“_____s” ‘n’ Racks is getting more redonk than ever

People, meet foster Sqwerl "Crash Robinson"


Um, heylerhe, what’s the deal with those mini-claws!?


Jaime, you’re a braaaaaaaaaave squirrel snuggler/smuggler.



  1. tiredcynic says:

    That’s quite the manicure…

  2. Now lets not have any lewd comments about this. >.>

    Cute skwerl. ^.^

  3. tiredcynic says:

    (on squirrelykins, that is)

  4. This is why I barely go to cuteoverload anymore. It’s like they’ll post any attention-starved 17 yr old desperate enough to use a cute animal as an excuse to take a boob shot of themselves and post it online.

  5. hazel… no one was harmed in the making of that pic. Not the squirrel, not the girl, not the people looking at it. Just lighten up, willya?

  6. Bird of Paradise says:

    Dear Nuffs: Please get over yourselves. This is a picture of a cute squirrel nestled in a rack. Nothing more. Stop reading into it.

  7. “hazel… no one was harmed in the making of that pic. Not the squirrel, not the girl, not the people looking at it.”
    Actually my eyes burned when I looked at the photo.
    And people: don’t jump on me just because you don’t agree with my opinion. All I’m saying is that if I wanted to look down someones shirt I can just look down my own. The charms of animals are not enhanced when they’re stuffed down some girls bra.

  8. I don’t really understand why this is cute? It’s not really “nestled”.. it doesn’t look like he made his way there as a snuggly place to be. It just looks like a squirrel being held on a girls chest in a myspace-esqe cleavage shot pose. I guess I just don’t get it.

    And don’t label me as a stupid nuffer, I just don’t understand why it’s cute, that’s all.

  9. sweet jane says:

    makes 4th comment on late-night sunday post… ==> “barely go[es] to cute overload”

    a female, with hair, and a mouth. and a face almost entirely obscured from view. ==> “attention-starved 17 yr old”

    no visible cleavage (thanks to skwerly), one clothed breast covered by hand. ==> “boob shot”

    attention: clavicle is the new boob!

  10. There is so much to look at on this website. And I think a lot of the people featured in some relation to their animals or animals they are filming kind of want to be looked at, regardless of whether or not they are showing certain parts of their body. Why is the presence of human-animal contact so upsetting to people? I look at this pic and I think “Wow, brave girl” (just like Meg did, apparently). And I’m a perfectly healthy male who likes looking at women. This is just a picture of a girl holding a squirrel close to her heart, I just don’t understand the need to publicly dismiss it as not worthy of anyone’s attention.

  11. Exactly what Chels said. It really reminds me of a myspace kind of picture where they’re trying their best to look good. Only somehow a squirrel managed to jump into the pic at the last moment.


  13. HMMM Story Please sender-iner PRetty Please.

    I see foster squirrel up there oh and check out the name Crash Robinson.

    And is that a train/bus station seat in the picture????

    So many questions.

    (I see future squirrel water skiier and presidential candidate… oh you didn’t? why not??)

  14. OMG Meg the roll over kills. So perfect for that pic. LOL

  15. Mmmmm… rabies ‘n racks.

  16. who are these people who freak at the sight of cleavage?!
    the same ones who crossed themselves when Janet J did a boob flash?
    Peoples! get a grip!
    It’s not violent and not lewd and not porno. Maybe us Australians are more relaxed about it, I don’t know.
    The sqwerl looks happy and comfy and loved.

  17. acelightning says:

    I just don’t think that’s a very good place for a critter with *sharp* little claws that don’t retract. I might put a kitten, or a baby bunny, or even a snake, down my own cleavage (just to give the animal a warm, soft place to snuggle), but not a squirrel. (I have to admit that I don’t like squirrels very much.)

  18. Sqvirrrelll, cute. Girl, cute. Perfect place for a rescued foster bebeh until it gets home. Those without racks cannot comprehend! (except Berthaslave…) Nuffs, not cute.

  19. Nuffs = don’t mean Acelightning! I’m not partial to snakes myself, although I recognize their beauty…

  20. Lil, there is no cleavage! (too much squirrel in the way)

    Meanwhile, I shall be LOLing at the redonkulous comments that are sure to come.

