“I hate to tell you this, Ma’am…

…But you’ve got buns on your foundation—they may causing your structural issues. They’re yin-yang buns at that—haven’t seen a case like this in a looong time."

[shakes head and writes on clipboard]

Buns in the basement

This is gonna cost ya, Shannon T.



  1. Oh, first comment 😀
    Cute buns

  2. Those are bleeng-blang buns!

  3. i think my house is currently a little too stable…need tto get me some yin yang buns to bring it all in check.

  4. Buns on your foundation, Call the structural engineer stat!

  5. Put the paired buns in your romance gua for best effect. Cuz you know about buns.
    I want these yin yang bunnehs! Feng squeei!

  6. anybody else have a sudden urge to gently rub the whiskers? And how about the pink nose factor on the other one?

  7. Eb-bone-ee and I-vor-eeeee, snorgling in perfect harmony.

  8. I’ve never been a fan of owning buns (never owned one myself; too messy) but after petting an oh so soft bun-bun at a friends house…then pictures like this….maybe I should re-think my stance on buns….

    I gotta watch myself, though. If I give in to my urges from this site, I’ll end up with a house full of cats, dogs, buns, sqwerls, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats….

  9. My guinea pigs occasionally deign to be that cute. That bottom one looks soooo comferbuls with his/her bunny hat.

  10. *headsplode*

  11. Eater of Shades says:

    they should so be called
    ying and yang


  12. Awww….sweet, soft, snorgly bun-buns.

    My daughter keeps me amused with the antics of her bun, Cilantro, aka Cilly. I especially love hearing about the “fierce” thumping they do when startled. Apparently, her neighbor’s mini dachshund came running into her apartment, and Cilly expressed her displeasure by stopping mid-chew while enjoying a turnip green leaf, THUMPED loudly, then retired to the spare room until the offending doxie was removed. Hi-larious…

  13. *glues both bunnies to headband*

    *sports a rabbishing up-do*


  14. Those buns look pretty stable now, but any disturbance can cause a disapproval that can bring the house down!

  15. I haaaaaave been feeling a little off kilter in my house as of late…hmmm. Maby all that thumping I hear at night isnt my imagination….

  16. [teeth sucking sound, known throughout the universe as a precursor to something very expensive] “Well, missus, I’d like to give you better news but I’m afraid you’ve got a problem here. You see [pointing with end of chewed pencil] what you’ve got is what we structural engineers call lagomorph ascendosis, or in layman’s terms, risin’ bun. You’ve ‘eard of risin’ damp, yes? This is similar, but it involves a much floofier problem. You can see ‘ere that the black rabbit is moving in an vertical direction (that’s technical talk for up, you know], and pretty soon ‘e’s going to be all the way over the white rabbit, and then you’ve really got problems, mark my words yes. Good thing you called us when you did, because once that happens then you might as well tear the whole thing down and start again.
    Cost? Come again, luv? Well, you could just leave things as they are, but then you’ll be calling me in a few weeks and there won’t be anything I can do. I should warn you that jobs like this aren’t cheap. Let’s see now…we’ll need a jacking crew for 3 days, jack rental for 7 days so we can get in under the foundations to see just how many rabbits have got under there, wear and tear on equipment, oh, and additional snorgling surcharge (always applies on jobs like this, wish it didn’t but that’s the government for you), a soft kronsche adjustment, and we’ll have to rent a SKWEE-hammer for minimum 2 days. Let’s see now, that comes to [tapping on tiny calculator]…sorry, will you be paying cash for this job, only it comes out cheaper that way, you’ll find…”

  17. they are prescious (I spell wrong, sorry) buns the black bun says why are you bothering us we was sleeping

  18. it’s like a fuzzy ying & yang. :p

  19. I wish I had foundation problems.

  20. “Feng squeei”? rotflmtfo!!!

  21. This infestation I could happily live with. *snuggles in with buns*

  22. mrs fonebone says:

    I’ve had a bun or two and yes, they thump at you (at least the males)–when I would tell mine “No!” he would thump at me–sometimes thump against the side of the fridge or a cabinet to make a bigger noise. Too cute.

