Partying like it’s Maltese ’99

You think kittehs can party like it’s Maltese 99?

Caturday? I got ‘chur Caturday right HEAH

Just try and chug Dulce de Leche like a Maltese, Bitches!


Sender-Inner Abbey E. and pup “Mr. Higgins” go WILD!



  1. Ha, he and Mr. Dancy-Pup should get together sometime- it’d be an eventful party lol.
    first thought i had when i saw this? group of high school guys going”CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!”

  2. Good to the last drop

  3. “bitches”?
    Who you calling a female dog… and on Caterday, at that!?


  4. Heh. You said “bitch.” Heheh.

  5. that dog’s Crazy!

  6. Heh! Meg didn’t wait long to start the next commentroversy!

  7. AuntiMame Meg doesn’t start em. The peeps do.

    Sits back down with big bowl of cookies and cream ice cream waiting for the fur to fly.

  8. is that a spoon in the container?

  9. ka9q's wife says:

    OMG *that* is a spoon in the ice cream container. Don’t you know how dangerous that is. That could put the dog’s eye out.

    gets some puddin’ from the fridge to watch the fur fly.

  10. Last time my yorkie did that was with a bowl of chicken noodle soup and I had just bathe her…

    Should I remark how messy she got? she had noodles and carrots stuck all over her and was running like crazy all over the place… so cute though xD

  11. oh man, the spoon hanging off to the side is too cute. my aunt’s shep/lab mix used to do that. she’d take stuff off the counter with the spoon in it and start chugging it down.

    it was adorable!

  12. meg the language here I am getting mad parents after me because I tell them about this site. Because of the language they will not let their children look at it anymore.

  13. berthaslave says:

    I deplore excessive use of the “b” word myself, but I think in this case it’s completely apropos, as Mr. Higgins is clearly talking to his female dog friends. And saving them from the ice cream. (I save all my women friends from ice cream all the time, but I don’t call them that word, I say “ladies” or something like that). It’s a thing we guys do, eating all the fattening food so y’all don’t have to (at least in front of us). :0

  14. My poochie does the same thing with cottage cheese containers! =D

  15. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I have a friend whose toy poodle got into and drank a Starbuck’s latte…

  16. YES!!!!! BITCHESSS!!!! Let the Sunday ‘versy BEGIN!

    Leah B, go tell Moooooooommm!!! Meggie is swearingks!!!

  17. He! This is me after a hard day at the insurance company. Ice cream Freedom!

  18. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I just love the spoon!!

  19. I would just like to take this moment to say a few words:

    “Assity ass assing assy ass.”
    “Sassy asses assing in mass assitude.”

    Bleenup on aisle seven, bitches!

  20. Berthaslave: You are a prince among men. The sacrifices you make in the name of chivalry are astounding!

    Theo: Got sumpthin on your mind there, punkin?

  21. Ahhhhhhh the quiet peace that is sunday morning on the CO web page.

    Lanie Tattletail LOL

    Teho (Snicker)

    Berthaslave. how kind of you to save us from a big A** worse than death.

  22. Glugluglug.

  23. for those peeps who are concerned about the language here, I never thought CO was a kid’s site. the humor and wittiness (and nastiness) commonly found here is not for kids. but if you feel the need to fight about it, I would enjoy the entertainment.

    *goes off to store to buy lots of milk to cook some puddin’*

    *hmm perhaps I’ll bake some peanut butter cookies* (I personaaly don’t like them with the hershey kisses stuck in the middle, but speak now if you want me to buy a bag of hershey kisses)

  24. but seriousthly..this reminds me of the time we saw Sneakers walking backwards to try to back out of a sour cream container she got stuck in…now if I had a vid of that I’d submit it… we were laffin’ too hard to help her and then she got free and gave us one of those, I meant to do that looks and started grooming furiously

  25. Now that’s called getting into your food. I mean, really getting into it- like, getting your face stuck in the container into it!

    Oh, and Metsie- BUY HERSHEY KISSES! Do eet!

  26. berthaslave says:

    Mets — butterscotch chips.

    And more chocolate puddin’!

  27. Metsie can you pick up some pizza too preferably ham and pineapple thats my favorite

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mets dahling I like dark choco keeses on my PB cookies, Kthxbai!

