GOODBYEEEEE (ack!) cruel world!!!

Deep brefs, People, this ham is jusssst sleeping soundly according to Sender-Inner Erin Y. She named her ham "Tooty" presumably after the only other Tootie on the planet, the one from The Facts of Life. Maybe that name made him fall over [wiggling all four paws ehn! ehn! ehn!]


Erin Y., How about "Pants McHammersons" or "Señor McShavings"—something! Anything is better than Tooty, come on.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Medic Medic cell block B. Ham down.

  2. I get like that sometimes, after Thanksgiving dinners usually…

  3. he is so completely full
    he has tipped over like a lil turtle! hep!
    is absolutely adorable. i would also like to see him uprights, wonder if his belly drags on the floor?

  4. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    bwah hahaahha! XD

    i have a cat who sleeps like this sometimes, but i’ve never really seen a rodent do it! too funny!!

    luvinmals, lolz!

  5. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    also, Meg, if i ever get a ham, i’m totally naming him “Senor Pants McHammersons”!!!!11!

  6. ah!
    also this is definatley a candidate for “Cute or Sad?”
    I’m thinkin.

  7. I think he should be called Ham Bone Cause it is juat too good of a name to pass up.

  8. Oh Yeah and Upside dowmn is natural air conditioning.


    I called my beloved Maltese Doodie. Her name was Daphney. Poooor Doodie.

  11. He’s just askin’ for a tummy rub. Yeah Annie, Ham Bone McHammerson would be a good name!

  12. He too hot! Dat’s what I do when I get too hot.

    “Turn teh fan on Mommy!”

  13. kittykatt says:

    Poor hamster is just be fainting because of the obscene amounts on cuteness on this site… It just be too much for a little hammie…

  14. You can allllmost see his widdle toofies! Open your mouf just a bit, pleeeze…

  15. Chuck Norris, the hamster.
    Chuck Norris doesn’t sleep. He waits.

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Erin, Tooty is a cutey!

  17. *gently lays Tooty down on a cushy piece of bread*

    *lays drapes a slice of cheese over Tooty and tucks her in*

    *warms frying pan*


    c’mon hammy & cheese already! 😉

    our mini dachs like to burrow under the covers and then lay prostate (don’t go crazy cuz i put ‘prostate’ Theo :P) like dis too

  18. hammie’s dreaming of backstroking
    on a sea of applesauce

  19. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    NYgirly, how do you get the floof out from between your teeth? The floss doesn’t seem to be helping.

  20. @NYgirly, I think you mean “prostrate”. That second “r” makes the difference. 🙂

  21. What about the Tootie in “Meet Me in St. Louis”?

  22. HamNCheez

  23. Cute or Sad!!!!

    I concur.

  24. haha…looks like my daughters hamster when she bought the farm as well…

  25. Rosalynde says:

    what makes this pic is the cut-down OJ container next to the hammy . . .

  26. When a Siberian Husky does this, you get sunny “sibe” up….

  27. Apparently The BAD Carrie *sob* says:

    ” I think he should be called Ham Bone
    Posted by: Annie”

    I think he should be called “Flippy”

    and if you get that – you are soooooo my friend and soooooo vague, and I like that.

  28. You’d be wrong, though. It’s Hambone.

  29. Apparently The BAD Carrie *sob* says:

    YAY!!! Theo got it!!!

  30. PS — Stuart Smalley… erm, Al Franken is my homie.

  31. I’m hoping this is truly a sleeper but it looks exactly like my (cleverly named)Hammy the day my mother gave a cheer when I described his similar position.

  32. Apparently The BAD Carrie says:

    does this fall into the “people of a certain age” category?

  33. I kind of want to see him awake…just to make sure he’s okay 🙂

  34. No. As a matter of fact, I don’t have a drinking problem.

    I drink. I get drunk. I fall down.

    No problem.

  35. LovesCute says:

    He’s no tumblin’ tumbleweed, is he? More like a roley poley ham on the range.

  36. Oh yes…anything but Tooty! My sister nicknamed me Toot-toot when I was a baby and it has stuck. To the point that the neices and nephs all call me Aunt Toot.

    Poor Ham…I feel your pain!

  37. No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!

  38. Hehehe Meatcup! “This parrot is deceased! He has ceased to be!”

    Not dis hammer, though. He’s just restin. Right mommy? RIGHT!?!?!?

  39. berthaslave says:

    Kudos, Theresa, for remembering one of the coolest little sisters in movie history!!

    I think we all remember the young Kim Fields of FOL fame having pudgy cheekage, so I get naming a hammy after her.

    Not as good as Senor Hammy Pants McHammersons, but still a good name.