  23. They’re Zen Buns… they look very Yin and Yang to me.

  24. Maritimer says:

    Tony James – you’re a Pratchett fan, aren’t you? I can spot a Pratchett fan from a mile off.

  25. Guilty as charged, Maritimer 🙂

  26. Pratchett is teh awesome. Tony James, hee. 🙂

    And if anyone is wondering about bff’s wee marmie (from the muzzlepouche post), she came home from the vet tonight! Still weak and sleepy, but she’s mewing and has taken a few steps.

  27. Yea! for the positive update on bff’s wee marmie, Good thoughts twoard continued improvement!

  28. :: piggy-backing on Tony James ::

    Oh, and you’ll need to do this right away, you don’t want these things to mature…they breed like…well…hotcakes.


    Lovebuns! So cute!! EEEEEEEEE!

  30. acelightning says:

    BUNNIES! And what an adorable pair they are! I’ve never seen an all-black rabbit like that (he’s far too cute to be the Black Rabbit of Inlé, though). And it’s just absolutely perfect that Blackbun and Whitebun love to snuggle up with each other. I’d say that having a rabbit yin/yang on your foundation is very good luck indeed!

  31. ♪♪♫
    Love Buns soon will be making another run
    The Love Buns do promise something for everyone
    Set a course for adventure,
    Your mind on a new romance.

  32. If they’re lode bearing rabbits, wouldn’t that make them buns of steel?




  34. Yes, Meg – I missed you too much to stay away 🙂

    PS I still haven’t had the invitation from TypePad or whatever it’s called that we talked about a year ago :p

  35. PPS [looks around to see if Aubrey knows that Cain is a serious contender for the Heretic PunLord award. A late entry, ’tis true, but fine work there, sir/ma’am]

  36. I’m no contractor, but that foundation obviously has a HARE-line fracture that will be causing problems if not seen to immediately!

  37. gooeycenter says:

    ~The Love Buns~

    Ah, we move like cagey bunnies,
    We couldn’t get closer than this,
    The way we hop
    ’til one’s on top,
    The way we flop
    like piles of bliss…

  38. ka9q's wife says:

    I bow to everyone for the best bun puns. Cain has the bestest pun and Tony James the bestest story.
    Gives Chocolate bunnehs to all.

  39. “Ma’am, I’m afraid you have Locked Buns. It’s a situation which could lead to severe structual difficulties, French Lop-sidedness, rabbit-ual surface cracking and Rex-treme discomfort. However, I must warren you that I have a hutch that extraction could lead to severe loss of Cuteness and dangerously low levels of Redonk and Floof. But a couple of CO tablets (soft kronche, of course) taken in unlimited amounts should take care of that.”

  40. Oh! TJMax: I very fine entry, indeed!

    Cain is indeed Abel.

  41. Gah. Aubrey needs sleep.

    ‘A’ very fine entry, indeed

  42. Shannon T. says:

    Finally… my buns are getting the notice they deserve 😉

  43. Ms. Meggins, you do write the best captions!

  44. Hee! I just love how boneless and smooshy the bunnies look when they’re relaxed together. They just look so silky and squashy.

    Lovely study in contrasts, with the blackbun’s shiny eyeball all wide open like “wuh?” and whitebun’s tight-shut eyes with PINK EYELINER.

  45. Awww 🙂 My bunny refuses to look that cute, even when sleeping. That is, if she actually *does* sleep. I’ve never been able to catch her sleeping; she’s always staring at me evilly!!

  46. herpantsness says:

    Ebunny and Ivo-nny
    Flop together in fur-fect harmony
    Side by side on my basement floorboard
    Oh lord, why can’t weeeeee?

  47. herpantsness says:

    Oops! missed other Ebunny! My apologies to Way Cool Groovy Chick…

  48. Yitzysmommie says:

    A marvellous array of bunny comments here.
    Llamas, I’m glad the marmie baby is better, pplease give a gentle snorgle and a purr from Yitzy.
    TJ welcome back.
    Aubrey – you rock! I wish I were half as clever as you!
    Way Cool Groovy Chick – Thanks for the ear worm, I am humming as I write….
    It’s a-bun-dantly clear this home has serious foundation issues…

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    Couldn’t be a more perfect juxtaposition of snuggly rabbit. All in all, an embodiment of the “Zen of Bunneh” – cuddle, and be one.

