Come on in!

Come on in.

The Ant soufflés are ready, and I can’t wait to hear about what’s happening with you at work. [pours Chardonnay]

Such a soooooft lookin anteater, Sender-Inner Michelle S.!



  1. Too funny! And ant eaters really are super cute, in a bizarre way

  2. omg, that’s great!!! we don’t have enough anteaters on here, i’m glad to see we have some. there’s so many unknown cute animals that aren’t recognized. i mean, seriously, how can you say an extra ong skinny snout like that isn’t cute? eeeeeexactly.

  3. Oh darling anteater!!! so unique, so plush, so endearing.
    *hands over plate of chocolate covered ants*

  4. P.S.

    her teho- second!!! lol

  5. You think opening this door is easy???
    It’s aard vork!

  6. Bring back the people! More people pics!

    Oh, and, can you imagine waking up to delicate snorglings by this dewd. Heavenly. He’s all nuzzlin’ and lickin’ in your ears.

  7. Full of silky goodness!

    I bet that nose gives the gentlest of snuffles…

  8. Ohhh MAN! I wish I had a gorgeous silky anteater like that trying to get in my door… *goes to check* Nope. Darn. And our paint job looks so much like that, too. Yay, college apartments…

  9. Holy moley, anteaters are so incredibly adoreable! This made me happy, as tomorrow I’ll be moving to college — our mascot is an anteater. =)

  10. lurkingsmirk says:

    oh great googly moogly…I want to grab his hand legs, is that weird?

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    Erp, pardon, I meant “hind legs.”

    Opening the door is easy, just wrap that looooooog tongue around the doorknob and vooom!

  13. How does one obtain a pet ant eater, exactly?

  14. Ohhh! He does look so soft (well, except for the claws of death of course).

  15. I didn’t know anteaters could be kept in the house! AWESOME.


  16. HEY! I posted this lil’ girl on my vox looong ago! Hi, cutie!

    (And hi, Tamanduagirl!)

  17. Are anteaters legal in California? I have ants that come out of my faucet and an anteater would be the perfect solution. Plus they are so cuddly!!! *IF* you avoid the claws!

  18. OMG! (gasp)


    Holy proboscis!

  19. I’ve never seen a real anteater in a cute light before.

    BTW, shouldn’t this be under “Unusual Animals”?

  20. How, tell me HOW can you have an anteater? Why is it in your house, what happened??

    Seriously, I wanna know.

  21. Charllotte — are you going to UC Irvine? I went to UC San Diego, with a lame official mascot (“Triton”) and a much-cooler unofficial mascot (koala).

  22. Click on TamanuduaGirl’s name and read the FAQ, peeps. There’s info about ant eaters and why this one’s got some cushy domesticity a-goin’ on.

    So cute. And such a good host.

  23. When I visited the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, there was a giant anteater in an exhibit with two capybaras (basically guinea pigs, just the size of two cats taped together). The anteater did nothing but nap and look for food, but it looked everywhere it could. The highlight was when the anteater stuck its nose in a capybara’s ear and licked. Can you imagine…?

  24. oh, wait, I just read how and why in the faq. Heh, shame on me.

  25. he’s cute. look at the clawsies!!!

    i lerve the ears.

  26. hey hey that’s Louise!!! :))

  27. berthaslave says:

    would loooovvvveeee to see a cute pic of an anteater’s tongue on c.o. at some point…

    :: too lazy to look for one meself ::

  28. Awwww! I have a serious “thing” for the anteaters!!!

    I am dying to cuddle one, and I will risk the claws just for one delectable snorgle of that snout!!!!!!!

    My hubby thinks I’m crazy and that they’re not cute…..but he can be replaced.

  29. Read the FAQ’s….I have a basenji, I could totally handle an anteater. I want one!!!! Or one of those rehabilitated sloths in Costa Rica. More South American animals on here!

  30. Aw, while the giant anteaters are my most favorite, tamanduas are certainly cute, too.

    I’ve seen this person’s photos before. Seems difficult to take care of such an exotic critter.

