The laziest kitteh IN THE WORLD

This kitteh is either the laziest kitteh ever, OR it really likes the treadmill treads on his face. (Maybe it’s like a big tongue lick?)

This cat is about to honk-shu right there.

Sender-Inner Frank S., Love the giggling, Video Taker Erik… I don’t know how many drinks it took to figure this out, but count me in for next round.



  1. Cats and Treadmills hmmm a new cat-egory?

  2. hmmm…has someone been hitting da nip?

  3. Chortle! Mr. White Floof is determined to become ONE with the black moving rubbery thing.

  4. Rofl…. and the look the kitty gives the camera at the end says it all. I am a CAT not a dumb dog! Cats do NOT demean theirselves by walking on treadmills.

    I am going back to my nap!


  6. awwww, lol! i love the gentle, loving laughter and cooing in the background.

    what a beautiful and floofy kitteh!!!!

  7. Would someone put me in a car and hold me there while someone drives me to work. It’s lazy Friday at 10:20AM and I’m still at home… Can’t blame the poor little kitty.

  8. My cat loves to snuggle my sneakers. Maybe that’s why she keeps wanting to lie down? The treadmill mat probably smells like their shoes.

  9. POOR KITTY. He’s doing what dogs do when they don’t want you to drag them someplace. Total passive resistance. Leave poor kitty alone!

  10. Seeings as how slow that treadmill is, probably feels like giant kitty tongue licking his body!

    Full body bathing, wouldn’t you rather have someone else lick you than yourself?

  11. LOL. You’re right, the soundtrack just does it.

    Dear Nuffers,

    Kitty is not being harmed. Kitty is maybe having his dignity slightly bruised. Most kitties I know could stand to be taken down a notch or two. If I were the one holding Kitty over the treadmill, it would basically be turnabout for the 8 zillion times they have woken me up at 6 am by using my shoulder as a trampoline. Clearly Kitty is well-loved and is just getting a little gentle ribbing. Lighten up.

  12. lurkingsmirk says:

    Methinks kitteh likes the feel…but she must be generating some major static electricity.

  13. chet's momma says:

    watch this one, too! sooo cute!

    i love the lazy kitty, cuz i’m the same way.

  14. He’s catatonic.
    Is that how you spell that?
    I’m too lazy to look it up…going to go lay on my treadmill now.

  15. “He’s catatonic.”

    maymee, that’s BRILLIANT, lol! 🙂

  16. I think they were trying for Stupid Pet Tricks, but the thing is that if a cat doesn’t want something, it will let you know clearly and–for its owner–painfully. The cat seems to like the rubbing. I had a cat that showed its displeasure very dramatically, but showed its pleasure somewhat passively. What memories. I don’t have a problem with this video.

  17. Perhaps the kitteh only wants to hear a soundtrack of OKGO in the background to make it all right?

    I just watched it again and it made me laugh (almost) as much.

  18. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    I’m sorry, I kind of feel sorry for the kitty – it’s an adorable video, and obvious that the cat is loved… but still poor kitty 😦

  19. If the kitteh didn’t like it, he’d show it with claws. It almost looks mean, except for the part where I bet the kitteh loves the feel of the treadmill on his face and is probably purring like a motorcycle’s engine like mine does when I skritch his ears. Whadda cutie. 🙂

  20. Hehehe, Kitty says


    If you no use tredmil, I no use it ether”

  21. I agree with people who think it might feel like a big kitty tongue.

    You know what? I’m-a place some nuff bets. (Not that I’m saying these, I’m just testing to see how well I’ve been playing along.)

    Five (5) ‘leave the poor kitty alone’ (minus the previous one).

    Three (3) complaints that the cat must be unhealthy to be so lethargic.

    Three (3) ‘from another cat owner’ comments detailing the horrendous danger of putting a cat on a treadmill.

    One (1) personal story about a family member, friend, or neighbour’s cat who died horribly on or near a treadmill.

    Of all the above, at least four (4) will contain the question ‘How can they laugh at that poor cat that way?’ and at least half will contain ‘You can see he doesn’t like it’ or a variation thereof.

  22. hahaha only a cat to figure out that rather than for exercising, threadmills are good for full body massages…

  23. this weed is awesome.

