The Stealth Vampire Soft Kronsche!

This Siamese kitteh is patiently waiting for HEES NEXT VEECTEEM! [Jaws music]


Then, suddenly, with absolute PREE-CISH-SHONS, we witness the Stealth Vampire Soft Kronsche!


Nobody does an iPhone photo better Deanna D!



  1. Ha! That’s amazing! Great capture.

  2. Hey! It’s my hooptybleenth time being the hooptybleenth commenter! Woo-hoo!

  3. It’s a POPCAT! We have one of those!!

    Teh Schmoop & I plan to do some filming this weekend, featuring Rikki… we feel strongly that PopCat and Tail Time ought to be shared by all.

  4. I don’t have PopCats. I have WrestleCats. They wrestle and kick and bite each other without making a single sound. It’s bizarre and totally fascinating to watch. I like how muscley these guys look–and the total jaw clamp the PopCat has on the victim’s neck! Youch!

  5. Deese are de same kitters from a prev post right? The ones where you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began?

    POP goes the kitters.
    Like somethin from Aliens only much much much cuter.

  6. I have PopCats. Two of them. They don’t play “Hide ‘n Kronsche,” though. They play “Pop ‘n Bop.”

  7. I vill suck your bloooood, eef you don’t please.

  8. The first picture is so innoceeent and then MWRAR! Hysterical.

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, very funny Ralph. Ok, now I gotta go to… well, actually I guess I *don’t* have to go to the litter box any more…

  10. OMG. those are my FAVORITE KINDS OF KITTIES!! My grandparents had 2.. My sister had one named Jazz that had an inner ear problem and walked in circles.. but she could FETCH!

  11. Makes me afraid to open a can of Pringles.

  12. Weirdly I was sitting here reading along and suddenly I heard jaws music in my head and don don don don dadadadadadadada Gronk.
    Kitty attack.

  13. Oh he does look very “undead” in that trash can.

  14. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    hahahahaha….. what adorable kronshes!!

    I am so sad without kitties that I stopped at Petsmart to shmooze with the adoptable kitties. They had a whole family of bobtails!! They were just romping and playing so hard.

    My son and I are going on a full out “convince dad that we need a kitty” war next week. If not a kitty, at least a hammy or peegie! think good adoption thoughts for us!

  15. KGCarrie. Ummm you have not just had a kitten show up on the doorstep yet. Why, I ask you, Why.
    What is that line from some movie.
    Its better to ask forgivness than permission.
    Or is that I’d rather ask forgivness than permission. Either way.

  16. Beautiful creatures! What, please is the object to the right of the wastepaper basket in the “before” picture?

  17. fish eye no miko says:

    Alternate text for piccie #1: “Hey, go ‘way… you’re gonna give away my hiding spot!”

  18. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    Jacki, I think it’s just an odd shaped rug.

    annie, I’m afraid he’d never fall for that trick… Oh look honey an adorable kitty just showed up on the doorstep after I’ve been bugging you for weeks for one. It almost has to seem like his idea. oooooo what if I bought a mouse and let it out in the house???

  19. What a wonderful attack sequence there peeps that kitteh got muzzle-pouched by his best mate. Ready for reper-cushions their mr. stealth like kitteh.

  20. Holy cow. That’s a little scary.

  21. There’s nothing like a siamese, is there?

    And they come in pairs! Like bookends!

  22. Is this the bat cat? If so, I guess he must be a vampire bat cat!

  23. Notice the cat being attacked is wearing cat pants. What entertainment!

  24. That first photo scares the crap outa me. Spooooky.

  25. Shaz- why yes, I believe it IS the Bat Cat.

  26. Wow, action packed!

  27. Thanks, oaklandcat! I was too lazy to go looking for that pic…lol. Yup…both iPhone photos taken by Deanna. I do believe we have Bat Cat!!

  28. KG Carrie! You didn’t receive my bundle of snugglehs??? There was a marmie kitten, 2 tan hammies and a sweet little guinea peeeeg. I swears! And they all came in matchinks outfits!!! Delivered straight to your door via Sweet-Ship, the company that cares.
    Damn present poachers!!!!

  29. We are Siameses if you pleases,
    ba bump bum bump
    We are Siameses if you don’t pleases……..

    And if you really don’t pleases, we’ll go straight up wicked on your ‘tocks!!! Like dis!!! Only way wickeder…er.

  30. KGCarrie, Many years ago my dad and i were doing marketing on a Saturday. We came home with a pet hammie from the pet store and convinced my mother that they were giving hammies away in the market if you bought a bag of lemons.

    She believed us for a week. Then we told her the truth.

    Try it.

  31. Carrie, there are wonderful adoptable hammies and piggies at (just in case the kitteh campaign doesn’t fly).

  32. OemG…kronschmee syme-Oh-naeous.

  33. possumpiratess says:

    Carrie…if you live in North Florida, I have a house full of fosters for you to choose from 🙂

    And I’m fair at convincing husbands…but if he really doesn’t want one, it’s best not to push it. We’ve had a lot of returned kitties from mad husbands/boyfriends/dads. I hate to think of the ones that were just tossed out and not returned. We screen pretty hard, but I’m sure it’s happened.

