People, this is why I love you so moishe

Sender-inner Edwin A. wrote in with only the highest praise for his family’s new puppeh. He goes on to say that the pup’s cutest feature are her feet. (Well, obvy, that falls into Rule #10!)


Then, before I had a chance to brace myself, the best shot ever… MAKING A SANDWEESHE WITH PAWS!


Edwin A., there should be 1 meellion clones of you.



  1. IHaveFurryChildren says:


  2. PAW SAMMICH!! thats so adorable.


  3. That lovely snowy fur makes it look like an ice cream sandwich.

  4. is that a samoy-wich? ^^

  5. metsakins says:

    nohm nohm nohm

    pass the mayo

  6. Ooohhh!! I want a bite!! Just a little one 🙂 What a sweet little baby!!! And a delicious sense of the cute!

  7. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha samoy-ich

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    hehehehehe, NYgirly.
    I had a friend at college (Southanmpton, on the island) who had a Samoyed. When asked how he kept the dog’s coat white, he with a straight face would reply: “Chlorox”.

  9. lurkingsmirk says:

    I’d like some white paw with my white bread…

  10. circuscake says:

    of course! why has it never occured to me to do this?! it really does make perfect sense…

    edwin, you are awesome.

  11. ThreeCatNight says:

    And not only da pawses, but the allover delicious snowy-white chubby puppeh body, and that face! Like a petite polar bear, and much more approachable and kissable! Oooh, if only I could snuggle thru the screen!

  12. D’awww, snowball! Is it an Eskie or a Samoyed? I’m guessing Sammy, from the size of those paws; it’s got some room to grow. Cutie!

  13. Mmmm…marshmellow creme sammich…damn I’m hungry when that sounds that good.

  14. Finger sandwich? No, thank you. Toesicle sandwich? Oh, yes, please!

  15. Until the ’nuffs start writing about how evil it is to suggest that aminals are food, or that the presence of the human hand takes the qte out of the pic….

    EDWIN IS BRILLIANT! This is a pic worthy of “Cute Overlord.”!

  16. So fluffy and sweet. our toe sandwiches fill you right up.

  17. freetomato says:

    Yitzi – I used to have an American Eskimo pup (who looked a lot like little fluffball here) and his fur was amazing….he could roll in the mud and within an hour was magically white again…dirt and stinky just rolled right off him.

  18. oooh. just needs a lil peanut butter and it’s a fluffer-nutter sammich.


  19. Awwww looks like a marshmallow! Soooo fluffy 🙂 I especially like the smile on her face even as her paw is being made into a sandwich!

  20. Flufferpupper Samo-wich
    Eskimo Pup Pie

  21. Eees dis a puppeah or a pawler bear?

  22. Soooo, the answer to “do you want a knuckle sandwich?” is “You betcha!!!!!!”

  23. I hope the human follows food safety regulations and puts a hair net on those hands before serving ANY kinda sammich…

  24. Edwin is a…sasquatch?

  25. Stacy Horn says:

    Is that they guy’s foot or hand holding the bread??

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe Edwin’s a hobbit.

    And that pupster must be pooped to be letting food hang out around his feets without trying to eat it!

  27. is that the guy’s hand or foot made giggle ^^

    oooh and fluffer nutter sammiches should be the national sammich mmmmmm!

  28. i think Edwin A should be the Next Iron Chef!
    Yumm-A !

  29. A Samo! They be cute at all ages, but very, very playful when their puppies. Lots of exercise and cold water and you got yourself a happy puppy for a loooong time!

  30. reminiscent of chi-wow-wow puppeh between hot dog bunn’s!
    that’s delish too.

  31. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh, da sweetness…

    My toof hurtz

  32. Berthaslave:
    If we don’t eat animals, what are we to eat, people? I have heard long pork was good, but I’m not going to try it!!!!!

    P.S. I’ve heard dog is good too, but I’m not going to try that any time soon either!

  33. Tee hee! I thought “hobbit feetses” too! How precious!

  34. I think Edwin’s a chimpanzee…

  35. littlebobby says:

    Mommy, why is the gorilla making sandwiches out of the puppy?

  36. Holy Fur Burgers, Batman!

  37. Sounds like most of the commenters haven’t seen a grown-up man before. They are usually quite hairy, you know. And some of them are still vewwy vewwy Cute.

    Besides that rude is rude even in the internets.

  38. I thought it was a polar bear cub at first. Absolutely brill, Edwin

  39. is it just me, or are the obligatory misspellings in posts and comments losing their appeal?

    there’s a fine line between cute and sickening.

  40. So cute! But isn’t that a Pomeranian? How do you differentiate between a Samoyed and a Pom?

  41. Ralph — it’s not just you. But it’s definitely not *me* — nor the bulk of the CO regulars. The local lingo is a critical component of the Special Sauce, my man.

  42. Cutie. I’d hate to get peanut butter n jelly all over that pretty white fuzz.

  43. Subhangi, a Pom would be more suited for tea sandwiches (they’re little bitty guys).

  44. I’m with Mike B. That CANNOT be a human hand holding the bread. Some other sort of primate maybe…

  45. What kind of flooring is that?!
    Cute puppy too

  46. I think that’s a hairy foot holding the bread. Who thinks of putting bread on their doggie’s feets? Bigfoot! Cute puppy, tho!