  24. Hahahaha, man, I got ripped off. This is my cat and my treadmill and someone _else_ is taking credit for it. We had just moved in and the basement was chock full of stuff… so pardon the mess. 🙂

    That cat is still as fluffy as ever, by the way. His name is Kosh. 🙂

    Here is the link to the ORIGINAL:

  25. Erik — You one of the laffers?

    You guys laugh funny. XD

  26. Kara, you busted me up good. I, too, was anticipating the nuffs, but you thought of one I didn’t – the OBVIOUS poor health of the poor, lethargic kitteh.

    Geeze, I wish people would lighten up.

  27. LOL! i love it 🙂 hahaha

  28. frappygoddess says:

    Kitty’s look at the end clearly says “for this, I will use your face as a treadmill at three in the morning.”

    Clearly, the cat has performed the trick before, but just doesn’t feel like it right this moment. I can relate. If kitty was really in distress it would have bolted the moment it was put on the treadmill, leaving its owner bleeding.

  29. B. Modern that vid was GREAT! “nothin’s gonna keep me down da da da” HIlarious! That cat has the best attitude! Totally like, wow, I can burn off some maj energy on dis here machine… whatevs about the toy, check out my buffness!” LOL

  30. That’s totally how I feel when I’m at the gym.

  31. Erik, if “Kosh” is from Babylon 5, it’s an awesome name for a cat and I wish I’d thought of it. (Quiet but very powerful alien who would make cryptic remarks of doom and then glide away, leaving you wondering WTF.) I recall a fan discussion as to whether cats were Vorlons or Shadows, and the conclusion that they were actually Keepers– the hidden alien parasite that controls your behavior.

  32. The hysterical laughter does make it even better – I agree that kitty is enjoying the rub. Maybe the cat feels like it’s a perpetual face-rub greeting (you know how they do against you leg or the corners of things), or she’s reverting back to kitten-hood and letting “mommy” clean her…?


  33. that is exactly how i respond when i’m on my treadmill.

    any nuffs please calm down. they are being so, so gentle with kitty, and if she wanted it this redonkulousness to stop, she would let them know.

    it must feel good on her fur, like an automatic rubbing machine or something.

    she’s (or he’s?) such a beautiful cat. that fur looks so silky soft and floofy!

  34. My first cat did something like this whenever confronted with something she just didn’t want to do. Immediate floppage down, everything goes limp. “Whatevs. you’re not the boss of me.”

    This was how we knew she was NOT leash trainable. Clip the leash to her collar, and she immediately flopped over.

  35. Hehe. Ok, I give.

    Yes, Kosh is named after B5’s Kosh. Bright white, but NOT quiet and NOT well mannered. He is a 4AM cat who wanders around the house yelling because he can see the bottom of his bowl again. I think Kosh is more of a Shadow, he likes conflict. So… sadly, his name doesn’t quite fit.

    His brother, Poojah (or Poody), the black cat you see briefly, is the doomsayer. He finds a perch and glares at anyone who approaches.

    Hehe, and yeah, I’m the laugher. My wife is holding the camera. Uhh… I’m not too proud of my laugh in this. 😀

    The first time Kosh did that, he was a little unnerved, but he’s a fairly fearless cat. He would normally walk for a little longer, but I think he’s fed up with it. 🙂

    For … all those concerned. It was on the lowest setting and I made sure that his tail or any other part of him didn’t get caught.

    And, that glare at the end, yeah… we knew he was done. “Ooooh…” I’ve done it one other time, since this video (2006), and he does it the same way every time. I ought to get some shots of him poofed on the bed or playing human on the couch. 🙂

  36. It’s an Automatic Petting Machine!

  37. check out Scooter (aka Dr. Ernie McScooterman). he’s very beautiful and VERY into the treadmill…

  38. At first, I was a little ’nuffy, but really, if the cat didn’t like it, he would have let us know. Sometimes I walk around holding Bertha and she gives me that “I am not a shoulder monkey” look but kind of goes limp, it’s a thing we do. And this is clearly a thing that Erik and Kosh do.

    BTW, people, it doesn’t take any nip or weed or drinky-drinky to start getting silly w/ the aminals. We should all know that.

  39. Erik:
    This is so funny!!! Don’t feel ‘barrassed by your laugh! giggles are supposed to come out high!!! I think the black kitteh was trying to run interference, while saying HaHa kosh at the same time. Like I could help you, but I’m not gonna 🙂
    Am I right? Or was he just trying to stay the heck away?