    Anyway…this pair of Siamese are beautiful and that is one scary vampire manuever. But really…what else can we expect of BatCat?

  34. Hmmm…dare I say it lurks like a legless reptile I don’t like to mention?

    I think the Sammys are beautiful, but I don’t know if I could ever live with one. Too much hypercat, not enough mellow kitteh.

  35. the innocent victim (!) cat has NICE PANTS.

  36. Oh, I remember when my Siamese were that little and cute. Now they’re long elegant beasts – but they still like the stealth attack. Siamese are the best cats in the world – absolutely insane, but ridiculously affectionate and loving. Mine sleep with me every night, one under each arm. All mellow and sweet, until morning comes and it’s time for them to shoot around the house like mad things.

  37. OMG! I srsly laughed for like 5 minutes at that.
    Side note, has anyone seen the latest issue of Self (with Sara Michelle Gellar)?? GREAT CuteOverload shoutout there, just thought yall should know

  38. I ROFL’ed my ‘tocks off until I had tears streaming down my face!

    25+ years ago a cat did show up on my doorstep and positively DEMANDED to be let in, so I did and opened up a can of tuna, which he scarfed up like there was no tomorrow.

    When I looked him over after he’d finished eating, he looked to be in good shape. HUGE longhaired orange and white guy, 3 feet long from nose to tail, and 15 lbs. with hair tufts between his toes like a Maine Coon. No claws though, so he had to be somebody’s owner who maybe got out one day and got lost.

    When my cat-hating (and allergic) ex got home from work, the first thing he said was:

    “WHAT IS ***THAT***????????”

    I showed him kitteh’s paws and said, “I can’t just put him out again, he probably belongs to someone around here, and I am NOT going to take him to a shelter.”

    Obligatory “cat found” ad in the local paper, signs around the neighborhood, etc. for 2 weeks, yadda yadda, by which time kitteh had gotten absolutely attached to my ex, who turned out not to be allergic to this guy, so he bowed to the inevitable.

    We named kitteh (who never seemed to know he didn’t have claws; he got a kick out of “massaging” the furniture) “Butterscotch,” which somehow got shortened to “BS,” and he lived with us (usually stretched out next to my ex in the easy chair) for 4 years until he died of kidney failure. I swear, my (by then FORMERLY cat-hating) ex nearly cried.

    Moral of story: If my ex could fall in love with a kitteh, there’s hope for just about anyone else.

  39. if trashcan kitty was mine to name, i believe i would call him Sir Longbody – for obvious reasons…

  40. Space Cowgirl says:

    The first pic very much reminds me of this for some reason:

    What beautiful, elegant babies. I’m always amazed how cats can be so fierce and yet so gentle at the same time.

  41. Faye~ “free hammies with a BAG OF LEMONS”?????
    That is too funny!


  42. No more teh cute? *sniffle*

  43. Anomalous4, Butterscotch sounds like he was a great kitty.

    I used to work with a man who would always say things like, “Kittens are only good as bait,” etc. He claimed to hate cats. Then we got a cat at work. He fell for her hook line and sinker. Then he met my cats. He loved them; they loved him.

    Frankly, I think a lot of people who say they hate cats have actually never had a cat as a real pet; they’ve most likely only seen friends’ cats, who act aloof around strangers, or else they’ve only had barn cats. Once people get to know a kitty, they often realise they like kitties.

    I had a friend who was terrified of cats – as in backed into the corner shaking terrified. After about a year after having met my kitties, she was talking about getting one of her own. 🙂

  44. KGCarrie, ((Hugs)) I hope you can get a pet soon… becasue they are wonderful. I would also suggest a rat. If it has to be small they are smart and very cuddly they love attention. THe only problem is they are short lived. Good luck with getting the hubby to conceed. My hubby also did the I hate cats thing but really he loves them and the old softy is the first one to cave when a stray shows up at the door. We have adopted several thru the years.

  45. Faye – I’m still laughing my a** off over the “free hammie with a bag of lemons” ruse. Brilliant. I can’t believe my kid never thought of it. Of course, I always gave in way too easy…that’s prolly why.

  46. Looks like there’s a molten siamese kitty sneaking up on that garbage can cat in the first pic…

    If my fat cat ever goes all molten and liquidy, I hope he uses his powers for good, not evil.

  47. JazzK- cats use their powers for bleen and for evil.

  48. from across the room I see just the very tips of bat cats ears… before I can shout a warning to an unsuspecting mama cat she walks past the trashcan and wham in a flash of fawn and brown bat cat gets her in the throat.

  49. KGCarrie. We had a longhaired tabby cat that even people with allergies were not bothered by for some reason. I also kept him brushed and the furniture vacuumed but it must be that some cats do not put off as much dander or maybe their saliva isn’t as irritating.

  50. lurkingsmirk says:

    That’s gonna leave a huge hickey!

  51. ThreeCatNight says:

    In certain feline circles, this is known as the “Siamese Surprise”, and it leaves no marks on it’s victim. Most curious….

  52. ShelleyTambo says:

    Annie, some cats (~1 in 50,000) naturally don’t produce the allergen that affects people. We get people at our shelter who come in and huff the cats trying to find one.

  53. Thanks Shelley. I didn’t know that.