You know what time it is? It’s Business Time

This post inspired by Flight of the Conchords song: "Business Time."




Business hours are ovah



For REALS, Lisa S. For Reals.



  1. Kitty porn!!!!!

  2. Bath Time Babies Yes indeedy

  3. Ugh. This reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would lick her finger and wipe something off my face. Pleh!

  4. Snorgle-slurpage.

  5. I felt dirteh posting it!

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    I… I feel like I shouldn’t be looking at these…

  7. there’s nothing dirteh about kitteh love!

  8. Phew, that was intense, I feel like I just witnessed a lovemaking session. :/

  9. OMG Meg those Flight of the Conchords guys are hysterical. That song Hehehe.

  10. Every time I brush my teeth next to my SO…

    “That’s very important.”

    Sigh. Then at some point his parents will start singing bits until his mum cracks up.

  11. GAH!! I didn’t even have to click on the link and I have that *$&^# song stuck in my head!!!

    …I am envious of the kitteh snorgling, however….

  12. berthaslave says:

    The tabby looks like my late great kitty Rider. He was also one to share his tongue with any willing snorgler. He and Bertha could lick each other for hours. (It’s okay, they weren’t related or anything).

    Sooo, sweet when the kitties get along.

  13. ahem


    (averts eyes)

    Isn’t this slightly NSFW???



    Nothing is cuter than kitty love.

  15. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh the lovingks!

    Hilarious song…

  16. “2 minutes in heaven”!

  17. Christine H says:

    That doesn’t look like business. That looks like slurpy cuddles!

  18. I agree…. we shouldn’t be watching…*averts eyes too* they need PRI-vate time! BUS-ness TI-IME!! ROTFL! (I’ve heard the song before…so crazy!)

  19. Someone was wearing business socks.

  20. i wish i was a kitty too!
    prrrrr lick prrrrrr lick lick prrrrRRRRrrrrrrRRRRrrRRRrrrRRRRrr

  21. I feel a new Romance Novel cover coming on:

    No One Understood – But All Condemned!

    “And They Called It Kitteh Love”

    Their Fur Was Clean – Their Owners’ Minds Were Dirty…Who Were They To Judge?

    A Tale of Forbidden Prede-lick-tions!

  22. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Aubrey: We are on the same waive length. I thought something on the lines of ‘The love that dare not speak its name has spoken’said Tabby O’Reilly, ‘Publish and be damned.’

  23. lol @ more kitty porn. lots of snogging there, hey?

  24. No porn…just sweetness and bonding!!! They are best buds!

  25. *laughs* I was listening to the chorus as I scrolled through the photos! Hilarous!

  26. Are you trying to kill us? Srsly.

    LOL – you guys are hilarious.

  27. “You’re a dirty, dirty boy and I am gonna lick you clean! And then go to sleep.”

  28. Not pictured here: sorting the recycling. That’s not part of it, but it’s still very important.

  29. Extra points for Meg for being a fellow fan of the Conchords!! (And business time).

    And the kitties are awesome as well.

  30. Scruffylove says:

    Flight of the Conchords! Woooo!

  31. Oh now this is just obscene!

    *averts eyes*

  32. the best part is tabby’s look of contentment at end while they hug and snooze.

    (I have pictures like that of Handsome and Huggy, so sweet)

  33. This isn’t pRon! It’s just plain old fashioned sweetness! The rest of the world should be so lucky.

  34. evangeline's maman says:

    WHASSAMATTAH YOU? This is adorable, tender, lawvingk and dear and all GOOD! Snorgling, snuggling, snoozing…. c’est l’amour

  35. Yitzysmommie says:

    “but I’m quite sleepy”….
    HEElarious, Meg! Still giggling here, and thinking of what our combined kidz say to us:

  36. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    All I can think of is…

    ” so I sing you to sleep… after the lovin'”

  37. Ahhhhaaaaa!
    teh Sweetness!
    I’m heading to the dentist this morn and this just spontaneously created like 50 cavities.
    I’m gonna blame it all on CO.

  38. “i shall leek you”
    “no i shall leek you”
    “i shall leek you”
    “no i shall leek you”
    “i leek you”
    “and i leek you”

  39. Aaaaaahhhh, that’s so sweet! I wish my two cats, who are similarly colored, got along like that (we’re just introducing them now — boyfriend moving in, cats meeting) — instead, with them it’s more like “I shall scratch you”, and “I shall hiss at you” and “I shall get into a catfight with you and chase you across the room and we shall howl and scream and bite and make Mommy cry!”.

    Dammit. I wish mine would just snorgle and cuddle like this….

  40. I love you, NO I love you more I love you no I love more. Cute as cute can be !!!
    No there is nothing dirty about kitty loving best buds orbudiets can never love on each other enough.
    Budiets… lol

  41. It just proves the old adage: If you don’t want your racy photos posted on the internet, then don’t take the racy photos to begin with. If only some of our “celebretants” had followed that advice! At least ze kitties are much cuter!

  42. hahahaha I LOVE Business Time! My friends and I watch it every Wednesday 🙂

    “Well I’m not surprised … but I’m quite sleepy.”

  43. acelightning says:

    Aww, that’s so *sweet*! Smooching and cuddling and hugging and purrrrrring… I envy those kitties 😉

  44. that’s like an orgy of cuteness right there.