  40. This cat has the same attitude towards exercise that I have.

  41. I find it kind of entertaining that there are so many comments telling the “Nuffs” to calm down, and yet, I haven’t seen any nuffy comments yet. O.o Really, if the nuffs haven’t arrived, don’t talk about them. You might attract them >.>

  42. Such a beautiful, fluffy kitty. And I love the backstory, Erik. It’s fun to hear what prompted the videos/pics.

  43. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, at one point, I can hear him purring. Whatta cute kitty!

  44. Yeah, I think there were exactly two nuff comments, so on this post, it’s actually the nuff smackdowns that are taking over! And they’re kind of annoying, too! And now I’m getting all meta by being irritated at the anti-nuffers! When will it ever end?

    Also, many thanks to whoever posted the link to the ok go video – hadn’t watched it in a while. Hilarious.

  45. “A petting machine? For Me? Let go, will ya! I’m trying to get my shoulers and head scratched on this thing and clearly, I don’t need your help.”

  46. Oh yeah, I’ve seen this. The Ronco Pritty Kitty Automatic Feline Facial Peel. Clearly, someone has been watching their late-nite infomercials and, if I’m not mistaken, there should be a set of steak knives somewhere in the background there.

  47. Eric, please inform Kosh that he is gorgeous and brilliant. But I suspect he already knows that.

    Rumi, aww gee thanks! *blushes*

  48. hahahaa – well done kitteh.. who needs to work out when one looks perfectly fluffy

  49. OK Go clearly should have used this for their video instead. It fits.

  50. I’m getting really irritated by the anti-anti-nuffer comments!

  51. Erik, don’t worry… the hysterical and genuine laughter is the perfect soundtrack to this! Even Meg said so on the front page. Nobody likes their own laugh when they hear it played back.

    Kosh is a gorgeous (and tolerant) kitty.

  52. *chuckle* I’m glad you all liked it. 🙂

    Poojah probably watched from the hallway. He used to get really concerned during bathtime. Kosh used to come home completely covered in dirt and grease from the cars he used to climb under. We’d do a bathtime two-fer. Since then, when we do something to Kosh, Poojah keeps his distance just in case he needs to run. 🙂

    I’ll let Kosh know that he’s loved the next time I maul hims fluffy self.

  53. Pheas, your anti-anti-anti-nuffer comment really chaps my hide!

  54. Aww Bless his little heart. He’s not fat, he’s just fluffy!

  55. Weird, that looked just like my basement, treadmill, dad, and cat for the first few seconds and I was confused because I’m pretty sure my parents don’t know how to put videos on youtube! Then I realized that my cat is actually fatter than this one…sad, I know. Her name, Marshmallow, is fitting!

  56. ROFL! Tears came out my eyes as I laughed. The most funny part was the “head-walking” on the treadmill. Gonna send that link to my friends who are all “ugh, I don’t wanna excersise.” Hahah, still laughing.

  57. Shawna/hey-h — See the paranoia that hath been bred? SEE?? Their foul deed has been done, and now they can go to some other blog and spread their ebil there.

    I am a harbinger of … stuff. *woe*

  58. I had tears in my eyes from laughing at this video clip … It reminded me so much of my cat (Miss Kitty) … Whenever she gets tired of doing something she’s laying down RIGHT THERE and taking a nap … lmao. Definitely one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in a while…

  59. Erik, I love your laugh!! The video cracked me up…literally tears in my eyes. I could see my late kitty Sammie doing something like that…lol. Wonderful vid. 🙂

  60. Hey, Meg, maybe you can change this to reflect who the actual video taker is – Erik and not this guy Rognip01.

  61. DL: lol “head walking”!!

  62. Aww, the treadmills is petting his head!

  63. Teho fixed it. Yay Teho. IT says Erik now.

  64. (How’d you know it was me?? It *might’ve* been Meg…)

  65. this vid almost got me in trubble at work, I cannot stop watching it. The patience of that kitters. He might not believe in exercise but he does believe in letting his humans live despite that degredation.

    He’s like, “Yes yes, they are dumb but eventually they will learn taht I do not walk on teh treadmill. Just like a dog, patient repetition and they’ll learn.”
    (drags head on treadmill)

    OMG ROFLMAO & Snorting & Choking

  66. I was having a horrible day, but watching this video made me laugh and feel so much better. Reminded me of my kitteh, except mine probably wouldn’t even get up to be near the treadmill.

