Hon, the hamster just rolled over and stuck its tongue out

I wouldn’t take it personally.

This ham is gonna be tastin’ carpet pretty soon if he keeps that up.

Blettthh! Ptoooey!


Neener, neener, neener, Tsensei and Nicador!



  1. OMG. that’s bleenin hilarious!!!

  2. you’ve gotta be kidding me…rofl

  3. OMG! That is just too much. What a nutty hammie!

  4. Maybe he wants out of that plastic ball. I don’t think I’d like to be put in one of those.

  5. hehehe, tasting carpet…hehehehehe

  6. OMG!!!! Little lickey pants!!!!! The tongue!! It’s so TINY!!!! I’m lovin’ it!!!

    *throws crumbs onto the floor*

  7. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    hahah! “little lickey pants,” rofl! I like “mr. hammie mc tonguie-pants”! hahahah! too funny!

  8. Rolling hammie imitating Rolling Stones.

  9. Checking air currents to see where the cat is in realtion to the nice pile of Hamster treats.

  10. She’s zorbing! Extreeeeme!

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    Why didn’t my gerbils ever do this when they were in their ball?

  12. Scruffylove says:

    That is so completely awesome, that hamster has some serious ‘tude.
    On a kind of sad note, I saw my hamster roll down the stairs in one of those balls. Halfway down, he came out of the ball and fell the rest of the way unprotected. He lived, he was shaken up, but he lived.

  13. Outrageous!

  14. I’m frightened.
    How strong is that globe?

  15. I am almost CERTAIN that this is what scientists would see if they ever got a view of the earth’s core.

    Also, once again, I see Hamster Pants. Can’t touch this.

  16. aw! this reminds me of when i put my susie the rat in one of those when she was still pretty small, and she just put her little hands on the inside of it and looked up at me like, “i thought you loved me!” then pooped a couple of times.

  17. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    that’s pretty darned sweet – i love the little tonguey pushing out there…

    i want a hammie now

  18. berthaslave says:

    I’m theriouth, guyth…my thongue is rlly thtuck…ith noth thunny…i can’t thricking move or i’ll jam my thongue on the coucthhh…i thaid the COUCTHHHH…oh, very thunny!

  19. Is there such a thing as a Grammar Nuff?

    Just the its/it’s thing

    … Meeeeeg, I wub roo, so please don’t kill me … but mebbe that hammie’s sticking out his tongue because he wants to eat the extra apostrophe?

    *runs away*

    [I’s fixted its… – Ed.]

  20. omg, lol. what a great shot.

  21. It looks like he has his tongue stuck in the groove (kind of like the tongue stuck to the frozen metal pole in the winter thing). He’s saying “hewp me, hewp me!”

  22. homer mariner says:

    *ehn* Just… a … little… further…

  23. homer mariner says:

    I can almost *taste* freedom!

  24. GAH!! Hamster tongue! Adorable.

  25. Homer — very win!

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Stuck stuck stuck next thing you know he’ll be putting his tongue on a frozen wheel. I double dog dare you.

  27. im stikin my tong out tastin teh air.

  28. Gee, there are so many things about this that are killing me.

    The tongue, not pink, but RED!

    Those amazing whiskers that would make a cat envious.

    Those little toesies that look edible.

    And that nosie. not really a nosicle but just as cute.

  29. OMG! So funny! I needed that laugh!

  30. In Germany practically no one uses these balls, because most people here know that it’s a cruelty to animals.
    They are not runnig around because they like it so much, they’re running to get out and the faster they get, the more desperate they become.
    I can’t see anything cute in this, it’s just making me angry.

  31. You know you’ve arrived when the nuffs are international.
    Or something.

  32. “Heave! Heave like yer gettin’ paid fer it!”

