Snakes On a Rack

People, watch the fashion runways closely for this one, because SOMEONE is gonna steal this look, it’s so suweet!

I can’t tell which end of the snake is which. But I do know that Mr. McSnakersons makes a nice bracelet.


Nicsssssss Sssssssssender-innering, Aaron O.!



  1. Freud would have a field day!

  2. elch…

  3. Fabulous, dahlink.

  4. How does this qualify for “*cats* ‘n’ racks”?

  5. Snakes are never cute.

  6. Space Cowgirl says:

    Before anyone starts griping, if you’ve ever held a snake you’ll find they do the in-and-out of your shirt thing pretty much on their own.

    Also, snakes rule. I would hesitate to call them cute, but they are majestic, beautiful, and carry some sort of inexplicable higher meaning for me personally.

  7. mr. slithers here isn’t exactly what you would call a “cat” in racks. or maybe it IS a cat and it’s just prematurely trying out the new halloween costume

  8. chet's momma says:

    today i saw a pitchur of this little girl in India who put a snake up her nosicle and it was sticking out her mouf!


  9. higher meaning, Space Cowgirl??

  10. California King Snake!!!! Super cute! We have a baby CalKing. Thanks for posting for the herp lovers. (I also have a dog, kitties and pet rats)

  11. Christine it is a cat who is masquerading as a snake

  12. Boootiful stripeses!

    LOL at the hover text.

  13. Eep! Sure hope it isn’t poisonous. And yes, bwahaha@hover text.

  14. Cali Kings aren’t poisonous, and if handled frequently can be quite tame.

    i prefer my corn, though…she’s a sweetheart. 🙂

  15. stheriouthly sthlithery goodnessth…ththth.

  16. Is it possible there could be a cat in the snake on the rack??

  17. Space Cowgirl says:

    Khadija – I keep having dreams where I’m a famous, fabulously wealthy opera singer living in a billion-dollar tropical mansion, and I have a bright violet-colored snake wrapped around my waist at all times, which is a good and comforting feeling.

    Famous, fabulously wealthy, billion-dollar tropical maesion, and pet snake are all as far from the truth as it gets. LOL.

  18. Space Cowgirl says:

    *mansion. Sigh.


    OK, this is me, ABSTAINING FROM ANY FURTHER COMMENTS under this post. [snerk]

    oh man

  20. I think the snake is just trying to stay toasty. Racks are good for keeping things warm.

  21. I went camping and I saw THREE DIFFERENT BABY SNAKES IN THREE DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. Not counting a fourth in the camping… learning centre/gift shop place. And they were the tiniest things with bitty little jaws and they were cute.

    They also had no sense of survival since they all thought it was a good idea to sunbathe on a bicycle path, so we coaxed them safely into the bushes.

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    I think that’s the head on her arm. we can’t see the other end… ^_^

    /leaves before the “snakes are icky” nuffs show up… )-:

  23. Space Cowgirl, hope you won’t wake up by the violet-coloured-snake-leecks on your face 🙂

  24. LOL Dianne, niiiice!

  25. Space Cowgirl says:

    Khadija, I wouldn’t mind at all. 😀

  26. I have heard people say that if you shave a cat, you’ll find scales. Maybe this is proof.

    This is a very pretty snake.

  27. Hey, someone already stole the look! Check out Tara Reid in her snake dress. Hmm, someone must check out Cute Overload for fashion tips! 🙂

  28. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    i think snakes are cute… they have awesome BEF…. plus the ends of their little moufs curve up, like a snakey grin. cute! and what’s not cute about a slithery little forky tongue popping out randomly? lol! ;D

    wait… Theo, abstaining?? isn’t that like the 5th sign of the apocalypse, or something??

  29. Isn’t that rather a case for “cute or gross”? Definetely gross. Snakes are not cute. No rule of cuteness ever applied to a snake. Not even the BEF works for snakes.

  30. um. yeah. this is cute for some people, i guess.

    doesn’t float my boat, however.

  31. *shutters* Honestly, now I’m paranoid. I keep checking down my shirt because I keep freaking myself out!

  32. mrs fonebone says:

    I for one am going to believe that it’s the amazing, wonderful, very long tail of the rare zebra cat.

  33. Cute, or low budget creep-out movie?

    I guess I’m a little biased b/c I used to have nightmares about snakes in my shirt. :}

    Yes, that means I’ve never owned a snake… o well.

  34. acelightning says:

    The end near the human’s upper arm is the head – I wouldn’t be surprised to see McSnakerson dive into her armpit. Snakes love to slither inside people’s clothes; it’s warm in there, and being covered up makes them feel safe and protected. And I don’t know whether snakes are exactly “cute”, but they *are* beautiful and graceful and utterly alien to us.