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a great way to break the fast after Yom Kippur – Haagen Dazs anything. And with a Maltese and his beetches, too!
    So maybe I have been working with homeless street teens too long but bitch and all its permutations are an affectionate greeting in my circle. As is “Yo, Mutha F***a”!!

  30. Yitzie Roflmao

  31. Once again I find myself horribly offended and outraged…butterscotch chips in PB cookies? for the love of G-d, what are you thinking.

    and Annie, I already told you, I don’t eat ham and I can’t get a Hawaian pizza up here.

    btw nicole really eggcited about the present from you

  32. ::Pouts:: you new Yawkers are deprived I tell Ya deeeeeeprived. Okay well then I guess you can get a vegitarian one and a blood sucking meat lovers one too.

  33. minds me of a play my friends and I once wrote.
    lovely quartet of people in “countryclub” tennis clothes walking across a field of grass with a picinic basket preparing for a lovely sunday afternoon outing.
    Only every other word was “F” this and “F” that.

    Also I am pretty sure I was like this whilst craving hagendaaz vanilla choco chip while carrying my daughter.
    teh deli down the street KNEW they best be keepin it stocked up or face a pregnant woman’s wrath.

  34. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    special request meta… one large pb cookie with choc kiss in center, surrounded by a circle of butterscotch chips…. seriously, butterscotch & pb, yummy! (no offense… XD)

    cute puppy chugging ice cream!!!

  35. i’m sure i’ll get flamed by this one. whatever.

    it’s hard not to notice that there’s an “in group” here. until recently, it’s been fun to watch the side conversations and such that the “in group” takes part in. it’s like the best of the internet — people all over, united by their love of all things cute.

    i’ve noticed, over the last few weeks, that the tone of the “in-group” has changed, though, and that makes me really sad.

    i have further noticed that this “in group” seems, these days, to really enjoy flaunting the “in-group”-ness.

    i have even further noticed that several members of the “in-group” are extremely defensive/hot-headed about ANY comments that express ANY dissatisfaction with a post or with CO as a whole.

    and, therefore, i cannot help but notice that in at least the last 5 commentroversies i’ve seen, it’s the “regular” posters — the “in group” — who take particular glee in amping up the language, pointing fingers, and generally *feeding* the commentroversy flame.

    let’s take a look at this thread.

    auntiemame: your comment sets the tone. apparently, a commentroversy is a foregone conclusion to you.

    k9q’s wife jumps right in, with the pudding reference.

    then, leah b. steps in and expresses a “negative” opinion. (an opinion which, while i may not necessarily agree with, she has EVERY RIGHT to express here). (an opinion which she expressed in a respectful way).

    berthaslave makes a reasonable, unoffensive response to leah b’s objection.

    and then we get helene. why do you have to suggest that leah b. is a childish individual for expressing her opinion? why do you have to RUB IT IN HER FACE, by capitalizing the very word she’s expressed distate for? how does your snarky, clique-ish, defensive remark help keep the commentroversy from escalating? could it be that you *want* to be mean? that you *want* to encourage others to be mean? and if so, why?

    theo: your comment does more of the same. rubs leah b’s face in it. excessive use of other language that just adds fuel to the fire. adding a ” 🙂 ” at the end doesn’t change the fact that you come off as childish as you accuse leah b. for being. to me, this is particularly worrisome and offensive given your status as a mod. aren’t you supposed to, oh, you know, moderate? and not make things worse?

    metsakins: WHO is it who seems to want to fight about it?? why, it seems to me that the ones who want to fight about it are the puddin’ flinging “in-group” members who just seem to want to pick on a single poster’s single expression of a single opinion.

    then it’s more “in-group fun” as various regular posters discuss the ‘yummy treats’ they’re going to eat while being ‘entertained’ by the commentroversy.

    (by the by, who’s responsible for that commentroversy, again??)

    the whole thing is just ugly. and i’m calling you on it. i’ve been coming to CO from the very beginning. i’ve watched these relationships develop over time. i think it’s great that there are people around the world who have connected with each other because of this little site.

    but why, oh why, must you all act like a 9th grade clique???????????????

    so, annie, when you say “the peeps” start the commentroversies, i challenge you — and all the other puddin’ eating, cookie-bakin’ “regulars” — to take a step back and *really* look at who eggs on the commentroversies.

