Window cleaners, only pennies a day…

2 cents per slurp, 3 cents per glurp. No job is too small.

Call 1-800-SQWERLS, press 1 for Tony.

, originally uploaded by seizethedave.

HALP! mah tun ith thuck, Laura J.



  1. wihihihi .. 2 or 3 of them in the dishwasher might be handy as well \o/

  2. Where do I get one? I hate doing windows.

  3. I need the neighborhood squackers to learn this trick! The only one that visits me likes to hide his stash in my window frame and rub his tail on the glass.
    “Hoser! Wash my wind’r!”

  4. Wow… that was fast! I’m still laughing at it.

    I love the bonus finger pads… imagine little fingerprints all over the window when the guy is done!

  5. *Yelling at phone*

    “What do you mean there’s no Tony? I DEMAND TO SPEAK WITH TONY!!!”

    Ah, tiny tonguie!

  6. Laura J, I know! Those paws are awesome!

    Does anyone know if this lil’ dude is supposed to only have four fingers? I hope he wasn’t in some horrible accident. . .

  7. BEST

    LOVE IT!

  8. He triple-dog-dared me! It was a slight breach of etiquette, I tell you!

  9. acelightning says:

    Not to be a Nuff or nuffin’, but this is just a little bit creepy. Why would a squirrel be reduced to licking condensation off a window, instead of drinking water in whatever way is normal for squirrels? (How *do* squirrels normally drink water, anyway?)

  10. That shows how hard a squirrel-life is

    We all should help the wild animals with some bowl of water and nuts : )

  11. my cats lick anything with condensation on it – glasses, windows – and they’ve got lots of fresh water. just curiosity, i guess…

  12. Simon the Skwerrl is aDORable!! I found the rest of his pics here

  13. thilly thkwirl ^^

  14. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    Wow, I just looked at the photset on flickr and he’s quite the gregarious fellow!

    I love the shots of him in mid-jump!

    I have a skwerl that lives outside our front door, and he and I have a relationship forming. He’s stopped yelling “hey, hey hey” at me and just lays on his belly and watches me suspiciously now.

  15. acelightning — I doubt he’s been ‘reduced’ to anything. Squirrels rarely are. They just take what they like, when they like, in my experience (on a college campus). Like window condensation. Or smoothie cups. Or my half-finished breakfast sandwich that I’d just put down for a second.

  16. hahaha! lmao! too cute! 🙂
    I’ve seen children do this on display cases at jewelry stores…:-$

  17. I agree with you, Kara… I was eating lunch on campus back in the day, reading a book… looked down and found a squirrel had climbed up in my lap and was helping himself to my PB&J.

    At that point, I just let him have the sandwich. 😛 Skwerrls take what they want.

  18. I couldn’t use this service – it would just make the windows worse due to the number of nose prints inside (from the dog of course)

  19. *Trying desperately to call the nuber to talk to Tony but finding the line busy all the time… wonder why…* 🙂

    SaDiablo, no need to worry, squirrels have 4 toes in their front feet and 5 in their back feet, so that paw is totally ok.

  20. that is sooo funny! I would hire them, just to see that tounge in person!

  21. This skwerl has refined taste. He’ll take his mineral water on glass – thankyouverymuch.

    Puddles in pavement and dirt are for the chipmunks!

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    A little to the left,
    A little to the right,
    Now lick and lick
    with all your might!

    I used to have window boxes facing the backyard in my former apartment. The flowers I’d planted took root, and really looked pretty for awhile. Then, I noticed them starting to gradually disappear. The culprits: two squirrels that loved to take sunbaths in the boxes! They’d roll and turn over the earth, making a complete mess, and also chomping down the flowers as an added treat. After that, I just let them be, and put out some water for them, and seed for the birds. Nice memories.

    (Brought to mind a song I learned long ago in grade school :
    “Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
    with your bushy tail…”)

  23. lol! tiny squirrel tongue and little squirrel fingers, too cute!!

  24. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Your window… it has a flavor.


