Winston versus the—oh, whateverrrr

Our fave kitteh "Winston" is up to his smooooshed-face antics again, looking annoyed, and generally lazy (notice not a single paw is lifted during his battle with the string.)

FourFour, Rich and Winston, niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.



  1. that cat does not give a bleen about huntin’ that string.


  2. lifting paws, eh. who needs to expend all that energy. kittehs be about serious energy conservations!

  3. I wonder what he’d do if a puppy walked by. Peevey kitteh face with claw action.

  4. Seriously, can’t get enough of Winston.

    I subscribed to Rich’s YouTube channel just so I can be informed of when pure gold like this is added.

    The string in the mouth bit KILLED me.

  5. That is the most half-hearted string attack EVAR. It’s not even half-hearted. Quarter-hearted at most. Oh, Winston, you’re like a pillow with four legs.

  6. LOL! He’s so cute and lazy.

  7. What a GRUMPUS!!!!

  8. Just can’t be bothered. Hilarious. Always love the Winston.

  9. Oh a love Winston! What a lazy lazy cat. He is worth feeding. Honestly, what a lovely ball of fur. His attitude is priceless.

  10. Winston at the end of the video in his best Marlene Dietrich voice: “You bore me. Take your string and leave.”

  11. chet's momma says:

    winnie is soooooo cute. i bet if it was a rope of mashed taters he’d be all over it!

  12. HAHA! I love the part where he snaps his little jawsicles, gets it in his mouf and puuuulllllss.


    And yes the lack of paw batting is astonishing. Lazy butt.

  13. That bed or couch looks quite comfy. I wouldnt wanna move either!

  14. Headscratcher says:

    Winston looks like a grumpy old man and I LURBS him for that! I just want to plant a big ol kiss on that smooshy face of his.

  15. Oh my God.

    Nothing, NOTHING makes me spazz like a 5 year old in a sweet shop like seeing new Winston updates.

    It’s his tiny little triangular mouth, there’s something about it. Whether he’s mewling, lazily eating string, or mashed potato, I sit there making toddler fists at the screen.

    I want a Winston of my very own. <3

  16. annienanners says:

    What breed of cat is Winston? I’m gonna go get me one.

  17. Three cheers for Winston! He’s definitely his own category… as well as a force of nature!

    Love the mind-blowing annoyed look at the end. “How dare you continue with the string, when clearly I am finished?”

  18. “Hey you, human, bring a string over here and amuse me slightly… Alright, enough, I am done.”

    When I grow up I want to be Winston.

  19. Winston on a T-shirt. I can has?

  20. I did move my left paw mid way through the video.

    Not exactly “listing,” I admit, but I did move it.

  21. love his face when’s he got the string in his teeth, it’s all pouty and silly and lazy ‘n stuff ^^

  22. annienanners – my guess is Persian, maybe Himalayan. I think he trims winston’s coat, they are usually supremely long haired, not to mention high maintenance.

  23. Space Cowgirl says:

    In Cartman voice: “Screw you guys, I’m going to sleep!”

  24. Winston says – I didn’t want it anyway.
    What a character he is.

  25. Love it. Winston is my kind of cat….We need Winston vs. The Protein Shake on here too!!

  26. OOOOO String, hmmm if I sit here and don’t chase it my hoooman will bring it closer and closer so I don’t have to lift a paw.

  27. Pearl Ostroff says:

    He didn’t lift a paw, but did anyone else catch the ear action? Very expressive.

  28. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    i believe the english would say “i can’t be assed with stupid string right now”

    I think Winnie has an english accent, don’t you?

  29. Actually, the adoption papers stated that Winnie is an exotic shorthair (mix? I don’t remember). For references cfr.

  30. I think the word “redonkulous” must have been coined just so there was something appropriate to describe this cat. Hee.

  31. I love how you can hear his little jaws snapping shut!! I <3 Winston!

  32. I find Winston annoying.

    (But his name is adorable.)

  33. Renee in Texas says:

    This is the epitome of a cat. Other cats subscribe to his page so they can get lessons on correct cat behavior. I’m signing my Hemi up. He thinks he is a baby. Well, he’s my baby, but not a “baby”. kragiuavjnk -Here’s my baby now. LOL

  34. Biting Blue Noodle FU!
    (flawless pawless attack No. 1!)

  35. Wiiiinnnnssstonnn!
    At last, we are togezzer again my love!
    I must scoop you up now and wuv on your fuzz.

    (notices Van Halen ad. *.*)

    Wiiiinnnnssstonnn! My mooshka babooshka! Gimme dat face, that pweshus face, mmmwwaahh.

  36. If your cat doesn’t lift a paw when you dangle that string in front of him, he’s just not that into you.

  37. *sniff-sniff*
    i no can c teh vidio atz wurk! *waah*
    i guess i wait till i get home

  38. ‘i believe the english would say “i can’t be assed with stupid string right now”‘

    We’d never say any such thing. “Can’t be arsed,” possibly. But “assed”? No chance.

  39. book_monstercats says:

    I do not chase ze streeeng, pezzant (contemptuous tone). Breeng it here to me. At once!!

  40. Words can not express how much I truly love Winston.

  41. Ennui R Winston.

    He’s so annoying he’s gone past annoying and round to cute again.

  42. I want to kiss that smooshed, lazy little face!

  43. Space Cowgirl,you totally nailed it. Winston is Cartman in feline form.

    I bet he’d really wine for some cheeseypoofs.

