Operation HedgeBreak

Listen to me. [Shifty, beady eyes darting at wire walls]

When I say the word, RUN LIKE HELL!


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Rebecca S.!



  1. …run like you’ve never bleening run befoooorrrre!!

  2. He looks like he’s just trying to get away!

    ” Heelp me mommy, this weird lady’s trying to snorgle me! Heelp!”

    So cute and adorable, keep it up.

  3. This is what she looks like on a regular basis. On her first trip outdoors, she was more interested in the camera then anything else…

  4. Primo BEF and moist nosicle, Rebecca S!

    What does hedgie think of outdoors now?

  5. I wish my hedgie liked playing outside so much. He generally just likes to poop :(.

  6. So Cute!! Love the little sloppy nosicle 🙂 Must beep it!


    Feelin’ better now. He reminds me of the teenager set from a couple of years ago…..spiked hair with dyed tips. Must be one of the Backstreet Hedgies!!!

  7. lurkertype: She really wasn’t too interested… the dogs next door were barking… she was happier when her daddy picked her up and took her inside so that she could snuggle.

  8. *Nosebeep*:)

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    “Oh, hai!”
    Hehhe.. Cute.

  10. Even the nosicle is beadilicious.

  11. Ok now hand me the hammie wit the map…
    whatdyamean you thought I was bringing it? You were supposed to bring the hammie, I MAKE the plans…

  12. I…WANT…A…HEDGIE!!! Really, I want a hedgie. Such perfection in the beady little eyes, the wet nose, the teeny paws.

  13. Any other Monty Python fans think “Dinsdale!” as soon as they saw this?

  14. Listen Shorty you gotta create a distraction see and then lefty and I will make a break for it.

  15. i LOVE hedgehogs -_-

    im going to have a couple someday.

  16. Nice eyes!

  17. acelightning says:

    The beady eyes! The patent-leather nosicle! The exaggerated pointyness created by the camera angle!

    Happy Equinox, everybody…

  18. berthaslave says:

    awesome caption meg (they usually are, but this one is extra wonderful and evocative).

  19. The Quillfull Escape, Part 1 One Two Beady

  20. moistest of noisicles! feelin’ big love for this li’l hedgie.

  21. And when he says the word, I imagine us all leaping into the air like ballet dancer to the tunes of “Aquarius” …

    (don’t ask.)

  22. queue Mission Impossible music…

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow, I’ve seen lots of BEF on this site but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Beady Nosesicle Factor before!
    YM beeps Ms Hedgie’s nosie and blows air keeses.

  24. Oh, she’s cute now. Just wait ’til she barfs orange foamy slime all over herself to keep those quills nice and supple.

    Not that my Pokey isn’t totally awesome when she isn’t practicing foul personal habits. BEF and the nose wiggling!

  25. Oh. MY.
    Stunned speechless by the moist, quivery nosicle!

  26. The Hon Gladys Anstruther says:

    The Quill-er Memorandom. Bong, Bong, bong, bong. Bing bong,bong. der,der,der,der,der, di der. (John Barry)

  27. This made me cry. I was so unsuspecting that there would be a hedgehog on here. Mine just died and I wasn’t ready for the cuteness of this one.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    Dear Tribegirl
    I’m sorries about your hedgie.
    Hugs and purrs from Yitzy.

  29. Tribegirl: I am so sorry for your loss. 😦

  30. tribegirl
    I’m sorry too. It is hard when it seems as if everything you see reminds you of your loss and then to see something that is what you’ve lost…I know the hurt too. (hugs)

  31. Tribegirl (((Huggs))) It is always a sad day when our beloved pet passes on

  32. one of the erins says:

    Aww, tribegirl, I’m sorry– wanna borrow mine?