  35. Someone get Samuel Jackson because there’s a snake on someone’s b00bs! 😀

  36. California Kingsnake! Ive got one named hydrox

  37. Hydrox? Like the cookies?


  38. Sweet! I know a lot of people wouldn’t call snakes cute but my ball pythons have the cutest little shnozzicles. (Think Ka in The Jungle Book.)

  39. I like king snakes. Used to be scared of ’em. Then I learned more about them (like how hey can eat Rattlers) and learned how to handle them and it was much better. Wouldn’t stick one in my shirt, though. They always try to go up your arm because it’s warm, but it’s easy to accidentally smoosh them.

  40. That was Theo making like Indiana Jones . . .

  41. Personally, snakes scare me so much they make me cry, even the non-poisonous ones. But even I have to admit this one is very pretty. I think he’d look better on a pair of shoes, though. I’m just saying.

    (ducks and covers)

  42. Rachel of Cyberia says:
  43. Rachel of Cyberia says:
  44. That’s one pretty snake. I’ve always wanted one but I’m still living at dad’s so no slithering beaty for me.

    (ps: bitching girls above? Shut up, you’re embarrassing us girls who aren’t pathetic.)

    (sounds of ME running from the room)
    me not likey snakes. (although pretty)

  46. gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooossssssssssssssssssss/sssssssssssssssssssss

  47. SO glad to finally see a snake on here! They can definitely be very, very cute, especially when poking their noses out from under a rock, or drinking water, or exploring the inside of a sleeve…SO precious!! 😀

  48. I DO like that bracelet, indeed…

  49. Ah geeze. I love girls who are afraid of snakes–they make me feel less pathetic, haha.

    Snakes are awesome. If you grew up being afraid of snakes and spiders and anything supposedly un-girly, then kindly crawl back into the kitchen…and stand on a stool, in case a mouse runs under your feet.


  50. Here is a gopher snake in my garden not as big as that california king snake but always a welcome friend to every gardener. Oh and not in any cute girls rack either.

  51. How is this in any way cute?

  52. Snakes are cool…and some can be cute, too. The only problem I have with snakes is that they eat cute things, so I could never have one as a pet! Let them eat the cute things out in the wild where I can’t see them, thank you!

  53. Space Cowgirl says:

    Since no one else has made the obvious joke, I’ll fill the void.


  54. my cat is a blob says:

    Beautiful snake.
    If you have ever held or been very close to one its amazing how perfect each individual scale is, and how perfectly they all mesh together. Like something humanity would try to perfect with a computer, but the snake has already surpassed us!
    I once ‘caught’ two large snakes mating in the backyard. I pulled up a chair to watch, but after a few minutes they got embarrassed and slithered slowly and peevishly away.

  55. Yitzysmommie says:

    Me: OY!
    Husband, who is Not Fond of snakes: Now that’s just WRONG!

  56. frappygoddess says:

    Anyone who says that snakes can’t be cute has obviously never held a teeny bebeh snake before. A few years ago when I was a kid I did a summer camp wildlife rehabilitation program. They had a bebeh snake – I’m not sure what kind, but it wasn’t even a foot long and about as big around as a pencil. Whenever I held him he would wrap himself around my fingers, or else try to slither into my shirt. I know snakes can’t smile, but I swear this one did!

  57. Oh, I love snakes! They are such gorgeous and interesting creatures. I’ve always kinda wanted one but I’m not sure if it’d be a good idea with cats in the house and all.

    So I borrow everyone else’s snake. The best was when one curled up on top of my head and put his head down along my cheek cause my hair was so warm from the sun.

  58. Just don’t see Black Snake Moan (the other Sam Jackson/ snake movie) It’s TERRIBLE!

  59. Tee hee! That tickles!

  60. I have nothing against snakes, but this should have qualified for the “gah-ross” tag. Because if it’s not fluffy and it’s in your shirt: cute < gross.

  61. Snakes actually feel really cool, very smooth and undulating. Once you get over the feeling of a tail wrapping around your finger/arm/neck.

  62. Lurve this! Snakes are such elegant creatures. I’d have one, but the husband unit says no.

  63. I’ve only found a snake cute once in my life. (Note, some may find this story sad and a little icky…you’ve been warned.)
    I used to live across the street from a pet shop when I was in middle school. One day my brothers and I were walking by and we found a little tiny snake on the sidewalk. He looked like someone had stepped on him and some of his insides were outside. I thought it was sad and pitiful and somehow thought he could survive with some tlc. He was still alive and responsive. So, we scooped him up and took him home.