  21. I have been told by those with foster-critters that just like with human bebehs, there comes a time when despite it being fed, clean, and tucked all warm in bed it won’t… stop… crying…

    The only solution is to pick it up, cuddle it, and make soothing noises. But don’t believe the Disney propaganda! Bebeh-critters do NOT help with housework! And it is impossible to do dishes with a hand full of bebeh-critter. (You there! I saw what you were thinking! Stop it! Not a scrubbie!)

    Many foster moms faced with this, look down and think ‘Eh, it’s almost a pouch’ and pop the bebeh in the rack with the purest of attentions… and it usually works!

  22. turbofloof says:

    Roleh Poleh cuteness between the boobehs – perfect. Roleh Poleh cuteness with tiny needles on ends of footies between the boobehs – ouch.

  23. I looked at this picture and immediately thought “album cover.” I don’t know why.

  24. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    Album cover for the Squirell Boob Zippers?
    That was lame = totally.

    Bebeh skwerls are teh bomb! They’re cute and they roll around in the yard like mad!

  25. BrianMPLS says:

    Squirrels ‘n’ Girrels?

    LOL @ “eyes burned” — [Danger: May Cause Spontaneous Ocular Combustion]
    I recommend avoiding university campuses during the first couple weeks of fall semester. Positively blinding!

  26. If you post it

    they will come!

  27. As much as I adore skwerls I would not put one down my top!

  28. acelightning says:

    Poohbear – I do try not to be a Nuff, and I’ve *never* said “oh, CO shouldn’t post pictures of that!” But I can’t help liking some animals better than others. And, coming from a mostly urban/suburban background, I mostly think of squirrels as “rats with fluffy tails”. Not that they aren’t cute in their own way, at least sometimes… I just don’t want one down my shirt.

  29. Not crazy about the racks and animals deal, especially when the moment is obviously not candid (read: girl probably tossed squirrel down her shirt and re-took this picture 50 times).

  30. Headscratcher says:

    Le Sigh.

    Folks, you can’t see a damned thing other than the freaking squirrel.

    Get over yourselves.

    Don’t like looking at the NON BREAST part of a human being? Your issue, not mine. You apply sex to just about anything with a woman in it? Your issue, not mine. You assume “attention whoring” (and by God I ****ing hate that word) and youth to any and all photos of a human and an animal tucked down their top? Your issue, not mine.


  31. GerbilNibble says:

    As a Sqwerl lover I’m officially jealous. With love.

    How’d Robinson end up crashing in your shirt?

  32. aww! this is a fave place for a rattie to hang out, so i’m not surprised if it’s the same for squirrels. warm, sheltered, good-smelling, and the heartbeat prob doesn’t hurt either. i’ll tell you what does hurt though: little, teeny, grasping rodent claws!

    sweet jane – lol! that would mean that my big brother is having sugery on his boob today…damn bike-related boob injuries!

  33. Yitzysmommie says:

    Meggie – I don’t think those are mini claws. They look like the full service variety to moi!
    BrianMPLS: snicker, giggle AND snort at the Squirrels ‘n Girrels comment!
    For the Nuffinghams, when you see Racks in the title why not just skip it?
    Pretty Gerl, Cute Skwerl, wonder what the story is behind the name Crash Robinson?

  34. drywontonmee says:

    There are two things I need to ask:

    1) What is this urge that US females have, to put animals to their breasts?

    2) How would people feel if we had a season of “Cats n Sacks”? Where we have pics of guys putting coy and flirty faces on while holding a kitten against their testicles?

    Please, it really is a bit annoying, I really really love Cuteoverload, but I don’t want to see animals on human tits. I don’t get why this is fashionable. And before you call me a mysogynist or whatever, I’m a passionate supporter of women being able to breastfeed wherever and whenever they like.

    As long as it’s not a frigging squirrel or something.

  35. The only reason Meg does these posts is because she knows they’ll get a reaction. And they do, every time.

    It’s too bad she’s not using her time/energy to provoke a debate on something more interesting and socially relevant – like vegetarianism or animal cruelty.

  36. metsakins says:

    okay I wasn’t gonna do this but now I’m pissed off.

    I’ll tell you what Meg spends her time doing, even though I don’t know her. She spends her time brightening 1,000’s of peoples days with a little humour and cuteness.


  37. Yay for squirrels! 🙂 I always wanted one.

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yo GO metsakins!
    Nuffs: get a f*^$#%g life!
    Don’t like it? Don’t look.