  67. StephakneeSays says:

    Holy cow! That’s some funny!

  68. Looks like dat kitteh haz no bonz at all! All soft inside!

  69. tis an automatic pettins machine

  70. Erik – I LOVE hearing from owners best of all. I like that the uh, machine was on like the slowest of slow settings and kitteh still couldn’t bring himself to it. And, I thought I was the only one with a bottom screamer. MOM!!!! I HAVE NO FOOD IN MY BOWL AT ALL. See, look, you can see the bottom. Well, yeah, I ate straight thru the middle making a hole with tons of kibble all around but so what? IT”S EMPTY – Mom. Mom. Moooom. Mom. mom. mom.

  71. Those pet owners…wow.

    I didn’t know there was that much pot in the world.

  72. HAHAHAHA oh thats hilarious!

  73. In part of it the kitteh looks like he’s smiling 🙂

  74. Not only did Theo fix the name, he also linked it to the original video. 🙂

    I’ve watched this about 6 times now…

  75. Why have 2-4 people implied that the only possible reason for doing cool and/or funny things is being drunk or on drugs? x)

    <3 the video

  76. Teho. Daytime is usually your fix and late at night is a meg fix… and I know sometimes chief sister officer but it was bout time for you to go home so figured you peeked in before leaving for home.

  77. Nuffs, or no, THIS kitty (November is kitty’s name) LOVES the treadmill. And some cheesy 80s music:

  78. when the lady says they’re “almost out of battery” is she talking about the camera or the kitty? or both? 🙂

  79. I can has new owners?

  80. “Put down the camera! Call the poleeeeccceee!”

  81. The look at the end begs of us on teh interwebs – “Why won’t you help me? Can’t you see what I have to put up with?” I wanna reach in and rescue da kitteh and snorgle him till he falls asleep, which won’t be long by the looks of things.

  82. I think they should leave the poor kitty alone! He looks very unhappy. I also worry that the cat must be unhealthy to be so lethargic! Are they giving him proper nutrition? I’m a cat owner, and anyone should know that there is a real danger of putting the cat on the treadmill — what if it gets its paw caught? I know of a friend’s friend whose cat died on a treadmill! It’s just cruel how can they laugh at that poor cat that way, when it’s obvious that he doesn’t like it.

  83. Ahh. Continual proof of the hypothesis that cats are really viscous liquids.

    Kosh: *walk walk walk* *ooooze* *flop*

  84. oh good night what a hoot. The giggly humans just make my day, not go even mention the laaazy poosy cat.

  85. Ariel… I LOVE YOU!

    Also — kitty is adorable!

  86. omg, soul mate kitteh! That’s JUST how I feel when I get ont the treadmill!

  87. True master of the treadmill!

    A shrimp!

  88. KDUmich… I…uh…love you too! *blush*

  89. What a passive-aggressive, a$$hole. The cat wouldn’t be fat if he didn’t overfeed it.

  90. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    *snerk* hee hee hee! too silly. i love the dragging feet… lol!

    my only question for Erik is, shouldn’t the other cat’s name be Kosh too? … ’cause, well… “we are all kosh.” XD (i had three budgies that were all Kosh awhile back…)

  91. Now I’m picturing budgies with Kosh’s headpiece; they’ve already got the shoulders….

  92. acelightning says:

    I totally agree with this cat. Whenever anyone tries to make me get some exercise, I lie down and take a nap. (Preferably with my cat Loki lying next to me, purring in his sleep and giving off Feline Sleep Rays…)

  93. Silly humans, is not “treadmill” is “petting machine”.

  94. come on, it’s not such a fine line.. is this “torment overload” now?


  95. smoooooooooooosh on da face

  96. That’s not a lazy kitteh, that’s an asshole owner.

    People like that should stay away from cats if they can’t control their innate wankery towards animals.

  97. Hey, Elizabeth, Erik, Kosh’s owner, lives in Utah. Why don’t you get a move on and start knocking on doors throughout the state? Maybe you could find Erik and tell him what an asshole he is (as opposed to posting here and proving to the world that some other people apparently deserve the title, too).