  33. well i wouldn’t recommend CHUCKING the hamster ball down the stairs or anything, but is it that different than a wheel (for exercise)? it’s not like you leave ham-boy in the ball for hours or days on end o_0

    and aminals like a change of scenery and mental stimulation

    the tongue still out-cutes you anyhow nuffer

  34. Bad balls of scary!! They should just fling them with messages attached to them in order to save money. instead of cell phones.

    old reference…

  35. “Gelp nee! I’n GUCK!!!”

  36. Mello: I’m lovin’ that old reference. 🙂

  37. The big difference is that a hamster can leave the wheel anytime if it wants too, the ball is closed and so it’s trapped. It can’t do anything to get out.
    I woldn’t like it to be treated like this, even for minutes. Would you?
    And “mental stimulation” should not be forced like this.
    Cuteness (as much is I appreciate it too) isn’t the only thing that counts.

  38. but lucy from the netherlands, the most famous hammie in the whole world, LOVES her explorer ball…

  39. Daww, so cute! I love hamster tongues! Why doesn’t my gerbil ever stick out his tongue? 😦

  40. Circus — Lucy 2.0, 3.0, or original release?

  41. Sorry… can’t help myself, must respond… Elfenlied – if these were cruel, would they be sold worldwide? Anything is cruel if you over examine it – rodents in cages!! Gasp! :oS Maybe your energy would be best channeled elsewhere, there is genuine cruelty in the world but a lickkle hammie in a plastic ball really doesn’t constitute it.

    By the way, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Love the pic – best ever in der world!!!

  42. i believe all three have been fans, so i didn’t specify a number.

    (still missing lucy 2.0)

  43. On the whole hamster/ball cruelity issue, if you leave the top off of the ball, they’ll still roll in it. It just makes it a lot harder with no top because they have to be running the right way or they’d come out. But that is a test to prove that even if they can get out they won’t. I’ve had many, many hamsters over the years, and believe me, they love it.

  44. I think he was a happy hamster. Don’t worry about him .

  45. Love it, but there’s a typo. It’s “its,” not “it’s.” Totally.

  46. NOW I get the name “cute overload”….I have been OVERLOADED by CUTENESS with this one !!!

    WOOO HOOO !!!

  47. A. Dave — I already fixed that, earlier this morning when Kara mentioned it…

  48. Why do I have images of Ralphie from A Christmas Story stuck in my head now?

  49. It’s a signal.. Ya know like thanks for all the fish, good bye!

    Hmmm… gets out thumb polish…

  50. You mean Flick.

  51. Of course the hammies don’t get out, when you leave the ball open. Why would they? It’s not threatening at all. But when you close it, they can’t get out on their own anymore, they can’t really control where the ball is going when they’re panicking and running to get out, they can’t smell their surroundings, they can’t hide anywhere, they can fall down stairs, in most of these balls they don’t even get enough air, because the holes are far too small.
    And because their eyesight is really, really, REALLY bad and instead rely on smell, they will always either follow their own smell into the ball, if they have already been in there, or get inside because they’re curious and need to get close to see what this strange thing is.
    Also, no, just because those things are sold all over the world, does NOT make them suitable for hamsters, it just makes people THINK they’re good for the hamsters. Just look at the cages you get in stores everywhere, they’re not half as big as a hamster’s cage needs to be.
    But of course, if they’re sold everwhere, they MUST be good enough. It’s not as if some clever guy has thought ‘Oh well, most people don’t want to make enough room for their hamsters’ cages or to have them run around freely in a safe environment, so why not sell really really small cages and cute little plastic balls, who cares if the little rats suffer, if I get money?’ No, no, can’t be like that.

    Sorry, really long post, but it frightens me to imagine all those poor hamsters having to live with people who honestly think they’re doing everything for their pets, but unconsciously make them suffer.

  52. Believe it or not, given the chance my hamster will chew on the carpet. And he doesn’t like his ball. He’s discovered everything in my tiny apartment and it bores him. He does like it when I take him OUTSIDE in said ball.

  53. This is why hamsters are soooooooo awesome!

    Power to the hammies!

  54. “they can fall down stairs”

    …So put the ham on the ground floor where it can’t fall down any stairs? And close the basement door if you have to?