  36. DLT.. I may occasionally fling pudding But I never ever say anything mean about the people who make comments about the pictures or accuse Meg of posting horrid uncute pictures. If they want to carry on about shoes or peeps are ugly or anything like that I NEVER say anything mean. I don’t even tell them not to say what they believe. That is their choice.

    Usually I try to think up a clever comment (This isn’t my strong suit so hey most of my comments are lame…) But I Never Ever say mean things about any of the other commenters. Even when my beliefs are different than theirs. IF on occasion I fling pudding it is usually after many many more people have made many horrid comments.

    In this case I was pointing out to Auntimame that Meg never starts a commentroversy she posts pictures and wether I say anything on here or not or you say anything or not there will be commentroversies.

  37. OMG I’M IN THE “IN” GROUP????!?! Wooohooooo!!!!!

  38. Oh and Leah B was Joking that was sarcasm by the way(at least I hope it was and sorry leah if you were serious) and Helene was too…

    IT was all a big joke about the vote like a stoat my B****Tches post a long time ago.

  39. Annie — it goes back a little further than that…

  40. tl;dr

    Ahem yes okay.

    You know, “bitches” is a perfectly valid term for a girl dog. And “bastard” is a valid term for an illegitimate child. Or maybe the last one is because I’ve read a lot of fantasy, and fantasy is riddled with children of unmarried parents.

    I’ve never seen Meg’s posts with filthy language. Now, the COMMENTERS will drop the good old good old F-bomb, but that’s pretty rare.

    Also, my perspective is that kids, when faced with filthy language, will react in one of two ways:
    1) They’ve heard all that stuff long before, so it’s not shocking, or
    2) It will all go over their heads as incomprehensible grown up stuff, and it doesn’t register at all.

    So in conclusion, I’m going to go make jello. Who wants strawberry?

  41. DLT — far as I’m concerned, anybody who comments regularly on CO is part of the “in group” — and the more substantive the commentary, the better. So d00d. You’re in.

  42. DLT Sez: auntiemame: your comment sets the tone. apparently, a commentroversy is a foregone conclusion to you.

    DLT, if you have truly been around as long as you claim, you would know that a controversy IS a foregone conclusion.

    Every time Meg uses the word “bitch” there is a controversy.

    Every time there is a post with an animal down a girl’s shirt, there is a controversy.

    Every time there is a post with a person in it, there is a controversy.

    It happens EVERY TIME.

    The pudding is simply some people’s way of trying to defuse the hostility with humor. Other people have different ways of dealing with annoyance of complaints. As far as who is egging on whom, there ‘s plenty of blame to share among both sides.

    If we’re defensive about negative opinions, it’s because we’ve heard it at least 6,592,904,162,582,308,765,285 times. It’s beyond old.

    Meg likes the controversies, I’m convinced. That’s why I was commenting that a “bitch” post followed so close on the heels of the “I Hate People” parade.

    If that looks like a 9th grade clique to you, I can’t help that.

  43. auntiemame: i understand that the pudding et. al. is some people’s way of trying to diffuse the hostility. i guess i just wanted to shine a light on the fact that, at least in some cases, it also seems to *feed* the hostility. it’s a fine line. i’m not sure that it’s ever been pointed out before, and i just wanted to offer my perspective.

    what may have started as a way to divert aggression seems, at least some times, to me, to have become a platform for ganging up on people.

    theo: thanks. i wasn’t myself feeling particularly excluded or anything.

    my original comment is built upon the fact that i’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to reconcile my inability to really understand the limits of perspective. i’ve been trying especially hard to see things from an “other” perspective, in an effort to deal with my frustration about the limits of human connectedness.

    i remember a time when the collegiality here in the comments was about supporting each others’ foster experiences, sharing the love and supporting those who’ve experienced loss.

    of course, those things still happen — there was a lovely outpouring recently for a poster whose mom is ill. it’s still there…

    …it just seems, to me, that lately it’s become less of that and more snarky. goodness knows, with the state of the world, we all have reason to be snarky. i guess, it all boils down to the fact that i miss that lovin’ feelin’.

    and who knows. maybe i’m just hormonal.

    and, auntiemame: this world is what we make of it, right? that’s why we all worship the cute, right?

    well….maybe commentroversy isn’t a foregone conclusion. maybe we could take a vow not to feed the trolls? maybe we could all just accept the fact that yes, there will ALWAYS be negative nellies…but, if we don’t comment on their negativity, we take their power away?

    one bad/mean/nasty comment only becomes a commentroversy when people give it that power. that’s all i’m saying.

