People, I could not post this fast ENOUGH!


Without further ado… we give you: "Mom Licks Kitteh ‘Tocks, Kitteh Squirms with Best Mew Sound and Off in the Distance, Someone is Purring"

Fastest post evar, MegaRouge… 😀 You win.



  1. bleen!

  2. Aww, he’s (she’s?) so new and squirmy! I love that pink cast on him. ^_^

  3. haha… watching it a few more times, i managed to peel my eyes away from squirmy-kitteh and notice the gorgey orange one, trying to sleep through all the hullaballoo. i want to snorgle his belly. then all of the bellehs of his siblings. then the momma cat. good thing i can’t, because the overwhelming adorable-osity might melt my eyeballs out of my head.

  4. “Mooommmy.. MOMMY THAT TICKLES! dlkfasdf!! Ticklies!”

    “Oh fine I’ll clean myself…”

    “*arm flail*”

  5. Bird of Paradise says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this belongs in the “cute or gross” category? Thanks heavens we humans have toilet paper.

  6. “aww, come on Mom! Not in front of the camera!! You are embarrassing me in front of the whole internetz!”

  7. –JulieRaven– I was gonna say the same thing!

  8. Momma Kitteh isn’t cleaning McKittenson. She’s encouraging him to “make the pipi” as they say in France.

  9. Ahn. I needed that.

  10. Jupiter Star says:

    “Mo-OOOOM! You’re messing up my hair! *Fuss fuss fuss* I’ll never get it to look right again now!”

  11. *SPLODE*

  12. OMG cute andd funny and peaceful and OMGKITTENS!!!1!111! ALl in one video.

  13. Is it momcat who’s purring?

    (sorry for the previous post being so short; I couldn’t form any sentences.)

  14. Yes, I think that’s momcat. I love how they purr so loud for their kittens!

  15. frappygoddess says:

    The best part is the little impotent arm flails and the fact that the kittahn keeps thwackin’ his sleeping marmie brother upside the head. Marmie doesn’t even bat an eye.

    And say, is that a second marmie kittahn I spy waaay off to the left?

  16. Aww she is a mini Me of her mommy.

  17. berthaslave says:

    oh my god….kitties….leecking…purring….squealing…..

    i’ve completely forgotten about that snake thing. thanks meg!

  18. stephanie j says:

    mmmm…a butt-licking cat. what could be cuter?

  19. My kittehs are trying so hard to find the tiny mewing bebe right now.

  20. That mama cat is so pretty!

  21. daja Lindeman says:

    Om my, thats so cute.. My dog was checking out the soundboxes looking for the cat 🙂 kinda cute as well.

  22. I loved how when the momma cat starts to clean herself the bebeh starts squirming like “give me more attentions!!”

  23. *mother cat : Which reminds me! I need to clean mine own buttocks! *nom nom

  24. lol, first it was cute, then mama cat starts licking herself. not cute, lol. such sweet baby kitties though!

  25. tiny squeal-y baby! Few things are cuter than baby kittens and their moms all snuggled up together.

    Does anyone remember that post of the kitty mom hugging her baby on a handmade baby blanket? And the baby was looking up at her with such a loving expression? That was my fave CO post…

  26. tabbycat917 says:

    mommycats’ eyes are so beautiful; they remind me of puss n’ boots from shrek 2

  27. Alice Shortcake says:

    I love the way those two ginger siblings remain blissfully unconscious throughout.

  28. I used to dream I gave birth to kittens instead of children. This video of cuteness is the reason why. ..except for the butt licking..

  29. Cozytialmom, I’d have a litter if I could have kittens, too! Since I can’t, I’ve remained childless except for my “adopted” kittehs! 🙂

  30. kitteh sez:

    stop lix0ring me! i’m a platypus i tell yiz, i am too! stoOooOoOoOOOoppppp!

  31. while watching this Miss Huggums was purring in the background.

    love the arm action.

    don’t clean me.
    wait she stopped.
    clean me.
    now could someone help me roll over.
    need a little help here!

  32. oh and I must say.

    Marmie dude is gonna be one of those sleep through anything kittehs.

    like he’s gonna move into the dorm and be like “party last night? didn’t hear a thing” (I was like that having grown up in the Bronx)

  33. snoopysnake says:

    Purrer identified!

    It’s MEEEE watching this vid!

  34. squirmy!!!

  35. Bebeh–Mom! *flail flail flail* Mmooommm!!! *flail flail* MMOOOMMM, you’re tickling me!! *flail flail mew flail*


  36. Verely cutes! And do yourself a favor and cycle the videos at the end and look for the white momma feeding here bebehs in the bathroom. Very cute…

  37. whoa. that movie had *everything*. suspense, likable characters, a well-crafter dramatic arch…i’d see it again and again! better than…er…Cats.

  38. ahem…”crafteD”

  39. Yitzysmommie says:

    “Moooom- leeck me more – Moom? more leecks plz-MOOOOOOOM!!! (leetle leggies flailing) LEECK ME MOM!!!

  40. i like how he’s all “moooOOoooom! stooooop!” and then he’s all “mooooOOoooom! why’d you stoooop?!”

  41. awwwww, precious new kitteh life.

    what a good mom!

  42. I think the only reason I am able to stay at my soul crushing, lord of the flies job is because I take breaks to look at cute overload.

    *stops gritting teeth, melts of cuteness*

  43. Living squeaky-toy!

  44. Bebe kitty: “But Mom, I said I don’t have to use the bathroom!”

    Mother kitty: “You know the rules, everyone goes to the bathroom before we get in the car!”

  45. orange kitteh is sound asleep to the bathing as the baby calico gets its bath to wonderful to watch
    I just wish it would have run better kept stopping on me.