  39. Headscratcher says:


    GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They aren’t doing it for attention. They aren’t doing it to be sexy. They aren’t doing it to be cute. 9 times out of 10 they are doing it because that’s the warmest spot to tuck a baby animal in need of soothing.


    And another thing, if vegetarianism and/or animal cruelty is such a major issue for you that you want to add yet another discussion to the proverbial table, guess what? Blogger.com is like, totally free. And guess what else? THere are a thousand million places on the net dedicated to such issues. And guess what else else? THIS BLOG is about the cute. NOt vegitarianism. Not animal cruelty (depsite morons that think 95% of the images here depict it). Deal with it.

  40. lurkingsmirk says:

    The scenario I envisioned was: squirrel is on shoulder, decides he wants to be comfuhtables, climbs down to nestle in warm shirt. It’s hilarious, so owner takes a pic. The squirrel is obviously the focus of the picture. If a picture featuring a physically attractive person (and you can’t even see her really!) makes you feel less about yourself, that’s your deal.

  41. metsakins says:

    so I’m thinkin’

    vanilla puddin’ with peanut butter cookies on the side, some w/ hershey kisses, some plain

  42. circuscake says:

    i come here to be happy, not think about animal cruelty.
    (yeah, i’m a vegetarian- also not a ‘cute’ subject.)

    do women not from the US really never comfort animals against their chests? i find that hard to believe- it just seems so natural…

  43. “Will you please stop posting pictures I don’t like? I only want to see pictures here that I like. I’m sure the majority of people here agree with me on this. This is the last time I’m going to visit your site. I look forward to your speedy reply.”

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    metsakins: Butterscotch puddins for moi, with some dark chocolate chips.

  45. ThreeCatNight says:

    Nothing obscene here, but I’m sort of over animals in racks of any size, and a squirrel could do some serious damage with those little claws!

  46. What I don’t get is that if a woman runs this site, why the heck are there so many female attention whore shots. Enough of these damned things already. They aren’t cute. The shots are more of some loser girls with more boundary issues than south Texas after dark. This is getting tiresome. We need more cute squirrelish window washers & kitties getting their lil tummies rubbed please! <3

    [Egad, where even to start??… waste of skin, “Meh” – Ed.]

  47. metsakins says:

    RevW. – good one

    YM – sounds yummeh

  48. When are we going to start seeing ‘Tock & Balls?

    I propose a new feature. Men with cute animals on their laps in tight fighting jeans and mondo bulgage.

  49. this is just kind of gross. we don’t want to see people, just animals.

  50. deedledeedledoo says:

    Gaah, ENOUGH with the attention whore kiddies already! This site is supposed to be about cute animals, not pouty teenagers with cute animals stuffed down their shirts.

  51. RevWaldo Nice sarcasm.

    THere are lots of other posts today you could go look and comment on those if you don’t like this one.

    I still wish I knew the story behind Robinson,Crash Robinson.

    And if she really was trying to get attention don’t you think her face would be in the picture.

  52. RevWaldo — that was tight. Like, practiced. Refined.

  53. Oh and one more thing why is a picture of an animal held against a breast teh thing that determins a person is a whore. I thought a whore was someone who sold their body for sex.
    Oh maybe you have changed the definition recently to be anyone who is a female.
    grow Up for god’s sake.

  54. Meh:

    Meg’s a wonderfully sneaky person and knows what gets a reaction. And she is indulged every time thanks to the anonymity of the internet and righteousness of the people that inhabit it. And I thank her for the redonkularity that she’s able to conjure from posting one simple picture.

    P.S. We all know that old adage about assuming…

  55. Annie: “Whore” has become a more general term for someone who does something shameful in the hopes of gaining something from it. “Attention-whoring” is doing something embarrassing or shameful in exchange for attention. There are many different types of whoring. There is really no evidence this is anything but a candid shot a girl took for fun.

    I’ve been critical of overt tit/cleavage pictures in the past, but it seems to me that she was actually kinda classy about it by holding her shirt in, covering what could’ve been quite the cleavage shot.

  56. Headscratcher says:

    bridget, try not speaking for everyone, ok? Ya see, *I* am not in the least bothered by people in the pictures. So could you rephrase your idiotic command to reflect your singular nature instead of including all and sundry?

    And Meh? Way to judge. Glad I don’t know you in real life. You must be a real jerk.