  98. I was kinda hoping the owner would let go when kitty was collapsed, so he/she would roll off the end.
    What? It’s revenge for all the screaming at night and them not letting us sleep. :p

  99. Methinks Elizabetth (TTH? huh?) did not read all of the previous comments. Or is a troll. Either way, Erik, can I have your cat? He’s too pretty! I can’t resist that much floof! Also, since my cat already runs around yowling because he’s knocked all of his food on the floor and can see the color of his dish again, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to have another doing the same thing.

  100. A little uptight aren’t we Elizabeth??? It doesn’t look like the kitteh has any problem at all with this, in fact it looks like it wants to take a nap on the comfy rolly sidewalk.

    Great stuff Erik!

  101. pretty kitty kat says:

    oh my gosh1 thatis sooooo cute! and i thought MY cat was lazy! ut i thought it’s little tail would get caught. it’s still cute!


  102. pretty kitty kat says:

    oh my gosh! that is soooo cute! i thought my cat was lazy… until i saw this!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  103. the cat is not amused

  104. Erik–
    don’t be embarrassed by the laugh! Adorable clip and adorable kitty. It’s clear he’s very comfy and loved by his owners to be so relaxed in your hands. I use to have a cat that LOVED to try and get on my lap whenever I rode my recombant bike. He was fascinated by the whole thing and I always had to keep an eye out just in case he’d launch himself at me. Once I quit moving my legs… I think he thought the ride was over and he’d always get down.

    I think we’re here to amuse them as much as they amuse us. 😉

  105. In the voice of the kittah:

    “mrrow… exercising is soooooooooo pasee…. i whant to relaaaaaax.”

  106. I love this video, makes me proper laugh out loud! Its brilliant. The cat knows its loved or it wouldn’t go floppy in the owners loving hands. Tp notch!

  107. This Great Movie:) ..mrrr..
    I like cats.. I have pers..
    Regards By Pioneer

  108. Um, Annie? Running down Teho’s schedule like that makes you sound like a stalker, K?;) Or are you just practicing up for the stalker contest on VOX? (Run away Teho!:P)

  109. CBF — my “schedule” isn’t really personally identifying info. 😉

  110. hehe
    thats the funniest cat in the world!

  111. CBF..:) that was just logic. Most fols work 8-5 or 9-6 I am in CA he is in MN. My brother lives in WI I know the time difference and I know I usually look right before I go home and so Assumed maybe incorrectly he did too. Besides I got my own schmoop at home, That is more than enough work for me.

  112. Ex-Network Geek says:

    Bwahahahaha. That’s about my reaction to exercise, plus I have been so sleepy all week that if you tried to put me on a treadmill, that’s probably just what would happen.

    As for my cats… they are wusses and the sound of the treadmill would scare them, so if I tried this, then either the cat would escape long before I got near the treadmill, or I would be hideously scarred by the escape attempts.

    If they weren’t frightened by it, they probably would rub their faces on it too.

    Kosh (the cat) actually reminds me more of Londo (the character) who, in the first episode of B5 that I saw, carefully went out of his way to do something that he knew for sure would start a major war. But who also was not the treadmill type and had hair that stuck up.

  113. heheh this great !!!!

  114. I had tears in my eyes from laughing at this video clip … It reminded me so much of my cat (Miss Kitty) … Whenever she gets tired of doing something she’s laying down RIGHT THERE and taking a nap … lmao. Definitely one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in a while…

  115. I showed this to my family yesterday and everyone got a big kick out of it. We are not cat people, except for my aunt, and still, everyone laughed!

  116. Also, I heard Teho’s real name is THEO. SHHHH. Don’t tell. Someone might stalk him.

  117. ROFL!!!

  118. Eeep! I leave town and come back to THIS! Awesome video, Erik! It’s so funny, and so sweet. Great laffink, too, it put a big grin on my face.

  119. jmstargirl says:

    Um, drunk people forcing their cat to do something that it does not want to do is NOT cute.

  120. No, I am not addicted. (Ack, who am I kidding?) says:

    Hilarious… I love it!

  121. this is inhumane! clearly, these people do not value their cats (who have desires and such) and just see them as entertainment.

  122. this is inhumane! clearly, these people do not value their cats (who have desires and such) and just see them as entertainment.

  123. this is inhumane! clearly, these people do not value their cats (who have desires and such) and just see them as entertainment.