You are SQUEEZINGKS too tiiiight!

STOP EET! [Cheeks puff out to gynormous proportions]

My cheeks are gonna hey’splode!


Courtney D., "Bisqui" almost looks like a Wii-mote.



  1. Either that – or he’ been lifting weights and is really muscular !

  2. OOOPH.

  3. marty smoot says:

    OR he has lots of kernels and seeds in his muzzlepowsche!!

  4. I am Hamz & thees eees Framz and we are going to
    (tries to clap hammy paws together but they just—can’t—reach)
    Oh never mind.

  5. tee hee

  6. POP!!! Fizzzzzzzz. I love his butterscotchedness.

  7. Gold star for Metz!
    (OK, more like a field of electric sparkles for Metz)

  8. Peg of Tilling says:

    Say hello to my little friend–0ne squeeze and ptui-tui-tui-tui!!! sunflower seeds squirted all over!!!

  9. Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of a pezz dispenser?

  10. Oh, wait… didn’t anyone notice!!! Ther’s hooman hands in this here pikchurr!!


  11. Um, he’s not trying to fwap the hammie, is he?

  12. OMG! It's Carrie says:

    …..picking up the field mice and boppin’em on the head

    and down came the good fairy and she said……..

  13. BeastieMom — again, I think you’re thinking of something else. (and there’s no “W” in that)

    Furthermore, eww.

  14. Why am I under the impression that there’s a Highland Regiment nearby?

  15. I’m kind of worried that hamster-esque super-advanced aliens are going to see this website as their first contact with our culture, look at the first two pictures… and obliterate our species.

  16. demolitionwoman says:

    HA! lookit that lil fattyface.

    the squished scenario is way cuter than the no-neck bodybuilder scenario.

  17. Space Cowgirl says:

    Damn it, the comments to this thread made me quasi-aspirate my Coke three different times. Evil, evil people.

    Really though – glad to see things back to normal around here, whatever THAT means.

  18. I don’t think he looks squished.
    He looks like he’s holding his breath!

  19. Squeeze too hard and,,,,
    POP! Goes the weasel…………..

  20. Just like my hammie! He sure looks proud of himself. 🙂

  21. Poor leetle dewd! He looks worried indeed: “You’re gonna make me lose my seeds!”

  22. haha, yeah i agree about the PEZ

  23. It’s–it’s–it’s—–


  24. Meg, I’m begging you — we need a COXCU of the hammie’s left paw!!!

  25. This ham has the same look that I get during a lecture when a student asks a question that shows s/he hasn’t done the reading for a while. Come to think of it, I grip the lectern the same way, too.

  26. An armed robbery with a loaded seed dispenser?

    (The cutest PEZ I’ve seen.)

  27. Hands up! I got a loaded hampster, and I’m not afraid to use it!

  28. this site is going to heck! I wish it was like it used to be, when we could see adorable pets frolicking with their humans!

    More people!

  29. Jim — added “see” where dropped

  30. “OOOPH” sez Teho.


    Teho, you deserve the Nobel Prize for Onomatopoeia.

  31. Oh, and a widdle kees on the hammy nose.

  32. Oh no, I said I wanted a ham and *cheese* sandwich.

  33. Put up your dukes and hand over all your sunflower seeds or the wife gets it

  34. LOL at Jim.

    I’m disappointed that Meg even mentioned the nuffs. Now they’ll think they’re vindicated…

    [Meh. Let ’em think that. The next theme will throw ’em all the harder. – Ed.]

  35. berthaslave says:

    That is the Sydney Greenstreet-iest of creatures. “Very amusing, Mr. Spade. Now, hand over the Maltese Falcon…”

  36. YOur hammy asplode!

  37. “And then Mr. Gere had a muscle spasm and THIS happened….”

    [stop now… – Ed.]

  38. Lifting weight with his cheek muscles?!?!?!?

  39. Stressball ham.

    Mylar ham? (Those balloon creatures look more realistic all the time!)

  40. awwww, what a cute lil hammie!!! such smooshulence!

  41. pop goes the hamster

  42. First rodent gun
    Chip or maybe that is dale..

    The lone Chipmonks

  43. Look at those little gripping toes! Too cute — we need a C.O.X.C.U.!

  44. Peg of Tilling – Hawhahahahaha!!! Exactly!





    The picture is funny, but that title is insanely HILARIOUS!

  46. 0mg that is s0 crule!! po0r thing pr0b cant even breath & it pr0b thinks y0ur tryna kill it. aww i feel s0 s0rry f0r it!!