    My mom wouldn’t let me bring him inside and I knew it would be too cold outside for him. I didn’t know what to do, so I got a band aid and put that over his wound and made him a little shelter for the night out of rocks and leaves. I placed him inside and sealed it off with rocks so that no birds or squirrels could get to him. But, sadly, when I checked on him in the morning, he was dead. I was very upset about it.

    My brothers, being the boys they are, took the snake when I wasn’t looking and threw it in the road. I was very mad at them. They took weird pleasure in counting the “tons” that rolled over it.

    I wonder how the snake got stepped on in the first place.

  64. Cyberia
    Random, but your link goes to UNT. I go to school there.

    Oh and snakes are cool. =0)

  65. Annie, that is a cute snake!

    And Oakie, every time I go over to SO’s house I hear about that movie. His mom is like “she’s chained to the wal through half the movie!” and his dad is like “it’s only for five minutes!”

    They’re hilarious.

  66. Hmmmm…no moderator? Doesn’t Theo know that when the cat’s away the mice will play?

  67. GreenEyedHawk says:

    If you don’t think snakes are cute, especially baby ones, then I guess you shouldnt look at the pic of my new baby, Fiero.

    He is a motley sunglow corn snake:



  69. Aaaaaw! Now that is a cute thing if ever I saw one, vastly preferrable to the yappy-yappy type of small bug-eyed dogs…

  70. Skwerly is kidding… right?



    snakes are the shit. i’m glad this site tolerates all animals instead of just keeps it to popular cute and preferred animals. way to be tolerant and open to all animals 🙂

  72. SQUEEEEEEE! I love snakes! And this one is so pretty.

    And Meg – the snake’s head is outside.

    Snakes have the best BEF among reptiles, and yes, they do possess a shy smile. Gotta respect ’em!

    GreenEyedHawk – you have a MARMALADE snake?!

  73. berthaslave says:

    Ummm….okay….I’m with Theo. I’m hiding and running away and screeching like a little girl (no, that’s offensive to little girls). I understand that these animals might be likeable or even lovable to some. Not me. Scared to death.




    Of legless reptiles.

    Even in a rack.

    Let us never speak of this again.

  74. I come to CO for cute. I have a complete and utter horror of snakes. Snakes are not cute. Horrible horrible.

  75. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    I think snakes are fabulous creatures. Beautiful and sad that people find them unattractive. I understand being frightened though. Snakes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

    If there were to be a picture of a woman, man, child, etc of a huge spider on someone I would be sitting here gagging and shuddering.

  76. Shaz, what are the chances that you eat steak or pork chops? Mr McSnake’n isn’t any different than you. The difference is that we “hide” or barbaricness in slaugher houses.

  77. Snakes are graceful and can be quite pretty. I get lovely irridecent green garden snakes and black rat snakes in my yard all the time. The only time it made me unhappy is when a BIG rat snake zoomed into my garage and I couldn’t get him out.

  78. snoopysnake says:

    Snakes are beautiful! We have 3 adorable corn snakes. C.O.needs a reptiles category!

  79. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    GreenEyedHawk, Fiero is cute and absolutely stunning! Lucky you! Oh, how beautiful and delicate! thank you for sharing!

  80. Tuggs, Theo didn’t say he wasn’t watching over, he just said he was not commenting.

  81. I’m not saying that snakes can’t be cute, but this picture has nothing cute about it.

  82. that’s just one snake right? it’s pretty. but that girl is waaaay braver than i am.

  83. Annie — you’re right, and I’m contradicting myself now & commenting [sigh]… guess I knew I couldn’t hold out. But.

    BerthaSlave, I’m *not* afraid of snakes. They’re not my first choice for pet, but I think they’re cool. The reason I was bowing out of the comments was that I expected this thread to blow up into absolutely ridiculous proportions, and didn’t need me fanning the flames (just this once).

    I staffed a little nature center/museum back at college for a work-study quarter. There were turtles, snakes (non-venomous), a couple of frogs & salamanders, and a little gift shop. Groups of kids would come through every once in a while & I’d give reptile & amphibian talks. The most disturbing part of the whole experience was nothing about the snakes, but rather the fact that the box turtles heartily preferred the pinky mice that we had for the snakes, to their normal diet of steamed veggies.

  84. Not cute. I’m not a huge fan of anything in racks anyway so this is pure ick for me.

  85. Alitax better be kidding, because that’s just rude. I’m one of the un-girliest people you’ll ever meet, and just because I’m arachnophobic, I don’t have to “run back into the kitchen.” People can’t help being scared of some things. I’m not afraid of snakes, rats, lizards, mice, heights, or dying, but spiders and scorpions (and most bugs, really) just scare me to the point of screaming. Have some sympathy.

