Moses and Cheeps Hide ‘n’ Seek

People, we’ve seen lots of Moses and Cheeps adventures. Ruhmember when that crazy pair had a rendez-vous in the grass and climbed a tree? And then there was that time when Moses ran over Cheeps accidentally.  Well, the duo is BACK, this time with friendly neighborito "Shadow" the ham.

Shadow: "Dónde está Moses…?"
Cheeps: "Um, yo no parlé your languich—what are you saying, Shadow?"


Moses: [evil hand tenting] "I shall be safe heres."




Hannah W., I think you sold your SOUL TO THE DEVIL to take all these great Cheeps and Moses pics, and I think we should do a Children’s book on them. Pronto!



  1. Ohlookachicken says:

    Teeheehee, tiny hammy tongue.

  2. *covers herself with cheese cubes and birdseed and spends afternoon wit moses, shadow and cheeps*

    bighappyfuntime ^^

  3. Renee in Texas says:

    Holy Mary Pants!!!

    That last picture has done me in. I R done.

  4. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    I’m having to leave work now – cause ummmm well I squeed myself.

    How embarassing.

  5. I think we have a new World Peace Hamster picture. Cute perfection!

  6. book begins…

    “once upon a time in sneakity, peekity, paw-lickin posey land, Moses played hide-n-seek with secret super sleuth Peeps…”

  7. Look at the pawpitude! Look at the nails! ;0

  8. Lickity Paw Pose is the best of all. I love moses and peeps.

  9. GAH!! Hamster tongue again! Great! Love it.

  10. OMG!!! these are just AWESOME, just what I needed to carry on with the day hehehe Lufing the HELL out of them!!!!

  11. I need to know more about these. These are pets? They go outside? They come home? Nothing happens? What??

  12. Oh the third one is like a 60s band poster or something…
    just much cuter.

    I vote YES for the book… I’d run right out to get one.

  13. I think that may be the best COXCU of all time.

  14. oh jeeez cubes, this is soooo cute . . . I vote yes on the children’s book . . .maybe Meg should do the dialogue though . . . that’d be hot . . . .

    [Did you just say the dialog in a children’s book would be *hot*?]
    [‘Cause it really sounded that way… – Ed.]

  15. omg now THAT’s a closeup!

  16. Heh-H and Vigilant20 — add my voice to the COXCU chorus.
    Hallmark WISHES they had Meg today. (And Hannah W!)

  17. OMG! HAMSTER TONGUE! I luf heem!

  18. OMG! That is the BEST picture ever! Hammy tongue, toes, and flowers!

    I need a hammy! Need!

  19. Dang. For some reason my immediate thought was,

    “That would make a GREAT mousepad.” Yes. I know he’s not a mouse but that combination nosicle, teeny fingers & nails and pink, pink tongue are killer. Even before that BEF

  20. Are you KIDDING me? Hammie tongue? Nestled in a bed of freaking flowers??? Just kill me, why don’t you?

    Shadow is a ham? He looks like a peeg. He also looks like he’s saying…”WTF was that??”

  21. write it, and i will illustrate it.

    no lies.

  22. [from mojojojo]

    book begins…

    “once upon a time in sneakity, peekity, paw-lickin posey land, Moses played hide-n-seek with secret super sleuth Peeps…”

    continued in Dr. Suess style:
    Mr. Peeps hid behind a big dark Shadow,
    a big Shadow did he find.
    Shadow did not mind,
    he sat on Peeps with his fuzzy behind.
    Peeps jumped and squawked,
    waved his gray wings,
    and said a few things (not meant for children or kings).

  23. a long thyme ago in a garden far far away… extreme cuteness …. too cute to think ….

  24. All the while
    secreted away,
    Moses smiled,
    “Tomorrow we’ll play.”

  25. Maybe I’m just high from the cuteness, but I think the hammy in the flower pic is different than the hammy in the first pic?

    Either way, this is by far one of the most amazing adorable greeting-card story-book mouse-pad worthy photos I’ve seen.

  26. Okay. Now I read the caption again. Clearly I’m mega-high from teh cute.

    Apologies to the room.

  27. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    I love that this bird just hangs out with two rodents (not rodents in a “ick, rodents” way, just that they are of the rodent family and not so much the bird family.) that are way bigger than him. It’s like Milo and Otis, but with birdie & hammie (or peegie) instead of cat & dog…

    I would totally buy that children’s book. And I don’t even have children. I just want to see even more pics of these anerable little happypantses!

