This bunneh is giving The Vikings the bird

Yep. Another Packers fan upset at a missed field goal attempt.

Insta bird flip. (With outrageous neck roll!)


Susan H., I like the little Scotch-taped edges around this photo.



  1. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yay Packers! They have the best fans!

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    Ooooh, now he needs a little bunneh cheesehead. Sorry, bun, mine would be too big for you!

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    OMG for the chubbulent neck! Cutest packer backer evah!

  4. Where’s dat baby Bunnie’s ear? No wonder they disapprove, did the BF in the last post monsche it right off!!?!!

  5. oh good lord. the neck roll! the tummy pudge! the disapproval!!

  6. the look on the face is heelarious.

  7. The fat,velvety looking belly! My eyes, my eyes!! I’m blinded by cuteness!

  8. “I disapprove of this message”

    Bun is flipping you the ear.

  9. ThreeCatNight says:

    Looks more like he’s sporting the Bunneh-hawk cut. Love that sweater, and the brown velvety cuddliness of it all.

  10. Somebunny miiiiight be trying to bait me, here, just maybe, y’know, seeing as the Vikes are “my” team and all. But I’m here to tell you that my football-related loyalties are, shall we say, flexible?

    Nice scan, though.

  11. Mrs Fonebone says:

    Bun is upset because bun is really Vikes fan living in cheesehead world. (If both ears were up = Touchdown!!)

    [Good call… – Ed.]

  12. See that neck roll? That is why I keep telling my cat that he may NOT have that cashmere turtle neck he’s been eyeing. It would only create neck-ular muffin top.

    Also, I’m coveting that rabbit with all my coveting power, right now…

  13. I am struck speechless by the look, Oh and those cute little front feet peeking out of his sleeves. Fortunately I can still type.

  14. The best part of this for me, as a bun owner myself, is the relative size of the body (especially the belly) to the teeeeny tiny paws and legs. My bun and I had some quality sit down time today and we watched TV while I gave him a massage. When he flops, he has a smaller furry neckroll and his little paws are so tiny, it’s so cute. But he’s so ROUND that he just looks so much like the triangular piece of cheese in my fridge!

  15. Flamenca Mama says:

    Who knitted that sweatah??! It’s adorable, especially with the bunny disapproval of the missed field goal attempt=) How dare they!

  16. Tugs of BARabOO says:

    CoffeeCup – You really should not put your bun in the fridge. Buns are senstive to drafts. But, just out of curiousity, what does he look like when he is not in the fridge.

  17. i tink there’s real potench for one-eared bunnies with neck rolls

    *signs up for advanced floppy*

  18. Flamenca Mama — I was *just* now thinking of the disapproving rabbits! He looks just a leeeeeeeeeeetle annoyed.

    (Not being a football fan at all, I can’t sympathize with Mr. Bun, sadly.)

  19. Holy Cheese Curds!!!
    That bun tum is FANtastic!!

  20. He’s got that sweateau on so nobody will really suspect that he’s spyink!!! Who would balme this cute little “packers fan”?!!?

  21. Go Packers!

    And one-eared bunnies!

  22. That pic looks like it’s from the ’70s!

    My only question is how does the bunneh wear the little cheesehead wedge when he goes to the games (because that’s what a real Packers fan would do!).

    (Said in a this Wisc-ahn-sin accent):

    Go Packers, ya!

  23. Bunnulas in Sweatahs! yea.

  24. I’m trying to think of something along the lines of wanting to snuggle with this packers bunny ALMOST as much as I’d like to snuggle with Brett Farve…but said in a witty way…alas, now all I can think of is Farve and my brain has gone to mush. 😛

  25. How did they get the sweater on the bunny? My bunny (the fabulous Mr. Dennis Hopper) would disapprove of sweater-wearing so much that he would first try to kick me to death while I was putting it on him, and then he would eat the sweater. Especially if it had the Packers logo on it. Go Vikings!

  26. LOL sarah beth! Now my brain’s gone to mush, too 😉

  27. clearly he disapproves of the Packers’ performance this season.

  28. Remember how at the end of the Velveteen Rabbit, he became a real bunny…a real fat bunny in a packers sweater! He looks just like that character. And Love the gut and neck blorb- great for chormping.

  29. That is too cute! Go Packers!

  30. ShelleyTambo says:

    cb, I assume that’s ironic since the Packers are 3-0?

    I came back to this pic because I started to get a major headache. Poof! It’s gone, although whether it’s the bun or the thought of Bret Favre, the world may never know. Maybe I’ll put on the jersey when I get home…

  31. When I was a kid, out neighbors’ dog would do exactly this thing with his ears. Now I finally know what it means! 🙂

  32. violetgreen says:

    Bongo lives!

  33. How we coming with that SWEATERS category?

    Those lil paws are just killling me.

