Just a note of THANKS [head tilt]


People, you’re really doing a GREAT job of it. Serious. Have I told you that lately? GIve yourself a PAT ON THE BACK!

The traffic of this site continues to grow, and it’s all because of YOU. I mean, I can only hit this site so many times a day. (3? 4?) But ya’ll consistently bring the trafeek numbers Juuuuust past 4.

It’s truly amazing to see the continued growth—traffic is hurtling forward faster and furiouser than a kitteh trying to get out of a swimming pool.



  1. Wahey! 😀

  2. No Meg, thank *you* 🙂

  3. Only 3 or 4 times a day???? I come by at least 10 or 12 prolly more! Wait….is that stalking??

  4. THANKS MEG!!! I can’t remember how I got through my work day before C.O.

  5. Meg — I absolutely love telling people about CO and it’s helped me see more cute in everyday life. Thank you for all of your hard work, you are doing a wonderful, wonderful thing for a LOT of people.

  6. It’s because we love your sweet, sweet *BRAINS*, Meg! I introduced 3 people to CO just *today* (OMGguidePON1ES!) and each one bleened and asked me where I had been hiding this treasure trove of yours.

  7. co-worker: can you get that mailing done today?

    Aubrey (pre-occupied): yes, YES.

    co-worker: do you have the address?

    Aubrey (pre-occupied, and now annoyed): YES.

    co-worker (with a sign of resignation): OK – what’s on Cute Overload?

  8. what can i say?? i love coming here :]]]

  9. Woods Walker says:

    I would come CO more if I could. so I have to settle for twice a day.-Woods Walker

  10. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Gosh darn its nothing we like to help. I am always trying to get more people to look, but some have genuinely busy jobs ie no breaks samich at the desk, bring your own coal for the fire key to the lavatory with Mr simpkiss the head clerk (what do mean your quill pen is broken?)

  11. You’d get even more traffic if you featured my cat Erasmus. I think he managed to sneak on to my mac last night and send you a mail… H’es quite the technology feind for a cat.

  12. Thank you so much, Meg. LOVE the cute, must have eet! My habit so bad, I havta go to Stuff on My Cat when there are no new posts on CU, like a sorry drunk dragging myself to the next bar when the favorite one closes for the night … But it’s a GOOD thing! YOOOOOOO light up my LIIIIFE!

  13. Meg, you’re neat

    and your site ain’t shabby either 😉


  14. city17 dweller says:

    Lol, excellent analogy Maureen G! (*drags self off to ICHC* – hic!)

  15. Thank you Meg for all your efforts in making everyone’s day soooo much brighter. There is nothing that can compare to how a cute little animal can make you feel! *Squee*!

  16. this site helps me to not smoke. serious. i guess that means i owe you my *life*, meg… thanks!

    ( you too, theo. )

  17. thank you…

    *head tilt and stewardess smile*

  18. You are the wind beneath my wings…

    Oh, and I too have been compelled to share the qte with all and sundry. Sundry barfed a rainbow.

  19. *************
    No you’re the greatest! [pushes your shoulder hard]

  20. [grinnnnnnnn]

  21. *seriously* Life would not be teh same without CO!

    Just to prove it… I am looking into fostering a *bunneh* from the county shelter!!!

    Someting like this would never have occurred to me before teh Cute!

  22. All hail Cute Queen Meg!
    *crowd roars*

  23. I have a huge problem with CO. I’m hopelessly addicted to it. Thank you Meg! You’re a God send.

  24. I have a huge problem with CO. I’m hopelessly addicted to it. Thank you Meg! You’re a God send.

  25. Meg, thank YOU! I love your site, always have. I’ve seen you pop up in so many articles recently, I hope you’ve gotten the last two I sent to you.

    Keep up the good work!

  26. “oh no, no no. thank you”

    “no, no, no, thank you”

    “no, no no no, thank YOU”

    “no nooo no no no, thank YOU”

    “no no no i inseest, thank YOU”

    “NO no no NO, I inseest i must Thank YOU!”

  27. I admit I have no power over my addiction to CO. You go, Meg!!

  28. 1… 2… 3… whoo hoo!

  29. Meg – Don;t thank us – we thank u for allowing us a chance to share CO w/you. It never fails to bring a 🙂

  30. thanks to *you* — and everyone — who makes CO so darn wonderful.

  31. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    Meg this just proves that you’re good enough, you’re smart enough… and gosh darn it… people like you!

  32. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    of course ummmm one of my 1037481482374 entries might make it up here one day I suppose – sigh – i just keep waitings and waitings.

    /end whine

  33. Meg, I think this is one of the few blogs on the internet where you can score karmic points for posting and reading it. You bring happiness to people and that’s something to be proud of.

  34. Yitzysmommie says:

    Meg, Yew Rawk! (Teho too)
    When I start cackling at my desk my partner says “OK, which is it, Cute Overload or SOMC?”. I got tired of looking at her blank blue computer screen and walked her throught the steps of posting teh doggie with kitten head growing out of his belleh as her wallpaper.Thanks for the fun and laughs and stress relief I get here.