  57. All I can see is the grammar error. It…burns…

  58. I’d like a sqwerl in my rack! Though those claws do look a bit sharp…

    Oh, and it is instinct to put animals in the bosom. It’s instict for us because it’s a warm spot next to the heart, which comforts our own babies. And it’s instint to the animals for the same sort of reason (as well as the association with breasts=food). Sure, she might have taken the shot because she wanted attention, but whatever. We don’t know based on one picture what the girl is like. Heck, if I had a cute animal in my rack I’d probably send it in too…not ’cause I need the attention but because it’d be cute! (I’d focus the camera on the animal, not me; not sure if I’d qualify as “cute overload”.)

  59. metsakins says:

    Okay so I’m gonna go out for coffees now. Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks?

    Discuss amongst yourselfs

  60. I don’t see why some are so upset, I don’t even see a rack in the picture.

  61. This is just my point of view but it doesn’t look to me that she took this photo to show herself off, she’s focused on the sqwerl and nuttn else. That looks (to me) to be the place the sqwerl is happiest so she did her best to get a good shot of it. It doesn’t even look like she’s smiling looks (again just to me) like she’s concentrating on getting a good pic of bebeh.

    Also, I want to thank those who have stated their feelings on this pic either for or against without being insulting to either side of the issue.

    And I have to agree with Metsakins on the issue of Meg’s time. This site is socially relevant. It is a haven with a little something for just about everyone. And since you can’t please EVERYONE at all the exact same time that is why there is a variety of postings.

  62. Thanks Jim. I posted it and three seconds later wished I could take it down. I realize people use the word whore that way but I do get tired of it being used everytime someone wants to insult some one else they don’t even know and who they would not insult in such a fashion if the person were standing in the room with them.. (problem with being on the internet, what you gonna do)

  63. I actually think we SHOULD have a cats ‘n sacks category. HAHA. My boyfriend has already volunteered to pose for our first pic for the category. XD… so long as the cat in question is declawed.

  64. circuscake says:

    ummmm… speaking as a straight female- i must admit i find ‘racks’ to be soooo much more aesthetically appealing than ‘sacks’… so i’m gonna hafta vote ‘no’ to the new catagory.

    (i’m sorry if this hurts any of the boys’ feelings)

  65. metsakins says:

    monks & hunks ?

  66. AuntieMame says:

    LOL, ali! (And I agree…)

    I also agree with circuscake. If we’re looking for gender equality, then please make it a cats-n-pecs category rather than cats-n-sacks. The only sack I want to see a cat in/on/next to is a paper one.

  67. Metsakins LOL.

  68. ROFLMAO (imaginging Monks in brown robes cavorting wit male models on teh beach). A new low for me sorries folks. ROFLMAO

  69. metsakins says:

    ya know…I didn’t think I had to specify that I meant monkeys…i mean I thought about specifying it and then I said, nah, everyone will know what I mean

    (tahts pretty funny metzee, didn’t imagine the beach part!!)

  70. You should know bettah metsie, since when do we EVEAH take the correct meaning from something that has even the smidgen of gutter written on it?

  71. metsakins says:

    ahem “we”

  72. Ali — huh, I didn’t even see that. Can’t imagine how I missed… OK I’ll stop.
    Fixed now.

  73. Right… Now I am seeing monkeys running all over a monestary with monks and hunks chasing them trying to catch them.

  74. Oh Theo, thank you. I can breathe again.

  75. Cheers Theo, Annie, & metsakins. I do try. 🙂

    Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the invention of emoticons <: -D


  76. well I meant me and my multiple personalities y’know. They like to be included too.

    LMAOing at Annie. Thanks, now they’ve left the beach and its a party back at teh monk’s place.

  77. LOL Metz
    oh and RevWaldo what really makes it is your parting line. IT just made me crack up.

  78. Critters n’ Titters!

  79. OMG BOOB1ES!

  80. See, comments like the ones above are just totally inappopriate and are the only reason these Cats N’ Racks pics upset me… because they bring out lewd jerks who objectify women.

  81. I have a food blog – if you can post ‘cats n racks’, then I should do ‘snacks n cracks’ where every Friday I hold an item of food between my fat hairy butt-cheeks and take a photo of it. This impulse is completely natural, honest. Nothing wrong at all. If people object then they are man-haters and should make their own food blog. Stop judging me.

