Bashful mantis leaves a present

Sender-Inner Lorel J says: "Earlier this year I hatched 3 praying mantis egg cases (insert comment about sitting on them).  Finally a grown-up one found me. I don’t flatter myself that it came to thank me for the gift of life, but it did leave me a little present, albeit unintended.[see CU with circled gifty-poo, also attached]Guess he was nervous, poor guy.  Probably soothed himself by chawing on a ladybug."


Nicely done, Lorel! Nice circling on the perpe, too. I like how the mantis arms are up in a bashful posishe, with head tilt.


Yay for poops and manti.



  1. Well that is a GORGEOUS praying mantis.

    And not a bad little poopy either, lol!

    And BRAVO to Lorel for helping the little manti (??) live!

  2. You’re just browsing along, awwwing and squeeeeing at the posts, giggling at the comments, when suddenly, GOTCHA

    So, who’s been paying attention?

  3. Um, actually, “First”, yer second.

    Maybe comment on the cute next time? 😉

  4. How dumb must one feel after naming themselves “First”, then posting “first” as a comment, only to be second?

  5. Aaaaah! Now teho has disappeared “First’s” comment, and I look nutty as a result, lol!

  6. “i feels so relieveds now.”

  7. Who are you talking to, Rumi?

  8. 1) I guffawed (with gusto) at the hover text on the first photo. (Caught me off guard.)

    2) Ugh, “first”… what an odd and pointless trend.

  9. Myself, evidently….


  10. It’s funny — bug usually isn’t cute, poop usually isn’t cute, but bug + poop = in the realm of cute. Curious.

  11. geez, i’m jealous… none of the poop I clean up at my house is cute…
    kitteh, piggeh…
    and soon bunneeeeeee!!!!

  12. Twelfth!

    [Dodecableen? – Ed.]

  13. Um, not anywhere approaching the realm of cute.

    I think Mantises are awesome, they have freaking wicked murder sickles for hands and crazy scary-looking gas mask faces. Not cute though. And that poop resembles what it was pre-eat too much to qualify as cute. It looks like a dessicated fly (or Nicole Richie).

    Now if a kitten was playing with the mantis, that would be cute.

  14. Wow. That’s a big poo for an insect. Course, Nervous McMantispants is a pretty big insect…
    Guess this is how the “chawed ladybug” will look in a couple hours? 🙂

  15. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    ahhn… i love mantes! (i looked it up this time. this is the proper plural.) they’re just so darn neat!

    boy, that Rumi sure is nutty, talking to herself up there… tee hee! j/k, Rumi! 🙂

  16. Cute? CUTE? This site is really beginning to stoop to new lows.

  17. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork: ;-P (LOL!)


    So leave, if you don’t like it!

  18. DEFINITELY puddin’tame.

  19. Butterscotch for me, please.

    With skin.

  20. Pudding skin, potato skin, or Silence of the Lambs?

  21. Mantes poop? I never imagined such a thing… and yet, there it is.

  22. Did he really make that poop? It’s like, 1/2 the size of his whole head! LOL


    PUDDIN’ SKIN!!!!


  24. insex are cool …from a distance

    not cute tho o_0

    *puts on puddin’ bib*

  25. ceejoe – Bunny poops are pretty cute, all things considered. And my bunny’s farts always smelled like coffee brewing… Sing with me: “The best part of waking up…”

  26. Fergit puddin! Maybe some peeps need to be taught a lesson. Don’t make me be last, I’m warning you. Look what happened with Buddy! I *weel* go there if provoked!
    (Oh, and cute poop!)

  27. Bug poop? Oh, lawd now I’ve seen everything.

  28. Twenty-eighth!
    (Ok, ok, I’m done now.)
    (But I’d like to see you write THAT in bleen latin.)

  29. Icosaoctobleen.
    And [ahem] …Greek.

  30. Theo – Too funny.

  31. The praying mantis is very noble looking. I’ve always thought so the way they hold their tiny hands up (claws, paws? what are they called?). Until you get to the killing part. But circle of life and all. Theo you are crackin’ me up with the skin comment. I don’t like any of the skins you mentioned excep ‘tato skins…..yummy

    If pudding is passed around please let me have some as I do find it very cute/funny that this noble looking insect is standing next to his own poop. Just proves everybody does it!

  32. Hey-h in spanish that would be bleenty ocho.

    Just saying. ; )

  33. Omg. Greek? Embarrassed. It’s all…uh…one classical language or another to me!

    Annie, does that make this one treente quatro?

  34. yep but how to add the bleen???? trente quatro bleensicles. There. (Sits back down with smug look on face)

  35. OMG Hey-H we could make a whole language out of Bleen words… Can you imagine the money we could make… ::Blushes:: ohhh sorry I got carried away.

  36. See, that’s why it was tr*ee*nte instead of…uh…however one actually spells thirty in Spanish! Man, I should really stick to languages I know. Bleens in Norwegian, anyone? (This would be tretti-sjubleen.)

    (Annie, this is definitely how you & I are making our first millions. Well, my first million. I dunno about you.)

