Panda squeaking and “Ehn!”-ing

Look, ONCE AGAIN, it’s my patented rule, when in doubt WHINE!Always works.

Even at the office.

Sender-Inner Emily M., I bet you let out a couple of Panda squeaks trying to send this to me.



  1. Go, little panda! You can do it!

  2. go little panda go in no time you will be romping all over your paly area

  3. OMG I WANT.
    There is nothing cuter than a baby panda.

  4. aww. adorably pathetic.

    certain youtube users need to learn how to use a dictionary 😛

  5. OOOoooh yeah, I want one too, or just the chance to rub it and snorgle and feed it something it likes. Nope. NOTHING cuter than a baby panda.

  6. Funny, that panda sounds exactly like I do on Monday mornings, trying to crawl my way over to the teapot.

  7. aww. adorably pathetic.

    certain youtube users need to learn how to use a dictionary 😛

  8. He is WORKING that cute, no? Work it little dude!

  9. I love how he’s quiet when he’s trying SO HARD to get his back feet up, and then his next squeak sounds like “LOOK what I had to go through to get up here!”
    LOL! Soooooooo cute.

  10. That’s as articulate an “ehn” as ever was heard!

  11. Man. Baby pandas just… undulate along, like moles. Or walking sacks of rice.

  12. i couldn’t believe it is actually the Panda ehn-ing

  13. Something is looking heeelp-leeees! 😀

  14. Someone pick that baby up!!!! I’d make the worst animal rehabber – no contact with humans? Screw that! Come to mama! 😉

  15. A Noun (is a person place or thing) says:

    Speaking of Pandas, what about this

  16. I kept going “oh my god… oh my god.” The video stimulated the same part of my female brain that can’t stand to be near a crying baby without trying to cheer it up.

  17. “this stair demands TOO MUCH of me!”

  18. Persephone, I am with you all the way.

    huggles for crying baby animals

  19. Poor bubbuh’s confussled! Where is he anyway?

  20. acelightning says:

    What a human-sounding voice! If I just heard those squeaks without seeing the panda, I’d think it was a voice-over actress making cute noises for a cartoon character!

  21. must quickly wrap head in compression material to ward off impending explosion….

    drats I imploded BRB gotta put brain back together

  22. I’m sad that he/she has to be on concrete instead of the jungle floor. boohoo! oh well lil pander is well takin care of. give heem some grass to walk around on though instead of concrete stairs. that will make him/her happier!

  23. That’s not just squeaking, that sounds like hog-callin’ time in Nebraska!

  24. DustPuppyOI says:

    I’m reposting the link to this panda video (Panda Bloopers!) again:

  25. I want to take that baby into my arms and tell it its ok, and never leave it alone I do not care how many scratchs or nibbles that baby takes outta me GIVE ME THAT BABY !!!!!!!!

    No i want it to remain wild and be happy right now its just scared of everything
    right ?

  26. GAH! so adorable!! i had no idea they even made sounds.

  27. Don’t they have a fantasy camp for baby pandas?!?!?!? I want to go and snorgle them. Just for a week. I’ll clean up their poop as long as I can snorgle.

  28. JuliaJellicoe says:

    So THAT’S what they sound like!

  29. Oh, GOD! Who’s gonna clean up this puddle where I just melted!

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    Who knew that bebeh Pandas sound like bebeh humans!

  31. LOL, Theresa!!!

  32. This is too much. I want to help him up those stairs and then take him home and keep him warm and safe and feed him and give him whatever he wants. Just so he’ll stop making those pathetic noises. ;_____;

  33. EVEN BETTER? The related video of panda/journalist outtakes.

    “Of course, pandas are more interested in play– CHOMP”

  34. homer mariner says:

    DustPuppy – that was a great video. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while! I love pandas! And this little guy is SOOOO adorable. His body wants to move, but his legs don’t want to listen!

  35. Poor precious! What does he WANT? Whatever it is, give it to him right now!

  36. i’m so excited! something i submitted finally made it onto CO! i feel like an internet celebrity. or something.


  37. A) I had NO. IDEA. pandas made sounds like that. I don’t think I’d ever really imagined their voices. What an ear-opener.
    B) That’s the clearest pronunciation of the word ‘ehn!’ I ever heard.

  38. Kinder, Gentler Carrie says:

    zomg! You know, if I had a uterus it would be aching right now. That just made me wanna cuddle a baby or something.


  39. berthaslave says:

    Ehm, excuse me, one does not need a uterus or two x chromosomes to respond to a genuine “ehn” from any of God’s creatures (except snakes, who thankfully can’t make any cute sounds — my theory is that they can’t do so because they are pure evil, but I digress).

    Anyway…me and my masculinity just melted in a big puddle of “awwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Baby Pandas’ll do that.

    And yes, this is the best definition of “ehn” that exists.

  40. Waaaah! I can’t see Youtube at all!

    (Happened with the last post too….)


    Seriously, my cats are resting on their laurels. Totally coasting. It’s cuteness like said panda that make me want my cats to start singing for their supper.

  42. Wow, and here all this time I thought “Enh” was a completely made-up word.

  43. After the second “ehn!” he kind of bangs his nose on the step and makes this little “mmmf” sound. It’s ADORABLE.

  44. Meg: What do you mean it works in the office? We all know that you live in CO Towers lying back on a pink chaise-lounge smoking Cocktail Sobranies through a long cigareet holder while you munch hershey kisses (Baccio) and play Backgammon with your Diamond collection that was paid for with the vast advertising revenue garnered from the Cute Overlord Mega Bucks Corp. :o}

  45. Deep hair conditioner stat! Fluff that frizz!

  46. An interesting tidbit, goes to show y’a, that all this cuteness is healthy!
    From RealAge Health Tips!
    Be Prepared
    Got a stressful event coming up, like an unpleasant dental procedure or a tough meeting at work? Watch a few minutes of a wildlife show before heading out of the house. After 10 minutes, you’ll not only have reduced your heart rate and blood pressure, but you’ll also have created a buffer against the physical effects of your upcoming nail-biter. The sound doesn’t even have to be on in order for you to reap the calming benefits of the video.