  86. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    Snakes aint got legs and aint got no perceivable ears nor have they got a face i.e. human, cat, monkey flat face, I don’t trust the bastards, even though living in the London suburbs it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever see one. ”Trust not the beast that crawls on its belly” or some such quote.

  87. Snakes are lovely. I can’t believe how up in arms people are getting about this.

  88. Maybe lack of arms is the problem, Noelle?

  89. I can NOT believe someone would let a snake of ANY size or kind slither around in their clothes like that! I would not even faint, I would just keel over dead! Way to creepy for me.

  90. Ew. What is cute about this?

  91. I’m not a big fan of snakes but whatever floats others boats.

    I do sympathize with the ones scared of snakes though. I hear ya as a lifelong archnaphobe.

    I’m pretty sure (at least I hope) that I’ll never see spiders on this website though – so I think I’m safe.

  92. New York Michele says:

    Thanks for the snake. I’ve found them adorable since I was in day camp, and got to hold a baby corn snake. It’s ok is people don’t like them and are even afraid of them, but I think they’re lovely- even the poisonous ones.

  93. Red and yellow: Kill a fellow.

    White and black: Stick in yer rack!

  94. Snakes are *not* cute. Ever. Gross.

  95. I think this is a lovely snake, very graceful.

  96. Having always been afraid of snakes I went to one of those out door activity things in California they always have and there was a (Python I think) weighed some huge amount of weight. 35 or 40 lbs. Well I took the opertunity to wear it around my shoulders. She was a lovely snake and they are very warm when you touch them not like I thought at all. anyway. now I am not so afraid of snakes. Still cautious but not afraid. I don’t think I could own one as I doubt I could ever feed one a little mouse or a rabbit. But any gopher or king snake is always welcome in my yard.

  97. You know, I can’t believe nobody has said this, but here goes:

  98. Skerrington says:



    SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    That lil’ king snake just made my day.

  99. berthaslave says:

    Warning: Discussion of spiders to follow.

    I’m not talking about THIS picture. But I will say that a few weeks ago, I snapped some photos of spiders “making whoopee” in the corner of my bathroom, and a few days later there were teeny, tiny little spiders in mama’s web. Personally, I thought it was adorable (these were the really frail, delicate spiders smaller than the palm of your hand). I was going to send the pictures into Meg, but 1) it was hard to get a great picture and 2) I knew that a lot of people here would simply ‘splode (in the bad way). I suppose I could send them to uglyoverload, but I didn’t really consider them ugly and honestly I don’t want to even look at that sight because I’m afraid of what I might see (in terms of there being legless reptiles).

    I got no problem with people finding the animal in this photo interesting, cute or beautiful (hey, it’s YOUR eternal soul). I got no problem with people thinking I’m a wuss. I stand by my irrational fear of serpents, octopi and sharks and just stay out of the woods and out of the water.

  100. berthaslave- those wood sharks can be vicious!

  101. Theo – I didn’t think you were not really moderating. I just thought you would like it if you were referred to as a cat.

  102. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisAtWork says:

    berthaslave, i visit ugly overload regularly because there are some fascinating creatures on there (and because i have some morbid fascination with looking at creatures that terrify me)… BUT i think you might want to stay away, because a large proportion of them are undersea creatures which are utterly horrifying. Also, yesterday, the first post was a coconut crab that was the size of a large trash can (the kind you keep outside your house and take to the curb twice a week). i think i’m the opposite of you… the more legs they have, the more disturbing i find them, lol!

    I personally have been arachnophobic since i was a child, but i often find orb weavers outside my house and am fascinated by them. i’ve watched them weave their webs, and it’s amazing. i also think that teeny tiny baby spiders qualify as cute, although not if they’re on me. i can respect people who aren’t afraid of such things, and i can still respect people who are; i think everybody is afraid of /something/, no?

  103. There is a petting zoo in my home town that has a large python that the staff will “wear” about and allow visitors to pet and take the opportunity to educate folks on them. This snake most often gets a reaction of eww and shudders from parents and even (seriously what IS the world coming to?) kids. I usta catch snakes as a kid just to feel them writhe about my wrist and then let them go. So when I saw the staffer walking around with the snake as accessory I was “Cool! Can I film you?” She was very surprised with my glee. Not a typical reaction, which is why the snake was donated to the zoo in the first place. If it weren’t for having to feed it small critters I wuldn’t mind having a snake pet, but we’ve got our hands full as it is anyhoo.

  104. I volunteer at a youth science/art place in Oakland, and we have a very pretty corn snake. I usually have him around my neck as I work, and when kids come in, I show them the snake and talk about it.

    Once I had two little girls come in, maybe age 7 or so. To my surprise, they squealed in endless delight, kept petting the snake, and before they left they each KISSED the snake’s head.