  46. Too . . . much . . . cuteness . . . to . . . name! But I’ll try! Such a good mama cat, love the yawn kitteh gives like he couldn’t care less, sweet marmie sleeping his life away *sigh*

  47. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Awww, squirmy, furry McPurry, this has got to be the zenith, nay the acme, nay apogee of teh Cute.

  48. Mamma <3 her baby.

  49. sockmonstersarai says:

    AAAWWWWW! The squeaks! The purrs! The itty bitty pawness!

    Okay, I can go back and face jury duty again today. Thank you!

  50. oh I just love how the baby marmy and the mom have the same markings on their heads.

  51. Now THAT’S a bebeh! So wee and precious, awwwwwwwww 🙂

  52. RE-flipping-DONK!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh come on. ded. I find much dedness.
    It does look, though, like the marmalade kitties are older- or just furrier. Does anyone else see this?

  53. Oh the pinkness of it all!!! Flexed paw pads with tiny nibbleable jelly beans!!! Pink little mouf……..

  54. Ok, like you do know that the ‘tock licking is to make the kittie go poop and pee, don’tcha know? But still cute I guess…wee helpless baby is amazingly dear!

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    Send the whole fambly over to my house. I love them! And not to be a nuff but someone suggested looking at the related film of a white cat nursing bebehs in the bathroom, I actually had to stop watching that one cuz I felt sorry for the mama and kittens that they didn’t have a nice warm dark cave-like box of some kind .. just out on the floor.. I hope they got a box to live in.

  56. Momkitteh is all, “what??! His tocks needed a scrub! For that matter, so do mine…”

  57. I love watching mama cats! So tender and caring.

  58. I wonder if she had to leeck her own tocks to get the bebeh tocks taste out of her mouf?

  59. Squee! Squee! Squee!

  60. Peenk belleh!

  61. Wait — another Theo?? Who dat?

  62. Some day, SOME DAY, I’ll wake up to find that my cat has turned pink over night.

    Some day.

    But until that day, I will watch the pink kitten.

  63. It’s your doppelganger, Theo. Apparently you’re going to die soon.

  64. Kittehs going to have lots to talk about in therapy.
    ….*sniffles* and, and she licked my bottom. I’m the scarreds for lifes!!

  65. So cute! Love the flailing arms and legs!

  66. Okay. It’s cute until you realize the mom is stimulating her kitten to go to the bathroom. Then it’s just gross.

  67. sockmonstersarai says:

    I simply cannot believe that sweet baby kitten baths (even to inspire elimination) would bring out the nuffinghams! Fer cryin’ out loud peeps, would you chill out and enjoy teh Qte!!


    All this nuffness and another day back in the jury box tomorrow. I think I’ll enjoy the pics and avoid the comments until we’re done.


  68. Would you people get over the “butt-licking”! It’s what animals do.

  69. Nature is real, Valerie.

  70. Well said, Leo.

  71. I mean Theo, sorry about that.

  72. nanette: bahaha 🙂

  73. Mother, PLEASE! I’d rather do it MYSELF!

  74. This is one of those ones where you watch and realize you can FEEL your BP going down and your are breathing deeper from the flatout relaxing quality of it….*sigh*….. so nice…..

  75. Heehee, I thought y’all would enjoy that. I love the little yawn. And the fact that the kitty is a little miniature of her mama. And yes, mama is coaxing baby to go potty at the start of the clip.

  76. GOD! so ADORABLE! you can feel the love!

  77. kittenkissies says:

    Love the first Edward G. Robinson style mew out of kitten’s mouth. “Yeah…mew, see?”

  78. The kitten is named LINDA???? Who would do such a thing to such a cute widdwe kitteh? That’s so strange.

    (Note: just in case there’s any Lindas here, I have nothing against your name. It just doesn’t seem like a cat name, that’s all.)

  79. awwwww….i wish my cats weren’t spayed when i see kitties like that. 😦

  80. Adorabuls! It was weird – I could still hear the purring after the video ended. My own pussycat was on alert looking for the other cat 🙂

  81. Yitzysmommie says:

    ok, it’s wednesday and i’m back looking at this clip again – and typing one fingered bc yitzy is purring in my left arm. he looks around when the wee bebeh mews,,,

  82. Okay… mewing = cute, purring = cute, general grooming and licking = cute, most things on CO = cute …but, watching a cat lick its butt and its kitten’s anus (to get it to produce poop which the cat then licks away), is simply gross. There are many “natural” functions. Just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they’re cute.

  83. JuliaJellicoe says:

    OK, MY head exploded, and I’m a puppa person!

  84. Peanut's human, Judy says:

    I LOVE how the 2 Marmie kittehs sleep the day away while Mommy’s mini-me gets her lickin’. And L-O-V-E the pink-belly-in-the-air-laying-on-her-back-like-a-turtle-on-its-shell action. I WANNA BELLY SNORGLE!!!!!!

  85. Mary the first I watched the kittys in the bathroom video too. The girl said they were just born minutes before. I don’t think they stayed there. that is just where mama went to have her kittens.

  86. I had the sound turned up whilst i played that and my doggie is sitting here next to my laptop. She COULD NOT BELIEVE there was the kittehs coming from my laptop. It was way cute 🙂

  87. I had the sound turned up whilst i played that and my doggie is sitting here next to my laptop. She COULD NOT BELIEVE there was the kittehs coming from my laptop. It was way cute 🙂

  88. Momcat has the most bee-YOO-tee-ful face! I hope the bebeh takes after her.


    Love mama’s Cleopatra-esque eyeliner.

  90. Ashlyn and mom says:

    we love this website, thanks. my 2 year old and I watch it when we are down.

  91. NOOOOOO I went to rewatch and the video is down! The world is a cruel place.