THIS JUST IN: Bun slurpitude

Can you buh-leaf that someone sent in such a a pic so small and so fabulous?

Well believe it, People. It’s FOR REALS.


Way to make the most of your pixels, Kate.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Slurp slurp!

  2. book_monstercats says:

    Bleening marvellous.

  3. book_monstercats says:

    Oh noes. Not bleener. Still marvellous, though.

  4. thlurp, yummy bunny

  5. My God, you must be kidding. That can’t exist. O_O

  6. Tasty! Nam, nam, nam. Wonder what he had for lunch?

  7. OH!! I love it when bunbuns lick their lips. I feed the baby buns at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and it’s unbelievably anerable when you see their teeny pink tongues slurping out to lick the formula! Makes me go SQUEEEEEEEE!

  8. OH! It’s AVATAR SIZE!!

  9. I want a bunneh!

  10. Is that Kate, owner of Buddy the couch stradder?

  11. I want that bunny to come and stick it’s tongue out at my house too.

  12. *runs and gets her giganto roll of stamps*

    *evil grin*

  13. Rosalynde says:

    OMG!!! The nose . . . I want to stroke with just one gentle finger . . .

  14. good grief thats cute.

  15. acelightning says:

    And whatever li’l bun just ate, I want some too. (Maybe it was bunnerscotch, er, butterscotch pudding?)

  16. I just love this new alfalfa flavored lipgloss.

  17. Beeg buntung!

  18. So small, so sublime! I want this for a blog icon…

  19. Awww, I wanna schllurp this tiny bun. I just wonder if he/she misunderstood the phrase ‘tongue in cheek’?

    ‘Pssst, lil’ one. INside your cheek or that big ole cat will steal it.’

  20. “Slurpitude” rhymes with “terpitude”– I believe that refers to the state of being from Maryland.

  21. the picture is toooo small! the focus is toooo close! it’s scary with no eyes… pan out, please!
    – Goldibuns

  22. You fools, don’t you realize what this is? Don’t stand so close! This is but a prelude to…
    Supreme Bunny Disapproval!

    Run away!
    Run away!

  23. ooooh… bun tounge!

  24. hi norty!

  25. ThumperBumper says:

    OMG…so amazingly cute 🙂
    licking his/her lips he needs some chapstick I NEED TO SEE THE FULL VERSION with his/her body

  26. pandabear says:

    licky licky 🙂

  27. so cute!!!! is their a full body version..teh tounge it would be a cute icon

  28. I can totally her that thing saying. Oh that BLT she got look good! Oh yea…! Then I imgine the thing grabbing the BLT and eating it! BTW BLT is what i had for dinner tonight! I hope you get some better pics. Whoops typo better pics!

  29. f’realz, its FANTAB!