  28. BerthaSlave — I think everyone went outside.
    Apparently there’s a game of hide-and-seek.



  29. *splode*



  30. Oh my GOSH how stinkin’ cute is that COXCU!!!! *swoooon*

  31. Well now, Shadow has a word or two:
    “Who are you?”
    he says to Peeps.
    “Who are you
    who creeps
    beneath me fuzzy ‘tocks?”

    Note new vocabulary word for children: ‘tocks

  32. Is ‘Small fuzzy animals surrounded by flowers’ a Rule of Cute? Because if it’s not, it oughta be!

  33. What an adorable hamster!

    And can anybody tell me what these charming flowers are?

  34. rubber duck, the neurotic linguist says:

    “Dónde está”, btw 😉 (did a lot of people point that out already? I did scroll but I’m not at my most alert.)

    And either “je ne parle pas” (without stress mark) or “yo no hablo”, but I guess that one was wrong on purpose 😉

    That tiny tongue (or actually quite large compared to its tiny hands) was certainly worth a close shot 😀

  35. those flowers are appropriatly named “sweet william”.

  36. Got it, Rubber Duck.

  37. Oh man… these are so cute. Love the past ones as well.

  38. and behold to my wandering eye did i see

    but on a shelf with a shiny cover, a new read:

    “the misadventures of moses and peep”

    thus i promptly squee’d 😐

  39. Oh the most tiniest of hampster paws, so very delicate and sweet.

  40. Okay, you have GOT to be KIDDING ME. These are the most anerable pictures I’ve EVER SEEN OF HAMMIES! OMG. I have to go lie down now.

  41. Under the Christmas tree:
    “The Misadventures of Moses and Cheeps”
    With a foreword by Shadow.

    (Also available in Spanish.)

    (oops on wrong Peeps/Cheeps name previously duh.) I hate having to cut into work time to write fun stuff on CO.

  42. Lilliane's housemaid says:

    Gee, I am a writer of kiddie lit; taking applications are we? Auditions, perhaps? ‘Cause if there are more pix, YES a book on their sweetnesses!(and yes, Megarooney must writing ze dialogue)

  43. anybody else notice the kind of extreme tongue-to-nosicle ratio on Moses? anybody else hearing a chorus of “Moses Supposes”? no? just me I guess. Heh.

  44. Actually lojolo, that’s creeping phlox, not sweet william. You can tell by the notches in the points of the flowers.

    And now this horticulture major returns you to your daily cute 🙂

  45. The Moses and Cheeps Show is precisely why the internet had to be invented.

  46. cooo coo!

  47. i believe i said this the last time these cuties were on here…
    i can *not* believe somebody is *brave* enough to take them all outside!!!
    i would be freakin *paranoid* somebody would fly/run/scamper away from me!!!1
    but then, i admit, i am a control freak…

  48. Oh yes, I do remember this little trio. Tee hee!
    I used to let my gerbil bebehs run around outside in the grass, under my watchful eye. Sigh. I miss them.

  49. KiraGirl,

    I hate having to cut into Cute Overload time by working.

  50. i LOVE the moses and cheeps series. i was just thinking about them yesterday (well, the day before that too, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that, and the day….)

    and now we have shadow too? the more the merrier with this goofy bunch o critters. so cute, cute cute!!!

  51. Tricia Garrett says:

    How utterly luverly!

  52. You peeps are great — all we have to do is collect all the comments here, and we’ve got a children’s book, ready made. (Well, maybe we’ll need to go thru and G-rate it a bit . . .)

  53. “G-rate”!??? NEVER!

  54. well no one sayz how old the children the book is fer!

    I just wanna know one thing, how teh heck can the camera person hold the camera steady whilst laughing and squeeing hysterically?

  55. Metz…

    we have the technology
    we can film ’em better than they wuz

  56. TexIrishRose says:

    GAAAHH!! [thud] too much… too much…

  57. inkdigoreiki says:

    I can’t stand it’s so CUTE. The lil’ prosh paws, a hammy tongue AND all surrounded by cute little flowers. This is as least a greeting card.

  58. fish eye no miko says:

    He has a flavor!

  59. I’ve just puked a double rainbow. New “this is oficially the cutest photo ever” pic. Gotta go puke another rainbow, sorry.

  60. Joan Carlson says:

    Goerhd Loerhd – that is teh cutest close up — WHAT A HAM!!