  44. Winston’s been declawed. This video was made about two months after the surgery. I have personal knowledge of this.

  45. Bird of Paradise says:

    I love exotic shorthairs and their angry smushed faces!

  46. lol, bath-time again?

  47. oh, Winston…

  48. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I love the (coincidental?) little *plink* sound the first time the string hits him in the head!

  49. Puleeeeze you want me to what?
    I blink at you and your string. Bah!

  50. Lazy bugger :P…too cute

  51. I am plum crazy about Winston. Or is it plumb crazy? Anyway, I lerve this cat. Check out the “Winston mourns” clip on YouTube, and see the funniest expression EVAR on a cat.

  52. Space Cowgirl says:

    Rachel: If Winston has been declawed, that’s an unfortunate cruelty on the part of his humans. However, it’s still better than the fate they saved him from originally.

    I personally suspect you’re just trying to start stuff, however.

  53. not a paw lifted and yet….it has been defeated

  54. Winston says – “Hey! That’s not spaghetti! ptooey.”

    Who is other reserved dark kitty in the BG? And I’ve never seen an exotic sh looking like that…I woulda guessed Himalayan too. Maybe a ESH/Himalayan cross.

  55. OMG. The protein shake video is hysterical.

  56. cute

  57. yup, my cat gives me the same ‘tude: “I’m DONE, take your silly-ass string and go AWAY”

  58. Hee Hee…my kitty does that too!

    Did anyone watch “Winston vs. the protein shake”? It’s so funny. It literally made me LOL. My fiance looked at me like I was crazy!

  59. DejaMew (tx-usa) says:

    Redzilla has it right “a pillow with four legs” hehehehe

  60. If this was a Monty Python clip, he’d be all “Come back and I’ll bit your…ah, screw it. I’m done!”

  61. furry, lazy, turtle impersonator looks annoyed. toward the end, he looks like “i don’t wanna. [pout]”

  62. i love his faaaace!

  63. you know what you can do with that string or lace dude says winston…..get it out of my #@$%^^^&**#$### face …hump

  64. More lazy then Garfield : )

  65. Lick My Pickles says:

    My personal fav’s of Winston are “Winston goes crazy” & “Winston eats corn”.

  66. omg i <3 Winston so moishe.

  67. Alice Shortcake says:

    Work that lower jaw, Winston!

  68. Am I the only one who finds Winston consistently UNCUTE!

    I don’t get this love affair everyone has with him.

  69. Eagle Brand Snack Foods says:

    I agree Jen. There’s just something about that puss that rubs me the wrong way… albeit in all the right places. Meow!

  70. “I ignore you.”

  71. you know…i feel bad for that gray cat who is always in the background of these videos. they even moved him at the end to get him out of the shot! i want to know about the sweet gray kitty (sorry winston…i love you too)

  72. you know…i feel bad for that gray cat who is always in the background of these videos. they even moved him at the end to get him out of the shot! i want to know about the sweet gray kitty (sorry winston…i love you too)

  73. thebean: The grey cat is Rudy, who also is adorable. He is also extensively chronicled at, which is the blog of his owners.

    I’m not sure why they moved him out of the shot. Rudy is awesome.

  74. I agree with Renee in Texas…Winston is a shining example for kittehs everywhere.

    I love his air of utter boredom: “Sigh. Whatevs. What else you got?”

  75. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Winston Rules! What a life.

  76. Space Cowgirl says:

    Maybe they didn’t pick him up to move him out of the shot. Maybe they picked him up for a snorgle. Can you read minds retroactively over the Internets and say for sure? 😛

  77. sorry peep, i am not feeling the Winston love vibe.

  78. Winston is a rock star. I love him.

  79. You guys go watch the Protein shake Winston video. It keels me!

  80. May I draw your attention to the youtube vid ‘winston goes crazy’ hes a bit more active on that one and feathers seem to make him sneeze, so adorabubble :>

  81. To Laura- I think it is a combination of the triangular mouth and the beady/half-open eyes. I always “Awww” the loudest when lazily closes those eyes.

    “I don’t have the energy to open my eyelids.” Winston

  82. Can Winston have his own category puhleeease? Or you could call it – Animals that look more like muppets than actual animals. Or is that too long?

  83. Poor Winston. Both declawed and bathed constantly (declawing is very bad for cats). No wonder he’s depressed and lethargic. My barnyard cat isn’t as cute but I’m sure much happier than Winston because he still has his claws.

  84. Personally I like Winston. He carries himself like he knows who he is.

  85. Peanut's human, Judy says:

    I ADSOLUTELY LOVE WINSTON! And this is just one more clip to add to the ever-growing Winston-is-adorable folder.

    I love how only his head moves, like his belly is super-glued to the bed. “I’ll try to bite it if it comes close enuff, but if you think I’m moving, your NUTS!” LOL


  86. Space Cowgirl says:

    If anyone can PROVE that he’s declawed instead of just making accusations, I personally will write his humans an uppity, scathing e-mail. Otherwise, it’s just misplaced self-righteousness.

  87. Winston reminds me of a snapping turtle… LOL.

    I have a lazy-cat myself. Molasses will do a snake-like strike at toys quite a few times before bringing her paws into the mix (and then she inevitably gets her claw stuck on something, and gets even madder and bitey-er. My fault – she makes such an unholy fuss about claw clipping that I don’t do it as often as I should)

  88. Winston!

  89. What a spectacular waste of perfectly good blog space.

  90. What a spectacular waste of a perfectly good comment.

  91. LOL @ his smooshface!!! Too funny. He reminds me of a stern British ex-military gentleman-turned-Earl-of-something…