  25. I thought he would just work for peanuts.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My house next please.

  27. Skwerls know–condensation is some the best, cleanest water–as long as you’re not licking it off a very dirty window…

  28. what a great shot!

    i luvs the leetle sqwerel handsies.

    sqwerels are so silly!!! 🙂 love them.

  29. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Why cats and I guess squirells don’t drink tap water and seem to drink from dirty souces (drains puddles) is they don’t like the taste of Flouride, which has been introduced to most potable water here in the UK.

  30. book_monstercats says:

    I once had a dog who would only drink out of the pipe leading from the kitchen sink to the drain, in spite of the fact that she always had a bowl of clean water handy. She used to stand up against the sink when she was thirsty and I would turn the tap on. She would then race outside and lap the clean water coming out of the pipe. Our next door neighbour’s cat only drinks out of a bowl filled with ornamental pebbles kept on a window ledge even though she always has a bowl of clean water next to her food dish in the kitchen. I mean ter say, we co-operate with the critters as well. Sheesshh. Humans!

  31. Bestahst Pictsjah Evah!!!
    Its priceless 🙂
    I put it on my (dutch) blog… With Dutch licking-the-window-talk 🙂 I will never have a better entry hihi!

  32. I do believe that condensation and running water is instinctually cleaner than standing water.

  33. that is just great! i love it!

  34. Hee. Can you imagine this scene in Winter? “Help! My thung ith thtuck on the glath!”

  35. I apparently have a dirty mind as my first impression was “who’s doing an erotic squerl movie?” Did we censor the pic where he leans his entire body against the glass next?

  36. gooeyctr —

    Thtuck. Thtuck! THTUUUUUCCCKKK!!!

  37. Does this remind anyone else of A Christmas Story?

  38. good job meg–your writing on this out-cuted the actual image.

  39. Awww.. he’s thirsty. Must be in VA where we haven’t had rain in ages…

  40. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    Uh oh….They are starting their reconnaissance. Offering their services at pennies a day. Do not hire them!

    Annie – help me out here. Wait a second – where is Annie!?!

  41. When I was staying at a friend’s we were woken up by skwerl yellings. We looked out, and saw a kitteh staring up a tree, with a skwerl yelling at it up the tree. There were 4 other skwerls going neener neener behind kitteh, but kitteh didn’t notice …

    It wasn’t a very bright kitteh.

  42. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!
    Evils or not, I loves me some sweet skwerilly-q-pants! I will spray my winders with honey if he likes……or maybe some peanut butter?

  43. I can’t believe I’m the first to suggest this, but EVERYBODY SING ALONG:

    What’s my line, I’m happy cleanin’ windows…
    Take my time, I’ll see you when my love grows…
    Baby don’t let it slide, I’m a working squirrel in my prime…

    Cleaning windows! (horns!)
    Number hundred and thirty-six…!

    All Van Morrison fans and squirrel lovers rejoice!!!

  44. I wants me a sqwirl!! I don’t care whether it’s legal or not–I wants one!!! So adorable!

  45. “The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!”

  46. awesome awesome awesome

  47. *blinks*

    Berthaslave, you need to stop listening to Jimmy Rogers on your lunch break and get to work.

  48. Didn’t Mommy tell you not to put your tongue on it?
    Now we have to call the fire department.

  49. Hm just realized people in warm climates might not understand that.

  50. hahaha “press 1 for Tony”

    crackin’ me up

  51. One of our cats refuses to drink from the water bowl until someone runs fresh water in it… then he goes outside and drinks from the ground-level birdbath. “Maybe it’s bird flavored.” Bird **** flavored, yeah…. And the youngster licks the bathroom window after one of us showers….

  52. Also reminds me of the shower scene from Psycho.

  53. turbofloof says:

    My dog lurves to hang his heed out the car window when it rains, and lick the side of the car to catch the water droplets.

    No, the car is never THAT clean *hangs head in shame,* and I wonder wat people think of me when I drive down the street with my dirty-raindrop-starved pooch vigorously lapping the side of the car.

    (yes, he always has clean water in various places around the house and yard – including the toilet. ugh…)


  55. Really lovely shot 😀

  56. Um they arent in the phone book