  50. lovin the buns.
    sorry about your house.
    it could be worse ya know.
    glad to see everyone having such a good time today.
    after yesterdays poo-poo.
    Loves the sunny attitudes.

    Who the heck is Tony James? and should i be jealous!?

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:

    They are adorable.

  52. metsakins says:

    all I’ve ever had is carpenter ants 😦

    *runs to check foundation again*

  53. gooeycenter — i LOVE that song!! the new lyrics fit the picture and the tune perfectly too 😀

    Though I admit that when my bf and I listen to that song, I call it the “Lofcat” song…

  54. Tony James, I love you.

    And you too, Aubs.

    And the bunnies. Of course.

    Liz – If you do not know who Tony James is, you have missed something akin to the Genesis, my friend. You’ll have to go waaaay back … (Teho, some help here?)

    And yes, be jealous. Be very jealous.

  55. What would be great is ying-yang CATS!

  56. Liz/Subhangi — heck, just type “Tony James” into the Google search box in the upper right. You’ll get more hits than you know what to do with.

    (don’t waste your time Googling “Theo” though)

  57. …and peeps? It’s “YIN YANG” — not ying yang. Pretty please?

  58. well i WUZ going to get a lot of work done today, but instead

  59. learning SO much today.
    “Tony James ” is famous. and its YIN YANG not YING YANG (i think that there was a Panda name , or was it Ling Ling? , I digress) I dunno. but I’m gogglin Tony james so’s i can get smart with the rest of ya.
    Thanks Theo, I feel brighter already. (and if I googled Theo, i’m sure my computer would splode)

  60. liz – tony james is also famous/infamous for being the owner of the legendary puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen. when he starts loading it, get out of the line of fire!

  61. book_monstercats@msn.com says:

    My intro to TJ. Fabulous. Are you British, or do you just do a good impersonation of a British workman, as well as TP? Aubrey and Cain. Great posts, I splurged my dinner (it’s 19.11 here) all over my laptop at lode-bearing and buns of steel.

  62. Tony’s buns! I missed Tony’s buns here yesterday. Doh. Feel like I stepped on a rake.

  63. Pyrit —

    …actually, never mind.

  64. ya wha..? You had to click the post button on that one.

  65. [schmug schmirk]

  66. sooooo…. soooooftt….

  67. oooh i love the lil spray of whiskers coming out of the black bun’s schmoozle!!

  68. pyrit, you stepped on a rake? I stepped on a blackguard yesterday. He wasn’t pleased.

  69. I didn’t step on anybody, but I narrowly missed being flattened by a falling dandy.
    “FOP” — right there on the sidewalk.

    (I stepped *over* him — does that count?)

  70. Falling candy? Was he a Cad(bury)?

  71. Egadbury!

  72. A fine re-bounder, T. By the way, it’s good you didn’t step on anyone – hard to imagine a heel being crushed by one.

  73. Your house, Aubrey.
    I’ll get my coat.

  74. I said, “buns” you two! I missed Tony’s buns. Not “puns”. There is a difference oh yes.

  75. T: as long as you don’t turn that coat.

    pyrit: There is no difference. Tony’s buns/puns inspire admiration equally.

  76. Tony’s Puns???? But but… (Looks from Aubrey to Pyrit to Theo) but.. you guys have all the Best puns.

    walks off mumbling to go look up Tony ‘s comments to see what to expect.
    Throws a Hi Tony over her shoulder.

  77. All for pun and pun for all, Annie.

  78. Some peeps have a pun track mind.

  79. …or something like

  80. walks back in room…. Okay I looked him (Tony James)Up I am still laughing at the…

    Well I don’t think I can even begin to explain it.
    So here is the link…


    I believe this ONE POST pretty much encompasses the essence of what and who Tony James is. Be sure to read all the comments too.

    TJ I hope you come to play often 😀

  81. Shannon T., I’m afraid you’re under arrest. You are charged with the crime of submission of an overly adorable photograph of underage bun snorgling.

  82. Delicious…like a black and white cookie!

  83. i wouldn’t remove them foundation at this point; they could be load-bearing buns.