    Rambling tangental anecdote time: My own hamsters have been frighteningly intrepid , with one male pair escaping from their cage at least three times. And no, we always took care to lock their doors.

    In retrospect, they must have figured that if they wiggled and yanked at the twisted wire loop long enough, it would eventually loosen. Which must have taken a lot of effort, since I twisted those damn things pretty tight.

    And every time they got loose, they ended up perfectly safely in… my bunny slippers. On the other side of the house. Every time. I don’t get it either.

    Did I mention we had a dog? A miniature schnauzer that never look notice of the hams, but a dog nonetheless.

    Tricksey little buggers.

  55. I read somewhere that in the wild they travel about five miles everyday. that is s really long way for such a little guy.

  56. poor hammie !
    tries to lick his way out of the globe since he has no room to gnaw…

  57. Can someone confirm for me that his little tongue isn’t seriously stuck..its really, really bothering me.

  58. To the Nuffs crying cruelty —

    My hamsters won’t run in their balls if they don’t feel like it. If they are on their wheels, I’ll open the cage door so it is leading down in to the ball. Most of the time, they will run straight into it and happily explore our living room. If they DON’T feel like running in it, they sit in the middle and either promptly go to sleep or start grooming. I’ve never seen any of my hams panic when they went into their ball. Most of them genuinely seemed to enjoy the interaction with the rest of the room, and I was rewarded with well-behaved, healthy hamsters. They seem pretty content.

    Plus, they are only in the balls for 15 minutes MAX. Anything more and they might overexert themselves in their mad dash throughout the room.

  59. Kecia — no worries. Them’s *very* flexible. I can’t even get *my* tongue stuck in… um… let’s just say the hammie’s OK & leave it at that.

  60. Kecia, he was just licking the plastic. Don’t worry 😉

  61. Aww dang, he’s not stuck he’s saying neener, neener, neener, lookit me!

  62. Laura Kathleen. Thanks for confirming what I believed. we tried our rats in one of these and they hated it and would just sit down in it. Mind you they liked to nap in it but hated running, their tales got in the way and they would end up gettting a kind of barrel roll ride. Poor things.

  63. one of the erins says:

    Are you *kidding*? I would LOVE to try one of these things! I wish they would make them human sized. Like in the commercial for… was it petco or petsmart?

  64. Please =_= don´t put your pets into those things.

  65. I’m the first to be upset at animal cruelty, and this isn’t it. My hams are like Laura-Kathleen’s — the ball’s always voluntary. Sometimes they say no! But not often. Usually they come trotting right out and right into the ball, even though they could go elsewhere. Sometimes one of them will also refuse to come out after playtime is over! She loves chasing the cat in her ball and sometimes she isn’t done!

  66. I’ve never seen a toy like this for hamsters. What a cute pic!

  67. So tell me.
    How do you know your hamsters and rats and degus and whatevers are happy in those balls? Because they keep running around? No, they’re panicking and trying to get out, of course, the ball keeps moving in all sorts of directions and they can’t stop.
    Or maybe, just maybe, your pets are a new breed, that can actually smile. I wouldn’t know…

    I’m sorry if I seem a bit aggressive, I do admit I am a bit sensitive about this subject.

  68. New York Michele says:

    I would love to have a human-sized version of this myself. Think of the fun- running down the street and scattering small children and large dogs. Or seeing if you could play ‘bumper-ball’ with friends, if you had several of these.

    I don’t have a hamster, but I’ve seen these balls in action. Hammies do not have to run in them if they don’t want to, and I’ve never heard of a hammie having a heart attack from being frightened in one.

    Some people are claustrophobic- some hammies are, too. But please don’t make generalizations without offering proof. Unless you can point to German websites written by veterinarians or articles that can be found in reputable mainstream German media saying that hamster balls will make most hammies go into a panic within 15 minutes, then perhaps you should just state what you are saying as a personal opinion, not as a fact about hamster-owners in Germany.