  61. Children’s book? Grown-ups book! This level of humor is not for the mentally immature. But they have to wrap it in plastic. Or dere be squeedlets all over dee floors in de shoppes …

  62. I was so happy to see more adventures of Moses and Cheeps!!!

  63. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Moses and Cheeps!!!!! You guys totally rock!!

  64. silly me, i guess i was so distracted by his cute, pink lil tongue that i wasn’t even really lookin’ at the flowers.

  65. Hamsters are Cute says:

    I have to say that Hamsters are the cutest pet in the whole world! I am raising over 30 of them currently (in my garage – lol).
    -Hamsters are cute…

  66. these guys deserve a book deal! i want to read about all of their adorable adventures.

    omg, that last picture is INSANE.

  67. I second the Mousepad unless someone else did then I make it a unamouse bid. Or should that be hamounose bid…LOL That is too cute and I aint that big on hammy’s cause my kittehs would be …again LOL

  68. acelightning says:

    Yep, the “among the flowers” pic just about neutralizes all known weapons of mass destruction, and probably also cures cancer and ends world hunger as well. That much concentrated adorableness isn’t even legal in some states. It *definitely* deserves to be made into a greeting card.

    Speaking of cards… I *love* e-cards. Meg, Theo… it’d be great to see some of the zillions of images here made into e-cards. I’d send them to everybody I know!

  69. Great. Now I gotta have a baby to justify the Moses and Cheeps book I am going to buy? Does anyone have a mint? I’ve got rainbow puke breath.

  70. I’z jealous for da kittehs! Wish MPCOXCUOAT(SF) — Most Perfect COXCU Of All Time (So Far) — was a kitteh! But it’s a hammie! in the flowers! with pawsies! and a tongue! Bonk! ***lies on floor, washed over by wave of Qte, legs kicking helplessly***

    Moses and Cheeps are phenomenal! Hannah W. (and Meg!) are sitting on a goldmine! More! waiting for the book!

    Acelightning – couldn’t agree more. World peace, you know.

  71. I’m totally in favour of your book idea!! I’d buy it, those guys are killing me for being so adorable!! Aaah, want want! xD

  72. Book?


    With action figures!

  73. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I need CPR. Most adorableist post ever.

  74. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I am just fascinated about their friendship. Need lots more adventures of this awesome threesome.

  75. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    No! not a mouse pad I would never get any work done from squeeing the cute.

  76. Moses and Cheeps, you slay me. Best pair of names EVAR.

    Can I put my order in for the book?

  77. Wow, that is one adorable hammie!!

    Would it be possible to get that pic in wallpaper format? That is just too good of a pic to pass up (the one of Moses in the flowers)

    Great Job with that send-in!! 🙂

  78. Ok, peeps, listen up! We gots lots to do — gettin that book deal. So here are your assignments:

    executive producshons: Meg (duh.)
    camera & historical material: Hannah W. (’cause she knows the stars and takes their pictures)
    storyline & dialog: mojojojo, Kiragirl
    additional story: Lisa, SeaBreeze
    dialog development; titles; unique spellinks; picture captions: Meg (again, duh.)
    foreign language coach: rubber duck
    wrangler: ceejoe
    extras: Hamsters are Cute
    illustrations: Deb
    writing coach: Lilliane’s housemaid (might actually know how this is done… when she’s not housemaiding)
    background investigatons: Jessica (’cause she needs to know)
    horticulturist: minx (knows her flowers)
    asst botonicals: lojolo (knows of flowers)
    promotions: trin, Rosalynde, berthaslave, NotSTBDTAW, fawn lust, April, Poohbear, Julia, Robin Dahlberg… (and just about everyone else)
    merchandising: Kar, leah b., acelightning, Loris (band posters: trin)
    bookstore advertising: NYgirly
    shipping: Nicolo (knows the right wrapping to use)
    government liaison: Erika, acelightning
    production manager and ratings: Theo (ok, maybe not the ratings)

    marketing team: US. Everyone! Yes, you too!

    Let’s get crackin!!1 (Not that I have any control issues.) Production meeting first thing in the morning! We have a book to get out!

  79. This is just too cute. TOO cute!

  80. In order to make a wallpaper out of these cute little ones from a smaller photo, you can STRETCH it with photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Once the photo is resized to 1024×768 or 1600×1200, use a soften filter or a median filter to fill in the rough areas not treated by the stretching. It works rather well even though a larger print is still useful.


    And a “!Hola!” to Shadow.

    Tewtally movie/book-worthy. Move over, Stuart Little.