This way, Dude

Caption option #1: It’s nice to see Delta Airlines updatng their flight attendants 
Caption option #2:

Guide horse, originally uploaded by DanDee Shots.

Nice find, Sender-Inner Michelle S. 😉

OK, OK, the People demand it! Xtreme close up:




  1. its a bleening pony OMG

  2. i can’t make sense of this picture.

    is a pony considered carry-on?

  3. He’s a guide horse. with sneakers.

  4. I. Want. A. Guide. Horse. Does acute need qualify me? NO? Then maybe I could train them. That’d be the best of all worlds- lots of time with them, plus that has to be one of the most rewarding jobs EVAR.

  5. Did anyone notice he’s missing a shoe? Where does one purchase mini-horse shoes? OMG, hilarious.

  6. eee! I love this pony. I’ve seen TV specials about him.

    …Did anyone else notice that he’s only wearing 3 shoes?

  7. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    OMG, indeed. I love the shoes. Wish we could get a closeup.

  8. hold yer horses!!

    is the pony wearing flip-flops?

  9. hee… apparently someone else did notice. =P

  10. Not flip-flops, Jen – clip-clops!

  11. Shoes for your guide horse (even cowboy boots!):

  12. His little red blanket thing says “Do Not Touch.” I wonder how hard that is to enforce? Little kids must mob him when he’s out in public.

  13. acelightning says:

    Does this mean that they let GUIDE HORSES on commercial flights?!?

  14. Do you think he has a mini poop bag? Or are they trained to hold it like a guide dog would be?

    He is the cutest thing possible, and I love his tiny shoes too!!!

  15. Oh my lording lord.

    I’ve considered getting a seizure dog, but I wonder if they make seizure horses …

  16. He’s missing a pony sneaker.

    Oooooh to be the lucky individual who found a round pony sneaker. (I hope this lucky individual turns in said pony sneaker, but still… what luck!?!?)

  17. I take that back

    its a horsey OMG!!!1!!!horsies!!!!YaY

  18. Also, the day I am seated beside a guide horse while on a flight may just be the happiest day of my life.

    I’d only stare at it the WHOLE time. Nuts to the window seat! I’ve got a pony at my elbow! … Wonder if he’s like to eat my little bag of pretzels… I’d offer, but I’m sure he’d politely decline – I assume that guide ponies are polite to the nth degree. He’d just sip his tea, adjust his reading glasses at the end of his nose, and continue reading his newspaper.

  19. Jessarakitty,

    I’m not sure that acute need would get you a pony, but you could claim to need an “emotional support pony”! Just pretend you’re really sad until dey gives you a pony……Imma try it too.

  20. I hope this person asked permission to snap this photo. It’s pretty rude to take an unauthorized picture of someone who’s visually impaired.

  21. The photographer did request permission, yes:



  24. OMG PONIES!!!
    I so want one of these!
    Did you see he has little flip flops on??

  25. That is so adorable!!! How cruel of that sign to say “do not touch.” I could ignore a guide dog but a guide pony?

  26. littledogrescue says:

    He obviously forgot to put one of his widdle shoes back on after having to take them all off to get through SECURITY !!!

    I think they raise and train these little sweeties right here in NC — woo-hoo!

  27. I used to train TSA screeners and met one who had to pat down a pony. We also had to learn procedure to pat down a service dog.

    (The harness will set off the metal detectors, so unless they have very short fur you have to pat them down just like a person.)

    There is also a rather complex procedure to screen a service monkey, because they wear diapers!

  28. awww my prettee pony ^^

    don’t any of u start any crap about the evils of inbreeding ponies to get lil mini ponies either *evil eye*

    this fella is waaay cute (see how he’s been carefully dipped in chocolate to create his wonderful coat? ^^) and deserves nothing but lovin’

  29. oh yeah, wonder if TSA will make lil pony put his sneaks in a bin and get xrayed? he’d be all cute walking through the detector wearing those blue paper booties ^^

  30. Cauliflower says:

    Meg, no need to put a line through the first sentence. It’s not a bad thing to say. 🙂

  31. okays, service dog? totally prosh. service horsie? even prosher. diaper wearing service monkey? priceless.

    ps. JazzKate: if his hoomin took his work harness off i bet he’d play with you on the plane 🙂 or at least you’d get to snuggle hims.

  32. It’s a seeing eye pony!

    I’ve heard tell that there exists a seeing eye iguana somewhere in Chicago, but a pony is pretty cool, too.

  33. I’d like to be in a gate area when these two walked by. All the little girls nearby would simply be vibrating in their seats with their moms holding on for dear life.

  34. The horsie has some kind of wrap on under it’s blanket. Maybe a horsie diaper?

  35. First time I’d ever heard about this …..

  36. Adorable! And, apparently the horse, Scout, is a small-time(heh) celebrity. Check these out:

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    Seeing Eye ponehs — is this something new? He is so very sweet and adorable, it would be hard to restrain from petting him, but if he’s a “working animal”, they have to focus on the job at hand (or hoof).