  35. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: i *heart* CO and i *heart* Miss MeggiePants! (and i also *heart* Monsieur Teho!) without my daily (oh, who am i kidding? /hourly/) dose of CO, my (work) life would be an endless drudgery.

    thanks CO! thanks Meg! thanks Theo! 😀

  36. Congratulations!!! Your site makes me sooo happy!

  37. NSTBDTAW — What, Teho gets no pants?

    You’re totally pantsed in my book, Ed. Er, you know what I mean.

    Viva teh Qte!

  38. [looking down]
    …I hope that’s a good thing

  39. Every body! Do the wave! Yes!

    This site has changed me. No really- we were at the zoo, looking at koalas. I said, look at it’s nosicle! CuteBabyDaddy notes the belleh fluff, and the children each point out the feets, the ear floof, etc, like good sprouting cuteologists. What have you done to us?
    (made us crazy, but it is the good crazy.)

  40. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    Pheas, Monsieur TehoPants didn’t really roll off the tongue… no offense, Teho! I always think of you as “the pants”. XD

  41. Thanks so much for this site! It has created much new vocabulary in my house as well as a new verb, “muzz”. The meaning: To rub your muzzlepuff/pouche on someone affectionately.

    E.g. “Look at the cat! She’s muzzing adorably on your foot!”

    Learn it and use it, folks.

  42. I could quit anytime I wanted to, but I DON’T WANT TO. This gets me through the day, and I’ve insisted on CO breaks with my coworkers. We squee in unison.

  43. Is that “Thanks (Head Tilt)” a reference to the Odd Couple? If so, you rock.

  44. meg tewtelly wears ‘da pants’

    an’ theo looks just fine in a kilt

    :* (kisses!)

  45. Evangeline & Lilly's Maman says:

    What THEY said! Plus…yes, always my first stop of the day too. And I do my bit to spread the good CO word; this is just plain brilliant, fun, hilarious, adorable – and rated W, for “why isn’t EVERYONE on the planet looking?” PS: I appreciate that I can show these to my younglings withOUT “screening first”. Even the Cats ‘n’ Racks are just plain adorable. THANK YOU for keeping up this delicious river of sweetness.

  46. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Of course Theo has pants.
    We sing to him
    each spring to him
    and worship the trousers
    that cling to him
    bewitched bothered and bewidered are we.

  47. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Erm bewildered (:0}

  48. Space Cowgirl says:

    Indeed, this blog is a force for positive in the lives of many. So very few sites fit the description visual cotton candy ice cream with rainbow sprinkles of wit and humor, but that’s what CO is.

    Needless to say, when I informed someone on my usual gaming forums that there was no use in “kissing ‘tocks” to try to get unbanned, I knew I was in deep. 😛

  49. It’s just a slippery slope of Addiction…first it’s CO, then SOMC, and then it’s ICHC and LOLRAts…

    and then dressing up your pets to try to get them on one of the sites…

  50. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but my significant other and I have incorporated a lot of CO-speak into our daily language…we still say “i lof your ear flops!” (though my bf points out that if you’re saying that while soft-kronsching, then it sounds more like ‘i lof your ear flophf’ since your mouth is full). Yay disgustingly cute ftw!

    CO has also cultivated in me a near-fetish for cute animal toesies. nomnomnom

  51. Meg, you are a treasure. We come here for your comments as much as the photos — your voice is what makes the site so special.
    One of my colleagues calls CO my “chi.” I had to look that up. She’s right. I come here whenever I am stressed. And suddenly my stresses are carried away on the wings of a flying hamster.

  52. o and meg & theo?

    u guys work so well together

    …like meggaroni and *looks at theo*
    uh, cheese (in a good way) 😀

    [You’ll love this, then: Meg & I have never *met*. – Ed.]

  53. CUTEOVERLOAD just plain ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hip Hip Hooooray for Megs people.

  55. I couldn’t have stayed at this job without CO. No one here would even begin to understand it. I can hide behind my screen and imagine a softler, gentler world is out there somewhere and maybe someday, I’ll be living in CO. But right now I have mouths to feed. Thanks Meg & Theo and all the commenters for keeping me company in a very lonely job. I do so appreciate you all.

  56. Thanks Meg CO has become a daily addiction and I love all the cute and interesting pictures. and all the dialog too.
    CO rawks.

  57. Please help this opossum mom and her cute babies. Click here for info: http://blogs.jsonline.com/pets/archive/2007/09/27/trapped-shot-and-left-for-dead.aspx

  58. Megs, all the thanks belong to you and Tay-O and Chief Sister Officer and everyone else on the CO team! I spread CO luv whereevers I can. We’re making the world better and Qte-r.XOXO.

  59. Always my first internet destination of the day (and usually the last, too).

    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Thanks for all your cute work.

  60. darnit Jazzkate, you took my line.

  61. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Oh. The opossum story is so sad and happy at the same time. See…for every jerk, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of nice people. I vote that baby opossum pic get it’s own CO post.