  44. DLT… sorry to say but they come whether you feed them or not.

  45. ka9q's wife says:

    Actually I was making the pudding reference because I nuffed myself.
    The spoon in the eye was because I drink my iced tea with a the iced tea spoon in the glass and my mom always told me I was going to lose an eye. Maybe it was to much of a personal joke. Eh
    I mostly like the puns on here. I am just not good at them. Sigh.

  46. Oh jeez…. K9W, you take that SPOON out of your GLASS this very INSTANT or I’ll make you wear SAFETY goggles. To SCHOOL.

  47. I’ve been busy lately and not commenting a lot. So…. am I in the IN GROUP or not?

    Anyhow, I say pudding for everyone, including DLT, so we can all get drunk on sugar and get that lovin’ feeling going! Woot!

    (Oh no, my head… “You’ve lost, that LOVIN’ FEELING!” Earworm!)

  48. now it’s gone, gone, gone, woh-oh-oh-oh-ohh

  49. Couple of things:
    This is Meg’s site. She can use whatever language she wants. If you don’t like it, that’s perfectly okay. Just don’t ask her to change the way she posts. Most of us are here for Meg’s commentary on the cute — which is what makes this site so special and not just a bunch of pics. The beauty of the web is that there is something for everyone. Go to the Daily Puppy or somewhere else for your cute if you don’t like Meg’s humor. There are a million other cute sites.

    Then, about the comments, if you don’t like the comments, don’t read ’em. I’ve been coming here from the beginning, and rarely read the comments. So I guess I’m not part of the “in-crowd.” But when I have read the comments, they are usually benign and funny and silly and sometimes quite clever. If you are truly disturbed by these comments by people you’ve never met, never will meet, and who have no tangible influence on your day-to-day life, then you really, really should take a look at how much time you’re spending on the internet. Take a break from this. Turn the computer off. Do something in the real world. These people can’t make you go eat lunch by yourself, lock you in a locker, or throw your underpants in the showers during gym class. They’re just words on a page.
    Just my two cents.

  50. “These people can’t make you go eat lunch by yourself…”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. 🙂

    I’d rather eat lunch by myself. Then I can read my book in peace.

  51. Thank you Sandy! Just for that, we’re making you an honorary member of the “in-crowd” (since apparently, there is such a thing).

  52. *ear worm alert*

    And then you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself

    ‘Cause {Refrain}
    I’m already gone
    And I’m feelin’ strong
    I will sing this victory song
    Woo-hoo-hoo-o, my my, woo-hoo-hoo-o

  53. HEhehe I love how the little puppy is sitting holdig the cup tipped up just waiting for the melted ice cream to reach him/her. Hey wait a minute that is what I do with my ice cream container.

    That puppy has been watching me. I just know it. (looks around suspiciously)

  54. Metsie note how I avoid the earworm at all costs.(ignoring the soft refrain running thru my head)

  55. See that’s it X’actly. I really do not have a problem with folks positing opposing opinions. I have a problem with folks that assume since (my) opinion is different from yours that it is wrong/bad/stupid.
    Not so. You’re right. I’m wrong. AND I’m right. AND You’re wrong. It is all about perspective.

    It isn’t so much differences of opinion its when those differences turn nasty and insulting and when the people DEMAND that posts change to their liking. Then it really isn’t about ad revenue, people, or what is cute vs not cute, then it becomes about control.

    Turning a round of nasty comments into a virtual food fight is a way to shine a light into a too dark situation. I don’t do it to insult even those who are insulting, I do it to hopefully make someone smile and laugh.

    I usually see the “virtual goodies” come out when someone makes a statement that seems calculated to be the most insulting. Sometimes yes, we do prepare in advance because like someone else said, there are certain posts that bring out these types of comments without fail.