  69. New York Michele says:

    By the way, Sirius- how do you know that hamsters aren’t happy in those balls for about 15 minutes? Do your hamsters frown and cry? Are they a new kind of hamster?

    Anyone who has actually observed a real live hammie in one of those things has seen them stop the ball or slow it down. They can even fall asleep in there- a hard thing to do in a supposedly perpetually moving ball.

    I don’t know of anyone who would make a hamster live inside of one of those things- and as you can see, it has airholes. Hamsters don’t need fantastic eyesight- they have a better sense of smell than do humans. Most animals do. One can also hear them inside the ball- and a panicked hamster is pretty easy to understand. Unless the ball falls off something, I’ve never heard of a hamster who panicked in one of those things without being allowed out immediately, unless the owner was a sicko. Again- bring some proof. Saying that hamsters can’t smile isn’t proof. They don’t smile when they are devouring greens or burrowing through bedding, either- and they like doing both, judging from the frequency and the noises they make during both activities.

  70. Sirius, What happened that you have such a strong opinion about the ball. I ask because like I said we only put the rats in twice it was quite obvious that they did not like it. I have also seen an irate upset hamster, We baby sat one for a friend for a week.(They are very vocal when they get upset) I am pretty sure they would let you know if they hated the ball.

    But you are so emphatic that it sounds like you had a personal experience. Maybe with your own hamster.

    Please share.

  71. Yeah, I’m kind of entertained by all these people painting a picture of a chaotically-moving, unstoppable ball that terrorizes my hamster. Have you ever watched a happy hamster in its ball? My hamster STEERS. Like I said, she chases the cat. She also makes an instant beeline every single night for the toilet, which fascinates her (I usually remember to close the door, because eew). Then she makes the same rounds every night, checking out the cat and dog, the bed, the closets, and ending up at the cat’s grass plant (and yes, before you jump on me, it’s hamster-safe, and yes, she loves to eat it). I can’t imagine that a terrorized, frightened animal would have a ROUTINE. Good grief.

  72. You know, we Hamster Owners obviously cannot tell when our babies are happy and we must be stupid. But Sirius can tell without looking at them that they are frenzied, panicked little critters. I mean, hot damn, we have a Psychic Nuff who clearly has a degree in Rodent Psychology as well!

  73. okay I am gonna kind of stick up for sirius here cause for the rats tehy were not in control of the ball , like I said before their tails got in the way so the ball really would roll over and over until it hit something with them hanging on for dear life. and when we opened it they scampered out and were not amused but the hamsters seem to really control the ball so not sure where the problem is but maybe Sirius had the same problem with their pet as we had with the rats.

  74. Okay and one more entry and then I will quit
    Check out this way cool hamster /gerbil car


  75. That’s my hamster, happily trying to get past me to get to the kitchen in our old apartment. She knew EXACTLY where she was going.

  76. Oh my goodness, I laughed a laugh that I have been needing all day! Cute Overload to the rescue, once again.

  77. since someone asked for it – here is a link to a German website which has a list of
    “Tierschutzwidriges Zubehör für kleine Heimtiere” (“Animal-protection-adverse accessories for small home animals”):
    the official German law:

    besides the problem with the jogging ball they also point out the usual problems with too small cages and some sorts of running wheels:
    http://www.diebrain.de/zw-laufrad.html and http://www.diebrain.de/hi-rad.html

    babelfish translations (hope the links work)(beware of weird translations- it’s babelfish…)

  78. well, it’s on a website, so it must be true. I’d love to see how they determined that “even if an animal seems to run merrily” it is actually “just panicked and stressed always.” There are no surveys, science, or data on that page!

  79. My cousin’s hamster rolls up to the cat food bowl in her ball, sticks her little hand out, and steals pieces of kibble.

  80. Tsensei, don’t worry. I knew this hamster well, I saw him rolling many times and I think he was the happiest hamster in the world. I think some people should think about suffering they cause to another people with their comments.