    That made up for the previous week when another little girl saw our bunny hopping around the floor, screamed, and kicked at the poor bun.

  105. This picture should definitely be placed under the Gee-ross! header. Not that snakes can’t be valued and loved members of the family. Just not my family. However, little lizards are cute. Different strokes.

  106. I think snakes are nice, but he’d be cuter if we could see his little snaky face. Here, he just kind of looks like a tube this girl is wearing.

  107. MommaMackie says:

    Okay, all these remarks, both pro and con snake, have brought out the part of me that is something of a jewelry and mythology nerd. I mean, jewelry is where my passion lies, as far as making a living goes, and mythology has been a fascination of mine nearly as long as jewelry has been, aaaannnndddd, let’s not discuss how many years that’s been, okay? I will admit to being a new grandmother and that is the extent of it…

    HOWEVER…I’ve handled snakes and other reptiles and they are dry skinned, soft and smooth as silk and any of them that are not trying to bite you because you’ve annoyed or threatened them are generally a delight to hold. Just MHO. My sons have found me to be a wonderful mother, in that regard.

    As regards the snake as a creature of mythology, when one gets past the darker aspects ascribed to them, the serpent is seen as a symbol of healing. Two snakes were the healing companions and assistants of the first physician of Greek mythology and intertwined snakes remain a symbol of medicine to this day.

    Snakes were also seen as symbols of fertility, sensuality and sexuality for mileneum (sic), leading to it finally being regarded as a symbol of love. Queen Victoria herself, supposedly the originater of all that was prudish in nineteenth century English society, wore an engagement ring given to her by her beloved Prince Albert, made in the form of a yellow gold serpent set with an emerald, her birthstone. (The diamond engagement ring is a product of 20th century advertisements.) The prince also designed and had made many pieces of jewelry for her made with serpents included in their designs. My memory is likely faulty in this, but I think I remember reading somewhere that he gave her a serpent bracelet that she wore for the rest of her life, but I may have that confused with her engagement ring. Or she may have worn both. I put nothing past that woman in regard to her passion for her beloved prince. (Come on, folks, She produced NINE children. They were not all the product of “duty to God and England”, for heaven’s sake!)

    Anyway, snakes are pretty neat, as a whole, and many of them are proof that God makes prettier jewels than Man can ever hope to. And if Theo and/or Meg regard this post as too long, I will understand completely. Trim it down or delete it, as you feel the need. I love you and C.O. You are a terrific aid to a person prone to clinical depression. Maybe put this little essay up in place of a photographic entry, in defense of our slithery friends everywhere.

  108. Mame – if you shave a cat you don’t find scales. You find…nothing! Recent research has concluded that cats are nothing more than perambulating fluffballs that exist only when there are people who love them. The way cats can curl up in any space is an indication that there’s nothing under all that fluff – no bones, nada. So please don’t shave your cats, people, because a levitating cat head hovering 6″ off the carpet is just creepy 🙂

    [Not if you then continue on to the next logical step… – Ed.]


  109. lilithburns says:

    Okay I’m breaking down and have to comment. I come here multiple times a day but had vowed never to comment due to ’nuffs. That being said I would like to interject a couple of things. I grew up being scared **itless of snakes and reptile because one day my uncle had killed some rattlers in his yard and put them in a box. He told me they were alive and shook them so it sounded like they were alive. Anyways when I was peeking in the box he had it rigged so if I tried to open the lid flew open and the snakes popped up. Scared the CRAP out of me and I couldn’t even look at pictures for years. Six years ago I moved into a house that had a red-tail. She was the most pathetic, malnourished, sickly thing I had ever seen. It was horrid. I felt so bad I started taking care of her. When I moved out I took her with me and for the first few months I couldnt even touch her she scared me so much. I worked my fears through and herping is a passion for me know. Athena the snake is now over 9 ft long and about 45 lbs. She is the sweetest thing ever and has the best personality. I can totally understand if you have a fear of something, bugs creep me out but at least try to understand that not everyone shares that fear and that is is possible to overcome it and maybe even find a new hobby. Don’t get me wrong I love kitties and buns and pups but I’m allergic so I have my scaly friends to keep me company.

    I was going to add that the Greeks also believed that snakes were immortal. Each time they shed the skin they were reborn and so the snake was a very powerful totem. The snake was the totem animal for Apollo and Athena, 2 of the most powerful and revered Greek gods.

    Happy days to all!

    What a gorgeous corn by the way!

  110. Lilithburns Kudos. 🙂 IT is always wonderful when some one moves in a new direction. I am sure the snake thanks you too.

