Look, it’s an ear bouquet!

If you grabbed all the ears on the right, and put a ree-bonn around them, it would be the best bouquet ever.

Also, love the mini-ear-length action on the left.

Do you carry the egg?, originally uploaded by vinka*.

Vinka, nice, soft, pettable job on this one.



  1. So soft!

  2. I can barely tell where one ends and another begins. What a snuggle. I should have such snuggles.

  3. Looking at the eyes of the bun on the left I just want to sigh and snuggle down and nap.

  4. a herd of soft, sweet bunbuns. oh to be hopped on by a stampede of them!

  5. Egregious floofitude!

    [I do not think it means what you think it means… – I.M.]

  6. lurkingsmirk says:

    if i had a bf who presented me with a bouquet like that…*sigh*

  7. Desdemona says:

    What a gorgeous picture — wonder if I can wriggle one fat little toe into that group?

    If you want to be totally lost for the rest of the day, click on this photographer’s Flickr stream — kittehs and duckies and keyute stuffed critturs, oh my! You’ll be drownin in the cute!

  8. eeeeeee! how keee-ute!!!
    I have my foster bun-bun now!
    He is an all black lop-eared bun! And a sweet-eee!
    I’m gonna try him out on a harness and leash tonight, to see how the cats do with him…

  9. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Pheas, excellent use of the word egregious! and of the word floofitude! lololl!

    There was no pre-existing word for what this pic makes me want to do!! This caused me to make up a new word, which is Schnorfle. It’s a combination snuffle and snorgle. 😀

    I’d love to schnorfle this bouquet!!!

  10. I love the sleepy eye on bun on the left.

  11. I want one!! Or two!! Or ten!! Ya just wanna snorgle right in the middle of da bunny pile. I can just feel da shofness.

  12. Well dip me in honey, cover me in cotton balls and shove me off a building this is BEYOND teh QTE.

  13. i shall insert my nose and ssssssnorgle!

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Balllk Balllk Easter Bunny!

  15. This is intra-species snorgling. And it’s adorable.

  16. well crap, i apparently need antidepressants or something, because for some stupid reason this makes me weepy – but then again so did the pig hauling truck i passed this morning and the fact that the shirt i wanted to wear was too hot once i got in the car.

  17. circuscake says:

    i wish i was one of those bunnies. they look so content, warm, and snuggly…

  18. hey Carrie – pig and chicken hauling trucks make me want to cry too…
    in fact, a chicken hauling truck plays a big part in the epiphany that made me decide to become vegetarian…

  19. ThreeCatNight says:

    A Bunneh Bouquet! How precious, how sweet! I’d accept it anytime.

  20. DKN — that was… odd.

  21. squee. so soft. shush. very soft. bun-buns.

  22. awwwww

    happiness is a pile o bunnies

  23. Carrie–I hope you feel better! {{{Carrie}}}

  24. *that’s* what i should have carried in my wedding! [slaps forehead]

  25. “Ear bouquet.” I love it.

  26. tracyFlick says:

    Oh my gah. OH MY GAHHHHHHH.


    I have already named you darlings in my head.

    [and little Vlad. Such empires you shall crush beneath your fluffy forepaw! Awww… – Ed.]

  27. ooo
    i just wanna put my face in the middle of the bunneh pile and snorgle the whole thing up.
    i’m thinkin this is kinda “matchinks” too?
    do you think?
    its a great photo, love it.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    Bouquet of Doggies is how I refer to our three people of the canine persuasion who gather in a wiggling pile to greet me when I get home. “OOO, it’s a bouquet of doggies! How lucky I am!” said in high squealy voice, of course.
    And Yitzy, His Royal Highness, pokes his head through the railing and meows regally.
    But no buns. No bouquet of ears in my house.

  29. Must…refrain…from…trying…to…put…ears…in…mouth!

  30. Yitzysmommie –
    what “kind’ of doggies are those that you speak of?

  31. and can we see pictures of said dogs and Yitzy!

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    We have Lucy, a 14 y/o blind diabetic black cockapoo, Toby a 7 y/o WaWa and ??? mix, and Kizzy, a 6 y/o Pom.I would *love* to do pix, am way too computer inept to manage such a thing. However, Yitzy is on stuffonmycat. Check out post in “My cat on stuff” 8/31. Yitzak is petting my husband on the head while my son & GF watch in amusement.
    Currently Yitzy is snoozing in the chair, Lucy & Kiz are on the floor (all in the comp room)& Toby is outside patrolling the perimeters, keeping me safe!

  33. Bunny bunny bun buns
    Bunny bunny bun buns
    I love you

    Bunny bunny bun buns
    Bunny bunny bun buns
    I love you

  34. Sigh… look at all those bunnies. Bunny ear bouquets are the softest kind.

  35. It took a few tries for me to figure out how many were there 🙂 I love the face of the left-most one who looks like he’s nibbling on his neighbor!

  36. What does a bun bouquet smell like? Fabric softener? Cedar chips? CHOCOLATE Chips???? Mmmm. Now I’m craving chocolate!

    YM: Here’s a link to the adorable Yitzy! Too funny!


  37. I love all the bunnies lately! Keep ’em coming!

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hey bugmom, thanks!
    Yitzy is The Best Cat Ever.

  39. jes so sweet


  40. Hey Yitzysmommie, thank you for not shortening my screen name like I did yours. Won’t do it any more. Just realized how unhappy I’d be if all the peeps called me BM!!!

    Yitzy is so adorable! I wish we could have a kitteh, the hubby is so allergic! I had them when I was a girl, and I miss it so much!!! I’ll just live vicariously through all the peeps here…..My daughter has a cat at grandmas house……still not enough! 😦

  41. Bunnies are always cuter in numbers. I’m not sure why. I mean a single bunny, sure, cute. Two bunnies, hey, that’s cute! Three or four bunnies, OMGBUNNIES! And upwards of five is like :squeesplode:.

  42. did someone say “ear bucket?”

  43. tracyFlick says:

    ED! Yes. Little Vlad. You thought he was the runt of your litter. Until he turned out to be the dictator of the bunny hutch and took all the pellets for himself, rationing them for decitful favors.

    Vlad. Four Paws. One Ruler.
    Coming to HBO this fall following Rome.

  44. acelightning says:

    Ohhh… I just want to lie down amongst the soft, soft, SOFT bunch of bunnies and take a nap! (Well… I want a nap anyway, but it would be *SO* much better with bunnies. Everything’s better with bunnies…)

  45. TracyFlick — 😉


  46. I want to dive into the center and take a little nappy with them. Mmmmm…cozy

  47. I wanna huff them!

  48. awww they look like peanutbunner and fluff!

  49. Yay! Bunnies!
    Will they let me plunge my face into their collective fluffitude?

  50. Bugmom: Having lived with bunnehs for 7 years, i can tell you: They smell like bunny. Part new-mown hay, part sun-warmed fur, part litterbox (a small part :-P) and part shnorfing fur up one’s nose, they smell of bunny.

  51. See how soft the bunny fur is? Look how the possum is covered instead with kind of greasy looking *hair* not fur. That’s why he’s not cute even though he is kinda cute 😉