These Al-packs look like your favorite coat—the one that you wore in 1987 with the fur-like collar and plaid puffy jacket parts.

Only better. And following Rule #10.


Lilac B. Excellent sleuthing and shooting. BRAVA!!!



  1. I normally am not that into ‘tock photos, but this is precious. Total wooly fuzziness.

  2. ‘tocks! I thought for sure this post was in honor of ‘Tocktober!!

  3. Jaclyn Z. says:

    The wrong rule is beng referenced! I need to know the real cute one or my day is ruined.

  4. hahahahahahahaha awww, I had a jacket that matched that exact description and yes, it was my favourite one. *sighs* and yes, those tocks are much better…

  5. wow, my comments were never this close to the top…

  6. Yes…I’d like a quart of milk, a package of oreos, a bowl of butterscotch puddin’, and 2 packs of Premium Pac-tocks.

  7. It cites Rule #10, but links to Rule #22! Confusion!

  8. I wish I had a winter coat as cute and fuzzy as those tocks!

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wooly ‘tocks!

  10. Dear T(Ed.),

    Yer doing it rong! Rule #10 is “If you haven’t grown into your feet yet, it’s cute”. I think Meg wanted rule #22 “Curl up your paw”. Besides, the post links to rule #22.



  11. dumb.

    [Don’t worry… with practice, discipline, and time, you’ll get smarter – Ed.]

  12. two totally touchable tocks and a tucked tail.

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So that’s what became of my 1980’s jacket.
    Those tocks I would nuzzle.

  14. Helene — dat wuznt meh!

    (I can correct the link in a little bit… busy at the mo’)

  15. Paca-tocks! I would like a blanker made of his wooly fur. Cozy!

  16. Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!

    *throws degree at your face*

    Less butts and more faces!!! I’m not animal butt obsessed, sorries.

  17. Another reason to take up fiber arts people! Alpaca wool makes a FANTASTIC yarn, I’ve used it to make amigurumi stuffies and hats and scarves and….

    It’s soooo soft. Baby alpaca and vicuna yarn (hard to get that vicuna)really awesomely soft. I hear that American Bison (Buffalo) wool is pretty awesome too, but it’s $45/skein!!!

  18. Was busy on Vox
    Clicked the CO box
    Now wanting socks
    Made from curly locks
    Of Alpaca tocks
    For skipping rocks
    Upon the Appomattox.

  19. oooh, they are fuzzy and adorkable. I really think if I had these ‘tocks to pat every morning, it might make the day start better. Yes, I’m sure it would.

  20. I want to skin it and wear it as a coat!

  21. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    What is not to love about ‘tocks like these? They look like fancy pants. And I love the smile on the face of the one in the upper right hand corner!

  22. I want to kill it and eat it as dinner!

  23. Time to shut the ol’ piehole, Mello. Need any help with that?

  24. Pyrit. (clapping exhuberantly) That is amazing.

    I loves a good poem.

  25. It’s time for TOCKTOBERFEST!

  26. LOL, Subhangi.

  27. Annie – Thanks. My alliteration was off. Wish I had typed “Across the Appomattox.” Dang.

  28. That’s nice, after I just bought all these bumper stickers from this site. I always stick up for you kids! I was making fun of the person’s comment about skinning the animal owning the featured “tocks”, but alright.

    No more buying products or recommending site to coworkers? Don’t need help with that!

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    It’s OK Mello, it’s easy to misunderstand/be misunderstood on the innerwebs. I still love you- your post was good sarcasm.
    Let’s all lie down & take a nap resting our heads on those woolly ‘tocks.
    On second thought, what am I saying? I doubt these animalicules are known for their bowel control. P’raps I shall wander off & take a nap with Yitzy now.

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    Pyrit: Can you somehow get Alpaca ‘tocks curly locks sox on my hippopotamox? On Vox?
    Excellent rhymeage (sp?)!

  31. Yitz — my issue is, I don’t buy it. Mello is/was acting trollish, so the it’s-OK-it-was-only-sarcasm excuse doesn’t fly.

    Mello — so it’s tiny threats now? Oh noes.
    If this was your house, would you tolerate this sort of behavior from me?

  32. Yitsysmommie – Not in a box, not with a fox.
    (great minds think alike, I too first thought of hippos when I read Meg’s funny title for this post)

  33. yay naps! but yea, I’m too afraid of dingle berries…so no butt pillows.

    Dude, Theo, you gots the tudes goin! Grab a tampon and a few midol and join us for naptime!!

  34. I think my new favorite animal is the ALPACA! Omg.. I’m in lurrves.

  35. Renee in Texas says:

    “Pica-Paca Tick Tocks”


    It’s too moishe!!!!

  36. tocktoberfest hmmmm brings to mind that song..

    In heaven there is no beer
    Thats why we drink it here
    cause when we’re gone from here
    Our Friends will be drinkin all the beer.

    ::Quafs a cold One::

  37. Annie — you should try quaffing with a quokka.

  38. Theo Can’t quaf with Quokka quickly..
    qualing at qwazily Qlong quarplane Qride to Qet Qhere. 😉

  39. [eyes quoss]


  40. Thanks, Yitz. I’ve been posting for awhile and secretly viewing a lot longer. I always post sarcastic remarks and try to make people laugh. I’ve met a lot of fun people that have a enough of a sense of humor to realize that it’s all innocent fun and I think Meg has every right to post whatever she wants, just as people have a right to get offended by a word that is used in slang and also a term used to describe a female dog (as silly as it seems to me).

    I use one silly word in jest to describe the submission (essentially someone who aimed a camera at an alpaca bum) and I get a letter reprimanding me in my email inbox? Hmmm… Theo, you seem like a nice online bodyguard for Meg and all, but pick your battles. I’m a fan and have always been (of the blog). Especially if this is becoming a lucrative venture, yo might want to avoid scaring off potential customers or long-time fans.

  41. OK, Mello. Granted.

    I think you’ll find that staying on my good side isn’t terribly difficult.

  42. Cool, I just wanted to point out that I’m not the bad…gal.

    I’m pretty much a CO prophet, spreading the good news to the world. After countless posts I just finally hit a nerve, but I was hoping to resolve the issue so I could get back to being entertaining and slightly caustic. 😀

  43. So, is your screen name from the manga or the soda?

  44. Heh, it’s a manga?

    It’s actually an old high school nickname. Nothing too creative.

  45. Mello, a prophet? Really? Have you come here to announce the coming of the Alpaca-lypse?

  46. This is why Aubrey is Queen of Puns, peeps.

  47. Pacas = cria pets.

  48. If it weren’t for it being a tushy…that looks like a mighty comfy pillow!!!