Carry your puppeh with The Pupoose!

Img_6582_149_smTHe PUPOOSE is here, People. Acrocheted puppeh powsche, with four holes in it, perfect for carrying your pup back from the warsh.

Available here…

Look how carefree you will be!


Charlene Y.,  Koooky, krazy krochets get me every time (espeshe if it’s a Kozy)



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    Looks uncomfortableen…for both puppeh and owner.

  2. Kitsunegirl says:

    Those poor dogs – their expressions crack me up! They’re all like… *sigh*

  3. mervtheflamingo says:

    almost bleen. I’m gonna get one for ma’ kitty.

  4. mervtheflamingo says:

    I think the more important question is not where can I get this, but why is the model not wearing a skirt?

  5. Bleck, what you wanna bet Paris Hilton or Britney Spears will be sporting one soon?

  6. oh good lord. those poor dogs!

  7. mervtheflamingo says:

    So I checked the site, and all of the models are darn near nekkid for modeling a doggie product.

  8. Photo no. 2 reminds me of a razor ad from the 70’s.

    “Look at Susan dancing carefree with her puppy in tow. Unsightly stubble won’t be getting in the way of her travels!”

  9. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    This may seem like a good idea to some people, but remember that Navin Johnson’s Opti-Grab invention made everyone cross-eyed. I am sure this can’t be good for your back.

  10. ROFLMAO!!Opti-Grab!

  11. yankeebird says:

    These dogs look so sad and embarrassed to be part of this!

    And on a totally unrelated note, I LOVE the music she uses on her site – both the one that starts automatically, and the one playing in the sad “Puppoose” video.

  12. frappygoddess says:

    Or…you could just buy a cute leash and let the dog get some exercise. I mean, seriously, if you’re taking the dog with you, you might as well have them walk. They’d probably enjoy it more, anyway.

    It’s a cute idea and obviously the creator loves dogs, but the concept makes me a bit uncomfortable as it seems to be likening dogs to fashion accessories. A new pup for every outfit!

  13. lurkingsmirk says:

    Omg mervtheflamingo you’re right! She’s wearing some lace thing as a skirt.

    Maybe she needs a puppy for the back, too…

  14. Nobody puts Baby’s puppy in a corner.

  15. seems kinda cruel :S

  16. I have visions of these airheads trying to unzip their doggie in a frantic search for their cell phone or lip gloss.

  17. We went out to this club, right, and there was this chick, and she was TOTALLY HOT and was like wearing this lace skirt thing…but no, you see, she had like this DOG around her neck…no, like a REAL DOG on this thing…no, it was just hanging there…I was so not high, it was totally a dog…and I was like, “Nice dog” and she was like “Quit staring at my crotch” and I was like “But I’m just looking at your dog” and she was all “Perv.”

  18. Wow when you go to the web site she has some amazing creations besides the puppy carrier there are swimsuits and blankets and hats purses and a really awesome yoga/exercise mat carrier.

  19. Could be wrong but I think the lacy dress is something from her business.

    ‘So why are you visiting the chiropractor today? – I carry a 25lbs dog around my neck…’. Stick with the 5 pounders in purses kids. 😛

  20. Ugh these are horrible!

  21. acelightning says:

    EIGHTY BUCKS for that? Sheesh.

  22. then I ask myself… what if you are a male dog. How comfi would it be to hang around in that thing with all your emm ‘things’ stil there?

  23. Waa . . .?

  24. that does look pretty awful for both dog and owner. ditto to everyone about the owner’s back, and look how the pup’s little legs just dangle there. that can’t be good.

  25. ‘pupoose’

    now with built in skirt/pants ^^

  26. Muito confortavel para o transporte dos seus filhotes.

  27. this is the most redonk thing I have ever seen. It seems like puppy tails and legs will get caught in doors everywhere!

  28. omg wtf

    I wonder what Cesar Milan would say about this. Well I guess you are pack leader if the puppeh is hangin’ off your neck.
    (will not be a nuff, will not be a nuff)

    I mean great!, how adorables!

  29. the video on that site is awesome!

  30. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  31. i actually want something like this to carry my ween around on my scooter, secured in my lap. but $80. sheesh!

  32. HAHA, wow, just watched the video – hilarious! I love the free-spirited dancing. That does NOT look comfortable for the dogs. Poor things. And I don’t feel bad for any person’s back or shoulder pain incurred by using this product. You deserve it for putting your dog through that embarrassment.

  33. That is so wrong. It makes me ashamed to be a knitter. If you want other knitting mistakes to laugh at go here.

    OK my good deed for the day is done.

  34. Wonder if this comes in “Standard Poodle” size? ‘Cause I could use a ruptured disc.

  35. Oooh… how about MASTIFF??

  36. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Will it hold a St. Bernard?

  37. So when will the versions for Great Danes and Newfoundlands be released?

  38. Just nobody yell FIRE! Or, in the case of the Boston terrier, “BUNNEH!” Does it come with leather chaps for the puppeh toter?
    Note the arched back on the Boston–gotta be a boydog trying to protect his tackle.
    Model: Did you get the shot? Because this thing is KILLING ME!

  39. Oh oh oh I know! We need one for CLIFFORD!

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hehehehe! This thing is the very definische of REDONK!!
    And berthslave, I’m still giggling, thankyouverymoische.
    YM wanders off, contemplating her beloved wearing his fave dog, a Wawa mix, in one of these things, dog hanging below his ponderous belleh.

  41. The poor dogs in the dancing video! They look seasick.

    The skirtless model is the designer and CEO–click the About link on the site.

  42. She’s wearing my Nana’s tablecloth…

  43. Was I the only one who thought the site was called PURPOSE, and not Pupoose? I’m thinking, well, what is the PURPOSE of this thing besides carying a dog? Is there some hidden political message here? Does it give these skinny models a PURPOSE in life in some way? OOOH! PUP-POOSE! I get it!

