D.I.Y. Kitteh powsche

Hggg_2You know how it is. You have a bebeh kitteh, and he wants ALL your attenshons, and you have STUFF to do, and you can’t spend ALL your time with your kitteh. Well, that’s where the D.I.Y. Kitteh Powsche comes in. It’s hands-free, Baby!

All you need is some ties, a behbeh kitteh, and 1 powsche.

MEESSIONS ACCOMPLEESHED! [head tilt, eyes crossed]


AppleShannon on Craftster figured this one out… Stephanie P. spotted it…



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:


  2. My kitty use to sit on my shoulder as I washed dishes.

  3. cute kitty. but that shirt!! i must have that shirt. anyone know where they sell them? it’s everything i love all on one shirt….

  4. Is that a threadless shirt?

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    I have a foster kitty who requires something like this. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like to sit still long enough for it to work.

  6. awww

    Pretty blue eyes

  7. Wonder if a slightly less roomy version would work for guinea pigs. One of mine is very clingy, and she’s too big to sit on my shoulder anymore. (She doesn’t seem to realise this.)

  8. Cats’n’Racks?

  9. jodie/hey-h: yes it is a threadless shirt…which is now on my Christmas list…


  10. Does this count as a cats ‘n’ racks? Also, there’s an awful lot (of weird stuff) going on on that t-shirt. Almost camoflauges the kit.

  11. cat… matches… snuggli… matches… cat… matches…

  12. Darn, why didn’t I think of this? Had a “baby who would not be put down” kitty who I hand reared. He spent the first few weeks of his life snoozing away inside my t-shirt tucked in, while I got on with my work (fortunately, at home), walked the dog, et al …

  13. I’ll take eet! Is the kitteh included?

  14. Aha! I thought I recognized that Threadless style! Unfortunately, it’s out of stock at the moment. Everyone get on there and ask for a reprint!

  15. Technically, this cat is on a rack!

  16. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Oh how sweet I will get one for my boys.
    Hang on! what am I saying! I must be insane! Any way I don’t think slashed spleen is the look du jour.

  17. OMGoodness! i just LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! been going back to previous weeks (can’t get enough lol) and just saw the Step aside, Travolta horse video! STUNNING!!!!!!! i cried it was sooooooooo beautiful! Thank you SO MUCH for alll that you do! Have a WONDERFUL day, you made mine 😀

  18. dandy_warhol says:

    my BF and i joke about getting a snuggly for the kitties all the time. now there is one! yay! i think i know what to get/make BF for X-mas.

  19. O
    what a beeeaauuuutiful kitteh!!!! oh those eyes, the squished earsies, the gray chin, the fat pawsies!! aaaa!!!!

    i want a kitteh powshe too! what a great idea.

  20. Almost did that with my second batch of foster kits. Had to dispatch the mother on a rescue mission to feed five smaller orphaned bebehs. Mine were almost weaned at four weeks and could get on on their own but were still clingy and I had to be their mama. They would claw their little way up my pants leg and sit in my lap, could do nothing but snuggle them. Had to pass them on to another foster mom, they’re doing fine. Will tell her about the snuggly!

  21. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    omg! that is a great idea!! I wish I’d have had one, I had a calico cat that was sooo clingy, she’d have adored being pouch carried I think.

  22. oh HELL YES!

  23. tha lewk on kitteh’s face is pwecious!

    sometimes one of the dogs burrows in the couch cushions behind me, but i don’t learn this until i’ve leaned back and hear:

    ehHhhhHhhhhHhHhhHHh! (breathy gaspy struggling-for-air noises)

  24. Wow!

    My kits would shred the stuffin out of me if I tried that with ’em. They want attention, all on their own terms!

  25. I don’t know if my kittehs would have liked that or I would have been left on the ground, injured and surrounded by bits of shredded powsche.

    Just sayin’

  26. booteefull cat and great eyes and paw gestures

  27. Oh darling, de hints of blue, it brings out de color of your eyeessss

  28. The device is neat, but the “ahm just chillin’, likn’ me paws” look on that cats face is the best!

  29. Kara –

    My old roommate used to put her guinea pigs in her hoodie pocket and walk around the house that way. Would your pig fit in your hoodie’s pocket pouch?

  30. martha in mobile says:

    That must be a ragddoll. They let you carry them around any which way. That is, in fact, the point of a ragdoll (besides the incredibly soft fur and laidback personality).

  31. *headtilt* Is that shirt depicting Dracula riding a dinosaur?

  32. This is awesome. In some parts of Asia this is how mothers carried their babies while they did housework using a simple blanket. I tried to do this with my cats but they would have none of it!

  33. I am going to make one for my 5-year-old wah-wah, who demands to be held and snuggled every second I am home. This is [sing-song] faaaaab-uuuuu-lousssssss!

  34. Anerable kitteh…check. True blue eyes…check. Color-complimentary ingenious powsche-osity…check. Kronscheable paws on display…che—What in the ?!? Bizarre scene of pterodactyl apocalypse totally bends brain. Thank you?

  35. frappygoddess says:

    Those paws are huge! Like a little kitty Clydesdale. Kitteh’s going to be big someday. I would have tried this with my clingy kitty girl when she was a baby, but I doubt she would have stayed put very long, she’s such a bundle of energy.

    Heh. At first I thought that was a reanimated Abe Lincoln on that shirt.

