs the photographer!

  67. droopy eyes!

  68. Meg, I don’t think you know how much this site means to me. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life, and I regret the ways I dealt with it. Sort of. Complicated, personal. Anyway. I can still come here and feel warm and fuzzy, if just for a few moments, and that is such a help. Thank you.

  69. Lizzy I am glad that this site helped you get thru a tough day.
    I hope that you always find a warm and fuzzy place everyday.

  70. Love the marching kitty!

  71. Emo kitty

    is disaffected

  72. They have two of these kittens! Surely they could spare one for me.

  73. AuntieMame says:

    Do they say what kitteh’s name is? ‘Cos it really oughta be Cleopatra. Or Nefertiti. Or Hatshepsut. Or sumthin’.

  74. fawn lust says:

    lori, i was going to say the same thing! those british shorthair kittens are INSAAAANE.

    my roommate’s cat does this same high-steppin’ thing when she’s got that loving feeling. so cute!

  75. so cute. I just want to run over there and snorgle that kitty 🙂

    When I opened the video up in youtube this one was in the sidebar

    so many kitties, so little time 🙂

  76. Kitteh dressage.

  77. Forget the Guyliner…look at the blackie paws!

  78. I AM DESTROYED. I want to wubble that kitten sooo much.

  79. This yet again reminds me how unsweet my boy is. Oh well. Lucky folks. And luff the mouse over!!

  80. what an absolute angel!!

  81. OMG….could anything be cuter than THIS?

    THEEEE–OOO!!! THEO!! Ki-ins!

  82. Looks like Pete Doherkitty had WAAAAY too much catnip!

    Love the dark markings.

  83. Alice Shortcake says:

    “This high-steppin’ action makin me tired…”

  84. This spesh vid made me say SQEEEG IRL which earned me a strange look from my own kitteh.

  85. Yitzysmommie says:

    AAAHHH, Thursday morning and I finally got to see this adorable little guy! Loves me some British Shorthairs – the round faces, the solid chunky bodies.
    Then I got lost in the You Tube Kitten Video Jungle, ending with yet another view of The Mean Kitty Song. I am now ready to face the day.

  86. This is the most beootiful marked kitteh I has evah seen. He looks so sofft too!

  87. At the end there Kitty looks like he’s straight out of Flashdance. Now that he’s got the moves down all he needs are some leg warmers, sweatband, and a leotard.

  88. circuscake says:

    this kitten is just what i needed this week. i mean- the world can’t be so terrible if such a creature exists, right?

    (hope you’re feeling better lizzy- maybe our stars are just outa whack this week)

  89. Loktofeit says:

    Adorable! The little black paws rocked. 🙂

  90. can i name him ‘Toby’?
    he looks like a ‘Toby’ to me
    YOINK (take)!

  91. By the way — Loktofeit? TILTOWAIT!
    [runs away]
    [takes the wrong turn at Contra Dextra Ave.]

  92. I want one!!

  93. dis kitteh can has RLS?

  94. We refer to it as “marchy biscuits” (as opposed to air biscuits, reachy biscuits, or any of the other other methods of biscuit-making).

  95. I’m not the sender-inner(seriously!), but I must say, the other Zoe H. sure does know cute!

  96. frappygoddess says:

    Oh my, I think that’s the most gorgeous kitten I’ve ever seen. Ahn. Silver tabbies always were my favorite.

    Also, I love the term “guyliner” and will be inserting it into conversation as often as possible.

  97. He’s making biscuits/kneading!!! It’s not so cute when they do it on your scalp with clawsies out at 2AM. 😐

  98. What a sweet, lovey, smushable, squeezable, baby kitty MAKIN’ THE BISCUITS like crazy!

  99. Awwww…what a gorgeous kitty! I want one ^_^

    Also, guyliner is love

  100. OMG! I love this vidio too!

  101. Hi all, I’m actually the owner of this sweet kitten. And he is actually a she 🙂 Her name is Fluffy. When i made this video she was 13 weeks old, now she’s 5.5 months old. I also have another britisch shorthair silver tabby, Fluffy’s brother: Kyto. I ahve several movies of them on YouTube.

  102. OMG! that was sooooooooo adorible 😀 i luved it!

  103. he’s doing what I call MAKING BISCUITS – he’s remembering how to knead to get the milk from his mom. How cute is that? Love when cats do that. Holy catnip – that cat is sooooo cute! Beautiful!