    I gotta get my eyes checked.

  44. Sorry, but that’s just wrong. Dogs love to take walks! (Unless there’s some oddball pooch I haven’t met yet.)

  45. lubugrious says:

    So quick to judge! The company is based here in NYC, where on the weekends, you go out for a walk that often lasts the whole day. Small dogs often can’t do that, because they get tired – so, it makes sense to carry them for awhile. I saw a woman with a puppoose at Union Square over the weekend, and the dog seemed perfectly fine. So, I agree, it’s a stupid product if you live in a suburb and you are putting your dog in the car to take to the grocery store, but for a leisurely weekend day in the city, it makes perfect sense.

  46. wow… those doggies don’t look comfy at all

  47. GerbilNibble says:

    Hoo-hoos. What about their hoo-hoos? Wedgie-plus?

  48. LuvBJones says:

    You want to see me with my 27 pound psychobeagle strapped around my neck, rooooing hysterically at the neighbors cat, the squirrel, the garbage can, the KFC … I’d feel like I had a barking cyst …

  49. LuvBJones says:

    PS: GerbilNibble said hoo-hoos!

  50. First dog: “What is this &*#%?”

    Second dog: “Heeeelp meeee!”

  51. I have a similar tote for my dog (5 lbs)from
    Dog doesn’t like the felling of having her legs just hanin’ there though, she likes a regular tote bag.

  52. yankeebird says:

    Hey, Kim… I was looking at the link you posted to “You Knit What??”. Going through the archives, there’s a post that links back to here!

  53. Katherine says:

    This is absolutely disgusting, and anyone who thinks about buying one of these things is not only vain but totally inconsiderate. This is where a human’s desire to make something cute goes over the line.

  54. Katherine says:

    This is absolutely disgusting, and anyone who thinks about buying one of these things is not only vain but totally inconsiderate. This is where a human’s desire to make something cute goes over the line.

  55. Tugs, D.C. says:

    Yeah, they should make these for Newfoundlands and Great Danes. I could use the business to pay back my student loans and business loans.

  56. LuvB — Barking cyst, snark!

    that looks pretty dumb.
    my puppeh is WAY to cute to have her cute-a-tude covered by one of those silly things. and she looks so cute bouncin across the ground, i would never stuff her in one of those.
    and gimme back my lace table cloth ya HO. 🙂

  58. ChasingtheDog says:

    So many things to comment on:

    A.) For such a home-ec-looking-crafty product, they spent like a bajillion dollars on photo’s, models and a sweet site.

    B.) The dogs look like they all want to die

    C.) It’s is tewtally stupid for the shown purpose but would be AWESOME for a dog with mobility issues–you could help him walk.

  59. These dogs look frickin’ miserable! My chihuahua would probably lurve it, but those big ol’ things are like “LEMME DOWN, LADY! (and put some clothes on while yer at it).”

  60. I think using a leash and walking with the dog next to you is a much better idea ! These things look stupid.
    First, those dogs are going to get heavy after a while.
    And second, the dogs look very unhappy and uncomfortable.
    This is what leashes are for !
    This goes on the “Stupid Inventions” list.

  61. Dewd, if they pee down their leg and yours, don’t blame us.

    Mine would go nuts swinging and sraping their legs. I hope they snag those mini-costumes.

  62. I have seen something similar to this designed for dogs in airports (trainstations etc), where the dog is going into a carrier ON the plane, but they dont want the dog on a leash in the airport previous to it going in the carrier.

  63. teeno bassino says:

    this is just mean. what dog wants to be carried around hanging from its chest all day. its worse than people that think that their dog would enjoy being smashed in a purse because its ‘cute’. i love animals, so i dont consider them accessories.

  64. All I can think is “what would Cesar Milan say?”

  65. OMG! I met the girl who designed these scuba diving in Mexico.

  66. So, Sarah, did she design them WHILE scuba diving in Mexico? Because there’s this little thing called “nitrogen narcosis” you gotta watch out for…

  67. EFFING MEAN! Dogs are not accessories-they are living beings that need to walk.

    Stupid Seawards*.

    *Arrested Development quote!

  68. People, do you know how hard it is to manage a dog leash AND a tube top? This product makes perfect sense.

  69. ugh, I saw one of these things live and in action a few weeks ago! and all i could think of was – Lady, get yourself one of those purses that LOOKS like a dog with straps, because whatever that is, it’s not doing either of you any good.
    I also felt really sorry for the medium-sized Yorkie I saw being carried around under this 8-year-old girl’s arm like it was some kind of living teddy bear.

  70. Do they have one for a pitbull? Honestly, my dog would LOVE to be carried around like a “designer dog”. Haha. I work at a store that sells stuff LIKE this…such as bags, clothing, accessories and specialty foods for dogs/cats…but this is RIDICULOUS! And I handle inventory…$80 RETAIL?! No way is that worth it. We sell hand knit sweaters that my friends’ grandmother knits and even at retail they are nowhere NEAR that price. This lady is nuts, that idea is nuts and that is TERRIBLE for your back. Note how the front part wraps around the neck…sorry…but a halter top is bothersome enough for me!

  71. P.S. – I agree with Danielle above…DOGS NEED EXERCISE! I can understand the need if your dog is petite and you’re in an intensly crowded area such as Manhattan…but other than that I really see no need to carry your dog everywhere…regardless of the size of it. They have legs for a reason!

  72. how can this be a good idea? Dogs have legs for the purpose of walking and scratching. I love my dog to bits. He’s the cutes thing in the world, that doesn’t mean I’m going to wear him like a purse.