  34. Gads this bunny gives a whole new meaning to velvateen rabbit.

  35. luvinmalssomuch says:


  36. Someone stole my bunny and put a sweater on her! (She looks exactly the same, right down to the neck roll and tiny front paws.) So cute!

  37. HA! I dig the sweater, bunbun! (And yeah, I’m a Packers fan.)
    I wanna snorgle the fatty neck roll!

  38. Tugs of BARabOO – Here is a pic of what my bunny kind of looks like. Coloring is the same, just in a slightly different pattern. He’s a broken rex. I don’t have access to my bun’s pics right at the moment.

  39. I wanted to add that my buns has those reverse “knee pads” as well, the patches on his front legs. It’s adorable. He has them on the back of his hind legs too, and they look like socks.

    my buns would wear a sweater…he’d eat it, but he’d wear it first.

  40. Bunny Buddha Belly!

    Very cute, although he’d look much better in 49ers regalia.

  41. Dennis Hopper? You are keeling me!

  42. Ruh-roh. CO, full of Packers fans?!? Hmmm. The boyfriend is a Vikings fan… I’m an Eagles fan…

    But the bun is cute, so I’ll deal. Actually, so is Brett Favre — congrats to him, by the way, on his record-tying (or was it breaking?) TD pass this past weekend.

  43. So, I just posted, and the word “tying” looked weird to me, so I checked it out on Merriam Webster, and it has two spellings! You can also write “tieing,” but it’s less common.

    That’s for all you grammar/spelling dorks out there (I’m with ya’!).

    The More You Know…

  44. You know Vikings fans are Christians because of all the times they stand up and yell “JESUS CHRIST!”

  45. Bird of Paradise says:

    Oh my god … it’s like a little furry blobular alien!

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    I’m eyeing the neck roll for some soft kronsche action. Tell me, bun people, will it be worth the bun’s disapproval to nom on his neck roll?

  47. This is what a Bun Bun would look like if he were drawn in “Get Fuzzy”

  48. Can this bunny disapprove of hockey teams, too? If so, I would like to get a teeny Red Wings sweater and borrow him next week when the Ducks come to Detroit for the season opener.

  49. “Tying” is the Standard American English spelling, for the grammar nerds that needed it. “Tieing does not fly in an American dictionary.

    Also, I disapprove of Packer-wear on bunnies. Or on anyone.

  50. firefinch: I’ll go in with you on the Wings sweater. I *hate* the Ducks. Beating my Wings. The bastards.

  51. Hey Eaglie, thanks for the clarification. I figured as much when “tieing” looked even more strange than “tying.”

    Dare I ask — are you an Eagles fan?

  52. yay, violetgreen! I am not the only one old enough to immediately think of Bongo!

  53. violetgreen, I was thinking Bongo, too, but he dyed his hair.

  54. ShelleyTambo says:

    Alexis, I’m outside Philly now and I always say I’m an Eagles fan…until they play the Packers. I wore my Bret Favre jersey to a preseason Eagles-Packers game one year and was told to my face that I only escaped being pounded by being a girl.

  55. See, that’s why Packer fans are the best. We would give fans of another team a hard time, but never beat them up, though we probably could. 😉
    Go Pack. I hope Brett breaks the touchdown record Sunday in the Metrodome. Boo Vikings.

  56. Oddly enough… not an Eagles fan! Bears fan here.

  57. omg, lmao, that is just too funny! wabbit flipping the bird to Viking fans. Only thing that would make this picture even better is a mini-cheesehead, but then that would refute the purpose of the ear flip, hey? 😛

  58. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Baseball? Is that the game our little girls play. We call it rounders. (:0}

  59. shelly tambo: “cb, I assume that’s ironic since the Packers are 3-0?”

    actually shelly, i have no idea how the Packers are doing this season, but the bun was clearly disapproving of somehting, so I took a guess. It they’re 3-0 he must be disapproving of something else. Couldn’t possibly be the sweater, could it???

  60. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Having read a little more carefully, I see it refers to what you call football. Which, is a kind of borrowed Rugby but the paticipants are so feeble they wear padding and get proper footballers, to take their goal kicks for them. (:0}

  61. Ok, still lobbying for that SWEATERS category.

    Anybody else up for it?

  62. Except, Kar, that would be “sweateuws”.

  63. ShelleyTambo says:

    Nah, I think he’s disapproving of the fact that he doesn’t have a cheesehead yet.

  64. “Sweaters,” “Sweateuws,” whatever.

    ToMAETo, ToMATTo, I just want one place where I can see penguins in redunk football sweaters, people sewing ’em on trees, on long hair chihua’s, the whole bit.

    You can call ’em jumpers for all I care, I still think we need a category for people putting knit clothing on small animals and objects.

  65. Love this picture – orange is really his colour. All he needs is a monacle.

  66. Bunnies are unsurpassed when it comes to looking indignant. For more evidence, go to:

  67. MMc — can you believe we didn’t have that link under “More! More! More!” until just today??

  68. Theo – A worthy addition, to be sure!