  36. Ha! We had to do this with our newest addition. He did *not* want to be left alone, and it was *not* enough for him to just be next to you. To make matters worse, I couldn’t hold him if he wanted daddy and vice versa. And I thought our first one had been a spoiled brat…

  37. lurkingsmirk says:

    Cute! So what happens when kitteh wants out of the pouch? And then immediately wants back in?

  38. If there’s ever a CO convention, I have a feeling we’ll all show up wearing these.

    And that shirt is KILLING me. In a good way.

  39. JazzKate — One of the two clingy ones would (I have five), but the clingier of the two is just a bit too large. Not tubby, oddly, just a big girl. She’s the one who tries to sit on my shoulder. 😛

    However, the little boy might like the hoodie pocket fine. Close to yours truly, and also plenty of opportunity for him to hide his little face.

  40. Love, love, LOVE that T-shirt. Thanks for the link, Joe!

    Oh, yeah, the kitten is kinda cute too.

  41. It’s going to get bloody and ugly when kitteh wants out. Or if there’s a loud noise and he gets spooked. That’s all I’m saying.

  42. Ooooo, the blue of the carrier matches the blue of kitty’s eyes. Very nice

  43. Yes, a cute product and a charming kitty. Aww…
    Everyone get over there and register a vote for a reprint STAT! Once they know the COers want it, they’ll HAVE to reprint it. We’re a force to be reckoned with.

  44. I’m not sure which part I like better, the kitty pouch or the great tee from Threadless. I got that for my boyfriend when it first came out.

  45. Luv the kitteh’s eyes. But yea, the t-shirt really makes the pic. Sorry I can’t add anything else to the convo.

  46. So this is all very cute, the kitteh, the powsche, the t shirt, but my favorite thing about this one is the dia-grama-rama that accompanies it all. The kitteh in the drawing is too funny!!!

  47. It’s the threadless shirt that makes this l33t. XD

  48. Yeah, well, I’m wearing *this* threadless shirt to the CO convention:

  49. LOVE the tee shirt!!

  50. I need to make this for my ratties.

  51. I’m sure this has already been said, but… that is the coolest shirt possibly ever. Love it.

    And the kitteh is way, way cute.

  52. Cats n’ Sacks!!

  53. i made this! i made it for crafters…i dont know how it got here??!!

  54. that illustration…is…not cute. it’s potentially vulgggaaa. Which makes it AWESOME!

  55. yes her shirt is from threadless, thats my sister…
    i think sence this is such a big hit.i’ll have to make more!

  56. Shannon — you should make some ferret-sized, too. (Little bit longer & skinnier.)

  57. Our cat Cass was the first rider in our baby sling (which is what that thing is). We were scared to put our newborn girl in it until we figured out how it worked. Cass liked it. Baby did, too.

  58. I have an ultra-clingy cat, and I bought him his own sling just so I could keep my hands free without him jumping on me! It does seem to calm him down when he is feeling especially needy.

  59. Love the folded-down ear action.

  60. 1. If I ever tried that with either of my cats, I’d probably be missing a limb or two.

    2. How is it I’ve never heard of Threadless?

    3. How is it you’ve all heard of Threadless?

    4. How the heck could someone tell this was a Threadless tee?

    5. Will they ever print more so I can get one?!?!

  61. Elizabeth P says:

    Hooray! My two favoritest sites on the intarweb collided!


  62. I don’t think I would trust neckties to hold up my 16-pounder.

    My cats all enjoy riding around in a baby sling. One at a time. 😉

    Even my vicious, aggressive monster cat snuggles up in the sling.

    This is Hootie, my snugglebug who purrs the whole time he’s in the sling.

  63. =LOL= When I was in college, I had a kitteh who loved to sit on my shoulder, even when I rode my bike. I found that out quite by accident – he was the runt of an abandoned litter that hung out near the computer center, and I found a cardboard box, put him in it, and was cycling home when he got out of the box, climbed up the back of my shirt (OUCH!!!), and settled on my shoulder like he’d been doing it all his life. Of course I had no choice but to name him Easy Rider.

    Then there was the black kitteh who lived in a used-record store near whre I used to live. One day he climbed up from the bins onto my shoulders and draped himself around my neck. I went to pay for my purchases, feeling a bit like Günther Gebel-Williams, and the guy said to me, “Don’t look now, but there’s a cat on you.” I said, “No $#|+!”

    Turns out that was kitteh’s favorite trick. You didn’t dare go into that store if you weren’t prepared to be a cat perch.

  64. “”I don’t think I would trust neckties to hold up my 16-pounder.””

    its not made out of neckties, its pieces of fabric, thare are large triangle sized.
    like the picture…

  65. that t-shirt is pop culture overload

    zombie-summoning, dinosaur-riding vampires from outerspace

  66. Cats ‘n Racks! Cats ‘n Racks!

  67. Excellent color-coordination with kitteh’s markings and blue, blue eyes! I don’t think my girls would go for that though.

  68. most. adorabuls. thingk. ever!

  69. Reminds me of the time my daughter rescued a newborn baby vole… dropped in the river when a water snake invaded the den. Only way to keep it alive was in a tissue in my bra, feeding it kitten formula with an eyedropper constantly. It lived and grew up to be a great pet, loved to be handled and carried!

  70. The expression on that kitteh’s face shows that it is FULLY aware of the ridiculousness of its situation.

  71. That is so cute! I’m diggin’ the dracula with t-rex shirt though…

  72. YAY! What a great idea!

  73. If you guys like the shirt
    you’ll love the band that it was made for:
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