Another Telenovela scene involving Prairie dogs

Pedro: Mariiiia!How… COULD YOU!? [Ground hog looks up, in disbelief]

Maria: Pedro—come back! That other prairie dog—he meant no-tingks to me! [shifty eyes]


Victoria Marie E., BUENO! ANOTHER episode of ground hogs on t.v.



  1. Makin’ love in the bleen grass
    Behind the stadium with you
    My brown-eyed hog…

  2. eeeeek they’re nekkid

    *covers her mini dachshunds’ eyes*

  3. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    Pheas – That is perfect – and a pretty good earworm too.

  4. ThreeCatNight says:

    Maria: “Come to me, mi amor. Do not look at anyone but me!”
    Pedro: “But, mi hermosa, mi esposa is on her way over here. I must run! Ay, yay, yayyyy!”

  5. Splendor in the Grass, starring Natalie Woodchuck and Warren Beadyeyes

  6. metsakins says:

    What though the radiance which was once so bright
    Be now forever taken from my sight,
    Though nothing can bring back the hour
    Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower,
    We will grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind

  7. Pheas — well played

  8. what a HO.
    I knew this was going to happen.

  9. Metsakins Wow.

  10. The one on his back? He has a little blade of grace faux mustache! Aieeee!

  11. blade of GRASS faux mustache. That will teach me to post with my head asploded…

  12. Fun FYI:
    Ground Hogs are also referred to as Whistle Pigs for the sounds they make.

  13. marsheeeee says:

    I LOVE this site. Cuteologists are so very … intellectual!!! Splendor in the Grass, indeed. Brown-eyed hog! Telenouvelas. Bravo, everybody!!!

  14. metsakins says:

    i have a confession…

    i’m more familiar with that poem cause of Natalie woodchuck than english lit


  15. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pheas I swear that song is playing on the radio right now.

  16. Them thar critters are prairie dogs, methinks.

  17. Those are definitely prairie dawgs!

  18. yup on the prairie dogs!

    We have ground hogs at work, right out by the smo*e shack and they are ADORABLE!!! They had babies this spring and they are getting pretty friendly. (not knowing what that has to do with anything at all.)

  19. ROFL, Meg, the CAPTION! You have keeled me. Buenos!!!

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I lie here in this meadow of grass
    Counting clouds as they pass

    Day dreaming without a care
    The soft wind blowing through my hair

    The warm sun feels good on my bare skin
    I wish this feeling would never end

    But soon the dark clouds reappear
    Bringing back all my fears

    To never feel the warmth of her hand
    To never see her beauty again.

  21. dont speak dont speak dont speak dont speak dont speak

  22. Maggie Bee says:

    I saw it more as:

    Pedro: I haff done…..ALL I KEEEN! *sob!*

    Maria: I, I…..LOFF YOU…*gaspdie*

  23. Maggie Bee says:

    Not to be Buzzkill J. Buzzkillington or anything! 😀 (((lolrus!)))

  24. Piggalette says:

    This site (and Meg) is unbelievably powerful. I just (as in 5 minutes ago) lost my job, and yet this made me smile.

  25. OH NOOOOOO were you CO-ing too much??

  26. There’s also a “Barefoot in the Park” joke here but it’s not as good, so I’ll pass.

    This is an awesome pic, and top-notch captioning from Meg as usual. You can almost hear the violins swelling.

  27. metsakins says:

    Piggalette – good luck to you and hope you find a new job that you really enjoy!

  28. pssst…these aren’t ground hogs! =P still plenty cute though!

  29. Persephone says:

    Piggalette — wow, you’re a good sport! Good luck finding a new job!

  30. Metsakins- thank you for that. honestly. thank you.

  31. Def prairie doggies! Adorable though <3

  32. AuntieMame says:

    It does look a little like Romeo and Juliet, doesn’t it?

    O, I am slain!

  33. Steamiest. Prairie dog scene. Evar.

  34. It’s like Desperate Housewives for rodents.

  35. This may be the cutest photo on the whole site!!

  36. yeah it LOOKS cute but the one is actually gouging the other one’s eye out with his thumb.

  37. Yeah, my thought was that the bottom prairie dog is gasping her tewtel amor to the guy who’s standing. With her dying breath. Probably killed by the evil dawg in the earlier clip.

    Right after this picture was taken, the paw slips down and the guy dog turns to the heavens and screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

    [and the Engrish caption reads “DO NOT WANT” – Ed.]

  38. Who knew that the P-Dogs were so dramatinks? And so romantinks? And (capital-R) Romantinks (what with the Wordsworth quote and all)?

    I’ll see your Wordsworth and raise you a Keats:
    She took me to her prairie grot,
    And there she wept, and sigh’d fill sore,
    And there I shut her wild wild eyes
    With kisses four.

    Uh oh, watch out leetle Prarie Dog man. That there is La Belle Marmotte sans Merci.

  39. my cat is a blob says:

    I didn’t actually think they could be ground hogs. Not fat and smug and sleek enough.

    But they are pretty darn cute anyhow.

  40. I think these are Prairie Dawgs. Not Ground Hawgs. Squeep!

  41. you’re welcome T(Ed)(ho).

  42. or how about “KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!”

  43. Brilliant! I laughed, I cried….

  44. I can totally hear them say

    “Honey, Yes, you are a daddy now.”

  45. Now that the pic is up for my screen wallpaper, all I keep thinking is that it’s a total “Ba-Roooo?!!!”

  46. “wha…? can I have some privacy, please?”

  47. Sup! That is so cute! perfect idea to put on Cute overload! I know that I am not putting the coolest comment but hey if counts right?