  38. People, this horse’s name is CUDDLES!! Nyyaarrhhh!

    (there are other stories out there about Dan and Cuddles, as well)

  39. Cozytailmom, Really you can resist guide dogs. How….. I have to make myself walk quickly away…. Cause soft fluffy fur…. Sigh…

    I also noticed the missing shoe and laughed at all the comments about it.

    Don’t they look like princess flipflops. So adorable.

  40. How is it that the very concept of *guide horse* has escaped me all these years?

    *blink blink*

    Tell me this is something new.

  41. I heard of the seeing eye ponies! hypoallergenic, good thing for peoples.

  42. Too cute. Where does the pony sit on the plane?

  43. FYI people – guide horses are potty trained the same way guide dogs are. No diapers needed.

    Great to see more of these guys out and about.

  44. OMG! his little shoes look like bunny slippers! There is nothing that could be more cute than a mini-horse wearing bunny slippers!

  45. Bunnith – no, I do think Cuddles is another horse, (s)he looks quite different:

    Love the name tho 🙂

  46. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    I am trying to work out, what the bleen they wear trainers for. So they don’t damage the carpet?

  47. “What do you mean, they gave me a pony? I thought I was getting a guide DOG!”

  48. Tricia Garrett says:

    Why just 3 shoes?!

  49. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Hon. Gladys:
    I’m not positive if this is true for these horses, but having grown up around the regular kind I know that they’re hooves can be quite sharp, possibly damaging hard floors. It would also be very easy for them to get things lodged in the depression on the underside of the hoof, and a visually impaired person might not be able to notice if the horse would be walking over something dangerous to his hooves.

  50. If I ever go blind I waaaaant one!

  51. Since they spend a lot of time indoors, they can’t wear regular horseshoes, so they do need some hoof protection, as well as protecting the floor from those hard little hooves. Also, according to the website, the sneakers improve their traction.

  52. Gladys:

    The shoes provide traction to help the horse navigate on smooth surfaces – imagine trying to walk on slick tile in hooves.

  53. How did we not get an extreme close up of those shoes? *frowns*

    My understanding is that while they’re house-trained, they’re still not acceptable pets for apartments. Dangit!

  54. I wonder if he’s the one who buys those bag of mini carrots?!
    He’s very squeezable.



  56. luvinmalssomuch says:

    A guide horse. WOW
    He needs his sneakers for all the walking he does.

  57. OMG Ponibooties!!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Yes, you are very cute, but you’re not getting my little bag of pretzels.

  59. Annie, I can resist the guide dogs because my daughter (5) is afraid of even the smallest puppy so I have to avoid them. :>

  60. MEG – PLEEEEEEZE do a COXCU on the pony shoes!! OMG!

  61. After earning enough Frequent Flyer Miles, they turn into Pegasus…or Twirlerina.

  62. Those shoes look suspiciously like my daughters build-a-bears sketchers……

  63. littledogrescue— Lol!

  64. berthaslave says:

    This is a wonderful development in human-equine relations.

    Forty years ago, rude kids would probably yell “Hi-Ho Silver!” at the aminal….now they probably just text OMGPONIES!1! to each other.

  65. Wonder what the catering crew thought of that meal request
    Small bale of hay
    Baby carrots (whole)
    Apples (cored)
    sugar lumps

  66. I am going to request to be placed on flights with guide horses.

    You know, they should just have those at the ready…like they do with defibrillators.

  67. OMG a seeing-eye pony! I want one!

  68. This is rather interesting. Blind culture is skeptical; after reading this article, so am I–

    It’s real, all right, but a company that serves Deaf, blind, and those of limited mobility without caring or knowing how those people live their lives? Ugh.

    The horses are adorable. It’s not their fault their trainers aren’t blind-aware. Just sad. :<

  69. Apparently the passengers have to purchase two seats in a bulkhead row and the horse stands, or lays, on the floor in front of the second (empty) seat. The horse needs to be in the window “seat” so as not to impede passengers in case of an emergency.

  70. my cat is a blob says:

    I want heem.

    Actually I want a donkey.
    Does anyone out there have a donkey? Please describe heem so i can live vicariously.

    Now that I work in a building where people are allowed to bring their dogs with them to work, my life is almost perfect.
    Cept for a donkey.

  71. YAY! for seeing-eye ponies!!

  72. Tricia Garrett says:

    Also some strange eye feature on this little horsey?


  74. YAY, MEG!! Thanks for the hoof shoe close up.


    *zpie stamps foot and pouts prettily

  75. I’m gonna HOLD MY BREATH til I get a SERVICE PONY!!!

  76. I’m not sure what to make of this. It is cute, but I do wonder about the practicalities of using a mini-horse as a service animal seeing as it is impossible for them to “curl up” or “lay down” as needed in small spaces like on the bus or subway.