  31. The anteater always strikes me as one of those animals that looks like he was put together by committee…luckily he came out cute!

  32. mrs fonebone says:

    Went to the Flickr site–had NO IDEA any anteater lived in a house, had an adorable wardrobe, went for walkies and was lovey-dovey. Would like to honk that nose!

  33. I’m a massive Kingdom Hospital fan, so anteaters have a special place in my heart (guffaw)

  34. Next stop–reading the story behind this.

    Tommy–“just the size of two cats taped together” made me laugh loudly!

  35. Almost BEST POST EVER!

  36. Charllotte do you go to UCI??? Me too! Zot zot! I’m a fourth year 🙂 welcome, fellow ‘eater

  37. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:

    OK, so I went to the flickr site and looked at more pictures and am totally baffled by having an anteater or tamandua living in your home and I dare say it’s not too cute and that middle toe just BLOWS MY FREAKING MIND, and scares me to death.

    I cannot think of one thing cute or funny or even ironic to say about this post. LOL as much as I’d want to.

  38. Kinder Gentler Carrie says:
  39. Dressed-up anteaters– oooh I’m dizzy again!

  40. pleasepostmytreefrogs! says:

    this isn’t an anteater! its a snorglefest of a tamandua!

  41. LOL@Mouseover

  42. Anonymous Coward says:

    Whoa, good picture!

    …actually, an even better one (should be part of a “knitting overload” site or something):

    This ant-eater might become the next C.O. superstar (taking bets on that right now).

  43. Boo, ant eaters even if they are cute. [grin]

  44. ewww weird disgusting just eww mank

  45. chelonianmobile says:

    EEEEEE! Kyoooot!

    Isn’t there a Roald Dahl poem about the spoilt little boy who wants an anteater, forgets to feed it, and it eats his aunt?

  46. I’m kinda offended about the sender-inner credit…I’ve been sending emails with pictures of these guys for ages….videos too.

    And while this picture is adorable, the ones I sent in were far more cute. There’s a close up of a tamandua (that’s what this animal is…not an anteater) yawn, one of an tamandua nose and one with two tamanduas making a heart.

    I demand an investigation! 😉

  47. Pyrit: Hee! 🙂 LOLLLL

    Also, love the tag (always love them, they’re the cherry on the icing!) I suspect Teho for this one.

  48. I want anteater in a purple sweater as a t-shirt!

  49. Poohbear — bingo! Thanks.

  50. Charlotte and moofyboof! I go to UCI too! We definitely have the cutest mascot around. :3 Maybe we should start a CuteOverload club.. hmm..

  51. AWWWWW TAMANDUA! I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! cute fuzzy little banana heads.

  52. Hey! Come on over to my house, I have sugar ants that won’t leave no matter what I do! This would teach them.

  53. Maybe I should re-submit the pictures?

    I think I sent in ones with cute tamandua tounge action…

  54. Kaye! We should!!!

  55. Wow! I am so impressed at how the anteater’s “mom” takes care of it! Did you see on her flickr site that to feed it, she “looked at zoo diets that were successful and the nutritional analysis of stomach contents of wild Tams and then added up the analysis of ingredients to get something closely matching in nutrition”?

    She loves her anteater!

  56. We surely purely coulda used one of these critters in the house we lived in when I was little. We were so overrun by those itty bitty black ants, we had to keep all our food in the fridge except the canned stuff (I didn’t know there was such a thing as a non-torn-up peanut butter sandwich until we moved when I was 8) and put ant traps in every corner of the house, but they still kept coming. My grandparents had the same problem.

    @ Tommy: How did you get 2 cats to stand still long enough to tape them together? And what kind of tape did you use? 🙂

    p.s. Capybaras are très kee-yooooot too! They look so intelligent………..

  57. Well if you like trying to open the door and you like the purple sweater then how was this one missed? It combines the best of both. Well there are TV cables in the back but who’s looking at that anyway 😛