  37. Alls I gots ta say is, if you can actually finagle a freakin’ fortune out of “bleen”, my cut is 10% of the gross. Royalties, y’know.

  38. “i made zees poop for yeew”

    kudos to lorel for raising the mantis population by 3. good insects!

  39. book_monstercats says:

    It’s all too much for me. I can’t follow it. But what a CUTE mantis. Sort of like a pretty alien.

  40. Uh… geeeeross?

    The mantis is purty tho. That was my grandmother’s favorite watercolor subject.

  41. We’ll think about it, Teho. (Yonjuuichibleen.)

  42. Gah! Someone beat me! That was actually 42! (What do you get if you multiply six by nine?)

  43. we apologise for the inconvenience

  44. Wow, has this been a cliMaNticS day for me! Not only did I get a critter posted on CO, but …(cover yer peepers if you’re faint hearted) today I got to watch a mantis catch and eat a yellow jacket. It was fascinating, though ouchie to the soft part of my heart. I’d send you a pix of that, too, but it’s definitely NOT cute.

    Thanks, Meg! Thanks commenteers!

  45. I hear they eat hummingbirds. HUMMINGBIRDS!!! I don’t want to research that, but thought I’d share.

  46. This is kinda yucky I think. Not really getting the cute.

    That’s all.

  47. Fourbleeny eight.
    and in Spanish Quarbleenty ocho.
    how come we gatta share with you TEEEHOOOO… Just because you thought the original word up.

    [It’s more just because I said so. – Ed.]

  48. I caught you a bug, but I ated it.

  49. Oh and if you want to see the praying Mantis verses the humingbird here are pictures. Not to gory but there none the less

  50. buggy poo!
    Sorry, I just can’t think of anything else to say about this.

  51. This post is literally shit. I hardly think feces is worth an “enhance”. Smell ya later. Smell ya later forever!

  52. Annie – I couldn’t resist going to the link you provided. Blech. I realize it’s the “circle of life” thing and all, but blech. This is why I can’t watch National Geographic specials–too much carnage. It’s also partly why I chose a vegetarian pet (bunny)–I didn’t want any “gifts”! Though, bringing us back to the topic of the day, she did leave me a fair number of surprise poo pellets.

  53. MMc… SOrry, I did try to make sure not too much gore,
    I kept hearing it and decided I would go look for it and it came right up. I just couldn’t imagine how a hummingbird could get caught by a Praying mantis.

    Circle of life sometimes is very uncute.

    I too sometimes turn off NAtional Geographic.

  54. “It’s strong beyond anything its size suggests. It walks, leaps, and flies. Its appetite is insatiable.”
    “You mean… this cute little bug?”
    “Yeah, that cute little bug. In all the kingdom of the living, there is no more deadly or voracious creature than the praying mantis!”

  55. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Pee is squee…but poo? EWWWW!!!!


  56. YOu guys are all funny about the pee and poo. . IT is so much a part of animals and all life that I tend to not thik much of it. OF course shoveling it out of the barn several times a year may have a lot to do with that.

    Maybe not cute but when you take pictures of wild life it is there.
    Kinda like Harbls.

  57. I think this is the tidiest, cutest most delicate poo I have ever seen! Great pic 🙂

  58. I request more mantids, please! They are my favoritest insects. So cute and awesome to have perched on your shoulder, just chillin’.

  59. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    I think Mantes are adorable… I had one living in my living room window, she stayed an entire winter with me and eventually hatched babies. That was kind of a pain, but it was awesome none-the-less. I talked to her every day, and if she was in reach, I would hold her.

  60. Sixty-twbleeno!

    I dunno, Theo, I keep doing this, but nobody’s given me any money yet. You can have 10% of *that*.

  61. little gator says:


    I once bought a container of live mantii at Agway. When I released them they were transparent and mosquito size and oh so cute.

    A few months later I saw one-green and a little over an inch long.

  62. ChasingtheDog says:

    Annie, that link is kind of rad. I had no idea that mantes were such thug killas that they could take down a hummingbird! Craziness!

    And the bug poo is kind of cute.

  63. Oh that would look so adorable on my bug blog!!
    He’s so embarassed by the poo, I think.

  64. Um, I just saw two young manti at my house this week, but got TOTALLY freaked by this article re: manti eating hummingbirds do NOT EVAH google “hummingbird mantis” images. You will be so sorry.

  65. David Bloomer of UK says:

    Excellent – I enjoyed it!

  66. “I caught you a bug, but I ated it.”

    =LOL= “…and I left the evidence to prove it.” Of course mantises poop – if they didn’t, they’d pop!

  67. Why would this thing ever be considered cute?? It’s related to the cockroach and eats baby birds and hummingbirds. Take it off pronto.

  68. I think this might have to get a dual-filing under gee-ross!

  69. Katie — good point…

    Mims — point not quite as good…

  70. Mims – Women mantises also eat their own boyfriends, so it gets to stay. 😉

  71. *stage whisper* That’s a female mantis.