  111. Hmm. This aint a scene, its an arms race!

  112. “Cat Head Theatre” reminds me of “MonsterPiece Theatre.” 😉

    “Hello. This is Alistair Cookie and welcome to MonsterPiece Theatre. Today, me incredibly proud to present one of best-loved classics in whole world, a play that explores feelings that bubble deep inside all of us. Yes, me proud to present ‘Hamlet, Prince of
    Denmark.’ It don’t get classier than this”

  113. re:GreenEyedHawk — your baby fiero is absolutely gorgeous! i want one!!!

    havent stuffed snakes down my rack yet; but I have had my ratta Bianca climb around and sleep in my bras,boy she was happy and snuggly in there..kinda itchy aftwards tho..

  114. I am of the personal opinion that snakes are NEVER cute, not even babies. However, I will not pooh-pooh someone else’s “cute.”

  115. What a pretty Cal King! I used to have an albino one, he was pink and yellow. Snakes can be cute though, my ball python Priscilla likes to blow bubbles in her water dish and I think she’s adorable!

  116. Hello. I am from the pro-snake faction. Totally cute. And very pretty.

  117. berthaslave says:

    Lilith and Momma — thank you for your defense of snakes. I quite appreciate the history and tradition and the unusual bonds people can form with their reptiles. But for me — beyond the Genesis myth, which is an important myth for me — snakes populate a lot of troubling times and horrifying moments in my life, sometimes symbolically, sometimes literally. Of course I don’t believe they are really “evil,” and it’s probably not cool on my part to even joke about it because snakes are worthy of love and awe and adoration just like every other animal. But we all have a supreme fear and that’s mine. Even with the scary ocean animals — I’d love to go down w/ scuba gear and in one of those shark-proof cages, as much as sharks terrify me. But snakes are too sneaky and it’s easier for me to just avoid them and pretend like they don’t exist.

    A meta-point — I think it’s pointless for people to try to suggest what is or is not appropriate discussion on a public bulletin board. I think as long as we’re talking “around” the pic/posting and treating each other with respect, we shouldn’t get too huffy if some of the threads start to meander a bit. No one’s making us do this or read it, so let’s just enjoy.

  118. The snake is neat. But I echo the requests of people from previous threads… why do all the “racks” photos have to feature 20-something, skinny white girls? I’m a 20-something skinny white girl, and even I’m tired of seeing them over and over.

  119. Normal – prolly cuz skinny 20 something white chicks are the only ones who stuff things down their shirts and take pictures?

    Wait a minute…that didn’t come out right…

  120. New York Michele says:

    Hey, berthaslave!

    I totally respect your position about snakes. Even though I love them myself, I can understand how they can scare people. I’m terrified of cockroaches to the point of unreasonableness, so who am I to judge?
    I also respect and support what you said about ’nuffs. There’s nothing wrong with people not liking particular types of pictures, or even entire groups of animals, and there’s nothing wrong with people stating their feelings on the matter. I’m just appalled when I see people saying that an animal or human is ugly, while knowing that the human owner or the human in the picture might be hurt by the comments. I think it’s mean, and well, kind of ignorant- we all don’t have to like the same things or find everything in the world equally as cute. But just as all babies are beautiful to their mothers, so every animal is cute to some person, and dear to that person, too.

    On an international list where there are people all over the world looking at these photos, we should realize that ‘cute’ is a very broad term. It’s one thing to not like something. It’s another to ask that certain things be taken down, when others have indicated that they like those things; after all, there’s new photos everyday and eventually, everyone gets to see what he or she likes. We should not assume that because we are ‘X’s, that everyone else is an ‘X’ too, or even likes ‘X’s or ‘X’ things. We also shouldn’t assume that if a person likes ‘X’ or doesn’t like ‘X’, that it’s out of some intellectual defect or moral failing- people have their own reasons for following their own paths, and some of them have better (though not obvious)reasons than others.

    There are only a few foolish things in this world. One is when a person thinks everyone has to or should think like them. Another is when cannot explain why, for reasons than personal prejudice and deeply-held but factually baseless feelings, why people they don’t know and can’t see should agree with them.

  121. hey, NY michele, you need to get out more. this is cuteoverload site for comments, not your whole diary! and same to all you others who write need to put paragraphs into your comments! too much!
    anyhow: snakes? not cute.not creepy, just not ‘cute’.

  122. not cute

  123. I should clarify….the snake is fine but I don’t think racks are cute. I didn’t like cats in racks and snakes in racks aren’t any better.

    I use to visit CO daily but now, while there are more posts, the quality has gone down significantly. Now, I only check every few days.