  82. ew

  83. Eww. Rodents have sharp, filthy little claws. Ick.

  84. CanadianChick says:

    awww…baby squirrels are sooo cute…I’d curl up between the boobs if I was a widdle wodent too…

    jeez, I can’t even get “my” squirrels to take peanuts from my hand…I’m officially jealous.

  85. circuscake and auntiemame have obviously been brainwashed by the our lame-o media culture which says that women aren’t supposed to find the male form sexy. screw that. men’s bodies are HOT, and that includes the region below the belt. i know many women who feel the same way. sweet action magazine, anyone?

  86. Headscratcher says:

    Odd, I’m in the same culture and not one part of it states that I as a heterosexual woman must find no attraction in the male form.

    Way to spout something that isn’t happening. Next time, check before you ramble, k?

  87. The story is this: I am an adult, not a 17 year old attention whore. I fostered a baby squirrel whose tree was cut down and he was homeless and abandoned. He was always very cold at that size. He would crawl down my shirt and sleep there because it was warm, dark, and I could cradle him with my hand there. He also hiked around with me in the hood of my sweatshirt, but you can never see him in those photos.

    Being as there’s a “— ‘n’ racks” section, I thought it would be a funny addition. Sorry if I offended so many of you with my collarbones. I didn’t even expose myself, and I’m not worried about who likes my breasts. I just thought the baby effing squirrel was adorable, and this is one of the VERY few photos where you can see his cute little face.

    For those of you not blown away and enraged by my godawful sinpillows, I work at an animal hospital that works with wildlife and we rehabilitate them as necessary, especially the ones that are healthy and can be released, like Crash.

    Also, his claws at that age actually weren’t very sharp at all, and he didn’t have his upper teeth in yet. He would try to nurse off my pinky, but his mouth wasn’t big enough. 0_0 At first, he would pick up a peanut and it was so big he would fall over with it in his hands! I raised him for a few weeks until he could eat acorns and nuts without help and released him into a protected park where he would be safe and have plenty of food. He did great! Happy ending!

  88. drywontonmee — Go for it! I’d probably take a look at the first couple of pics, anyway. I suggest a Twinkie for the inaugural post. You may end up attracting a whole new group of viewers for your blog.

  89. circuscake says:

    or perhaps i simply have a healthy appreciation for the female form (aka myself). it is an unfortunate fact that many women put down other women in order to fill some sort of void in themselves, or from simple sheer self-loathing.

    i have no problem appreciating a beautiful man or woman- i just find certain aspects of each sex to be more appealing than others. for instance? i love me a nice, strong, calloused pair of man hands…kitts ‘n’ mitts anyone?

    p.s. thanks for the back-story Jamie- i personally think you are a very lucky woman to have had a baby squirrel snuggling in your boobies, thanks for sharing in the joy.

  90. Jamie, kudos to you for fostering! We haven’t fostered anything more exotic than kittens, but guess what? I stuck them in my shirt to keep ’em warm too.

    Thanks for sharing the happy ending.

  91. AuntieMame says:

    Media culture? I haven’t heard the “media culture” say anything about men’s bodies and what I’m supposed to think about them. They’re too busy checking out Britney’s boobs. And you can belittle my opinion as much as you want, Erin. I still don’t want to see a man’s bits on CO.

  92. AuntieMame says:

    And good for Jamie for taking the time and effort to care for a small, helpless creature. And for sharing the joy with us!

  93. acelightning says:

    Jamie – good for you, taking care of the baby squirrel (and I’m very glad his claws *weren’t* a problem for you!).

    To everyone else who mentioned “—s ‘n’ Sacks”… I’m in favor of the idea – well, probably not literally “sacks”, but (speaking as a straight female) I’d certainly love to see good-looking guys in clothes that show off their looks, demonstrating their affectionate and caring side by their interactions with bunnies and kitties and puppies and hamsters (and maybe even squirrels).

  94. Hi Jamie thanks for sharing the whole story. what a wonderful job you do. and I think the photo is awesome. and crash is one lucky squirrel.

  95. But AuntieMame – its Meg’s blog and she can post what she wants, even if it does include men’s “bits.” Haven’t you said that many a time yourself?

  96. Yay Jamie for standing up for yoruself and for the wonderful thing you’ve done! Yay Crash fer surviving and making me smile wit that cute wittle face and wee wittle claws.
    Thank you for sharing him with us Jamie!

  97. YAY for Jamie

    job well done

    woot Woot!!!

