Shake it off, Puppeh

This pup has got to shake it off.

Can’t blame heem. (Everybaddy just bounce, bounce.)

Patreek W., not only are you the best Salonist, but the best Sender-Inner…



  1. I love how its just letting them wiggle it around. It’s a cute little floppy puppy.

  2. Can you get these at Walgreens?

  3. omg, i just watched this like six times in a row and i’m peeing my pants laughing!!!!!!!

  4. Ha ha ha I love how the puppy is all cool with it!

  5. Haha… his little “whatevs” face goes so well with that music

  6. Is it just moi, or is this the gwatest vid we’ve seen in a looooong tyme!?

  7. michellemybelle says:

    That puppy is fly.

  8. LOL! Oh man I’m SO going to loop this video like, how many times man!? Stheriously!

  9. What a little badass. 😀

  10. dawwwwww. Is that a Chin? 😀 😀

  11. pinkmariposas says:

    ohhhh the pup is adorable
    i wanna squeeze and cuddle…he is a HAM looks like pup was having fun!!! XXOXX to puppy

  12. Hahahaha! That was awesome!

    *woop woop, woop woop*

  13. bounce wid me now
    bounce wid me now

  14. Like the hamster dance. But better.

  15. He is dancing like the gopher in Caddyshack!

  16. My favorite part is the look on his face. He’s all like, yeah laugh now, but when I poop in your shoe we’ll see who’s laughing!!!

  17. I just cannot get enough of how the puppeh’s upper body (and face!) remain stationary while his ‘tocks groove to the wup-wup wup-wup~

    What a stud XD

  18. Okay, I’m just getting this out of the way before some idiot gets to it first, so bear with me here……OMGZ this is soooo cruel the pppppooooor puppy is limp and helpless with PAIN and oMGz, the evil bad dirty ownerman is shaking teh pooor pupies brains and THIS IS SOO MEAN and raaaaaaar

  19. How many times can I die of cuteness and be resurrected? OMG.
    I live near that store, I have to stop in. Want to see dancing puppy.

  20. Never mind, I won’t go there – pet store sells puppies from backyard breeder (though the store seems more responsible than most).

    But, that is ONE CUTE PUPPY.

  21. THANK YOU for the return to pure animal cuteness! I’m sorry, people just don’t cut it… PHEW.

  22. I loff heem almost as much as Mister Evil Otter.

  23. OK, I’m gonna harsh teh cute here a bit … the ad itself is darling. But the store it’s an ad for ticks me off. I hate stores that sell puppies, because the babies almost invariably come from puppy mills.

  24. I have a rescue Great Dane (and 4 rescue Cats), she’s seven and I really like BIG dogs. But this little cuttie could make it OK to house break again. But I’d jus prolly get anuther Great Dane. Just tooo prosh.

  25. Sanveann, I had the same thought, but it seems this place does actually use a decent-seeming breeder… or so the site says…

    One hopes, right?

  26. berthaslave says:

    I’m gonna be honest. Doesn’t do much for me. Cute dog. That’s about it. But if everyone else enjoys, super.

    (Nuffs: please note how I did not decry the end of CO or call for massive changes simply because I did not find one particular post that cute).

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

  27. that was so redonk and cute I had to watch it twice

  28. love his little paws on his little waist as he moves to the groove and bounce

  29. What kind of a puppy is this? It really is “Poky the Puppy” but I have been searching for the name of this particular breed. Can anyone help me out?

    And, of course, totally cute video. I do that to my cats all the time but they don’t put up with it nearly as well.

  30. Are we keepingks you awake, leettle puppy?

  31. fish eye no miko says:

    Can’t… stop watching… dancing puppy…

  32. If you just want to enjoy the cute, don’t read my comment.

    The pet shop being advertised definitely obtains its puppies from a puppy mill. The pet shop proudly proclaims that ALL its puppies are from ONE breeder–one breeder who simultaneously breeds border collies, westies, min pins, papillons, “designer” mixes, poodles, shih tzus, chihuahuas, bichons, dachshunds, cocker spaniels, and MANY MORE breeds. Does anyone really think the parents and puppies are all kept in the breeder’s house or even in her backyard? They would have to be warehoused. This kind of irresponsible breeding directly contributes to the killing of dogs in shelters.

    There was actually a protest against this pet store last year due to their association with a puppy mill.

    Adorable puppy, but no thanks. Shelters are the way to go, peeps.

  33. aw, cute. I wish he would’ve mixed it up arm movements. but don’t be hatin’!

  34. Amy, I agree … the sheer volume of breeds shows that this breeder must be a mill.

    In addition, the association with the registry APRI is a dead giveaway — any decent breeder uses the AKC or UKC. APRI is one of the registries “commercial” breeders are turning to when the other registries won’t have them..

  35. pretty kitty kat says:

    time to do the doggy dance!;)

  36. ARRRGH I can see a little bit of a HUMAN in that movie! RARRR hate hate hate!


  37. I’m not a big emo music fan,but for some reason Teenagers by My Chemical Romance fits that video perfectly….

  38. hee hee! NARF!

  39. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Is it me or is that pup smirkin’? Too cute!

  40. Tehee! The music goes with da leetle puppeh’s dance awesomeliciously!

  41. I used to work there! Haha, I worked there for about a year back in ’05 or so. It was fun, they have a ton more videos like that on their site.

  42. BTW, I used to work there, they don’t get their pups from Puppy Mills. They get their dogs from a breeder in Oklahoma, whose been breeding purebreds for 30 years. They take the best care of their animals than most people do, giving them round the clock care and vet check ups, all the pups get their shots, kittens too. So, please don’t glomp all petstores in with the bad stigma if you don’t know anything about them!

  43. the blinking really gets me. esp since you can only see the white-side eye. he’s so blase! (with an accent egu over the e)

  44. Kidd&Troost says:

    This reminds me of the gopher in Caddy Shack, too…

    “I’m alright, nobody worry ’bout me…”

  45. This pet store is definitely one of the most horrible organizations in the Cary area. I used to love going in there until I started to notice that it was run by a bunch of teenagers who didn’t really care about any of the animals. One poor bunny rabbit was in an enclosure where he couldn’t even lay down, he had no food or water, and was listless and bare patches of fur. I felt so bad for him, that I took him home with me instead of keeping him there another moment. He’s been the sweetest, most adorable, and energetic bunny since!

    If you live in the Cary area, boycott the Pet Pad until it changes its ways!