    As an advertising professional, I’ll mention that fewer eyeballs means less advertising. Period. I know that this site probably wasn’t started with the intent of making money, but ad dollars have come because people have come. Why tinker with the original level of quality posts by compromising with these lower level quality posts? You lose visitors that way. Better to have fewer quality posts and make CO a daily habit, than have a ton of so-so posts that visitors then have to filter through to pick out decent posts?

    My 2 cents.

  124. I love snakes, and this one is gorgeous! HATE the negative comments though. You people need to get a life, and quite whining for attention with your “phobias”.

  125. uh, eikoleigh, i can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. but you’re critiquing the quality of blog posts on a cute animals site.

    Internet: *Serious Business*

  126. Snakes! OOOh- when we go to the zoo, my kids all run to be the first one to hold the snake. Fear is learned. That is today’s lesson. Class dismissed!

  127. Eikoleigh —
    I can distill this down to a single word that I think you’ll understand: EDGY

  128. New York Michele says:

    You know what I’d do if I was scrolling down and saw a long post, and didn’t want to read it?

    I’d ignore it.

    Yay, snakes!

  129. Not cute! NOT cute!

  130. Yay, New York Michele! Well said.

  131. aw, snakes are so adorable! I used to work in a pet store and we had red-tail boa named “maverick”, he liked to go in our shirts and hang out and put his head on the top of our heads and look around.

    I think anyone who has the idea that snakes are all poisonous or gross or anything like that should hold one of the super-chill snakes in the world, you’ll be glad you did!


  132. Shelurksintheshadows:

    It was partially tongue in cheek, partially cruel honesty. Deathly fears of–literally–little things (like being unable to -look- at a picture of a spider; seen it, and yikes) make me sad. And thoroughly entertained, cause my mother happily/wisely taught me to respect spiders and snakes and such, oh my.

  133. How many times do people need to be reminded that this is Meg’s site? I think it is far more likely that Meg will get tired of all of the complaining and stop posting altogether, rather than losing too many visitors.
    Thank you for this site, Meg! And, Theo, thank you for moderating!

  134. Sorry, guys, this is long….

    FF, online advertising is a booming business. No sarcasm there. Just about everything is marketable. Why do you think Viacom, Yahoo and Google wanted/wants to buy Facebook? It’s not so they can network and make new friends. Cute is no exception. Just look at the cute-themed advertisers on this site. They need a venue to reach their like-minded consumers. CO is where they choose to spend their advertising dollars. But if a site loses core visitors, it’s no longer a draw for advertisers.

    Sorry, Theo, but edgy is not cute. I’m sure you see high traffic when “edgy” photos are posted. But what percentage are negative?

    As I said before, just my two cents. Isn’t that what comments are for? To express our joy or disappointment? It’s like the service response cards you get every once in a while, asking what you thought about a store service or experience. If your customer or visitor was not completely happy, wouldn’t you rather they voice their opinion than just leave and never give feedback to improve upon? Marketers spend millions upon millions trying to understand their customers. In my opinion, not minding the negative feedback in a constructive manner is a missed opportunity.

    Okay, that’s more like three cents. Sorry for the super long comment, but I have really enjoyed CO in the past and would like to get back on the cute track. 🙂

  135. Snakes arelovely, I bet that feels quite…..”nice” 😉 But have a shower afterwards, as some reptiles can carry bugs on the thier skin like salmonella. I personally have never owned a snake, but have had several lizards, my fave being my leopard gecko Godzilla who lived for 10 years! :)*licks own eyeball*

  136. Hey, darkshines, did you know you can get salmonella from cats too?

    Way to make people hate snakes even more.

  137. lilithburns says:

    Salmonella is carried in feces, not on the skin. Salmonella can also be contracted from not washing veggies properly. Proper handwashing is always a great idea. Thanks for distributing inaccurate information darkshines and making it even harder for people who properly care for their reptile pets. The following link is for the CDC’s information regarding salmonella in animals.

  138. New York Michele says:

    From the CDC site that was mentioned by lilithburns:

    How can I protect myself from salmonellosis?

    * After contact with animal feces (stool), wash your hands with soap and running water.
    * Wash your hands with soap and running water after touching reptiles or any objects and surfaces that a reptile has also touched.
    * If you have a compromised immune system, avoid contact with reptiles, baby chicks, and ducklings.
    * If you have a compromised immune system, be extra cautious when visiting farms and contacting farm animals, including animals at petting zoos.

  139. New York Michele says:

    So both of you are right- salmonella is in feces, but if you have a snake slither through your shirt, you should take a shower afterwards, because snakes can get their own feces on their skin and spread salmonella. And if you have a weak immune system, you shouldn’t touch snakes
    (or baby chicks!) at all.