  98. okay, I’ll say one more thing. it’s one thing to say, in a discussion of future topics, “I wouldn’t care to see that”.

    It’s a totally different thing to look at a post and go “OMG thats horrible”.

  99. and finally


    okay..going off to pretend I have a job now 🙂

  100. Thanks Jamie! You’re a good person! Yay for the squirrely! Looks like your sanity and kindness has put an end to the silly ‘troversy. (Nice clavicles, BTW!) 😉

  101. …and Jaye, weee remember! Sad, though. 😦

  102. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks Jamie for being the caring person that you are. I’m sure the animals truly appreciate everything you do for them. There should be more people like you around.

  103. Yitzysmommie says:

    JAMIE – Yew Rawk! Thanks for A. taking care of Mr Skwerl aka Crash and B. posting the back story.

  104. Ok Jamie, what happens when you rescue a porcupine? Hmm? What goes on there? Hmm? As touchy feely then, huh? Hmm?

  105. drywontonmee, you are the biggest ass I have ever seen. If that picture is that offensive to you, then what are you still doing here?

  106. Jamie, you are wonderful to be doing that volunteer work (and your furry friend is adorable too.) The most exotic thing I ever raised was a baby mynah – but he was happier flapping his wings than snuggling in a rack … 😛

    The picture is very, very sweet, and a great pic too – in terms of composition AND content. I find it to be in much better taste than a few of the other “Pets and Racks” entries (yes, there have been a few entries that, IMO, were nothing more than gratituous cleavage shots) but this is definitely not one of them. This is the PERFECT “Pets and Racks”! Yay that Meg posted it.

    The folks who are ranting about this pic prove one thing: they hate humans, especially YOUNG humans, and automatically brand us all as attention whores without having any idea about the story leading up to the picture. Apparently our youth is worth celebrating only when we die fighting wars. (Yes, it’s true – I’ve had my share of irrational hatred from people just because I’m young.)

    Sorry, but it royally pisses me off when people post rude comments about people they don’t know, ESPECIALLY when they don’t ask for it, and ESPECIALLY because they’re young. And Jamie clearly wasn’t asking for it – why else would she bother to cover up a little?

    Jamie, you go girl. (And while you’re at it, tell us more animal rescue stories!)

  107. Jamie, sorry about the jerks. They like to look at pictures that offend them and stay over for the argument instead of going on with their lives. You are a good person. The jerks are a minority.

  108. PS — this photo was shot by Tanja Askani, of clapping & “THPPPPP”-ing baby bunny fame…

  109. Media culture is a valid term used to describe how the words and images distributed on a mass scale impact our perceptions and attitudes towards each other and society.

    If you have never been exposed to words and images that influence how you perceive men’s bodies then you have never read a magazine, looked at a web site, watched television, or seen a movie.

    By not discussing and dissecting men’s bodies that sends as much of a message as discussing Britney’s ta-ta’s all the time. Think about it.

    Why is it that you’ll never seen an unattractive woman with an attractive man on network TV but you’ll see the opposite on King of Queens and Everybody Loves Raymond? Looks aren’t supposed to matter for females, which is bullshit.

    Sorry if any of what I said came off as a personal attack, was just expressing an opinion/frustration. I wish more females would openly appreciate attractive males. Might help even the score.

    And for the record, I have a deep appreciation for female beauty and racks, having interacted..errr…hands-on with several in my experiences as a straight but occasionally bendy female.

    Much love.

  110. AuntieMame says:

    Yes, I have, Shawna. And I would also put large sums of good money up on a bet that Meg will probably never post pictures of naked men (or women) on CuteOverload. Because this isn’t a porn site.

    And Erin, I DO appreciate attractive men. Very much. Heck, I have a calendar at home that features some very good-looking men on it.

    Check here if you want to see a preview of next year’s version:


    However, I think you and I may have different opinions of what is attractive. For example, I’m not sure exactly to whom you are referring to when you mention “Everybody Loves Raymond” and “King of Queens,” but if you ask me, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, and Kevin James are all attractive in their own way. So maybe they’re goofballs, and maybe some of them could stand to lose a few pounds. So what? They’re still good-looking guys.

