[on phone] Oh, Notingks moshe. Just hanging in the bag.

Yeah, come on over, I"m just hangin’ out.

We’ll watch the game. Yeah. Come on over.


Brittany, we’re gonna hang with you. Got any salty snacks for us while we watch the game?



  1. ROO!

  2. it’s a substi-powsche.

  3. lovin’ the little joey in zee powsh

  4. I never thought I’d roo the day I came here, but now I splode! *splode*

  5. I would like that darling joey to leave me holding the bag (with him inside it natch). Please?

  6. I’m a bit frustrated for Kangie here…

    It feels like he tried to get out of that bag with all his might,
    kicked, turned and punched “I don’t wanna be in this fake pouch!!! aaaarrrgh!!!” and then just “-bleh- I give up”.

    Still a cutsie though!

  7. MilkyWei – I work with a guy who cares for orphaned animals… Baby roos, wombats and possums (he currently has a brushtail – it’s soooo sweet!) are much more comfortable in a pouch than out of it – and they’re not too fussy about fabric pouches. (The possum has a pouch made out of flannel pjs!)

  8. acelightning says:

    I agree – joey would much rather be in the bag/pouch than not. If he wanted to get out, trust me, he’s capable of kicking his way through almost anything!

  9. joe-rrito?

  10. The sweet little grouchy-puss! He’s all ‘world outside? I’m not impressed.’ So cute!

  11. this is like *so* undignified!

  12. Argentee: “He’s all ‘world outside? I’m not impressed.'”

    Got that right! Smart kid, err joey. If I had a pouch, that’s where I’d be as well!

  13. OK, this reminds me of my favourite CO post, which I haven’t been able to find again, despite repeated attempts. It’s the white kitteh doing notingks moshe, just sittingks on de cowshe.

    Can anyone help meeeeeeee?

  14. oh good lord. how adorables!

    great captions meg! too funny.

    roo looks so content. awwww.

  15. They ride in Mommy Roo’s pouch until they’re kinda, um, BIG. Then you see Mommy Roo with all kinds of odd shapes and angles sticking out of her lower body. Mommy Roos are tolerant aminals.

  16. Oh — Don? JINX!!!

  17. Teho and Don — thank you — thank you — thank you.

    Now I can die happy. (((Splodes.)))

  18. my cat is a blob says:

    kits that is also my favorite.
    i had to look at it like, 4 times a day every day for a week.
    Notinkgs moische….

  19. It just occurred to me how this site needs more roos. And a few kangas to boot.

    Let’s hear it for our cute friends down under!!!! (Except the baby-stealing dingos!)

  20. alivicwil — glad to know!

    I know they like pouches, but wasn’t sure about one that is not Mama Kang’s.

  21. Cute kanga Roo baby. I am thinking mamma kangas have tummies of steel. ; )

  22. Looks like Junior ‘Roo’s got a surrogate mom wif a REALLY BIG POWSCHE.