  47. angrycupcake says:

    i love pandas… it’s just so frustrating that they’re the worst equipped animals for species survival. they ovulate ONCE per year, and they only eat one plant that is naturally found in one country, in jungles that are being destroyed at an alarming rate. but they are so cute that it’s all worth it.

  48. Berthaslave, you are not the only man that does this. I have seen some real tough cowboy guys melt over even trapped mice, I suspect as you say that reflex is in all of us, man or woman

  49. how dose one go about geting a panda to do this with

  50. I’m with you Kat! Pick it up and snuggle it. Me wants one so BAD!!!

  51. I wonder where his/her mother is? Hopefully nearby. Cute little thing.

  52. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Pandas are the cutest!
    This little guy will be climbing trees very shortly.

  53. If I am elected president, I promise a baby panda in every household.

    I’m maymee, and I approve this message.

  54. daily life can be such a hassle sometimes.

  55. Mlle X,
    “When it’s panda-squawking time in Nebraska,
    When it’s panda-squawking time in Nebraska,
    When it’s panda-squawking time in Nebraska,
    Then it’s panda-squawking time in Nebraska!”

  56. i had no idea panda’s made that sort of noise.

    i have a bottle of bamboo smoothy here for the babeh pandy. please let me feed heem. pleeeeeeez!?

    i want to snorgle his tail. is that bad?

  57. WANT!

  58. Are we sure that wasn’t Meg doing a voiceover?

    Those “ehn”s are TOO perfect.

    For future reference, this clip should be used as the definition of “ehn.”

  59. chet's momma says:

    squeelinks…….nuffin’ moar den squeelinks……..

  60. yup, that’s exactly how I feel today too. Back legs tooo heeaveee…

  61. Oh man–that reminds me of me doing hill training for the marathon…

  62. I actually sent this in a looong time ago. No one replied, no one posted it. Now someone else gets the credit.

  63. neeeed *gasp*

    morrrre *gasp*

    cuuuteee *gasp*

    *passes out from weakness*

  64. Kaitou Juliet says:

    Okay, now you’ve done it! *hed explodes from cuteness*

    Oh well, what a way to go!

  65. the squeeky wheel gets the grease and the whiney panda gets all the love.

  66. You. Are. KIDDING. Me.

    That baby canNOT be making that noise. It is universally impossible for one thing to contain that much concentrated CUTE.

    We have reached Critical Cuteness Mass.

  67. maymee, my campaign donation check is in the mail!

  68. Barbara,

    If you visit the panda research and breeding center in Sichuan, China, they let you hold freshly washed baby pandas in your arms.

  69. What kind of godawful species are we to place bears in cement enclosures. As much as I like cuteoverload, I wish it were a little more discerning.

    Cement zoo naught.

  70. Posting for my dog, who *really* enjoyed the video. He was fascinated by the little guy, whining as he watched the bear try to make it up that stair. In fact, as I type this, he’s going from one side of my chair to the other, waiting to see some more Panda TV. Adorable!

  71. Lift with your legs!

  72. ARRrrgh. Maybe, perhaps, the panda was on its way somewhere, after being outside in its nice happy green leafygrassy lawn. I’ve seen zoo exhibits where the animals have plenty of space outside but there is also a concrete inside-place too. We have no way of knowing how much time this panda spends on concrete. It’s possible that it is a very small amount of time indeed. The all-of-forty-second video really doesn’t give us a good idea, does it?

  73. Um.

    Can someone explain this to me?

    [Sure, CG — it’s a YouTube video. – Ed.]
    [you’re welcome]

  74. angrycupcake says:

    i was hoping for a nuff free thread. has it ever occurred to you that, without these “cement enclosures” and “zoos”, the panda species might no longer exist? or that there would be no global awareness of their endangered status? hmmmm.
    also, you used the wrong homonym. i think “not” is what you want. “naught” is usually a noun.
    anyway, if it weren’t for these abominable zoos, i doubt that many species in existence would still be here with us, and then nuffers everywhere would complain that people aren’t doing enough to save the animals. SAVE!
    hello again, cute panda baybee!

  75. meg, you have destroyed my life with this post. i can’t stop watching it.

    must. see. baby ehn. again!

  76. Wow, even gives the porcu-pet “Ehn” a run for its money!

  77. Breaking News! A creature actually making the sound “Ehn!” quite unmistakably has been CAUGHT ON TAPE!

    To tell the absolute truth, I never knew pandas even made noise… I always a assumed they were mute or something. Maybe they could growl, but that was it. I would have never guessed they could make cute little baby squeaks!

  78. Maymee, you know you are just pandering. (It´s pure propapanda, folks–she will keep them all for herself!)

  79. Gawd people, that is redonk. Yet, I have a strong feeling that it’s the person holding the camera who is saying ‘EEHN’. Simply because the panda doesn’t open its mouth at the right time and I heard a microphone pop halfway through.

  80. All three kittehs here are STALKING my laptop. 😀

  81. there’s no way I can believe that’s the panda making the noise, it’s too human and not even in sync

  82. NO WAY.
    That adorable lil bebeh did NOT just EHN.
    That was a PERFECT ‘EHN’.
    That was Meg doing a voiceover.
    I’m sure of it.
    Right, Meg?
    Please tell me it was you.
    Please tell me it wasn’t the panda.