  45. Flight Of The Conchords and kitties! What could be better?!

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Kees me, you devil!”
    “A little lower, please!”
    “Ahh!” “Ooh!”
    “Hey, watch the claws! You get carried away sometimes!”
    “Oh, that tongue! It’s so tingly!”
    “Ahhh, I am sated, my darling!”
    “Did the bed move for you, too?”
    (And now, we are privvy to that secret phenomenon known only to a few as “Cat Afterglow”)

  47. Right up until the biting starts.

  48. ahahaha! I love how the bxw kitteh is being squeezed/contorted into fun shapes n poses. Kitteh Kama Sutra.

  49. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    do you suppose they need a cigarette now?

  50. If those two are anything like my cats, the next stage involves lots of MEEEEOWage and HISSSSSSage. And nails. Oh, and teeth.

  51. Anyone remember Pogo? This would be the classic “SMEERP!”

  52. Oh, that looks like my old baby Alex. Big boy, bigger heart.

    He used to love to chew my hair.

    Such sweet babies. I’d love to pet &snorgle them both.

  53. Can’t help it!!!! This has been stuck in my head since I first saw this pic!!!!


    There’s nothin’ wrong
    With me lovin’ you
    Baby, no, no
    And givin’ yourself to me can never be wrong
    If the love is true
    Oh, babe, ooh, ooh

    Don’t you know
    How sweet and wonderful life can be?
    I’m askin’ you, baby
    To get it on with me
    Ooh, ooh, ooh

    I ain’t gonna worry, I ain’t gonna push
    Won’t push you, baby
    So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, baby
    Stop beatin’ ’round the bush, hey

    Let’s get it on, ooh, ooh
    Let’s get it on
    You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
    Come on, baby, hey, hey
    Let your love come out
    If you believe in love
    Let’s get it on, ooh, ooh
    Let’s get it on, baby
    This minute, oh yeah
    Let’s get it on
    Please, please, get it on
    Hey, hey

  54. Heh. Sorry. I get a little carried away. *blushes*

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    Jacque , yes and thank you for mentioning Pogo! 🙂 I love Pogo. Have all books and record!

  56. Flight of the Conchords is awesome. The reference made me like cuteo even more. That is all.

  57. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  58. I started getting kind of embarrassed as it went on. What would my pastor say?

    Also: Meg is my hero forever for Conchords ref. All I can say is foux da fa fa!

  59. Two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.

  60. LOL!!! I love Flight of the Conchords! Nice to see two of my favorite things coming together!

  61. OMG, I LOVE YOU FOR USING FOTC song Business Time!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! That made me laugh so hard.

    Thanks for makin’ my day!

  62. Rumi, I thought I’m the only one who cries because my kitties won’t get along! My four year old cat is going to kill the new baby kitteh 😦 I so want them to love each other…

    (Yay FOTC!)

  63. I must say I’m slightly uncomfortable right now.

  64. Lurrrrve.

  65. Folks, we had a kitty-drama at our house this morning that almost turned into a kitty-trauma. Hubby tossed his shirt into the dryer to tumble the wrinkles out of it, and literally right under his nose, Philo kitteh (who looks just like brindle tabbeh kitteh in these photos) jumped into the dryer. Hubby closed the dryer, turned it on, and then immediately stopped it when he heard the thump.

    Philo is no worse for wear; we both inspected him thoroughly for signs of injury, and he was playing with the other cats a few minutes later, perky as ever. And hubby got a stern talking-to about ALWAYS checking to make sure the dryer is critter-free before starting it.

    As the day went on, the more I thought about it, the more it freaked me out as to what COULD have happened, and I was most anxious to get home to Philo and his catfood kisses. That’s one of his little quirks: after he eats his stinky wet gooshyfood, he just has to come love on someone. I got some Tuna Surprise right on the lips yesterday afternoon. 🙂

    So this has been your CO PSA for the day: always double-check your dryers!

  66. Awesome series of pics, and the “Business Time” song reminds me of Tripod:

  67. That’s what I like to call sweet, sweet kitty lovin’

  68. Noeleg, I’m half convinced that men do stupid things to get out of doing chores later.

    I’m glad Philo’s ok but hopefully a little wiser. You sit ON TOP of the dryer, not in it.

  69. i feel like i’m watching kitty pron x_x

  70. Whoa. Hot, furry cat-on-cat action.

  71. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hey Kar: Give us geezers a break. I found my idiot cat in the washing machine, luckily I always put the plastic ball thingy in last and press down on the washing to make sure its level and the liquid doesn’t spill. I thought ‘what’s this lump’ it was little skiny Sid, my dustbin lid =kid

  72. YAY! thank you for combining my two favorite things…cute animals and the Conchords! new favorite band, comedy duo, and tv show all in one! what could be better? Meg: best pop culture reference ever. 🙂

  73. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    why is it, when my husband does that to me i get all gacked out?

    or was that too much info?

  74. OMG I know these kittehs! They’re both boys. Super-cute boys.

  75. Thanks for the Flight of the Conchords link. Love them. “Then you sort the recyling, which is not part of it, but is still very important…”

    And the cat-snorgling is adorable.

  76. When did CO become a purrrnographic site? XD

  77. Awwww…too adorable. I wish my cats had snuggled like this. It’s got to be great to watch in person. They are each other’s pillows. Lickity lick.

  78. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    By the way for feminine thrills you sit on the washer while its on spin! (:0}

  79. I just wu-u-u-u-u-uvz kitteh piles, they’re even better’n puppeh piles!

  80. GLurpity