    ::sob:: 😦

  140. New York Michele says:

    Sorry for the multiple posts.

    eikoleigh, I understand where you are coming from- but the reason why so many tv shows, books and movies are so bland today is that everyone is worrying about gaining and keeping the largest number of potential consumers possible- which means being everything to everyone. And quite frankly, that’s boring.

    I’m not sure that there ARE tons of people who are objecting. I think there are a few core people who don’t like certain photos, but they usually don’t threaten to leave. Most of the ones who do threaten seem to spend hours saying how they intend to leave- they and their ‘sockpuppets’.

    On more commercially-driven websites like Gothamist (which has such a big problem with unconscious and open racism that I now avoid it after shouting into the wilderness), ‘edgy’ can be a problem, particularly when it’s another word for ‘offensiveness’ or ‘stupidity’. But I don’t think Meg is doing this site to make her daily bread. For her, it’s simply fun to share pictures.

    That doesn’t mean negative comments can be helpful- yours was clear and reasoned and sincere. But things like ‘you spent one day showing pictures of aardvarks and I hate them and you didn’t read my mind and know that, so I’m never coming here again’? Um, I don’t think so. The fear of people getting huffy is what kept and still keeps advertisers from showing people of color in middle-class situations, showing women who ‘look’ like lesbians, showing ordinary-looking people as something other than ‘joe-sixpack’ types, and so on. In other words, pandering to the ignorant and the lowest common denominator is reactionary and encourages prejudice of all kinds- even against animals whose lives don’t get saved by conservationists because they aren’t viewed as ‘cute’ by large numbers of people.

  141. New York Michele, I think I love you! <8

  142. Okay, I don’t have the time to read back, but did anyone say anything about “M-f’in snakes on an m-f’in rack” yet?

  143. Wow, people here are really mean. My vet and reptile dealer told me retiles can carry salmonella on their skin, especially snakes as they slither on the ground and are more likely to slither through poop.

    From: Jim Sliwa, American Society for Microbiology’s Tips from the Journal of the ASM

    German researchers have determined that exotic reptiles maintained as pets may be responsible for an increase in Salmonella cases in humans. Their findings appear in the January 2004 issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

    “Children under the age of 10 years and immunocompromised people seem to be especially prone to infections with reptile-associated Salmonella spp. and often experience severe clinical courses, including fatalities due to septicemia and meningitis.”

    In the study, fecal samples were collected from pet snakes and tested for the presence of Salmonella. Strains of Salmonella enterica appeared in eighty-one percent of the samples. Although it is unclear how these snakes are infected with the bacteria, researchers believe it is through contact with contaminated feces.

    “Our results indicate that very high percentages of snakes are colonized with Salmonella spp.,” say the researchers. “To avoid transmission, strict hygienic precautions should be applied when reptiles are handled.”

    Did you know that in one study, that was not species specific, of animals that had already died of various illnesses:

    * 50% of snakes and lizards were found to carry salmonella, and
    * 7% of the turtles carried salmonella as well
    * 30% of dogs tested also carry a salmonella bacteria

    So if you have say four reptiles, you could consider that perhaps 2 of them are infected with salmonella.


    A. Yes—snakes can carry diseases. Snakes can be host to a large number of parasites, which in turn, can affect humans, dogs and cats. Protozoa can cause digestive, respisnakeory and reproductive illnesses in snakes, humans and other animals. Tapeworms are parasites of the digestive system. Roundworms can damage the lungs and digestive tract. Snakes carry the bacteria salmonella on their skin. People who pick up salmonella bacteria can become seriously ill with diarrhea, vomiting, fever and chills. Salmonella can also affect the blood. Snake salmonella can be spread through snake fecal matter, also called “scat.”

  144. And kittehs can carry toxoplasmosis, which causes birth defects in humans – but that doesn’t seem to stop too many people from snorgling ’em.

    Personally, I kinda like snakes. First time I ever got up close and personal with one was in fourth grade, when a guy from the local zoo brought her in for science class. I was the only kid who would actually hold her – and only a few of the kids would even touch her.

    I even remember her name: Inky, the indigo snake. She was 4 feet long – about half grown – and a deep, dark, gleaming eggplant color all over. Absolutely beautiful. I can still see her clearly in my mind’s eye. Never seen another one like her before or since. You can see photos at

    And the stripey guy in this pic sez: “Now, where did I put that apple? I know it’s around here somewhere!”

  145. cook_a_monsta says:

    Bloody hell does every1 have to write so much??
    but that is just a very strange pic i gotta give it that !!??

  146. Cats use catboxes. The feces can get on the paws (particles can get between the pads, or cling to the fur). A cat may goe from the catbox and jump onto the kitchen table. Or onto the counter.

    So I consider our cat to be a far greater threat to our health than our boa (who, by the way is very cute!).