  62. Meg you rock. May this site one day earn you enough moolah that you can live here all day long!

  63. That is SO uncanny. We were just chatting and wondering about CO’s traffic the other day in Cute Talk.
    (shifty eyes)
    Coolness abounds here.
    Way Yay for teh qte and those who make it so.

  64. this site as ruined the way i speak. i actually said “squeee” yesterday.


  65. ali, I have added several of them to my vocabulary too. Squee being one and muzzlepouche oh and Too Moishe. I have been heard to sing it while weeding and raking in the garden (Song: I ate too Moishe By Meg)

    It is a sad sad state of affairs.

  66. Yeah. Do you *feel* sad, Annie?

    Uh-huh. That’s what I thought.


  67. nope Meg, thank YOU!

  68. Why is there a picture of a human on this posting? Humans are ugly, and this cybor-mechano-androidical horrorshow is the hideousestest of all.


  69. Meg, you’re the best for making this blog. I get a kick out of even any random post, the baby talk cracks me up, and it’s kinda cool having a community of like-minded people who have a huuuuge soft spot for all things cute like I do. And Theo rocks. Any guy who can appreciate and go gaga over the furry bunnies and kittehs etc of the world is awesome sauce 😛

  70. [glares at Suda Nim]

    Har har. Hey, peeps? I do believe it’s SPANKINS TIME!!!

    Sorry, puddins. PUDDINS. Yeah. It’s puddin’tame.

  71. All Hail Teh Qte™! 3 out of 4 smiling people use it! I Love being a cutevangelist. I am so Grateful for this haven of happiness. Teh Peeps are smarter than your pants. (I sing ‘I ate too moishe’ often annie.) Thank YOU Team QTE

  72. *pats self on back* there has been very awesome constant posting lately too!

  73. Thanks Teho I forgot to put the winky after my sad state of affairs sarcastic remark. cause I love CO oh and snorggle I use that one all the time now too.

  74. Thanks for the site! My toddler loves the puppeh action and is learning to talk with everything in a plural form…

  75. No, Meg, thank YOU. CO is my favorite website and honestly I’m not just blowing smoke up your tail nubbins. I can be having a crappy day and seeing the cuteness here just really brightens my day. I am becoming an even bigger animal lover because of CO and I love spreading the word about CO to my friends & family. Hell, at this point, they probably want me to shut up! *SNORGLES AND KRONSCHES YOUR NOSE*

  76. Oh, and p.s. I was just remarking to my sister yesterday that CO has developed its own language: bunneh (bunnehs are my favorite), tail nubbins, monsche, kronsche, snorgle, kitteh, puppeh, ehn ehn!, pawsitude, so many more… it’s a beautiful thing!

  77. I found this site via Daily Kitten. I loved Daily Kitten and found myself wishing they posted more than one kitten a day. And so it was that one day, desperately wanting more cute, I discovered Cute Overload in the sidebar links… I started visiting it once a day. Then more, and more, and more… I was hooked on the Qte! I noticed cuteness more than ever, and some cute words have even made their way into my vocabulary (like squee and floomf and snorgle). But more than ever, I go to the site to see some ridiculously cute animals to make my day (and they certainly do- some days, you just feel awful, but a beady-eyed hamster, a disapproving bun, or a fluffy kitteh from here never fails to blow the mood away- and the captions just make it better). Thank you, Meg, for making so many people’s days so many times!

    Long live Cute Overload!

  78. What CCat said, This site is the greatest.

  79. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Kibble is now featured on my shopping list (:0})

  80. I’m kind of a CO stalker myself! Every time I need a smile!

  81. Little Witch says:

    Add me to your fan club Meg. You are a lovely person – I love your sense of humour and your compassion.

    Keep up the good work.

  82. Thank you sooo much Meg for your wonderful site. It has brought light and giggling and insaneness (the good one) in my life. I think that it is really important for grown-ups to sometimes play. CO has inspired me to sometimes let out the child in me.
    You know those big indoor playing grounds for children?
    Ours has a 18+ night every 1st thursday in the month. I go there every time ^^

  83. A Day in the Life of JAY1937
    1) go to work
    2) sneak into office, hoping boss doesn’t see I’m 10 mins late
    3) sit at desk
    4) turn on computer
    5) click on internet icon
    7) soak in enough cute bunnies/kittens/puppies/etc to get thru nasty day at work
    8) start working (finally!)

  84. I love cute overload, I check back here as often as I can. Love the bunnies especially, have shown it to heaps of people at work.
    I used to drive my old coworkers nuts when I started giggling at some cute bunny picture. I love the captions, they are always really clever. Too bad my new work is really strict about internet use… sigh

  85. I love this site. Ever since my kid (grown-up kid) showed it to me, I have enriched my life with photos of the cutest animals on the planet. Thank you, Meg.

  86. [stretches to pat self]

    EEEHHN …

    Hmmm, I gotta agree with peeps who says “Tehopants” sounds forced … buts thats ok, Teho, Megpants has the crown but you still wear the pants around here!