Soooo tie-tie + tail nubbins

Weh, I am a Francyche Bull dog puppeh. [Sigh]

No mattères how many of zuh bon bons you try and tempt moi weeth, I shall stay like dees. [mini snores and gut heaves]


[Nods off again] Leslie F., I suggest you usher Monsieur back eento beds.



  1. homer mariner says:

    Oh, look at zee belly…. it is so round! Magnifique!

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    No, really, this is comferbuls… stop looking at me like that…

  3. I am claimingks zee…’ow you say? zee parquet et le lit…zee baid for la belle France!

  4. Ahhh Nice cool tile floor on a hot day.

  5. Oh, that soft, round little belleh. I want to snorgle it – it’s probably warm and puppy-sweet. Kiss-kiss.

  6. berthaslave says:

    non, non, you have eet all wrong….

    zees is my tribute to de marcel marceau, no?

    it is zee mime for “sleenky,” you know, zee toy for zee keeds?

    mon dieu, zeese americains know nusseenk!

  7. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Ello mon petit cochon, we call zis ze pourink of ze war-tare a vary difficult manouvre,non? come closaire and I will elp ease vous into zer position.

  8. *shifty eyes* how come yer giggling at me like that? I’m just boneless, thas’ all, geeze!

  9. bon bons… tell me about it

  10. I think the pink collar implies this might be a wee “mademoiselle”…

  11. le sigh….bonjour tout le monde…mon petite ‘tocks eez le pooped…le sigh

  12. i wub the contrast of the ginormous mousey ears and the teensy weensy lil butt

    and the face, well that sez it all! ^^

  13. I meant to do that!

  14. I would scoop him up, tout de suite, snorgle his belly and nawm his pink ears until I’ve had my fill. Then I’d gently wrap him in a red cashmere blankie and tuck him in his little bed for a much needed nap. That’s what *I* would do with him.

  15. “Have a nice trip, dude?”

    “Har dee har harr. Like I haven’t heard that joke since grade school.” (curse mutter swear)

  16. si mignon! mmm… délectable

    mais… je me sens somnolent maintenant…zzzzzzzzz

  17. Je suis tres mignon.

    C’est tout.


  18. hey I wan t part of me cooling on the floor and part of me warm on the bed ???? !!!!! Get over it human ! DID I not see half of you hanging out of the bed last night while you were sleeping and be gratful I cannot use the camera!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  19. Me likey sleepy puppies!

  20. Check out the picture of the week @ for another sleepy baby hanging out!

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ah am, how you say? Pooped!
    But ah steel haf enough love for you, mon cher. Ah’m just tres fatigue to do anyzing about eet!

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    YM gets down on zee floor and contorts into seely posische to kees leetle tummy.

  23. Judy fur mamma of 3 says:

    I want her for my very own. VERY unfortunately I am now “fur mamma of 2” ( but #3 was over 15)

  24. Judy Fur Mamma, I’m so sorry. {{HUGS}}

    *leans in way close to monitor….sniffs….*
    mmmmm! Smells like cuddle!

  25. Reminds me of another pup featured on Cute Overload!

  26. Ooh, DZ goes deep — AND IT’S A TOUCHDOWN!
    Good eye! Way to dig through the archives.

  27. The French name for “bulldog” is “bouledogue”.

    Just sayin’.

  28. Holy crap bejeezus, cute!

    They left the plastic tag holder thing on the bed… O.O

  29. What, I ask you, what about those leetle paws and neat leetle toenails?

  30. ka9q's wife says:

    The huge ears slay me. I think that he could fly with them if he wanted to.

    There is a French Bulldog at my dog park named Mini Cooper. Beeg eeears I want to cronshe dem.

  31. I have a 2 inch pillow I made in school that would fit GREAT just under the chin !!!

  32. Aww, we adopted our baby Bindi with a ridiculously cropped tail nubbin. She too is compensating with absurdly huge ears.

  33. Do Fronshe Booldogues have it all or what? Leetle potbellehs, bat ears, tail nubs, neat little pawlets and face smoosh. 😉

  34. now THAT is power napping. Love it.

  35. Someone pulled out the pillow from under heem!

  36. Oh mey oh my… I can’tz even fitz into meh bed after zeh bon-bonz….