    There is more to being attractive than physical looks. And some of the most (so-called) physically “attractive” men are, to me, not attractive at all because of the way they behave. (Brad Pitt…)

  111. Theo, that fotocommunity link is awesome. What beautiful (and cute!!) pictures!

  112. Headscratcher says:

    Ummm…Erin? I read magazines, watch tv & movies, surf the net widely. I really wish you wouldn’t assume things about the rest of us and how and if we appreciate the male form and where it/the lack of it comes from, ok?

  113. Who said anything about naked guys? That’s not what I meant at all. But alas, whatever. Sexism is no better than racism and yet, its strangely more acceptable. Even women indulge in it.

  114. Headscratcher, my remarks about media culture were directed at AuntieMame – the person who directly questioned the term. Not you. If you’re calling others out for assuming stuff, you might want to include yourself.

    AuntieMame, I do agree that those guys we’re talking about are cute in their own way. I actually had a crush on Kevin James until I saw him shirtless in that Chuck and Larry movie. Ugh.

    I’m just saying that the beauty standards are far more restrictive and stringent for females than males in popular culture. When’s the last time you heard of a producer telling a man to lose weight for a role? When’s the last time you saw male height and weight measurements in the Enquirer? Who has all the eating disorders? Who’s getting more plastic surgery? Who gets matched up with people 20 years younger for romantic roles but it’s a huge deal if a female dates someone 5 years younger?

    Thanks for the calendar link. I’ll check it out!

  115. Erin — the weight on/weight off for movie roles happens to all actors… but for one example, Tom Hanks gained AND lost quite a bit o’ bulk for Cast Away.

  116. AuntieMame says:

    Shawna, the whole discussion started around the subject of photos of “cats-n-sacks.” If you’re gonna stick your oar in, you might read the whole thread and get it straight what we’re talking about first.

    And I agree with you 100%, Erin, that media (and society at large) put a higher value on a woman’s looks and, consequently, devalue her other attributes, such as skills and intelligence. I agree that it’s not fair. I sneer at the “Just For Men” commercials with the guys bewailing their gray hair. What nonsense! Gray hair on a man is considered distinguished. It’s only old age when it’s a woman.

    The only point I am really trying to make is that not wanting to see naked men (or women) does not mean I don’t appreciate male (or female) beauty. I simply prefer modesty. That’s all.

    And to bring it full circle back to this photo, there is nothing even remotely suggestive about a fully dressed female with a small animal down her shirt.

  117. AuntieMame says:

    (The last sentence is directed to the CO community at large, and not at Erin…)

  118. Yes, I understand what the thread is about AuntieMame. Maybe you could get of your high horse and bother to interpret people’s comments before spouting off. Cats n’ sacks doesn’t imply nude men anymore than the Cats n’ racks category includes nude women. I would think that was obvious, but clearly you needed it explained to you.
    But alas! I don’t really enjoy coming to CO for debate. I’m sure Meg loves all the hits the arguments generate, though.

  119. Have you seen the kitty in the saute pan up above? OMG!

  120. Theo, I appreciate what you’re saying, but I don’t know if it’s quite the same comparison.

    Cruise lost weight so he could play person who was starving to death.

    Most women lose weight so they can get roles, keep working, and fit into the standards of what’s considered sexy.

  121. cook_a_monsta says:

    may i ask why exactly you have a squirrel down your top?? Esspecially since you took the photo.

  122. You have mixed my two favorite things … sexy women and small furry ones…

  123. circuscake says:

    re: the media

    can’t we just work on fixing what’s wrong with how we treat women, instead of trying to treat men in the same unfair way as a means of evening the score?

    well, actually- eating disorders are on the rise in young men. men obsessing about having the perfect gym body is pretty prevalent. and let’s not forget man-scaping…

    i have to say, in my life of dealing with men and women critiquing my looks- the women have usually been meaner and more exacting. this is why i hand out compliments like candy to women i see on the street whose fashion sense i admire.

  124. ???

    Critters like warm comfy spaces. It’s not boobs, it’s a “nest.” Read Jamie’s post and calm the smurf down.

    Squirrels rule! And I can see the squirrelly-kid being cautious enough with his nails. Yay squirrel foster moms!

  125. Jamie rocks my socks!

    And Crash is adorable! I only wish I could’ve held him before she set him free.

    And I agree, those people who are so concerned about the fact that you can see her collarbones need to grow a life.

    have a nice day : )

  126. evil kitty says:

    I work w/ Jamie and she is AMAZING!!!!
    The little babies just get more adorable every day!