    Of late it seems as if there is someone on nearly every post that is finding fault with something, if the pic isn’t at fault the comments, spelling, silly talk, and/or captions are.
    Then the demands to correct this begin. Then the defense of the site begins by yes, those who are regulars.

    Why? Because we enjoy the comments, spelling, silly talk and/or captions as well as the photos. This is what makes us REGULARS. WE come back again and again. Without demanding that Meg change the site, regardless of if there are people, bugs (and I don’t like bugs), snakes, racks, or whatever in the pics.

    On some level I can understand the desire to voice what you want or don’t want to see. This is that kind of site after all, where viewer input is welcomed (BUT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THE INPUT WILL BE PUT TO USE), and it can give you a sense of “ownership” after a while. BUT in the end it is just a sense. Not actual ownership.
    Even us Regulars, we’ll defend “our” site but we know deep down it isn’t ours and we actually accept that.

  56. Metsies, dontcha know it’s a good thing I don’t know that song? Dontcha?

  57. Perhaps you know this —

    I’m in with the in crowd;
    I go where the in crowd goes.
    I’m in with the in crowd;
    And I know what the in crowd knows.

  58. Nope. Dontcha wish?

  59. not listening…..

  60. Ok. I feel the need to say something here.

    Yes, there are a few individuals who seem to be more familiar with each other, who post regularly, and who do have conversations with each other. Can’t deny that.

    But really? The “in crowd”? Is that even possible as adults? I don’t think so. I’d love to tell you why….

    Reading the posts here on CO I found a few names popped up pretty frequently, and on just about every post. I thought these individuals were charming and witty and liked to laugh along with them while trying to picture them in my mind. How old were they? Where are they from? What do they do? I actually do that with everyone on here. It’s not a negative thing. I’m not judging, just curious how much we would have in common.

    After posting a comment on one of the pics I received a hello and an invite from one of these ladies to join Cute Talk. I was pleasantly surprised as I had it all worked out in my mind that they knew each other outside of CO. I was half right.

    They do know each other outside of CO, but only in another area of the net where they became friends after “meeting” each other here. After I was invited to join (the invitation was NOT exclusive at the time and has been offered to others and all since) I went to the site and signed up.

    I am so glad I did. These individuals are the most warm people I have talked to in a long time and from my experience, VERY welcoming. There are different age groups, occupations, likes, dislikes, interests and abilities. A lot of differences, but they all have this in common: They are very caring and sweet and a little sassy at times, but it has never been an exclusive “in-crowd” thing. As far as I know any “in-crowd” would never risk inviting “outsiders” in. It would ruin the whole dynamic of exclusivity those type of people thrive on. As stated previously, this is not so here.

    I can not say enough how warm and open and friendly this lovely bunch of ladies are. They made me feel very welcome and I already feel they are friends.


    That being said (and I’m sorry it was a mouthful) I need to touch upon the other portion of the message.

    The tasty treats are not (as far as I have seen) meant to offend and the imaginary games that are played stem from these ladies reaching out to extend a hand to anyone who is looking for something to chat about until a new pic is posted. ANYONE would have been welcomed into the “poker game” or any other “game” that has been played. It’s all about bonding with some people who you may or may not ever meet. It’s pure silliness. I don’t think any of it is meant to be rude or offensive, just lighthearted. It is simply a way to avoid the negativity and still try to connect with others.

    Seriously, peeps, there is no “in-crowd” here. Just some special ladies who are happy to widen the circle of friendship they have achieved thanks to Cute Overload.

  61. Dang, I miss all the good verseys. I guess that means I am still a dork. Wah- I can has no puddins. Mebbe there is some pizza left for me? Wif Ham? And Teh pineapples? And here is a gratuitous baby eating foodies, cause that’s the way I roll:

  62. Ahn. Thanks Bugsy!

  63. (wipes away a tear) Thank you Helene. I will now sign my posts, “Sandy, member of the IN CROWD” — after I go retrieve my underpants from the shower where they were thrown after gym class.

  64. Who is Sandy? Bugmom?

  65. Oh never mind, I see your previous post. Join us on Cute Talk, we’re all former-nerds-who-are-now-in-the-in-crowd!

  66. deadlychameleon says:

    I don’t think that’s a maltese, it looks like a cockapoo. Maybe Maltepoo.