  77. It’s a Cinderella pony!
    Lost her shoe after leaving the bar too late to catch her flight!

  78. delta tewtelly sux >:|

  79. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I know what you’re sayin’, Poyo. I gotta good story aboot guide dogs. Once I was in this lil specialty shop(the kind of shop is in the punchline, hang on) where it was just me and the owner of the shop when this lady in a wheelchair comes in with her service dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever. Now me being 19 at the time and just realizing my newly acquired animal magnetism powers(as in OMG! PUPPY!) I sashay over to the doaggy and tell her “Oh, what a cute doaggy!” and she goes, “Oh, no. Please don’t touch her, she’s on duty. Nothing personal.” and then smiled at me. So I go, “Oh, okay. But she IS ADORABLE, OOH I WANNA MOOSH HER UP!!” and almost squeed…but all three of us girls kinda giggled and the lady in the wheelchair and I both went back to our own personal shopping. It then dawned on me, what KIND of shop we were in, so I look at the owner of the shop, and look at the lady’s dog, and both of us start snickering, to the point of giggling hysterically. The lady in the wheelchair, puzzled at first, loox at me, then the owner, then her dog, then the items in the shop. And then it dawns on HER. Then she rolls her eyes at me and the owner and goes, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Like a bull in a chinashop, we gotta dog in a CAT shop!” Then all three of us burst out in laughter! Hooboy! Don’t know where that was, or what happened to the shop, but those were nice ladies. And a nice pup.

  80. You can potty-train a herbivore? That’s news to me…I can’t imagine it would be easy to potty-train a mini-horse or pony. Any of them that I’ve ever encountered (I live two doors down from a guy who owns miniature horses) just basically poop whenever, wherever, with no preamble or warning whatsoever.

    Those sneakers are totally adorable, though!

  81. *zpie starts to turn blue and her eyes begin to pop out of their sockets



  82. SOOO cute !!!
    ( I have said that 1000 times now)

  83. So proud that the first guide pony, Cuddles, lives up here in Maine! His owner describes a miniature horse in Nikes as pretty much the ultimate chick magnet!

  84. I want details on the toilet training! Have you SEEEEEEN how much a horse can pee?

    But I still WANT ONE NOWWW!

  85. Sweetdoggie says:

    Is it just me or does that little guy look totally mad? I’ve heard that miniature horses are not particularly friendly. That eye does not denote a happy camper.

  86. Wow, is he wearing sneakers?

  87. Southwest would tell her that her skirt is too short, and toss her off the flight. 😛

  88. Francine- my dad grew up when horses still pulled milk carts– he told me when he was almost four, one of the most riveting experiences of his life was seeing the milk cart horse relieving himself outside the house.

    But my dad also told me that the worst day of his life was V-J day– he was 8 years old, and had a thriving fat-collection business. In one day– all over. My dad the war profiteer!
    (thoughts brought on by Ken Burns’s “The War”– we now return you to sublime cuteness)

  89. I got distracted from teh cuteness of the horsie by someone mentioning sevrice monkeys. Gah! Sorry, I know I’m weird, I love pretty well any animal except monkeys…

  90. oh. my. GOD, that’s a pony. !!! it is child-sized and adorable! i had no idea such animals were used for servicing the blind/handicapped. look at how perfect and small and cute the pony is! and the shoes! missing one, as if she had been one of my My Little Pony ponies at one point in time. her other shoe must be lost in the toy closet somewhere.

  91. Sweetdoggie–nah, he’s okay. His eye is blue, which is pretty common in part-colored horses. He looks a little concerned, probably because airports are kind of chaotic-looking from two feet off the ground. 😉 But his ears are up and his face is pretty relaxed; he looks like he’s okay with his job. The reason minis have a bad rap is that a lot of people get them for the novelty factor, and really have no clue how to handle a horse. Bad habits can develop very quickly, especially if the owner tries to treat it like a hay-munching Golden Retriever.

    The thing I don’t like about minis as guide animals is that, as a prey animal, their instinctive reaction is to run away from danger. Training can only do so much, and even the safest horse is always capable of freaking out when it’s frightened by something.

  92. My auntie is blind and nearly got a guide dog, but felt she wasn’t disabled enough to take one away from someone who needed it more… I wonder if she’d go for a guide pony…

  93. Well, looks like he had a better experience than this poor one was ready to go on!

  94. Kitrell NC-right up the road from me! How come I never sees thems out training, whyeee?

    Read why the guide horse is better than a guide dog on the website. Reason #7, NOT ADDICTED TO HUMAN ATTENTION (better able to focus). So does that mean we should have guide cats? Wait. What am I thinking?!?

  95. it would be very humbling to have a service pony – everybody drooling over it and totally ignoring you!

  96. If I’m not mistaken, the horse is wearing sneakers from Build-A-Bear!


  97. Meg’s notice: “Missing shoe” with the arrow made me laugh out loud. Funny stuff.


    [keeses pony nose]