  40. Hmm.. Let’s call him “Senor Prostrate Hambone McHammersons”

  41. Or, maybe, you know. He toots alot….

  42. Fess up folks. Who amongst us has felt the urge to tickle his belleh and beeep his nosicle? Hmmmmm?
    (raises hand) Guilty as charged.

  43. hes still layin there.
    i checked him this morning at 9:32. i thought for sure by now he would be awake.
    are you sure hes not…
    you know…”not alive” ?

    have you checked the children ????

  44. Theresa is correct. The ONLY Tooty on the planet was portrayed by Margaret O’Brien in “Meet Me in St. Louis”.

    Any other Tooty is not the genuine article.

    Except for this hammy.

  45. Oh My God have you seen Margaret O’Brien in the original “Secret Garden” Movie. IF you have not, you should, she was wonderful and the movie is very funny.PS (like “The Wizard fo OZ”) The garden scenes are in color and the rest in Black and white.

  46. I think he may infact be sleeping (in a weird position); I think one of his eyes is open….

  47. Hey guys. It’s Erin G. by the way. Not Erin Y. =P

    And Tooty is a ‘she’. Not a ‘he’. She’s getting fatter day by day and this is how she sleeps. Thanks for all the compliments though.

    NYgirly. You wish to fry Tooty? My friends are saying that they can’t wait to BBQ Tooty. Poor girl.

    Oh ya. She has a sister and she’s called Sooty!

  48. Sorry guys, just one not-fun comment. Besides the hamster being absolutely extremely adorable…
    Aren’t hamsters sensitive to pine shavings like other rodents? When I had hamsters (long time ago) it wasn’t an issue yet, but nowadays the fact that pine and cedar shavings being harmful is quite well known. I have rats now and I’m obsessed with finding harmless bedding for them 😛

    Can anyone enlighten me??

  49. True, pine shavings is not good… but Tooty might actually be on aspen shavings which is just fine.

    BTW, I knew Tooty was just makin Zs, totally dreamin of winning the Indy-Wheel 500. My dwarf hammies end up like this all the time. My Serian ham (“Little Hammy McFluffersons” — guess where I came up with that name?) ususally is curled up, but even he occasionally will sleep open-faced-up.

  50. A little bit more info for akane…

    Pine isn’t good, but it’s better than cedar. Aspen is the best wood product to use — no toxic wood oil issues. There have been a very few incidents of rats and hamsters having a sensitivity to aspen, apparently just an allergic reaction that any mammal can end up with. But for the most part the aspen is really good to use. Just make sure it is actually aspen and it does not have any added “fresheners”, like the green stuff (I forget what it is exactly).

    Another option is a recycled paper material. One brand is Care Fresh, but there are others. Again just be sure it doesn’t have anything else added.

    What I use for all my hamsters and rats is a half & half mixture of both the aspen shavings and recycled paper material. I like the consistancy of the mix.

    Hope that helps.

  51. How often should we change the bedding then? I notice my hammies love to pee on the same spot. Hehe.

    Ages ago, I used recycle paper and my hammy loved to stuff them into his mouth. Till one day, I found him dead, with his mouth full of the recycle paper. Suffocated I supposed?

  52. michellemybelle says:

    Tooty’s just on her back, waiting for someone to put the roller skates on (remember old school Facts of Life?).

  53. Ha ha he he lets play
    ‘freak out my humans’
    it’s works every time!!
    love my humans but they are sooo dumb he he ha ha ahhh I crack myself up he he ha ha

  54. SPB,

    Thank for the info. I use CareFresh for my rat right now, so I guess that’s safe. Hopefully this hammy is having aspen…

  55. My roommate’s hamster was on its back like this.. except it was dead *sniffle*

  56. Erin “How often should we change the bedding then? I notice my hammies love to pee on the same spot. Hehe.”

    Well… yes, that’s true. But, so do a lot of other animals, as well as the hooman variety. 😉

    Actually, though, it makes it convenient. Between thorough cleanings (which should be every couple weeks or so depending on the hamster & cage situation) you can scoop up the messy corner with a plastic baggie — just put the baggie on your hand and scoop; then turn it inside out, tie it up and toss it out. I do this for the Serians especially since their pee is a bit oddiferous, if you git my drift.

    Heather – yeh, that happens unfortunately. It’s kinda tuff sometimes since their lifespan is so short.

  57. Erin, I just read the rest of your comment. That’s very sad. To be honest, I’ve never heard of that ever happening before. I wonder if maybe there was something else going on too. But sorry to hear about that. Doesn’t matter how many hammies I’ve had, it’s still very sad when one dies unexpectedly.

  58. dogsleder says:

    At our house, when the dog does this, we call it “The Dead Bug”!

  59. Actually, there’s a character of that name on The Fairly OddParents…

  60. Tootie is also Banjo’s little sister from the Banjo-Kazooie game.
    Wake up, Ham-Ham Tootie, wake up!