Señor Carlos Muffin, Esq. makes an appearance

People, this is Carlos Muffin, an exotic shorthair, just like Winston the kitteh. You may remember Señor Muffin from his first pic on C.O. where he almost keelled his owner for dressing him up. He obvy has infinite patience.


Welcome back to C.O., Señor Mufeens and Diana S.



  1. heh, so serious.

  2. Never bleen.

    [Always a bleensmaid, eh, KK3? – Ed.]

  3. I have to admit…I much prefer a full-faced kitty to the flat-faced version. Give me snoot, or give me death!

  4. Happy halloween their Mr. golden eyed pitteh…

    Or is that a look of tomorrow better be Caterday or am gonna splode!!!!!!!

  5. great- now i’ll have ‘the muffin man’ song in my head all day…

  6. A perfect picture for Halloween!

  7. Wow, he has a perfect face for Halloween (and I mean that in a good way)! Black cat, deep orange eyes, little pumpkin shaped head, it!

  8. Space Cowgirl says:

    Ooh, he looks like an especially portly Halloween sprite. Also reminds me of this for some reason:

    (Sorry for long link, won’t let me use HTML.)

  9. I lurf the flat faced kittehs! I fink dey kyoot!

  10. awwww! It reminds me of the black cat that crossed my path the other day! A GOOD luck sign, in my opinion! Any kitty sighting just has to be good! How many ‘puters will be wallpapered with this cutie’s face for the month of October?

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:


  12. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    mariaS, that’s a great idea. Just saved him to my desktop.

  13. I luvs repeats submishes! I love keeping up on my CO celebs. XO.

  14. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Kitty: Madam I am sorry to inform you that not only is your painting not from the late Dutch school, it was produced on a assembly line in China!

  15. I love that his eyes match the roses in the painting.

  16. senor carlos muffin? omg. what a ridiculous and perfectly wonderfuls name.

    i wants to squeeeesh heees face!

  17. The Hon Gladys Anstruther, and colored with LEAD paint….oh my!

  18. Senior Muffins, You can come and live with me. I promise never to put close on you and worship you for the handsome cat you are.

  19. Carlos the kitteh…

    I could sing that all day!


  21. book_monstercats says:

    Good grief, what AMAZING eyes. My late marmalade girl had eyes that matched her orange coat, and I could look at them all day (and often did, at least when she was awake) but they never hypnotised me like Senor CM’s would. Thank goodness he’s not at home with me (tries to convice self).

  22. He is the PERFECT halloween cat.

  23. ShelleyTambo says:

    The vet techs at my vet’s office call my kitty “Halloween cat” because she’s all black with yellow eyes–one of which has a big brown blob in it (see the icon at And her annual appointment is in October. But I think Mr. Carlos Muffins here beats my kitteh as “Halloween cat” any day.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    Senor Muffin:
    “Impudent, inferior humans!
    You dare to look at me! Just one shot from my fiery eyes, and you will be in my power! On Halloween, I shall rule! He, he, he!”

    Human Voice: “Muffin, come get your dinner!”

    Senor Muffin: “Uh, okay. Coming!”

  25. little gator says:

    Silly me. I thought Winston was a shaved Himalayan. Is there a special name for colorpoint Exoitc Shorthairs?

  26. God he’s gorgeous. I want one of these now almost as bad as I wants a Scottish Fold…

    Not ’nuffin at all, but are his pupils a bit clouded? I would hate to think Señor was getting glaucoma…otherwise, yes indeed. The perfect Halloween Cat! And Muffin describes his little feets perfectly…
    *grabs some tracing paper to fashion a holiday cookie cutter*
    Carlos Cookies for all the Trick or Treaters!

  27. Set:
    Interior parlor room of Victorian, closed blinds, antiquated overstuffed furniture.

    Welcome Mr. Carlos Muffin. We’ve been expecting you. Right this way to your private room. Natasha here will see to your every need.

    Door closes quietly and Mr. Muffin’s eyes turn toward Natasha

  28. That is not a cat. That is 48 knives poorly hidden in black velvet.

  29. Mari, Miu, you may have the conference room all day. I’ll see to it that you are not disturbed, that your lunch is catered and any supplies you need are provided. Researchers & fact-checkers are on call.
    Now: WRITE!

  30. That’s one stern looking kitty!

  31. michellemybelle says:

    I love Senor Muffin! It’s nice to see him here in fall, since it’s clearly his season.

  32. He looks so adorably Evil. If he could talk, I bet he would sound just like Anthony Hopkins. I can almost hear him. “Hello, Clarisse…”

  33. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    ooooooooooo he’s purty

    I’m not a smooshed face lover either – but I can see that they do have potential at being adorabuhls

  34. what is it about a pissy-faced kitteh?

    im gonna hughimandkisshimandcallhimcarlos

  35. omg i just have an urge to superimpose a bonnet on his head LOL

  36. Rae, do EET!

  37. my cat is a glob says:

    The paws! Those fat little paws! And that evil evil little face!

  38. Hahah! He’s like a reverse jackolatern face!

  39. I am Carlos M’s companion, Diana.

    Don’t worry Manda, he doesn’t have glaucoma, I just had the flash on super high when I took this photo. :o). It’s all good!!

    Thanks, Meg for posting him!

  40. Boo.

  41. hey! i know this cat! (and obviously, his human).

    he’s anerable, truly.

  42. Cat Fanciers Association says that “exotic shorthairs have a quiet and endearing demeanor. Their voices are seldom heard.” Guess they haven’t met Winston! 🙂

  43. lurkingsmirk says:

    Good lord, I have this ridiculous urge to pinch his cheeks…but then it would be the last thing I ever did.

  44. Thanks diana, so glad he’s gorgeous AND healthy – thanks for sharing! Is he as mouthy as Winston? I bet he does a mean pouty-face too…

  45. Now that’s a cat meant for Halloween if I’ve ever seen one!!


  46. Is it just me, or does he look like Dwight Schrute on The Office?

    No? Just me?

    ok then.

  47. Truman Capote?

    Eugene Pallette?

    Maybe a dash of Peter Lorre?

    Regardless, I think he’s just upset for being saddled with the surname “Muffin.” “Carlos Rathsburgsten” was probably available, but no, someone had to go with “Muffin.”

  48. ellenbrenna says:

    Actually bertha I was thinking more Orson Welles.

  49. berthaslave says:

    Good call ellenbrenna, though Welles never really seemed “evil” to me (although tell that to the main characters in “Heavenly Creatures”). I bet there’s a still of Welles as Harry Lime that looks like this pic.

    And Rachel — great call on Dwight (Rainn Wilson), too, particularly that snooty “I see what you’re doing and I disapprove” kind of way!)

  50. I think these exotic shorthairs do a great impression of the old ‘Dissaproving bunny’. I think ‘dissaproving kitties’ might be a new theme ^_^

  51. Shouldn’t that be Senor Carlos “Stud” Muffin?

  52. what a great face!

  53. and i thought MY persian had a pissy glare…..eek…

  54. “48 knives poorly hidden in black velvet”

    =OMG ROFLMAO= I can’t stand it!!!!!!

  55. man these cats are fugly

    why do humans get all googly over such ugly animals

    i’ll take a good mutt anyday over a monstrosity like this

  56. I would not turn my back on this little guy! He looks like he loves to play tricks, attack when you aren’t looking, etc.

  57. Owlcat is not amused.

  58. LOL! He’s a perfect cartoon cat!

  59. cool but the orange eyes makes it seem like he is wering contacts for halloween

  60. Where did you get Senor Muffin? He is too cute!